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February 1865: The Invasion Continues

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On February 5, 1865, the last of General Sherman’s troops crossed the Savannah River into South Carolina. That same day, soldiers of the 14th Corps burned the village of Robertville. Determined to punish the “original secessionists,” an army of over 60,000 was now making its way through the Palmetto State on a mission of destruction and pillage.

On February 7, forces under the command of General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick burnt down most of the town of Barnwell. Some of the infantry troops encamped at the nearby plantation of Mrs. Alfred P. Aldrich. She wrote that one of the soldiers (“a wretch who looked as if he had been brought from Sing Sing for the purpose of terrifying women and children”) took one of her black servants, a man named Frank, and hung him by the neck to make him reveal the hiding place of Aldrich family valuables. When the soldier realized that Frank could tell them nothing, he let him down. “Frank’s neck remains twisted to this day,” Mrs. Aldrich reported in a post-war memoir.

Mrs. Aldrich also recalled the sight of Barnwell in ruins:

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When the Yankees Come: " Every Yankee I see had the stamp of poor white trash on them".

Slave Narratives Vol. XIV. South Carolina, Part 1

 The image that emerges and which seems most reasonable when the pieces are assembled is an imposing and terrible portrait of theft and arson by an invading Army against non-combatants, the destruction of civilian property, spoilage of unused foodstuffs, the slaughter of livestock, all of which, with few exceptions, left a people without the means of feeding themselves—a desolation of Biblical proportion! Thankfully, there are a few acts of humanity by those who wore the blue, but their scarcity in these accounts are a blot on the cause and character of this war of aggression.

We Won! We have the deed to Confederate Memorial Circle!

It’s time to Celebrate, Commemorate & Re-Dedicate!
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(The Original Site of the NB Forrest Monument)
109 Union Street 
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Confederate Memorial Circle was originally dedicated 137 years ago on 26 April 1878. It’s time to celebrate, commemorate & re-dedicate Confederate Memorial Circle where we will re-dedicate the Nathan Bedford Forrest Monument by unveiling the REPLACEMENT bronze bust of Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest. We will re-dedicate the Confederate Soldiers’ Memorial and also the new Battle of Selma Memorial. This will be a HUGE MONUMENTAL HISTORICAL event- the most paramount Confederate accomplishment throughout the South in recent times. We beat the enemy in their own territory, the Civil Rights hotpot of the world! We have won our case against the City of Selma. Selma Chapter 53, UDC has been awarded the deed to the one acre Memorial Circle plus the Pigeoneers House! 
Our Security & Beautification Enhancement of Confederate Memorial Circle project has been quite a test of patience, endurance, perseverance and faithful dedication of all our supporters. We are very GRATEFUL for ALL our supporters and contributors to our efforts to defend, protect and preserve our noble Southern history and heritage here in Selma. Even though we are having the dedication on May 23, this project is not quite finished. We still have LOTS to pay for and also erect 20 bronze historical interpretive markers throughout the Circle. These historical markers will cost approximately $1500 each. We are also still selling the ancestor pavers; if you want your paver laid by dedication day please place your order NOW!  However, we will continue to sell the pavers until we have all 4 quads filled with engraved pavers. Contact me at 334-875-1690 for order form & information. If you would like to contribute to this historical, monumental project, please make check payable to and MARK FOR: CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL CIRCLE:
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Selma, Alabama  36701
Keepin’ the skeer on’em!
Patricia S. Godwin

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The U.S.-Backed Government In Ukraine Is Starting To Lose The Civil War (Duh)

The mainstream media in the U.S. is being very quiet about this, but the truth is that the U.S.-backed government in Kiev is starting to lose the civil war.  This week, the separatists captured the very important railway junction of Debaltseve despite the fact that a ceasefire is supposed to be in place.

Buoyed by a constant influx of Russian weapons and supplies, the separatists have gained a clear upper hand in the conflict.  But this was not supposed to happen.  When protest groups that were funded, organized and advised by organizations in the United States violently overthrew the democratically elected Ukrainian government, the Obama administration was hoping that the Ukrainian people would rapidly embrace their new pro-western leaders.

Kissinger Lied, by Frank Snepp,204,203,200_.jpg
The first great book on Vietnam. 


From time to time I stopped by the CIA operations room to listen in horror at the radios as stranded Vietnamese agents pleaded over the circuits for help, begging not to be forgotten. Some would be picked up by Air America helicopters that CIA colleagues and I sent shuttling around the city. Most would be forgotten.

At one point a Vietnamese woman who had borne a child she said was my own called to say she would kill herself and the boy if I couldn’t rescue them. I told her to call back in an hour — I’d help her then. But when she called back I was downstairs briefing the Ambassador on another useless piece of intelligence, and she made good on her promise, adding two more deaths to those already weighing on my conscience.

When my time came to leave that night, with the last CIA contingent in the Embassy, we had to push Vietnamese out of the way in the halls to get to the chopper on the roof. I couldn’t look into their eyes.

Retreat is the most difficult of all military operations. But as a matter of honor you do not leave friends on the battlefield. In the evacuation of Saigon over half of the Vietnamese who finally got out escaped on their own with no help from us until they were far at sea.

The last CIA message from the Embassy declared: Let’s hope we do not repeat history. This is Saigon station signing off.


Point-Counterpoint: Rory Kennedy’s Oscar Nominated Vietnam Doc
by Frank Snepp

 Similarly, while giving Kissinger an unchallenged opportunity to speak his mind, she ignored the fact that what he said on camera about trying to negotiate a two-Vietnam stalemate as part of the Paris accords was at odds with now declassified Nixon White House tapes.


In these recordings Kissinger can be heard declaring cynically that he was hoping simply to preserve the Saigon regime through the next U.S. election cycle and then meant to blame South Vietnam’s collapse on its own incompetence.

More @ Frank Snepp

Ron Paul: Interventionism Kills: Ukraine One Year Later

It was one year ago last weekend that a violent coup overthrew the legally elected government of Ukraine. That coup was not only supported by U.S. and European governments -- much of it was actually planned by them. Looking back at the events that led to the overthrow it is clear that without foreign intervention Ukraine would not be in its current, seemingly hopeless situation.

By the end of 2013, Ukraine's economy was in ruins. The government was desperate for an economic bailout and then-president Yanukovych first looked west to the U.S. and Europe before deciding to accept an offer of help from Russia. Residents of south and east Ukraine, who largely speak Russian and trade extensively with Russia were pleased with the decision. West Ukrainians who identify with Poland and Europe began to protest. Ukraine is a deeply divided country and the president came from the eastern region.

At this point the conflict was just another chapter in Ukraine's difficult post-Soviet history. There was bound to be some discontent over the decision, but if there had been no foreign intervention in support of the protests you would likely not be reading this column today. The problem may well have solved itself in due time rather than escalated into a full-out civil war. But the interventionists in the U.S. and Europe won out again, and their interventionist project has been a disaster.

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America’s Freelance ISIS Killers


The so-called Islamic State has recruited copious cannon fodder from around the world, along with quite a few ferocious fighters. But its toughest opponents on the ground, the Kurds of Iraq and Syria, are attracting Western ex-soldiers for their ranks who are determined to see the self-proclaimed “caliphate” not only “degraded,” as Washington puts it, but destroyed.

At a Kurdish Peshmerga base on the fluid battle lines outside the ethnically and religiously mixed Iraqi city of Kirkuk, three American fighters sat down with The Daily Beast. We were less than half a mile from the black flags of ISIS, as the would-be Islamic State is widely known, and the soldiers asked that I not give too many details about their identities. They worry that their families could become special targets for a fanatical fighting force whose battlefields, like its targets, seem limitless.

Uprising at detention facility housing illegal aliens in Texas

 The negotiating parties at Willacy Correctional Center.

On Friday, as many as 2,000 inmates at a detention facility in south Texas seized control of a section of the Willacy County Correctional Center, a privately owned prison contracted through the federal government.  And no, you probably haven’t heard much about this on the national news.

The uprising led to an extended standoff between guards and inmates.  Reports from Saturday afternoon indicated that the facility was secure, and the inmates, who had been wielding pieces of pipe, were compliant – although officials were still in “talks” with them to regain control of the entire prison.

According to early reports, the disturbances at the facility were enough to bring in additional law enforcement:

This Is The Biggest Problem Facing The World Today: 9 Countries Have Debt-To-GDP Over 300%

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If anyone has stopped to ask just why global central banks are in such a rush to create inflation (but only controlled inflation, not runaway hyperinflation... of course when they fail with the "controlled" part the money paradrop is only a matter of time) over the past 5 years, and have printed over $12 trillion in credit-money since Lehman, the bulk of which has ended up in the stock market, and which for the first time ever are about to monetize all global sovereign debt issuance in 2015, the answer is simple, and can be seen on the chart below.

It also shows the biggest problem facing the world today, namely that at least 9 countries have debt/GDP above 300%, and that a whopping 39% countries have debt-to-GDP of over 100%!

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"Ride The Thunder" Honour & Triumph In Vietnam: Movie deals death blow to vicious lies about Vietnam

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Lt. Col. Le Ba Binh stands in Quang Tri prior to being wounded for the 9th time, 1972

(The book is one of the best on Vietnam)

Fix Bayonets!" 

"And they began to yell and scream and curse like mad men. Rebel Yells, blood curdling Rebel Yells. Just like the men who followed Stonewall Jackson and Jeb Stuart. Here in the godforsaken jungles of Vietnam one hundred years later another crazy-like-a-fox Virginian was ordering men to fix bayonets and charge."

"......the story of Le Ba Binh is so incredible, the reader will find himself wondering if he was really a film character. Le Ba Binh can teach leftwing Americans, safe in their Constitution-backed country, the folly of appeasement. His saga, which cannot be detailed here, will serve as a signpost of honor for adults and children alike."

Le Ba Binh's 700-man South Vietnamese Marine force facing 20,000 North Vietnamese......
"As long as one Marine draws a breath of life, Dong Ha will belong to us." 

Nine time wounded Lt. Col. Le Ba Binh Binh served 13 years in heavy combat and another 11 years in prison camps. 



In the early 1970s, under President Richard Nixon’s “Vietnamization” program, the war was being turned over to South Vietnam. Botkin’s film tells the little-known story of a few courageous American and Vietnamese Marines who fought valiantly to thwart the Communist invasion – nearly saving South Vietnam – during North Vietnam’s all-out attack on South Vietnam from the DMZ known as the 1972 Easter Offensive.

In a true-life story, the film shows how, when the unrelenting North Viet­namese Army of 20,000 soldiers and 200 tanks reached the bridge at Dong Ha, their offensive was stopped in its tracks by a small force of just over 700 Vietnamese Marines and U.S. military advisers.

Even though the South Vietnamese Marines had nearly won on the battlefield, they would suffer terribly, starving and spending long years at hard labor after the war as part of the communists’ re-education process.

More @ WND


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The Three Types of Insurgencies

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There’s a sizable number of those in the Patriot community who believe that restoring Liberty will come to violence and, of those, a great number believe that an insurgency is the way forward.

Insurgencies are often how the disaffected few, be they religious, ethnic, or political/ideological groups, respond to the perceived tyranny of the many.  But the track record of insurgencies is fairly weak; less than 40% of them have succeeded since 1945.  According to Max Boot, insurgent/guerrilla-expert-extraordinaire, of the 443 insurgencies since 1775, only 25% of them were successful.  And since 1945 over 50% of government counterinsurgencies have succeeded.  On its face, that doesn’t say much for the likely success rate of a nationwide insurgency.

What’s much more likely is that we see fragmented secession movements, backed up with credible threats of force on behalf of burgeoning insurgencies.  This is what I see as a much larger trend on a longer time frame, not what’s right around the corner.  We could easily be another ten years out from this scenario, barring any catastrophic events until we get there.  I think this nation’s current trajectory — the Magic Marxist Muslim and all — still gives us three to five years, at least.  (When people are expecting eventual calamity, it’s easy for them to overly simplify things and expect it to happen tomorrow, which is what we see with many in the Patriot-Prepper community. The times are getting dire, but not that dire.)