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Among their demands was the privilege to gang-rape Western women.

Return to Terror Square

In the sequel, the monster always comes back stronger than before. After a florid incarnation of the so-called “Arab Spring,” Cairo’s inhabitants have just returned election ballots whose resulting extremist successes forebode a Nuclear Winter for liberty.

It was in Tahrir Square that earlier this year protesters against “dictatorship” made their dramatic stand for human rights, civilian dignity, and liberal democratic entitlements.

How I Survived A Copter Crash And The North Woods

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Walter Yates
Walter "Yukon" Yates

"Don't go away, I'm alive!" I shouted, knowing they could not hear me. As I watched the airplane fly away, I knew the rescue team was done searching for the day.

I had been flying home to Texas after a gold prospecting trip in Alaska when my helicopter lost its tail rotor. It was as if I was sitting still while the heavy spruce forest that blanketed northwest British Columbia spun in circles seven-hundred feet below me.

I dove the aircraft into a sweep of spindly spruce trees to break my fall and possibly avert instant death. I hoped a search team would find me quickly.

From the start, my life was about survival. I was born in 1924 on a remote mountain in Arkansas, where I lived in a log house built by my father. My earliest years were spent in the wilderness, miles from the nearest town, and from an early age I was taught how to survive off the land.

Growing up, I loved to read adventure stories and dreamed of the day I would live some of my own. The first came at age seventeen when I joined the Marine Corps, one week before Pearl Harbor thrust the US into World War II. I served in the South Pacific and was wounded in the Battle of Guadalcanal.

Still, despite all of my close calls and near misses, I was unprepared when my helicopter went down. It was September of 1979 and my only way home was burning in the wilderness of British Columbia.

The door of the helicopter flew off as if blown by a bomb as fire blanketed the shattered bubble. Releasing my safety belt, I dove through the flames. I felt the sickening warmth of the fire as I looked back to witness a horrible sight: my aircraft was rapidly being consumed.

For the next fourteen days, with seven broken ribs and a crushed vertebra, I would lay stranded in the cold, penetrating dampness of forty-degree ground water, exposed to bitter, chilling winds and heavy storms. I could only crawl on hands and knees, but I had to fight to survive with the few resources salvaged from my charred aircraft: a pack of M&M's, a melted hacksaw and seven matches.

To survive the exposure I needed shelter. On hands and knees, I dragged the door that fell off my helicopter, one inch at a time, to four small tree stumps cut off by my rotor blades. Hoisting the door on top of those stumps was nearly impossible with my injuries.

For food I scoured the woods for wild cranberries. I found only a handful each day, but the berries, as well as my M&M's and one ill-fated frog, sustained me. Still, hunger made me delirious. For two days I conversed with a large black bird who introduced himself as Pete Pickle.

On the ninth day I awoke to clear skies and the low drone of an aircraft. A search and rescue airplane! I rushed to start a signal fire with one of my matches, but the smoke didn't rise above the tall trees. The plane missed me by a quarter-mile.

Early the next morning the rescue plane returned. I started another fire, but again the smoke did not break the tree line. The engine grew louder, but I could barely see the aircraft as it passed a mile away. As the drone of the engine grew dim, I slumped to the ground and wept. I had to face it now: the next step was death.

I spent the rest of the day writing notes to my family on a paper bag that had flown from my aircraft. I wrote my good-byes and made changes to my will, hoping the scrap of paper would one day find my family.

The next three days brought more rain and no search planes. The situation had never felt bleaker, but instead of sinking into misery, I found a new clarity.

I scanned the area. One-hundred feet away was a clearing in the forest; I had seen it before my crash. If by some miracle the rescue team returned, something in that clearing must catch their attention.

I crawled to the tail section of my helicopter and disconnected the loose cables. Lying on my back, I grasped the two-hundred-pound mass of unwieldy metal and began dragging. Each exertion brought blinding pain; I could feel my ribs breaking loose. But adrenalin was flowing. Instead of getting weaker, I was pulling off the impossible. It took every drop of strength I had left, but after two days the tail rotor was out in the clearing.

It was early morning on the fourteenth day when I again heard the faint sound of an engine. The sound diminished, then came again -- each second pure agony. My heart pounded. I scrambled outside my shelter, barely in time to see an aircraft passing over.

I reached the clearing in record time. With renewed strength, I pulled my weakened body upright against a tree. I heard the aircraft circling. They had seen something, at last.

The rescue crew airlifted me out of the wilderness and flew me to Fort Nelson, where I was treated for my broken bones, trench foot and hypothermia.

Shortly after I was allowed to leave the hospital, I bought another helicopter.

Hanging Separately

........if we cannot learn to put aside our differences and unite against a common foe, we will almost certainly be overrun by the forces of a triumphant Caliphate.

Islam and the Left have already made their satanic pact, and have decided to postpone any confrontation with one another until after their joint enterprise has finished off Western Civilization. In contrast, Counterjihad-minded people make up a majority within the West, but they are fractured into dozens of squabbling pieces.

Don't miss this: American Detention Has Nothing to do with the War on Terror

State of war

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We are anonymous

We ask that you post the following in public places

Whereas, on the 14th of December, 2011, the House of Representatives of these United States voted in favor of indefinite military detention, without charges, of any American, anywhere, anytime, without due process of law, at the discretion of the government alone;

Whereas, on the 15th of December, 2011, the Senate of these United States voted in favor of the same bill;

Whereas, the proscription against the use of military force to police the populous has been an essential feature of American civic life and civic liberty since the arrival of our civilization upon this continent;

Whereas, the wanton violation of this proscription was one of the chief causes of the separation of the American peoples from their government in Great Britain;

Whereas, the Constitution so chartering the government of these United States does not grant this power;

Whereas, the Constitution forbids the addition of any power not enumerated to the general government;

Whereas, the use of such draconian measures has been an essential feature of the enforcement of tyranny by totalitarian governments of the 20th century, including, but not limited to, the Nationalist-Socialist government of Germany, the fascist government of Italy, the government of the United Soviet Socialist Republics, and the government of Vietnam;

Whereas, the use of such draconian measures is carefully calculated to quash all political dissent amongst a captive people;

Whereas, the codification of such draconian measures effectively nullifies all civil liberties the people may hope to hold;

Whereas, the codification of such draconian measures are the last act in the quest to hold a people captive to the rapacious will of their government without recourse;

And whereas, the codification of such draconian measures is an act of war against the populous at large;

Therefore, be it declared that a STATE OF WAR formally exists between the Government of these United States and the People of these United States.

We, the People of these United States, declare any and all attempts to enforce the provisions of HR 1540 to be unlawful, void, and of no force.

We, declare ALL WHO voted in favor of HR 1540, and ALL WHO attempt to enforce HR 1540 to be traitors to these United States, punishable under law.

We, SHALL DISOBEY, APPREHEND, OR RESIST WITH DEADLY FORCE, in our discretion, any person who attempts to enforce the provisions of HR 1540.

We, SHALL NOT aggress against any employee of any American government who shall not attempt to enforce or aid and abet the enforcement of HR 1540, they being as trapped as the rest of the populous.

Such STATE OF WAR shall continue until HR 1540 is stricken from the code of law, and all who had hand in HR 1540 are brought to justice under due process of law.

Signed and witnessed by we, the individual citizens of these United States, below:

The Great Conservative Principle Lost

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“A republic goes to war to defend itself and its vital interests, including possibly its honour. Empires go to war because going to war is one of the things irresponsible rulers do. The point of reference for a republic is its own well-being. An empire has no point of reference except expansion of its authority. Its foreign policy will be abstract, and will reflect on the vagaries of mind of the rulers, who might, for instance, proclaim that it is their subjects’ duty to establish a New World Order, whatever the cost to their own blood and treasure.

An empire contains not free citizens, but subjects, interchangeable persons having no intrinsic value except as taxpayers and cannon fodder. A people’s culture may be changed by imperial edict to reflect a trumped-up multiculturalism (a sure sign of empire), or their religion persecuted.

We know the problems. Where should we look for solutions? Changing the personnel of the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court has been of little avail. Thomas Jefferson gives us the answer: our most ancient and best tradition, States’ rights. In his first inaugural address, Jefferson remarked that in most ways Americans were very happily situated, and then asked:

“What more is necessary to make us a happy and prosperous people? Still one thing more, fellow citizens – a wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits….and shall not take from the mouth of labour the bread that it has earned. This is the sum of good government.”

John C. Calhoun, speaking of exactly the same tradition a generation later, said:

“The question is in truth between the people and the supreme court. We contend, that the great conservative principle of our system is in the people of the States, as parties to the constitutional compact, and our opponents that it is in the supreme court….Without a full practical recognition of the rights and sovereignty of the States, our union and liberty must perish. State rights would be found….in all cases of difficulty and danger [to be] the only conservative principle in the system, the only one that could interpose an effectual check to the danger.”

By conservative principle he means not a political position of right as opposed to left – he means that which conserves the Constitution as it was intended. Contrast that with our present position. Forrest McDonald, our greatest living Constitutional scholar, writes:

“Political scientists and historians are in agreement that federalism is the greatest contribution of the Founding Fathers to the science of government. It is also the only feature of the Constitution that has been successfully exported, that can be employed to protect liberty elsewhere in the world. Yet what we invented, and others imitate, no longer exists on its native shores.”

(From Union to Empire, Clyde N. Wilson, Foundation for American Education, 2003, pp. 155-157)

The Great Conservative Principle Lost

Napoleon, the Pope, and the CSA (Part II)


Europe's Plan to Save the South

Not to be confused with Napoleon Bonaparte, his uncle, Louis Napoleon or His Imperial Majesty Emperor Napoleon III lived from 1808-1873 and reigned in France from 1848 until 1870. He was married to Eugenie de Montijo, known as Empress Consort Eugenie (1826-1920). Napoleon III reigned in France during a perilous time of intrigue, scheming politics, and shifting alliances, as the forces of unification and centralization stalked most regions of Europe. He was destined to cast a large shadow over events during the American Civil War or War Between the States (WBTS).

By 1861, Napoleon III was drawn into a conflict in the New World by the long-standing turmoil in Mexico, which resulted in a default on loan payments that broke the Treaty of Soledad by the liberal Mexican government on debt owed to France, Spain, and England. To redress the situation, in late 1861, France led an expeditionary force into Mexico along with troops from England, Spain, and Austria. Within a short time, however, most of the other European forces went home, and France was left to move alone against the Mexican Army, supported by its sometime President Benito Juarez. The political and social situation in Mexico at the time was fractured, and Juarez represented the most prominent faction within a number of relatively small political groups. The northern states of Mexico, led by Santiago Vidaurri, were independent of the central government and soon allied themselves with the newly formed Confederate States of America (CSA). Meanwhile, various other groups, the Catholic Church, businessmen, and industrialists, mostly opposed Juarez.

Napoleon, the Pope, and the CSA (Part II)

Suburban Survival – Space to Secure vs Privacy

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I get this question often so I answer it here.

“I would like to be part of a community or family larger than 2 or 3, but my extended family is worthless. My husband’s family is 1000 miles away, and don’t get the advantages of family either. My hope is to stick to our suburban home with a few good neighbors on our block. Is that a fantasy?”

Hello and welcome, fantasy is way too strong word, lot of the things can be turned from fantasy to the real things very easy. I think it is the worst scenario, to be in the suburban when sh!t hit the fan. Worse than even city, and for sure worse than rural.

Because of defense. In most cases people are further away between houses, so there is not too much sense of organizing something as a small group of neighbors. Too hard to keep it secure if you do not have the numbers.

It always depends on the space where you live. Few neighbors in close houses like in city make sense because you have less area to secure, more choke points. Few neighbours is way too little in suburban but of course always depends on your area.

But still if i found myself in the suburban areas, i do not think i can survive without some bigger numbers, and bigger organisation, on street level. The alternative would be to take neighbors in or secure smaller area like 2 houses instead of 6. So families of 6 houses move into 2 houses and secure those. I saw some families survive like this on outskirts of city.

We also moved all people (15) to one house, but we were in city so our defense setup was different anyway.

Problem is people, neighbors will want to keep their space, privacy and all that so most will not come. But as soon as neighbors family lies robbed and dead in the garden people will reconsider and trade privacy for security. Many people had to get hurt first or loved ones get killed before they learned. Learn now, that you and loved ones don’t get hurt.

Flagger's respond to Stuart, Jackson, Davis Monuments Vandalism


Sometime during the evening of Thursday, December 15th, someone vandalized the JEB Stuart, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis monuments on Monument Avenue in Richmond.

After seeing this news story early Friday morning, Flagger Tripp Lewis notified the group. The word was spread and a call to action signaled by FB,
text alert, and email blast. By noon, 5 Va Flaggers had made their way to Monument Ave.

The vandalism was covered, police were notified, and flaggers patrolled the monuments.

By 3:00 pm, Tripp had been interviewed by News Channel 6, City workers had arrived, and the monuments were clean.

Shout out to Va Flaggers Tripp Lewis, Fred Merridew, Barry Isenhour, Willie Wells, and Capt. Tucker for their quick and courageous stand, in very unfriendly territory and to all those who worked behind the scenes, for a hard fought, but speedy victory!

Saturday morning's edition of the Richmond Times-Dispatch featured a beautiful photo of one of our flags on the cover of the Metro section.

There is a survey here asking whether or not the plaques were actually vandalism.
God bless the Va Flaggers!

Susan Hathaway

The Obamas' 17-Day Vacation to Hawaii Costs Taxpayers $4,135,038

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Burn after reading

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Some wars end with a bang (Hiroshima) and others just burn themselves out (Korea). And some end in a rather bizarre manner as the U.S. troops withdrawl from Iraq suggest. As said troops arrived in Kuwait this morning, we find out that apparently the military was pretty careless with some of its files kept during the occupation. Along with broken surplus military equipment discarded at local junkyards throughout Iraq, also disposed in manner one would take recyclables to the local dump, were thousands of pages of classified documents. There must have been the rationale among the personnel responsible for disposal, in the mad rush to get rid of things before before final departure, that Iraqis junkmen wouldn’t make head or tails of such documents and burn them anyway along with the rest of the trash. But they reckon with an intrepid New York Times reporter finding this stuff before it head to the burn file.

What the documents entails was the deaths Iraqi civilians by U.S. Marines in an incident in the village of Haditha. There will be those disappointed few persons were held accountable for their actions in Iraq and many more were acquitted in variety of trials. Yet in reality, even if there were more convictions in military courts, these persons would have been privates and corporals, not generals nor the policy makers responsible for putting said troops into the middle of hostile territory and expecting them to respect the rules of civilized warfare when the enemy would not play by those rules in order to have any kind of advantage against such forces and expecting them to do so in day to day struggle for survival. This is why no one will really know how many civilians died in Iraq because many such incidents probably went unreported because they’ve became so common place: person or a family not stopping at checkpoints getting blasted by on edge soldiers or any manner of misunderstanding which resulted in tragic deaths. Persons reading the reports on what happened at Haditha may be appalled by the attitudes of some in uniform towards what happened in such cases, and certainly it’s disturbing. But it’s also understandable from and individual own determination not to wind up like of buddy of theirs who got blown up by a insurgent hiding amidst the crowd. You can’t ask a soldier to become a cop. That’s not what they are trained to be or do. And in doing so we ensured there would always be a steady supply insurgents avenging the deaths of family members shot by U.S. troops whether accidently or not.

Of course this really wasn’t a “war” by then but an occupation and rebellion in response to this occupation. The “war” phase ended when U.S. forces captured Baghdad. I can still remember the soldiers saying “the quicker we get to Baghdad the quicker we get home.” That never happened and it never happened because the fantasy thinking of the policy makers and the military brass as to what was going to happen and their inability to adjust or even admit what was going on. The end result was a lot of needless deaths which ultimately left behind a broken country which is no longer the bulwark against Iran it was when Saddam was in charge. Perhaps the neocons should ponder this when celebrating “victory” and clamoring for attack on Iran.

For a good summary of the aftermath of Iraq please read this article by Andrew Bacevich in today’s Washington Post.

Iraq: Images of a war and its toll


$NAACP$ complains, school retreats

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It was the Tyrant Lincoln's favorite tune.

Missouri State University interim president Clif Smart has apologised after the local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) chapter complained about the school’s band performing “Dixie” in Springfield, MO. The reason given for the offence is that the song was played at a site where three Black men were lynched more than century ago. Based on this the NAACP complained and Mr Smart immediately bent to their wishes. He says that the school will no longer play the Southern anthem publicly.

NAACP complaint raises questions. Was the lynching of three men the only thing that ever happened in Springfield, MO? Of course not. Does the song glorify violence against Blacks or anyone else? Certainly not. It celebrates the South, where most Blacks in the United States live. And while the song was adopted by Confederates in the 1860s, it was written before Southern secession and the US war against the South and has remained popular with Southerners to this day. Was the Missouri State University band celebrating the lynching of three men a century ago? Absolutely not. And if “Dixie” conjures up memories of or associations with the lynching of three men in 1906, does “The Star Spangled Banner” conjure up associations with the nuking of a quarter million defenseless civilians in 1945, the US genocide of the Plains Indian nations in the late 1800s or most recently the deaths of one million Iraqis? Two can play this game and if songs are going to be banned because of such associations then the rule should be applied evenly across the board. But of course that will not happen.

The song “Dixie” is the most recognisable Southern anthem. Banning it is an act of cultural intolerance against the Southern people. Considered in light of the bans elsewhere and removals of Southern symbols and statues throughout the South, it smacks of an effort to eradicate Southern identity and culture. In their hay-day, the Marxists enacted similar bans on the symbols, songs and flags of the cultural groups they ruled over in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union in an effort to destroy the national identities of their captive populations. Today’s cultural Marxist movement of political-correctness which has swept across the Southern States certainly bears great resemblance to something “Uncle Joe” and his murderous band of communist criminals would have tried back in the USSR. The goal is to eliminate us as a distinct people and culture.

Radical Republicans Seek No Racial Harmony

There was no intent on the part of Radical Republicans to foster racial harmony in the postwar South as their national political power depended upon exploiting racial divisions -- planting the seeds of hatred between black and white. Republicans herded newly-enfranchised blacks to the polls with one South Carolina observer commenting that “the election was a farce. Very few of the freedmen had any idea of what they were doing or even of how they could do it. They would vote into the post office or any hole they could find. Some of them carried home their ballots, greatly smitten with the red lettering and the head of Lincoln or supposing they could use them as warrants for land.”

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Radical Republicans Seek No Racial Harmony:

“During 1866 [General Wade] Hampton had appealed primarily to the white men of the State for kind treatment of the Negro; but during the winter the Radical [Republican] victories in the Congressional elections completely reversed the balance of power. By March of 1867 the General realized that the power of decision in the State as to harmony or strife between the races had passed to the Negro. Nevertheless, he sought with all his influence to persuade the blacks to join with the white men of the State in shaping the political structure.

The General failed in his efforts to win Negro support for moderate white leaders, and Negroes did go “into the political service of strangers.” They were exploited and then abandoned by their new-found friends, and new barriers were thus erected between them and the white people among whom their future lay, exactly as Hampton and his friends had warned them would be the case. If harmonious relations could have developed in South Carolina in spite of Reconstruction acts, Hampton pointed out the only possible road and urged the blacks to follow it.

Sound familiar?BT
The fact was, of course, that harmony between the races in the South was exactly what the Radicals in Washington and the numerous field representatives did not want. The kind of fishing that they planned to do required muddy water. It is a simple fact that, since their continuation in power depended on a solid Radical vote in the South, they deliberately hammered wedges between the races in every way that a powerful organization made possible, from quartering undisciplined Negro troops on Southern communities to endlessly reiterating to the Negroes that their former masters would re-enslave them if Southern whites ever got back into power.

By August 1867 Hampton was convinced of the utter futility of his efforts towards political harmony with the Negroes…[and] the next decade would prove [him] right. As had happened during the abolition movement and as would happen too often again, the pressure of Northern extremists on the Negro question forced moderate Southern friends of the black man into the camp of Southern extremists. And as usual, the deluded Negro sacrificed the substantial support of responsible men in his own community for the transitory enthusiasm of ardent champions from above the [Mason and Dixon] line, a process to this very day in evidence. By the end of 1867 the stage was set for a drama of misrule such as seldom has been seen in a civilized community.

The State constitutional convention met in Charleston in January [1868], under the supervision of the military governor. Of 124 delegates, seventy-six were Negroes. Of the forty-eight white men, twenty-seven were Southerners….known as “scalawags.” As the New York Times noted, “There is scarcely a Southern white man in the body whose character would keep him out of the penitentiary.” The remaining twenty-one white men, seven from Massachusetts, were petty federal officials and political adventurers. This was the type known as “carpetbaggers,” described by Horace Greely as “fellows who crawled down South in the track of our armies, generally at a very safe distance in the rear….And they stand, right in the public eye, stealing and plundering, many with both arms around negroes, and their hands in their rear pockets….”

(Wade Hampton and the Negro, Hampton M. Jarrell, USC Press, 1949, pp. 16-23)

Radical Republicans Seek No Racial Harmony

Please Sign 1Lt. Michael Behenna's Petition for Clemency

A November update from Scott and Vicki Behenna (which I missed it when it arrived in my inbox last month):

To the thousands of supporters of 1Lt Michael Behenna,

It has been awhile since we sent out an update. Michael's lawyers have filed the petition to the Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces (CAAF). The CAAF is the highest court for the military justice system and is similar to the Supreme Court as they do not have to take your appeal. There were four issues on Michael's case presented to the CAAF and we would expect to hear within 30-60 days whether the CAAF will hear his case. If the CAAF does not choose to hear any of the issues, then Michael’s appeals are done. So you can see the importance of this appeal. We desperately need your prayers so that Michael’s conviction will be seen by the CAAF for what it is – an abomination of the military justice system. The CAAF judges are civilians, so it is our hope that they will look at Michael's case much differently than how the military judges have thus far.


Havel, one of the leading anti-Communist dissidents of the 1970s and 1980s, has died

Former Czech President Vaclav Havel, one of the leading anti-Communist dissidents of the 1970s and 1980s, has died at the age of 75, his spokeswoman announced Sunday.

"Vaclav Havel left us today," Sabina Tancevova said in a short statement on Havel's website.

Havel, a puckish, absurdist playwright turned political activist, spent four and a half years in prison for opposing Czechslovakia's Communist government before emerging as a leader of the Velvet Revolution that swept it aside in 1989.

He went on to become president of Czechoslovakia, and of the Czech Republic when the country split in two at the end of 1992.

He died peacefully in his sleep Sunday morning in the presence of his wife, Dagmar, Tancevova said.


Dead Retiree Receives $7.7 Million in Government Pension Payment

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As Sam says: Coming to a city or 'burb near you

Via III Percent Patriots

Adam Kokesh: Progression to a Freer Society Is Inevitable

Adam Kokesh has made a name for himself in libertarian circles by producing alternative, libertarian-oriented radio programs and YouTube videos. In November 2006, Adam Kokesh was honorably discharged from the US Marine Corps after his second activation as a reservist. He moved to Washington, DC to get a Master's degree in political management at George Washington University. After failing to secure "gainful employment," Kokesh, "stumbled into full-time activism" with Iraq Veterans Against the War.

In May and June, Kokesh and other activists ran high-profile flash mob-silent dances at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC in protest of a recent ruling against dancing at federal monuments. In 2010, Kokesh ran as a libertarian-Republican in New Mexico but lost in the primary. Since then, he's built a talk radio program called "Adam vs. The Man" (AVTM) airing out of New Mexico, and his video reports can be seen on YouTube. He has been critical of aspects of the "Occupy DC" version of the Occupy Wall Street movement. He is soon to release a book, Hot, Dirty and Dangerous.

Daily Bell: Tell us about your activities.


Comment on: That describes pretty much everybody I know

Domestic Terrorism
Focus on Militia Extremism

Toaster 802 said...

Stockpiling illegal weapons...

You mean like fixing NCIC to allow weapons to be illegally sold to murderous Mexican drug gangs? Like hiding evidence? Like laundering drug money? Like burning little children to death to get at a cult leader? Like Elohim City and Andreas Strassmeir? You Goddamn frauds are the terrorists.

Note to the Gmen; the SS lost the right to their retirement money at the end of the war. Since your over riding concern is yours at the expense of the oath YOU took to protect WE the PEOPLE from criminals now in power, plan on the same for yourselves.

If you want a civil war, your doing the best you can to start one. I suggest you read history to see how far all that fancy raid gear is going to take you when the common man gets sick of being called a terrorist by criminals with "credentials".

The term "terrorism" comes from French terrorisme, from Latin: 'terror', "great fear", "dread", related to the Latin verb terrere, "to frighten". The terror cimbricus was a panic and state of emergency in Rome in response to the approach of warriors of the Cimbri tribe in 105BC. The French National Convention declared in September 1793 that "terror is the order of the day". The period 1793–94 is referred to as La Terreur (Reign of Terror). Maximilien Robespierre, a leader in the French revolution proclaimed in 1794 that "Terror is nothing other than justice, prompt, severe, inflexible."[11]

The Committee of Public Safety agents that enforced the policies of "The Terror" were referred to as "Terrorists".[12] The word "terrorism" was first recorded in English-language dictionaries in 1798 as meaning "systematic use of terror as a policy".

There you go. Who are the "real" terrorists.

Larry The Cable Guy Politically Correct Christmas


Taxpayers to Washington: Live within your income

Three in four registered voters in America, including a whopping 65 percent of the self-identified Democrats, whose party controls the White House and U.S. Senate, say Washington "immediately" should stop spending more than it takes in.

The results are from a new poll from the public-opinion research and media consulting company Wenzel Strategies. It was conducted Dec. 5-7 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.26 percentage points.

In answer to the question, "Do you agree or disagree that government be forced to immediately operate within its means – that is, to immediately stop spending more money than it collects in tax revenue?" 55.7 percent of the respondent registered voters strongly agreed and another 20.1 percent were in the "somewhat agree" category.


Poll: Americans Reject Class Warfare Talk by Obama, Occupy Wall Street

A new poll from Gallup suggests that President Obama’s class warfare argument and the Occupy Wall Street movement are failing to resonate with Americans — and might actually be backfiring.

The new survey reveals that Americans today are less likely to think of the country as divided into “haves” and “have nots” as compared to when Obama ran for office in 2008. That campaign featured the Obama’s “spread the wealth around” rhetoric and followed former Democrat vice presidential candidate John Edwards’ talk of “two Americas.”

Americans were equally divided when asked the question in 2008. Now, a majority of 58 percent reject that view of American society — despite Obama’s high-profile speeches and the media’s coverage of Occupy Wall Street.

Gallup’s chart:


Ron Paul tops Federal workers/contractors donations

Ron Paul, the U.S. presidential candidate who says he’ll shrink government the most, is attracting more campaign donations than any of his Republican rivals from both U.S. government workers and employees of the biggest federal contractors.

David Cameron: an ‘almost fearful, passive tolerance of religious extremism’ had let Islamic extremism grow unchallenged

Via Billy

David Cameron last night called on the Archbishop of Canterbury to lead a return to the ‘moral code’ of the Bible.

In a highly personal speech about faith, the Prime Minister accused Dr Rowan Williams of failing to speak ‘to the whole nation’ when he criticised Government austerity policies and expressed sympathy with the summer rioters.

Mr Cameron declared Britain ‘a Christian country’ and said politicians and churchmen should not be afraid to say so.

He warned that a failure to ‘stand up and defend’ the values and morals taught by the Bible helped spark the riots and fuelled terrorism.

At Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford, where Dr Williams used to teach, Mr Cameron said the time has come for public figures to teach ‘right from wrong’, and questioned whether the Church of England has done enough to defend those values in the face of the ‘moral neutrality’ that pervades modern life.

And taking aim at the Archbishop, Mr Cameron tackled head-on his public criticisms of the Government over the last 12 months.

The speech was a bold Christmas gamble by Mr Cameron. In making a speech about religion, he did something that Tony Blair always longed to do but was talked out of by spin doctor Alastair Campbell, who flatly told him: ‘We don’t do God.’

The clash between the Government and Church is at its most acute since former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Robert Runcie clashed with Margaret Thatcher’s government in the 1980s.

The Prime Minister appeared emboldened by his opinion poll bounce since his decision to wield the veto during the Eurozone crisis summit in Brussels last week.

It’s time to eat your words now, every single one of them.

Just love it. :)

I think most readers already know how politically correct Modern Multicultural Norway is. Like so many Western Europeans, Norwegians are devoted to the cult of Diversity, and no party in the country is more immigrant-friendly than the Labour Party.

That’s why the article below from The Local is so surprising — the Labour Party is unhappy with the high number of immigrants who won election to the Oslo city council. The culture-enrichers now hold a majority on the council, and that is apparently not the result envisioned by the mandarins of the party.

The story opens with a startling headline:

Labour Party Looks to Slash Oslo Immigrant Dominance

And then continues with this jaw-dropper of a lead paragraph:

Leading Labour Party politicians in Oslo believe voters have too much influence in the city and are calling for changes to the country’s election laws after immigrant candidates snagged eleven of the party’s 20 seats on the City Council.

“Voters have too much influence”? I thought Norway was a proud democracy — how could voters have too much influence?

And these are Labour Party voters, mind you. The most steadfast proletarians of one of the staunchest social democracies in the world. When it comes to progressive European socialism, Norwegian Labour Party voters are the crème de la crème.