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Protesters Declare They Are Ready For War As America’s Impoverished Inner Cities Threaten To Erupt

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 Ferguson Unrest - Photo by Loavesofbread

Are we about to witness a new round of racially-charged protests, riots and demonstrations all across the United States?  On Sunday night, a protest that had been organized to commemorate the one year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri took a very violent turn.  An 18-year-old named Tyrone Harris that is being described as a “real close” friend of Michael Brown opened fire on police with a stolen handgun.  Police returned fire and Harris got hit.  He is now in the hospital and his prognosis is uncertain.  Of course this just raised tensions to an entirely new level, and at this point a state of emergency has been declared in Ferguson.

So what would cause an 18-year-old young man to pick up a gun and start firing at police?
This didn’t just happen in a vacuum.  An environment of violence and racial conflict is being purposely created, and the mainstream media and our politicians are continually fueling the fire.

On July 30th, the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, delivered a speech during which he stated that he was looking for “10,000 fearless men who say death is sweeter than continued life under tyranny”.  The following is an excerpt from that speech

U.S. Consulate Under Attack in Istanbul Turkey by Armed Female Terrorist Squad

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 U.S. Consulate Attack in Istanbul Turkey 1


At least eight have died in a range of attacks. 

Among them are four police officers believed dead in a blast in the south-east of the country, while a soldier was killed nearby when a helicopter was shot at by Kurdish militants.


It comes just two weeks after Turkey launched a “synchronised war on terror”, which included air strikes on Islamic State in Syria and Kurds in Iraq.


Since then the country has been on a high alert to terror attacks.


Istanbul was first targeted in the early hours of Monday when a car bomb planted outside a police station exploded, injuring at least 10 people.


It caused a fire which saw part of the three-storey building collapse.


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Why Vote “LET IT BURN?”

 These are our leaders?

 So “WHY TRUMP” we’ve been interrogated. Why “LET IT BURN!?”

Fair enough. I’ll answer, but be prepared for some background.

I, along with much of my family, gave up on politics in 2012. I showed up, voted for sheriff, and wrote in “Hemp Ropes and Streetlights” for president. I then voted against every other incumbent on the ballot. Didn’t care who or what. If they were in offices, I voted against’em.

In 2014, I saw the Republican party Sweep congress and local legislatures. I again abstained, as I listened to their mush talk and watched their destruction of tea-party challengers – I knew a back-stab was in the works. You don’t ship in democrat voters to kill off a primary challenger when your political wing is getting ready to play on the level.

As expected, I was proven right when the Republicans and their leadership proceeded to betray every promise they made and every principle they claimed to uphold during the election of 2014. It became obvious they were not only incorrigible but willfully irredeemable as well. They liked what they were, and “shut up crazy hobbits.”

Even Ted Cruz, who I had some hope for, wiffled and waffled, allowing key votes to proceed, supporting the president’s trade authority until they had enough votes for him to “pretend” to change his mind.

Confederate flags to fly inside Fort Sumter

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Confederate flags will fly above the parade ground inside Fort Sumter after being removed from the fort’s outer wall following the shooting deaths of nine black parishioners at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church.

Fort Sumter National Monument Superintendent Tim Stone said Monday the flags will be part of an historical display at the fort where the Civil War began.

The display will include flags that flew over Sumter during the war and include two Union and two Confederate flags.

Stone says that as a focal point of Charleston Harbor, the only flag that should be seen flying atop the monument is the current U.S. flag.

The Confederate banners were removed from atop the monument after the white man charged in the June shootings appeared in photos holding the Confederate flag.

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Nathan Bedford Forrest statue vandalized

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(Source: WMC Action News 5)

The Nathan Bedford Forrest Statue in Health Sciences Park was vandalized.

Someone spray painted 'Black Lives Matter' on the front of the statue. But by Monday around noon, the statue was already being cleaned by volunteers and city workers.

"I wanted to try and take the hate away. He and his wife are both buried here. If that was your grandmother that was being desecrated, you'd be upset too,” said Catherine Blalock, who said her great grandfather rode with Forrest.

The vandalism came 366 days after the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown at the hands of a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer.

The shooting sparked the national Black Lives Matter movement.

"Everybody's life matters but you ain't gotta deface something,” said Raymond Lee Jones

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FOX is Feelin’ the Heat

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Recently posted by Donald Trump on Facebook.
Roger Ailes just called. He is a great guy & assures me that “Trump” will be treated fairly on Fox News. His word is always good!
You know good and well that FOX is feelin’ the heat. The Donald had to love taking this call. Making Roger Ailes eat crow had to taste especially sweet.

#BlackLivesMatter Mob Shuts Down I-70 Both Ways in St. Louis – Driver Plows Through Line

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Image result for Mob Shuts Down I-70 Both Ways in St. Louis

Blood in the streets coming soon.

 Democratic agitator Lisa Fithian is back in town directed activist operations tonight.

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Fox News Fails to Ask Rubio About Gang of Eight Bill

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Fox News

While immigration has become perhaps the dominant issue of the 2016 election, in last night’s debate Fox News’ moderators asked surprisingly few questions on the subject.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly, and Bret Baier did not address many hot topics on immigration. They did not address the economic implications of mass immigration; they did not address whether candidates thought immigration should be reduced or not; they did not address recent Census projections showing the U.S. is about to break all historical immigration records; nor did they address the growing number of H-1B scandals or the violent crime spree carried out by a free Ohio illegal alien only minutes from the debate stage.

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NC: Mecklenburg County plans to protect vandalized Confederate monument

Via Robert  "Please note one county commissioner making a good-for-the-goose analogy that if CSA memorials are vandalized, so too can MLK memorials.  That's commissioner Bill James, who has a history of making politically incorrect statements.  You might almost think in this case that he's *suggesting* that MLK memorials be vandalized. 

 A Confederate monument in Charlotte was vandalized for the second time in three weeks. The Confederate monument on North Kings Drive, between the Grady Cole Center and Memorial Stadium, was spray painted on both sides.

After paying twice to clean a Confederate monument defaced near Central Piedmont Community College, Mecklenburg County plans to find ways to safeguard the historic pillar against future vandalism.

While there are no concrete plans in the works just yet, a county spokesman said Friday that one idea includes installing security cameras overlooking the granite marker, which sits perched on a hill under a tree at the Grady Cole Center on North Kings Drive.

“The cost of putting in a video surveillance system is less than cleaning it,” said county commissioner Bill James, a history enthusiast. “If people allow Confederate monuments to be vandalized, it will give a license to people to vandalize MLK monuments or monuments of pretty much anybody anyplace. … You have to find a way to protect the monuments that exist.”

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The Rot. Part Two

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Jefferson spoke of the thee of liberty needing to be watered on occasion with the blood of tyrants and patriots alike. Sorry but I'm afraid the tree has rotted and the rot has gone on for too long. Oh the bark is still there and that layer of living tissue just beneath it is hanging on. But the heartwood is worm eaten and has all but lost its ability to support the rest. The 2008 crisis nearly felled it. TPTB shored it up with flimsy supports but the next one will bring it down. In spite of people's hopes,Trump is no tree surgeon, you can't repair a rotted tree. You let if fall of its own weight and destroy everything in its path or you bring it down with some semblance of order, and even that will by its very nature be an act of violence.

1972: The War We Came To Fight: A Study of the Battle of An Loc, April – June, 1972

Dead Commie tanks courteous of  M72 LAWs.


 The War We Came To Fight: A Study of the Battle of An Loc, April – June, 1972

Chapter 1


During the North Vietnamese Army’s (NVA) Easter Offensive in the spring of 1972, a “new face of war” emerged in the Republic of Vietnam (RVN); unlike previous years, the war evolved into a mild-intensity conflict replete with massed forces, sophisticated weaponry, and massive firepower on both sides. At no place was this more apparent than in Military Region (MR) III where United States air power proved to be the decisive factor in lifting the siege of the beleaguered province capital of An Loc. During a three-month period commencing in April, the United States Air Force (USAF) provided the Vietnamese garrison and its handful of U.S. advisors with their major means of fire support, their primary source of re-supply, and interdiction of enemy forces at the tactical level. This triad of support not only broke the NVA’s stranglehold on the once-prosperous rubber plantation town but also destroyed the better part of three divisions that would have been poised to move on Saigon, some 90 kilometers to the south, had An Loc fallen.

The attack on An Loc was only one facet of General Vo Nguyen Giap’s military strategy to gain Hanoi’s long-sought political ends in RVN. Unlike the Tet attacks of 1968, Giap chose not to use Viet Cong (VC) insurgents as his main attack force or depend upon a peripheral strategy that necessitated a popular uprising in the south (2). Instead, he directed conventional attacks in MR I, II, and III involving the commitment of practically all North Vietnam’s regular forces; these divisional-size elements, well-balanced in armor, infantry, and artillery were oriented toward the destruction of RVN’s armed forces, trapping, if possible, the remaining U.S. personnel in the country. This would yield the additional benefit of discrediting the U.S. as an ally since an arrangement would probably be made to extract these troops. Apparently, the basis for the NVA action revolved around the assumption that “Vietnamization” was a failure and that the U.S. public was so adverse to continued involvement in the Vietnam War that President Nixon would be unable to react to bolster Thieu’s government (3). The importance of the upcoming November Presidential elections as an additional constraint on U.S. decisionmakers was not lost on North Vietnamese planners. A similar situation had existed in 1968, and although the NVA and the VC suffered a staggering military defeat, they won an incalculable political victory in the United States that later changed the course of the war.

Now, given the maximum use of North Vietnamese military power and the political climate in the U.S., the probability of success of the Easter Offensive from Hanoi’s vantage point undoubtedly seemed very high.

More @ An Loc


 Grilled North Vietnamese gunner:  Sure beats rice.............:)


North Vietnamese forces block Routes 1, 4, and 13, all major South Vietnamese ground supply routes to Saigon. For the next two months, Communist forces repeatedly interdicted these and other key supply routes critical to Saigon’s survival in an attempt to strangle the city. This was all part of the Nguyen Hue Offensive, which had been launched in late March.

In an invasion by more than 120,000 communist troops, the North Vietnamese had taken Quang Tri and lay siege to An Loc and Kontum. Despite desperate fighting on a level heretofore unseen in the war, the South Vietnamese forces, with American advisors and U.S. tactical air support, had withstood the invasion and were preparing to retake Quang Tri. At one point, the North Vietnamese forces had been less than 60 miles from Saigon, but were stopped by the South Vietnamese forces at An Loc, on Highway 13 north of the city.

DO AMERICAN WORKERS MATTER? The Forgotten Victims of Cheap Foreign Labor

of war by big government and big business against the American ...

Mike Scruggs

We need an immigration policy that benefits all Americans, especially American workers, small businesses, families, and taxpayers. Yet what we have suffered for the last half century is immigration policy that benefits illegal immigrants, businesses that use cheap foreign labor, big political donors, and corrupt politicians. The problem is not just illegal immigration, but also excessive legal immigration that displaces American workers and drives down their wages and living standards. It also puts honest and patriotic small businesses at a serious disadvantage in competing against cheap illegal labor. The ever-abused taxpayers pick up the tab that is essentially a subsidy for businesses to hire cheap foreign labor rather than American labor.  

Since economic and political power have been on the side of those who make huge profits from cheap labor, both legal and illegal, the voice of American workers does not get heard much in Congress or in State Legislatures. The U.S. Chamber, the Wall Street Journal, big business and big media generally help to bury their issues and drown out their voices. Even the labor unions have betrayed them for the lure of millions of new dues paying members from illegal or legal foreign workers. Even many of their churches are more into looking compassionate to illegal immigrants and the public than acknowledging that their own members are being downtrodden and wronged. The leaders of both the Republican and Democrat parties ignore their suffering and cries for justice.  Political correctness pins a racist tag on them, if they complain.

I was hoping that the Fox News debates would begin to shed light on the plight of American workers, but the effort to dump Trump took precedence. Trump is not my first choice for president, but I thought the focus on defaming him was detestable. While the moderators lobbed soft balls to Marco Rubio, co-author of the Schumer-Rubio amnesty and legal immigration surge bill tripling authorized legal immigration, they were substantially tougher on Walker and others.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the wages of American workers have been stagnant for the last 15 years despite productivity increases.  AFL-CIO records indicate this has actually been true for the last 35 years.

The June 2015 official unemployment rate was 5.3 percent, but this rate, called the U-3 rate, has become so politicized that it is regarded as near worthless for determining the health of the labor market. The more appropriate U-6 rate for June was 10.5 percent, indicating there are 16.4 million Americans who want a full time job and cannot find one.  Yet there are 8.1 million illegal immigrant workers employed in the U.S.

For every U.S. job created since 2000, the U.S. has taken in almost two immigrants of working age. The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) found that ALL NET new jobs since 2007 have gone to immigrants. Edwin Rubenstein, President of ESR Research Economic Consultants, prepares a monthly comparison of native-born employment with foreign-born employment. It has painted a grim picture for native-born Americans since Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009. It confirms the CIS studies but also presents some alarming shorter term trends. The Year-to-date (YTD) 2015 employment growth for foreign and native-born employment were both about 3.3 million. But the growth rate of foreign-born workers is more than five times that of native-born workers.  Since Obama took office in 2009, the percentage of foreign-born workers has grown from 15.0 percent to 16.8 percent.

According to Rubenstein’s calculations, the Obama Administration’s open door immigration and administrative amnesties as of May had displaced 2.7 million native-born American workers onto the unemployment rolls.   Moreover, according to the BLS, the U.S. is experiencing the lowest labor participation rate of persons 16 to 64 years of age in 35 years, 62.9 percent.  Approximately 55 million Americans of that age are not employed. A more telling figure is that the number of Americans not employed has increased 16.8 million in the last ten years. Many have dropped out of the work force in despair. Too many employers prefer younger immigrants, whether legal or illegal.

About two-thirds of Americans believe legal immigration levels should be reduced. Before the 1986 amnesty, which started a surge of new legal and illegal immigration, legal immigration averaged 250,000 to 300,000 per year.  Now it is running well over 1.0 million per year. Amnesties do not stop illegal immigration. They multiply it. They even beget more amnesties. Six more follow-up amnesties were passed to expand the original 1986 amnesty.  Reagan reluctantly agreed to an amnesty of what he thought was only about one million. By the year 2000, a total of 6.0 million amnesties had been given, many based on fraudulent documentation. At the end of his two terms, Reagan told his Attorney General, Edwin Meese, that signing the 1986 amnesty was his greatest and most regretted mistake.

In addition, the number of illegal immigrants in the country expanded by about five million during the lax immigration enforcement terms of Clinton and G.W. Bush. We now have approximately 12.0 million illegal immigrants here.  Based on the 1986 experience, giving 12 million amnesties will result in another 24 to 30 million illegal immigrants within 10 to 20 years. Yet several Republican presidential candidates for 2016 want to give another big amnesty—Bush, Rubio, and Graham.  Several others have amnesty plans that have not fully unfolded. They won’t call them amnesty, but they are effective amnesty and will have the same multiplier effect experienced after 1986.  Why would Republicans do such a thing?  Their big donors want amnesty and as much new legal immigration as they can get.  There is no labor shortage, although Senator Graham has had the audacity to make such a ridiculous claim.  It is all about big campaign contributions from the U.S. Chamber and allied cheap-labor associations.

As Senator Jeff Sessions (R, AL)  has frequently pointed out, the leadership of both the Republican and Democratic parties and most of the national media try to keep the whole disastrous devotion to cheap labor out of the  news and the ears of voters, marginalizing any whistle-blowers. 

In last week’s Republican presidential debates, only Santorum and Walker were able to bring the problem of excessive legal immigration and its punishing impact on American workers to the floor. Cruz, however, added some straight-shooting criticism of the cheap-labor cabal that is almost totally corrupting our immigration policies.

As Harvard labor economist George Borjas has explained in his studies, the users of cheap foreign labor profit 437 billion per year at a $402 billion expense to American workers, suppressing the income of 148 million workers by close to $2,800 per year. In addition, illegal immigration alone costs taxpayers $113 billion per year, or $996 per native-born household.

Furthermore, if conservatives lose on immigration, all conservative issues will be forfeited—swept away by a new electorate.

SAS sniper saves father and eight-year-old son from being beheaded by ISIS maniac

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 A sniper posing with his rifle

The brave British marksman saved the terrified eight-year-old and his father after taking out the crazed jihadi with a head shot from 1,000 metres away.

The special forces crack shot then killed two other members of the hated terror group, who were also taking part in the sick planned execution.

ISIS militants had decreed that the little boy and his father must die after branding them "infidels" because they refused to denounce their faith.

They were just seconds from death when the hero sniper intervened to stop the barbaric killing in the Syrian desert. The pair were part of the minority Shia sect of Islam which ISIS considers to be heretical.

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" My intent is to destroy the Cuckservative party now masquerading as 'Republican', and I'm not alone."

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What is being misunderstood is that this is not so much about Trump as it is about the Republican party, which has lied repeatedly over the last several decades and, when in power, has failed to deliver on any of its promises despite having the ability to do so.

The mealy-mouthed games have finally awakened the people of this country who understand that there is a Constitution and it has meaning -- the original meaning in the words, not some load of crap after-the-fact that happens to be convenient for you at the time.

The cuckservative games, whether condescending crap that spews repeatedly from John McCain, the crying of Boehner, the outright lies of Ryan and McMorris-Rodgers and more have finally reached the point that the people of this country with a view toward the original intent and wisdom of the founders of this nation, never mind the Republican structure of our government, have simply had enough.

We're not going to vote for another McCain, no matter what name he has.  We're not going to vote for a Bush who takes credit for a Florida "economic miracle" that was in fact all built on housing market leverage, liar loans and illegal mexican labor.  We're not going to vote for those who claim to be opposed to virtually every program President Obama has championed and led yet while holding the power of the purse to stop every last one of them they were instead funded, continued and expanded!

More with video @ The Market Ticker

JFK’s 1959 Personal M1 Garand to be Auctioned for Upwards of $100,000

 A side view of the historic rifle.  (Photo: RIA)

Former President John F. Kennedy’s personal M1 Garand will soon — Sept. 11, 12 & 13 — be auctioned to the public courtesy of Rock Island Auction Company.

Kennedy first acquired the weapon in 1959 for $169.00, but “the most historically significant Springfield M1 Garand rifle that has ever been on sale” is expected to fetch at least $100,000.

More @ Guns America

NC WBTS Sesquicentennial Commission

Henry (Harry) King Burgwyn, Boy Colonel of the Confederacy, 26th N.C. Troops... moments from being mortally wounded at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863. By Don Troiani.

Gentlemen and Ladies,

This is a long-overdue thank you for your service to North Carolina and support of the 2011-2015 War Between the States Sesquicentennial website and its efforts to inform and educate North Carolinians, and the world, of the “Unsurpassed valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty,” and sacrifices, of North Carolinians during those four years of struggle for political independence. Without your encouragement, support and good wishes over the past five years, this website would not have been possible and the public would have received only a one-sided story of the conflict.  Please accept my heartfelt thanks!

Also, though the official period of the Sesquicentennial is over, I plan to keep the website online for an undetermined period to provide an educational tool for those wanting to know more about North Carolina’s role in the war, and if you want to make any suggestions for improving or adding content please do.


Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Mag Packer (Buy Southern)

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#BlackLivesMatter Supporter Shoots 8 Black People In Head

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Image result for #BlackLivesMatter Supporter Shoots 8 Black People In Head

David Ray Conley III, 49, was charged with multiple counts of capital murder, in the deaths of six children and two adults.

Five children and three adults were shot point blank in the head.

David Ray Conley III is a black lives matter supporter.

He posted this last week.

Via GotNews

Mary’s Brother Wants To Remove General Lee

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Some of you may remember Mary Landrieu, the former senator from Louisiana who was such a gung-ho supporter of Obamacare and other socialist schemes. Her continuing support for the current Marxist regime finally cost her the senate seat she had held forever, or so it seemed.

I haven’t kept up with Mary’s daily activities since she departed from the “District of Corruption” so I don’t know what pies she’s got her fingers into now, but you can bet, knowing the socialist mindset, she ain’t sitting home knitting doilies. Neither is her brother, Mitch, the current mayor of New Orleans. It seems that brother Mitch has jumped on the leftist bandwagon in regard to removing Confederate monuments in New Orleans.

So far here in Louisiana we had been spared much of the ethnic cleansing that has been going on in so many other Southern states. I’ve enjoyed watching the pickup trucks in my area with big Confederate Battle Flags on them. I’ve seen more in the past 3 weeks than in the almost thirteen years we’ve been here and there was a big Confederate flag rally over in West Monroe last July 14th. So the sentiments of average folks are for keeping the flag and the monuments.

However, you have to realize that Mayor Mitch and the other socialists in Louisiana are not average folks. Average folks don’t have an agenda. The socialists do–and a large part of that agenda is the wanton destruction of Southern and Christian culture. And you will get that from some of these socialists that even go to church. Church is a good cover for socialists and it fools lots of folks who should know better but don’t. I never forgot the saying from years ago (and it’s still true) “not many preachers become Communists but lots of Communists become preachers.”