Monday, August 10, 2015

Why Vote “LET IT BURN?”

 These are our leaders?

 So “WHY TRUMP” we’ve been interrogated. Why “LET IT BURN!?”

Fair enough. I’ll answer, but be prepared for some background.

I, along with much of my family, gave up on politics in 2012. I showed up, voted for sheriff, and wrote in “Hemp Ropes and Streetlights” for president. I then voted against every other incumbent on the ballot. Didn’t care who or what. If they were in offices, I voted against’em.

In 2014, I saw the Republican party Sweep congress and local legislatures. I again abstained, as I listened to their mush talk and watched their destruction of tea-party challengers – I knew a back-stab was in the works. You don’t ship in democrat voters to kill off a primary challenger when your political wing is getting ready to play on the level.

As expected, I was proven right when the Republicans and their leadership proceeded to betray every promise they made and every principle they claimed to uphold during the election of 2014. It became obvious they were not only incorrigible but willfully irredeemable as well. They liked what they were, and “shut up crazy hobbits.”

Even Ted Cruz, who I had some hope for, wiffled and waffled, allowing key votes to proceed, supporting the president’s trade authority until they had enough votes for him to “pretend” to change his mind.