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 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg The TSA couldn't protect you from a 6-year-old with a water balloon. What are my qualifications for saying that? My name is Rafi Sela, and I was the head of security for the world's safest airport . Here's what your country does wrong, says Rafi Sela in this article, 7 Reasons the TSA Sucks (A Security Expert's Perspective), at Cracked.

 The Federals know the importance of logistics and are working tirelessly to destroy any abilities by the population to produce the necessary materials in the future. The EPA, FDA and USDA are in a war to destroy small farms that will provide a production platform for food and raw materials to aid the people. They are working to destroy the small businesses that can provide production capability for many finished products. They are destroying the seeds that can be used as a perpetual supply of food and fibers. They are destroying the ability of men to bear arms and employ resistance. They are destroying the ability of individuals to be self sufficient and resist government orders.
Tom Chatham at

Like a trendy restaurant whose patrons know that they have good taste because they patronize it, his supporters know that they are smart because they support a smart man and Obama knows he is smart because so many smart people support him. The thought never rises within this bubble of manufactured intelligence that all of them might really be idiots.
Daniel Greenfield at

Phil Robertson was born in Vivian, Louisiana. He was the fifth of seven children of James and Merritt Robertson. Because of financial setbacks during his childhood, the family lived in rugged conditions having no electricity, toilet or bathtub. The family rarely went into town to buy groceries, and instead lived off of the fruits and vegetables they grew in their garden; the meat from deer, squirrels, fish and other game they hunted and fished; and the pigs, chickens, and cattle they raised. [Robertson has a master's degree from Louisianna Tech University]

St. Louis Missouri — Gladis Bennett, 93 yr old grandmother, was on her way Saturday morning to visit her grandchildren. It was a special morning as it was her granddaughter’s 14th birthday... A homeless man who witnessed the attack told reporters, "I saw her get sucker punched from behind really hard. She hit the ground and then they all started kicking her. She got this huge gun out of her purse and BOOM! Headshot! Game over son, you know what I’m saying? Poor n*gga never had a chance."

 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg To a person who is thinking of venturing into the woods during winter for the first time, the task seems daunting, requiring that one either gives up on the idea, or else acquires large amounts of new and different gear, as well as adopt new methods of camping. I decided to write this post to tell you that winter camping is not some extreme pursuit, nor does it require a change in the way you camp, says Ross Gilmore in this article, A Beginner’s Guide to Winter Camping and Bushcraft, at Wood Trekker.

art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg Duck Dynasty - Why was this interview allowed in the first place? Interaction between conservative talent and liberal publications is routinely avoided. Very few urbanites or metrosexuals would incline to the Robertson clan no matter what was said. It has been said that America is barely a country and mostly a business. On the contrary, it is a nation of rotating stage plays that are obvious to anyone who bothers to look behind the curtain, says Guy Somerset in this article, Manufacturing Outrage, at Taki's Magazine.

 The Post Office couldn’t make a profit raising the price of a stamp yearly, and Wal-Mart delivered food and water after Katrina before FEMA did, and we couldn’t kill a bunch of rag heads with road side bombs, and we were supposed to believe that the FedGov could control the populace with a few deputized security guards from Homeland Security.
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From the Drone Survival Guide

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art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg  Most drones are equipped with night vision, and/or infrared vision camera's, so-called FLIR sensors. These can see human heat signatures from far away, day or night. However there are ways to hide from drones.
•  Day camouflage: Hide in the shadows of buildings or trees. Use thick forests as natural camouflage or use camouflage nets.
•  Night camouflage: hide inside buildings or under protection of trees or foliage. Do not use flashlights or vehicle spot lights, even at long distances. Drones can easily spot this during night missions.
•  Heat camouflage: Emergency blankets (so-called space blankets) made of Mylar can block infrared rays. Wearing a space blanket as a poncho at night will hide your heat signature from infrared detection. Also in summer when the temperature is between 36°C and 40°C (97°F to 104°F), infrared camera's cannot distinguish between body and its surroundings.
•  Wait for bad weather. Drones cannot operate in high winds, smoke, rainstorms or heavy weather conditions.
•  No wireless communication. Using mobile phones or GPS based communication will possibly compromise your location.
•  Spreading reflective pieces of glass or mirrored material on a car on a roof will confuse the drone's camera.
•  Decoys. Use mannequins or human-sized dolls to mislead the drone's reconnaissance.

Photos: The Pacific and Adjacent Theaters in WWII

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 Description of  Jan. 26, 1943: An infantryman is on guard on Grassy Knoll in Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands during World War II.  (AP Photo)

Dated, though I haven't seen some before.

With the premiere of the ten part HBO miniseries, The Pacific, produced by Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Gary Goetzman, World War II has again come into the living rooms of American families. The Pacific, the follow-up to Band of Brothers, will focus on the US Marines in the Pacific Theater of the war.

The below collection focuses on The Pacific War, a term referring to parts of World War II that took place in the Pacific Ocean, the islands of the Pacific and the Far East. The start of The Pacific War is generally considered to be the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. The Pacific War pitted the Allies against the Empire of Japan and culminated with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945, Victory over Japan Day on August 15, 1945 and the official surrender of Japan aboard the battleship U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945.

More @ Denver Post

Happy New Year! MOLON LABE Online For Free Viewing Until Midnight, January 06, 2014

Liberian Slave-Traders

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The following is a brief excerpt (via WSJ) of a recent book review regarding Liberia, “Another America,” by James Ciment.  Like slave-leader Cinque of Amistad fame, the emancipated blacks of the US returned to Africa and the indigenous practice of what propelled them or their ancestors to the New World.

 “[Liberian]Settlers and their "Americo" descendants identified with the U.S. and viewed natives as savages. Natives considered Americoes rapacious and arrogant. Indeed they called them "whites," or "black-white" men, since settlers spoke English and dressed like Victorians.

One source of antagonism was the slave trade. Native tribes traded slaves among themselves and illegally with Europeans. It was a business for them, as Ciment notes, "but an abomination to the settlers, who were determined to wipe it out as soon as they had the means to do so."

And yet settlers and their Americo descendants practiced forms of exploitation that closely resembled slavery. They took native women as concubines. They adopted native children and provided them with food, shelter and schooling in exchange for work without pay. To some observers, this "ward system," as it was called, was another form of slavery. "These pawns are as much slaves as their sable prototypes in the parent states of America," wrote one white physician.

In the 1920s, Americo-Liberians were widely accused of trafficking in slaves. They leased out natives to Fernando Pó, in the Gulf of Guinea, to plant and harvest cocoa. Many died before their contracts were up, and others were never paid. The Liberian constitution prohibited slavery, but it also denied citizenship and suffrage to natives, who constituted more than 90% of Liberia's population.  In essence, Americoes tried to re-create a social order that resembled the antebellum South, with themselves as the master class.”

Marxism Refresher

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“Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.”
– Thomas Sowell

"We cannot expect Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism."
―Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev, 1959

"To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. . . [F]oreigners. . . The Marxist professors and structural feminists. . [W]e discussed neocolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy. . . [W]e were resisting bourgeois society's stifling conventions. We weren't indifferent or careless or insecure. We were alienated."
―Barack Obama, 2006

[inscription in his book Rules for Radicals]
"Dedicated to Lucifer, the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that at least won his own kingdom."
―Saul Alinsky, Obama's Community Organizing Mentor

Mastery of Metals: Federal HST and Guard Dog Loads



I use HST in my Glock 21 and 30, but Speer LE in my .357 LCR

Through careful attention to design, Federal Premium’s engineers were able to create self-defense loads that exhibit specific characteristics sought by the two prominent streams of thought concerning personal protection. The distinctly different loads, HST and Guard Dog, will meet the needs of even the most demanding self-defense practitioner.

Currently, there are two divergent beliefs concerning defensive handgun ammunition; some armed citizens desire ammunition capable of satisfactorily completing the entire battery of barrier tests prescribed by the “FBI protocol,” whereas others want a reduced-penetration option to minimize the risk of collateral damage. Whichever is the most applicable to you, the personal-protection practitioner, depends upon your target-engagement philosophy and the circumstances in which you forecast the threat would most likely occur. Some considerations are: your definition of “self-defense,” and the actions you’re willing to take to neutralize a threat; potential barriers (both inside and outside the home, and behind which an assailant could take cover); location and proximity of family members, neighbors or bystanders; backstops (or lack thereof); and temperature/season (thin or thick garments). It’s only after carefully considering each of the aforementioned categories that you can subscribe to a specific philosophy and make an informed decision regarding the corresponding ammunition. A change in any of the categories could also dictate exchanging your defensive load. Why?

NC: 'Opinion' is irrelevant: Cities should obey (Gun) law

Twenty years spent defending gun rights have taught me leftists regard words as malleable, inventing definitions as needed to bludgeon any who dare obstruct liberal self-gratification. But even I laughed at the audacity of mischaracterizing our demand that cities comply with state law as “bullying and threatening anyone...who does not share [our] extreme opinion.”

“Opinion” is irrelevant. In passing House Bill 937, the General Assembly expanded our successful concealed handgun law into restaurants, parks, educational properties, state government parking lots and elsewhere.

Legislators didn’t fast-track HB 937 despite the Newtown tragedy, but rather because of it: All but two U.S. mass shootings since 1950 occurred in ostensibly “gun free” zones of disarmed victims. By contrast, concealed handgun laws deter murder, rape and aggravated assault. Not only was that demonstrated in controlled, multi-variate studies by John R. Lott and others, it’s happened here, where violent crime dropped 46 percent after passing concealed carry in 1995.

Trump on NY Times Benghazi Report: 'A Total Cover Up'

Image: Trump on NY Times Benghazi Report:  'A Total Cover Up'

Donald Trump all but accused The New York Times Monday of participating in a cover up of the 2012 attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya by publishing an article claiming al-Qaida was not involved and that an anti-Islam video may have contributed to the deadly assault, as the Obama administration initially claimed.

"It seems to be a total cover up," the entertainment and real estate billionaire said on "Fox & Friends" about the Times piece published over the weekend. "I read [the article] very closely. It just seems to be at odds with everything else that you've read over the last year."

More @ Newsmax

Can M-16′s Defeat F-16′s In the Coming Civil War?

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“It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog”. This axiom is soon going to be put to the test in the United States.

Dr. Jim Garrow is a name you are going to be seeing a lot of in the truthful media for the foreseeable future. Garrow is a former deep cover CIA agent who has his hand on the pulse of the crises which are befalling America. What separates Dr. Garrow from many high level sources who are disgusted with the status quo, is that he is on the record and is publicly visible.

While many of the 200+ command level officers fired by Obama are informing many of us in the media about the current state of affairs, they are not on the record. Other than self-preservation, the major reason why these former military commanders are not on the record is because some of them are involved in planning a guerrilla war against the occupation forces commanded by this administration under the auspices of DHS. And this is precisely what Dr. Garrow stated on my December 22, 2013 show which you can listen to here.

He also went on to say that a coup attempt is probable and that a prolonged guerrilla civil war is likely. All of  my sources state that the coming civil war will be a guerrilla war.

Why the Coming Civil War Will Be a Guerrilla War

More @ The Common Sense Show

Army 1LT Clint Lorance: Sentenced to Prison for Protecting His Unit

1LT Clint Lorance

In August 2013 Army 1LT Clint Lorance, 28, of Celeste Texas, was found guilty of 2 counts of murder.

Lt. Lorance volunteered to serve two combat tours; 15 months in Iraq and 7 months in Afghanistan. But upon his return home, the ground combat platoon leader in the 82d Airborne Division was sentenced to 20 years in Ft. Leavenworth on two counts of murder.

What was his crime?

Allen West details on his Facebook page:

In July 2012, 1LT Lorance ordered the engagement of two Taliban scouts who were tracking his platoon’s movements while on a patrol in Kandahar province, a platoon that had recently experienced losses, including the previous Platoon Leader. 
According to our ridiculous Rules of Engagement, soldiers in a combat zone are told to hold their fire unless there is evidence of hostile action or direct hostile intent.

 I spent two and a half years in southern Afghanistan, and we all knew the Taliban utilized fighters on motorcycles and cell phones as scout/trackers. If there are enemy combatants reporting your patrol movements in order to facilitate an attack, how is that not hostile intent?

 CPT William Miller, the government prosecutor, said 1LT Lorance “used his rank and position to harass, intimidate, threaten, and murder Afghans.”

 What an incredible dilemma for our men and women in combat: fight and kill the enemy and be sent to prison. Or be killed by the enemy and be denied your death gratuity benefits.

 This is utter BS and I implore true Americans, and veterans, to melt down the White House, DoD, and Department of the Army phone lines and email.
  More @ The Black Sphere

Knockout: Victims of brutal Downtown Mall assault want arrests, and answers from police

Knockout: Victims of brutal Downtown Mall assault want arrests, and answers from police

 Gee, I can't imagine why they didn't release the photos........

A couple’s late night stroll on the Christmas-lit Downtown Mall turned to terror in the early morning hours of Friday, December 20, when they were brutally assaulted by three men in what appears to have been a random act of violence.

Even though one of the victims, Jeanne Doucette, managed to take photos that appear to show the assailants as they kicked and pummeled her boyfriend Marc Adams to unconsciousness, Charlottesville Police still do not have any suspects. Doucette says there were other witnesses to the crime, which allegedly occurred just outside the Wells Fargo building at around 1am as she and Adams walked from Miller’s to Rapture, and she is baffled as to why the police haven’t shared her images more widely with people who could have seen the suspects earlier in the evening.

“I cannot understand why they didn’t let people know what happened,” said Doucette, who still bore injuries from the assault when she met for an interview a week later. “Those pictures might have prompted some tips.”

More @ C-ville

Obama administration announces net loss of at least 3 million insurance plans

 Obama administration announces net loss of at least 3 million insurance plans

The White House used a Sunday morning statement to admit that only 1.1 million people have used the federal Obamacare website to sign up for the president’s healthcare network by Christmas Day.

News reports and advocacy websites say roughly 1 million people have enrolled with health-benefit companies via state websites, including 400,000 in California and 157,000 in New York, by the Dec. 24 deadline, which allows coverage starting Jan. 1.

The 2 million federal and state signups are roughly two-thirds the planned goal of 3.3 million enrollments by Dec. 31. They’re also only one-third  of the 7 million customers sought by March 31.

The total reported signups are at least 3 million fewer than the 5 million people whose health-insurance policies were  cancelled prior to Christmas by President Barack Obama’s ambitious tax-and-healthcare scheme.

NOW JAILED! Brian D. Hill

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On 12 - 23 - 2013 Brian D. Hill former owner of USWGO Website was Arrested from his hospital bed by Department of Homeland Security. Brian was a alternative news, True world reporter  who knows Alex Jones & Stewart Rhodes among many other people fighting for Freedom in this land. Here is Brian's Story, Share this to show awareness & support for Brian.

Thanks & God Bless! Keep Brian in Your Prayers~

(Article written by Stella Burnette) Is this a well thought out plan to destroy someone who bravely comes forth exposing corruption? This is our true story. What do you think? He had many obstacles in his path but just like David versus goliath the giant, he continued to fight for American’s freedom.

He had autism and brittle diabetes but his strength of defining right from wrong made him push forward to inform other Americans what all he was learning each day. He brought out into the open important things which the rich and powerful wanted to keep hidden while they chopped away at American’s freedoms daily. We watched his constant struggles as he learned to put together professional websites self educating himself. We watched his daily battles to keep these websites up and running as someone tried to bring them down.

My reserved comment.........

 Poignant: A South Vietnamese woman mourns over the body of her husband, found with 47 others in a mass grave near Hue, Vietnam in April 1969
Poignant: A South Vietnamese woman mourns over the body of her husband, found with 47 others in a mass grave near Hue, Vietnam in April 1969

Brock Townsend has left a new comment on the post "UNFORTUNATE SOLDIERS: VIETNAM WAR: Men Of ARVN: Th...":

Many pictures here are just propaganda. We, the Vietnamese, know better than any others about Hue's event. That was not a mass killing by Commist but Bombing from America's troop and South VN army. 
The NVA buried their dead comrades with dead civilians. As you know, NVA was not supported with uniform so most of them wore their daily outfit. Take that advantage, US propaganda that NVA revenged on Hue's civilian which is untrue in many aspects


Pure Bull Shit, commie.

Traitor Rawls

For those of us who have been following the antics of Museum of the Confederacy President and CEO Waite Rawls since he assumed the reigns at the museum, and have repeatedly called for his removal, the sell-out of the museum to the ultra PC "American Civil War Center at Tredegar" comes as no surprise.

In 2007, Rawls made it clear that he was willing to sacrifice even the name of the institution when he announced that along with a proposed move, the name "Confederacy" was likely to disappear from the museum's title...

"Museum President and CEO S. Waite Rawls III suggested that the name was negotiable. He told the Richmond Times-Dispatch, "The repositioning we've done over the past 30 years is to be more of a modern education institution and less of a memorial to the Confederacy."

Although the name change was delayed a few years, it appears as if he will finally get his wish to change the well as the Museum's original intent... with the recent liquidation.

From the Museum of the Confederacy's website:
"Civil War Holdings, Inc. is the temporary name of the joint partnership between the American Civil War Center and the Museum of the Confederacy. When the two institutions joined forces in the fall of 2013, a new Board of Directors was created, comprising members of both former boards." Complete list here:

Those of us in Richmond easily recognize the name of the Chairman of the new board, Dr. Edward L. Ayers, as one who has, as a close personal friend and associate of Mr. Rawls, been allowed unrestricted access and influence at the museum.

In November of this year, Dr. Ayers was a featured speaker at the "Loving RVA" gathering in Richmond (see photo)

The main focus of this gathering was to introduce a plan to "revitalize RVA". Details of the plan are available here... and include a "slavery and freedom heritage site" , but not surprisingly, NOT ONE MENTION of Richmond's rich Confederate history and heritage:

"The Revitalize RVA Plan includes a very important historical component. The Slavery and Freedom Heritage Site will be on the site of the Lumpkins Slave Jail, which is across the train trestle from the proposed commercial and residential development."

This is just ONE example of many, that leaves little doubt as to the direction of this "new museum", under the leadership of Dr. Ayers, Mr. Rawls, and Ms. Coleman.

Catalog of the Confederate MEMORIAL Literary Society: Each item collected and lovingly donated by Veterans and their families "In Memoriam Sempiternam".

"In Memoriam Sempiternam"...or "In Eternal Memory" God help us when we stand before these men and women one day and have to explain why WE, their sons and daughters, stood quietly by and let this happen.

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