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Walking away is the best policy, and brave men do it all the time.

Especially if you CC

Briefly home from boarding school back in 1951, I went to a bar with a phony draft card, ordered a beer, and watched Rocky Marciano knock out my idol Joe Louis. Joe was 37 and trying for a comeback, as he was broke—and as he sat in his stool after having been counted out, he looked a lot older. Rocky crossed over from his corner, bent down to speak to Joe, and began to cry. Joe was his idol, too. Rocky went on to become world champ and retired undefeated after 49 fights, only to die in an airplane accident.

Pugilists respected each other back then, and no one was more respected than Joe Louis, the first “Negro” that white boxing aficionados idolized. While he was champion of the world for 12 years, Joe never spoke ill of an opponent. The press tried hard to get him to trash-talk, but Joe never bit. The furthest he went was to say that Billy Conn, a very good-looking light-heavyweight challenger, could “run but couldn’t hide.” In their first match Conn had Joe licked, running and jabbing for 12 rounds. Before the 13th his corner told him, “All you gotta do Billy is run for three more, and you’ve got the title.” Conn turned and said, “I’m gonna knock this bum out—just watch me.”


Oh Mr. Romney...... (You LIAR!)

The Market Ticker

I have one question for Republicans: Do you actually stand for what you claim to believe in, or are you a bunch of lying sacks of crap who lied about your position on both abortion and contraception and their compelled provision through health insurance?

Because this, my friends, is in Romneycare:

You didn't lie, did you?

Oh yes you did. And this is the Republican front-runner eh? This man -- Mr. Mittens Romney -- in fact put into Romneycare the very thing you're attacking Obamacare on?

That takes the cake.

They Will Come For You

Where do these liberty groups come from? What purpose does the Tea Party serve? One cannot exist in America today and not see the angst of the people in all these different manifestations. What do they ask? Do these groups ask for power or prestige? Do they seek rights from others? No, they ask only for their rights to be acknowledged and respected and for government to cease violations of those rights so clearly identified in the Bill of Rights.


My Congressman Walter Jones' Bill: Offensive force by President W/O prior authorization constitutes impeachable high crime

Via The American Minuteman

Whereas the cornerstone of the Republic is honoring Congress's exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution: Now, therefore, be it

    Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That it is the sense of Congress that, except in response to an actual or imminent attack against the territory of the United States, the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress violates Congress's exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution and therefore constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.

Go Figure… Michelle Obama Was an #Occupier For Racial Justice While at Harvard

Via The Dorkfish Express

Well, what do you know?

Who would have thought that when we elected Obama we got two agitators in one! In fact Michelle Obama was a young #occupier for racial justice while at Harvard, too… Just like Barack.

MORE with picture

Awakening of the American Doctor

$PLC Special Edition!

If you don't believe, then you need to be counseled.

So now, as it used to be Communist China, those who do not believe the government line shall be "counseled" until they recant.

OK, that's not exactly what we're seeing (see above) but it's close. Not that we're involved with factual accuracy anymore. We seem to have moved on from that to a "reconciliation" of views. The idea is that consensus is more important than accuracy.

This again seems to indicate to us that the power elite, currently trying to create one-world government, is starting to run out of ideas. What we call the Internet Reformation has damaged the dominant social themes that the elites have relied on to fool middle classes into giving up power and wealth to globalist institutions.

One of the biggest of these fear-based promotions was global warming, now called climate change. The elites that run a massive promotional empire extending from think tanks to universities and the mainstream media itself, had counted on their control of society when it came to these promotions.

But more and more pushback is taking place. And the result is that other techniques are being tried. Here's some more from the article:


Stop Agenda 21 Action Kit

Material Women.


Berry Center Partnership With St. Catharine College

St. Catharine College, a small Dominican liberal arts school just outside of Springfield, KY, has recently announced that it is entering into a partnership with the Berry Center of New Castle. Heading the agenda is an interdisciplinary program aimed at students who are “interested in farming, rural communities, local economies, agriculture, geographical sustainability, and stewardship for the land.”

The project seems to be in line with Wes Jackson’s view – a view shared by Wendell Berry — that the “upward mobility” major currently marketed at most institutions of learning must be replaced by a major in “homecoming.”

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false prophet ...

mohammed does not deny the god of the jews and the christians. he does not deny god's divinity, nor his absolute nature.

neither does mohammed deny the prophesy of god, nor the divine inspiration of his gospel and the prophets who have brought it before the faithful, or the less than entirely faithful.

he says that god is singular.

rather, mohammed in any number of places in the koran asserts that he is a prophet of that god, in a long line of prophets of that god, and that what he preaches and delivers to his people in arabic so that they might understand and accept it, is the gospel of joseph, of moses, of john the baptist, and of jesus of nazareth. mohammed does rather gratuitously add that he is the final prophet of god.

and mohammed betrays the assertion that he preaches the gospel, the message and direction of god.

he does it by preaching a lie that is monstrous.


Unedited Obama race video unveiled

The Global State of Survival & Preparedness Report

We are really happy how many people participated in our survey. Over 1800 of you have answered the questions and I have spent the last few nights to whip all the responses into a presentable form. This is done now and I think it gives everyone a good idea what is on most people’s mind, why people prepare, what they prepare for and where you are standing compared to others.

The Global State of Survival & Preparedness Report comes in four parts but I strongly suggest you start with the first part.

Global State of Survival & Preparedness Report I


The Battle of Big Ideas, Part 1: CONSTRAINED vs. UNCONSTRAINED

British and Italian hostages murdered by captors in special forces rescue bid in Nigeria

David Cameron named the man as Chris McManus who was killed with fellow hostage Italian Franco Lamolinara.

It is understood a Special Boat Service operation to free them from al-Qaeda aligned kidnappers failed.

The effort to free Mr McManus, from the North West of England, and an Italian hostage was launched by Nigerian forces with the assistance of the UK.

The Prime Minister said the pair appeared to have died at the hands of their captors, either before or during the course of the rescue bid.

Mr Cameron said: "The effort to free Chris McManus from the north west of England, and an Italian hostage was launched by Nigerian forces with the assistance of the UK.


$11 Million in “Stimulus” Funds Buys Two Suits of Free Clothes


At least one good thing has come of the tragedy that is Detroit. No reasonable person will ever again claim that you can cure poverty by subsidizing it. The result of trying is economic and societal disintegration, not to mention outrageous waste:

Part of an $11 million grant intended to provide business attire to 400 low-income job-seekers instead helped only two people, an audit of the city’s Department of Human Services has found. …

The audit is the latest finding against the city’s Department of Human Services, which has been under scrutiny for chronic mismanagement of federal funds. … In 2009, the department received more than $11 million in stimulus funding and created a service center.

The center, at 1970 Larned, included the Customer Choice Pantry, the New Beginnings Clothing Boutique and a call center that had the capacity to service 60,000 families in need. The boutique was to provide business attire for low-income residents for job interviews.

To receive clothing, residents were required to have a job interview scheduled. According to the audit, the DHS was supposed to help 400 people between October 2010 and September 2011 but instead served only two.

At the rate Obama is destroying the value of our currency, before long $5,500,000.00 of taxpayer money per suit of government clothes will sound like a good deal.


Thomas Sowell Hammers 'Despicable' Derrick Bell; Compares To Hitler

Super Tuesday Explodes Two Myths About the Tea Party

Milton Wolf

From the Broadside...
Myth #1 – The Tea Party is losing its political power.

The mainstream media and the Democratic Party keeping flogging the dead horse that the Tea Party movement has peaked. They point to the lack of public rallies of the sort that characterized 2009 and 2010 as evidence. Balderdash, respond local tea party activists from around the country. We’ve moved on to more important things–like organizing to get-out-the-vote.

Yesterday’s results proved that the Tea Party movement is not only live and well–it’s thriving.

The Tea Party movement claimed another victim among incumbent GOP politicians in Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District, where 4 term GOP incumbent Jeanne Schmidt was upset by tea party challenger Brad Wenstrup, 49% to 43%, despite outspending him by a 3 to 1 margin. The noise you hear in the distance is the fearful expectations of a pair of old GOP Senate bulls about to experience serious Tea Party challenges in their primaries–Indiana’s Richard Lugar and Utah’s Orrin Hatch.

Exit polls also showed that GOP Primary voters are strongly supportive of the Tea Party movement. 62% of Tennessee voters fit that category, as do 59% of Ohio voters.
They misunderestimated the Tea Party in 2010. Why should 2012 be any different? (Nice use of the word balderdash, by the way.)

Top gear films accidental cobra helicopter crash

Restaurant Carry Twitter Blast!


Tech-savvy Sorrentino has developed a brilliant "Twitter"-based strategy for countering NCGV's "Rest in Peace" campaign against HB 111, and for further driving the PASS RESTAURANT CARRY NOW message home to the foot-dragging Assembly.

Let's all lend our support to his freedom-promoting efforts. If you don't yet "Twitter" this may be a good time to start! Sign-up here: Sean presents his plan below.

Do you care about Restaurant Carry? Do you have a Twitter account? Here's how you can help.

Currently the local Anti-rights organizations are actively trying to bully the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association into opposing HB 111, Restaurant Carry. The NCRLA previously decided that they would take no position on Restaurant Carry. Clearly they understand that NC Concealed Handgun Permit holders are among the most law abiding citizens on the planet, and that actively excluding them from restaurants that happen to serve alcohol is bad for business. The problem is that the gun grabbers are asking them to change their minds. We need to make sure that that the NCRLA hears from us. There are many more of us than there are gun grabbers, so let's show it.


After establishing or logging into your Twitter account, Click on the following links. They will automatically Tweet to the NC Restaurant and Lodging Association, the Senate Republicans, the Senate Democrats, Senate President Pro-Tem Berger, and Judiciary Committee head Senator Newton.

Included in each tweet will be a link to a personal story about the Luigi's Restaurant massacre in Fayetteville in 1993. We think it's important to remind them what's at stake. It's time to repeal the foolish law that prevents honest CHP holders from eating dinner at the local Applebee's.

And while you are at it, Follow Us! @GrassRootsNC, and check-out Sean's blog at:

Irrelevant 'reality' show?

Theo Spark

The soothing 'reality' show of an irrelevant Republicrat primary gives the peasantry the illusion of being in control of something.

- They are not, but are instead being herded into a no-choice choice since there is virtually NO difference between Romney and that foreigner who currently calls himself pResident.

While the only candidate who would actually reduce America's debt [can't have THAT now, can we?] gets NO media coverage and thus NO votes.

- And Diebold (who counts the votes) can be counted upon as a solid "Plan B" in the event something goes awry and the 'wrong' one lands on the ballot by mistake.

Alaric inside the walls

Vox Popoli

The UK anticipates the USA's descent into barbarism and the dawn of aristocracy:
Walking home from school, my two eldest sons, then aged four and five, were chomping their way through Rice Krispie cakes bought at a school sale, while I pushed their baby brother in a pram beside them. Typically for 3.30pm in the part of North-West London where we live, the pavements were awash with children and pushchairs. This area, with its wide tree-lined avenues, smart family homes and good schools, is hugely popular with young families....

We’d just left our local newsagent’s, magazine firmly in my little son’s hand, when we suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a 12-strong gang of hooded youths who were chasing a girl who looked no older than 14. One grabbed her and started battering her with an umbrella, but she managed to get away. Then the youths gave chase, throwing bottles and shouting obscenities. It looked as though they meant to kill her....

Grabbing my sons and frantically pushing the pram with one hand, I rushed to get them home as quickly as possible. Then to my horror, Zach broke free of my grip and blindly ran back into what was now a full-on turf war. He’d dropped his magazine, which had been trampled underfoot, its pages scattered across the pavement. Oblivious to the mayhem, he attempted to gather it up as tears rolled down his cheeks. Terrified for him, I pulled the pram and my five-year-old back towards where Zach now stood rooted to the spot as more gang members came tearing up a side street.

I heard myself scream as a bottle skimmed Zach’s head, missing him by millimetres, glass smashing around his feet — later I found shards in his shoes. Then I did something I never thought I’d do: I ran, clutching my terrified children. In my panic, I lost control of the pram which swerved precariously and almost overturned twice.

Our cakes spilled out over the pavement. It was the wrong thing to do, of course. I’d drawn attention to my fleeing family, and a splinter group gave chase after us, calling out ‘get the whities’. Seeing this terrifying drama unfold before them, passers-by and locals sped up steps, pounded on front doors or sought protection in porches.

We reached our home and I released my screaming baby from his pram, which I left abandoned with our bags outside, and practically threw my boys inside the front door, locking it behind us — my legs had turned to jelly and breathlessness and searing chest pain convinced me I was having a heart attack.
Whether they like it or not, the white European people of the West are facing two ugly choices. Either start deportating the barbarians now or fight a brutal war later. Africans cannot be blamed for acting like Africans, Mexicans cannot be blamed for acting like Mexicans, and Arabs cannot be blamed for acting like Arabs. One simply shouldn't be surprised when people who are not white Europeans do not act like white Europeans tamed by more than one thousand years of Western civilization. Why would they, and more importantly, why should they?

For little more than the fear of being called racist and in a futile attempt assuage the guilt for past centuries of colonialism, the people of the West have permitted their countries to be invaded by barbarians. Instead of civilizing the immigrants, as it was foolishly imagined, the immigrants have increasingly barbarized the nations they have invaded en masse. This should not have been a surprise, as the attempts to civilize them in their native lands had failed for hundreds of years.

The problem isn't that Africans or Central Americans cannot ever be civilized or that there is a civilization gene, the problem is that like domesticating an animal species, civilizing an entire culture is a process that takes hundreds of years. Consider, for example, how long it took the barbarians of Britain and Germany to go from the naked pagan barbarism described by Julius Caesar to the heights of Christian civilization that produced Mozart and the chamber orchestras. The nations of the West doesn't have that much time, especially when they can no longer serve as a strong and stable models, having invited the enervating peoples into their civilizations. Moreover, in addition to attempting to civilize the barbarians inside their borders rather than outside them, they are trying to do so without the benefit of Christianity, which historically played a powerful role in the civilization of the white European barbarians.

The woman in the article moved with her family out to the countryside to escape the hooded black barbarians of London. But the retreat of civilization cannot continue forever, as history shows the barbarians will simply expand their dysfunctional and parasitical cultures until they are forcibly stopped and turned back. Every civilization needs its Marius, its Qin Shi Huang, its Charles Martel, or will be overrun and die.

Feudalism and the age of aristocracy grew out of a need for protection. It is now becoming increasingly clear why the age of democracy is over and how the coming aristocracy is going to take shape and come to power.

Did threats silence media on Obama probe?

The lead investigator in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s review of the authenticity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate today unloaded a bombshell about the case: that he was told by sources members of the media were threatened with federal investigations should they continue to report on the birth certificate issue.

Lead investigator Mike Zullo told WND that as he was preparing information to be presented to the public “it was clear that the mainstream media was not going to be in attendance” at the sheriff’s scheduled new conference, where he presented facts suggesting both fraud and forgery in the image of a Hawaiian birth certificate that the White House released last yearas “proof positive” of Obama’s eligibility for office.

“During our investigation, we actually were told [that media] had been threatened with FTC investigations. Commentators [had been] threatened with their jobs,” Zullo said.

The threats were so intimidating that some individuals quit their positions over safety concerns for their families, he said.


How to Read the Constitution

Via Billy
The two key arguments against bothering with constitutional restraints on government are “who knows” and “who cares”: we can’t know what the Constitution means, and we shouldn’t care even if we did.

In The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution, historian Brion McClanahan addresses the “who knows” argument, the claim that the Constitution and the intentions behind it are too inscrutable to be any kind of guide. McClanahan, who is following up his Politically Incorrect Guide to the Founding Fathers, was the last doctoral student of the recently retired Clyde Wilson, professor of history at the University of South Carolina, editor of the Papers of John C. Calhoun, and, according to Eugene Genovese, one of the ten top Southern historians in America.

McClanahan’s is a valuable if unusual volume: it’s in effect a clause-by-clause analysis of the Constitution but the only sources the author will admit are the records of the Philadelphia Convention, the records of the state ratifying conventions, The Federalist, and the essays of various Antifederalists. No later glosses, no Supreme Court cases, no testimony from the practice of the early republic. McClanahan wants the Constitution to speak through those who wrote and debated it.

This is a worthy project, and McClanahan executes it ably.


Obama Admin Cites 'Int'l Permission,' Not Congress, As 'Legal Basis' For Action In Syria

Via NC Renegade

The man has committed the single greatest crime in the history of this nation, and let justice be done upon him.


I first posted on Obama's birth certificate being a fraud a couple of hours after it was released. It was obvious within minutes that it was not just a forgery, but a piss-poor forgery obviously done by a 20-something kid working in the White House who had the best knowledge of Photoshop/Illustrator - which wasn't much. The forger was so incompetent that he didn't even flatten the layers. Unreal. I'm no graphics guru, but even I was able to see the layers within hours of the file being released. Heck, you could copy and paste the layers into Microsoft Word. What really impressed me was the sheer number of graphic artists who immediately went online and declared not only that the BC was an obvious forgery, but that they were themselves Obama supporters, but they couldn't overlook the objective evidence that was staring them in the face.

Sheriff Arpaio down in Arizona pleasantly surprised me by not wimping out on this and has called the BC what it is: a forgery.


After reading Jack Cashill's work on Obama's fake nativity narrative, here is what I suspect his legal status is. I suspect that Obama was in fact born in Kenya and later gained Indonesian citizenship, but is NOT a U.S. citizen today, and probably never was. I wasn't always in that camp. I initially suspected that he was born in Hawaii, but that his real BC had some unsavory data on it that he wanted hidden. I don't think that is the case anymore. The hospitals have NOTHING, he obviously has no Hawaiian BC, and Cashill's work shows that Stanley Ann Dunham was enrolled, living and present with eyewitnesses, at the University of Washington within a couple of weeks of Obama's purported birth date in August of '61.

I think Stanley Ann was deluded enough to believe that Barack Sr. and she were going to be the Communist dictators of Kenya (a la Juan and Eva Peron in Argentina), and thus flew to Kenya with the intent of presenting herself to Barack Sr.'s family like some sort of pathetic Communist princess, and birthing the child in Kenya. She was soundly rejected by Obama's family for being white, and after giving birth was sent packing, with her half-breed child, by her putative in-laws. I suspect she flew not to Hawaii, but straight to Washington State where the Dunhams had lived and were well-connected, and was set up at UW. Granny Dunham then went to the local records office in Hawaii and remotely registered Barry's birth with some fake data about Stanley and Barack Sr. living together (which was common in Hawaii in those days - Hawaiian birth registrations were easy to acquire to the point of being absurd and criminal). This is what generated the automated newspaper birth announcements.

A few years later, Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetero in Indonesia. All Indonesian adoptions REQUIRED that the child be made an Indonesian citizen. Therefore, whatever Barry was before that, he was now an Indonesian citizen, and thus today is an Indonesian national, and likely attended Occidental College as an Indonesian national, and traveled to Pakistan in the early 1980s on an Indonesian passport.

Later, after Stanley Ann had dumped her son that she never really wanted on her Communist parents back in Hawaii, Granny Dunham, who just happened to be working in the local PROBATE OFFICE and thus had access to all of the Social Security numbers of old folks who retired to Hawaii and died, snatched the SocSec number of a fellow from Connecticut and gave it to Barry. This is one of the numerous SocSec numbers Barry has used over the years - which is very, very common amongst hard-core Communists. In fact, Barry passed TWO SocSec numbers IN WASHINGTON D.C. after being elected to the U.S. Senate. He passed the Connecticut SocSec number beginning with 042 when he rented an apartment on Massachusetts Ave. in 2005. In 2008, he used a SocSec number beginning with 282 when he moved closer to the Hart Senate Office Building.

Stop and think about that for a minute. Barack Obama passed multiple SocSec numbers WHILE IN THE UNITED STATES SENATE. One of the reasons that we are totally and completely screwed is because the intel services, namely the FBI, CIA, NSA and Secret Service absolutely, positively know that Obama is using fake I.D. Either they are totally incompetent, or they are complicit. And they're not incompetent, so that leaves complicit.

Finally, Obama's Selective Service registration card is a laughably bad forgery, too. As you will see in the videos below, the forgers, needing to fake a 1980 stamp date, could only take a 2008 stamp, cut it in half with a razor blade, turn the "08" upside down and stamp "80". It is obvious what they did, and it is also laughable in that all Post Office stamps are 4-digit years by law. Oops. I guess they couldn't find an old "19".

As I have been saying for years, Barack Obama, or whatever his name is, needs to be arrested and tried as a non-state, non-uniformed enemy belligerent for overthrowing the government of the United States and waging war against the United States of America, and upon conviction housed for the rest of his life in solitary confinement at the supermax Federal Pen in Florence, CO . . . AT MINIMUM. It seems to me that the penalty for engaging in war against the United States of America carries a stiffer sentence than life in prison, and I would be fully in favor of that sentence being carried out.