Monday, December 30, 2013

Mastery of Metals: Federal HST and Guard Dog Loads



I use HST in my Glock 21 and 30, but Speer LE in my .357 LCR

Through careful attention to design, Federal Premium’s engineers were able to create self-defense loads that exhibit specific characteristics sought by the two prominent streams of thought concerning personal protection. The distinctly different loads, HST and Guard Dog, will meet the needs of even the most demanding self-defense practitioner.

Currently, there are two divergent beliefs concerning defensive handgun ammunition; some armed citizens desire ammunition capable of satisfactorily completing the entire battery of barrier tests prescribed by the “FBI protocol,” whereas others want a reduced-penetration option to minimize the risk of collateral damage. Whichever is the most applicable to you, the personal-protection practitioner, depends upon your target-engagement philosophy and the circumstances in which you forecast the threat would most likely occur. Some considerations are: your definition of “self-defense,” and the actions you’re willing to take to neutralize a threat; potential barriers (both inside and outside the home, and behind which an assailant could take cover); location and proximity of family members, neighbors or bystanders; backstops (or lack thereof); and temperature/season (thin or thick garments). It’s only after carefully considering each of the aforementioned categories that you can subscribe to a specific philosophy and make an informed decision regarding the corresponding ammunition. A change in any of the categories could also dictate exchanging your defensive load. Why?

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