Sunday, December 18, 2011

It’s time to eat your words now, every single one of them.

Just love it. :)

I think most readers already know how politically correct Modern Multicultural Norway is. Like so many Western Europeans, Norwegians are devoted to the cult of Diversity, and no party in the country is more immigrant-friendly than the Labour Party.

That’s why the article below from The Local is so surprising — the Labour Party is unhappy with the high number of immigrants who won election to the Oslo city council. The culture-enrichers now hold a majority on the council, and that is apparently not the result envisioned by the mandarins of the party.

The story opens with a startling headline:

Labour Party Looks to Slash Oslo Immigrant Dominance

And then continues with this jaw-dropper of a lead paragraph:

Leading Labour Party politicians in Oslo believe voters have too much influence in the city and are calling for changes to the country’s election laws after immigrant candidates snagged eleven of the party’s 20 seats on the City Council.

“Voters have too much influence”? I thought Norway was a proud democracy — how could voters have too much influence?

And these are Labour Party voters, mind you. The most steadfast proletarians of one of the staunchest social democracies in the world. When it comes to progressive European socialism, Norwegian Labour Party voters are the crème de la crème.

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