Monday, February 23, 2015

Ron Paul: Interventionism Kills: Ukraine One Year Later

It was one year ago last weekend that a violent coup overthrew the legally elected government of Ukraine. That coup was not only supported by U.S. and European governments -- much of it was actually planned by them. Looking back at the events that led to the overthrow it is clear that without foreign intervention Ukraine would not be in its current, seemingly hopeless situation.

By the end of 2013, Ukraine's economy was in ruins. The government was desperate for an economic bailout and then-president Yanukovych first looked west to the U.S. and Europe before deciding to accept an offer of help from Russia. Residents of south and east Ukraine, who largely speak Russian and trade extensively with Russia were pleased with the decision. West Ukrainians who identify with Poland and Europe began to protest. Ukraine is a deeply divided country and the president came from the eastern region.

At this point the conflict was just another chapter in Ukraine's difficult post-Soviet history. There was bound to be some discontent over the decision, but if there had been no foreign intervention in support of the protests you would likely not be reading this column today. The problem may well have solved itself in due time rather than escalated into a full-out civil war. But the interventionists in the U.S. and Europe won out again, and their interventionist project has been a disaster.

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  1. Last year after a group of ethnic Russians living in Crimea voted to become part of Russia, the Russian military claimed control over its own naval base there that the US-NATO had been lusting to steal after the unlawful overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected sovereign government. Ever since it’s been nonstop lies and propaganda propagated to demonize Putin as the aggressor when in fact all along it’s the American Empire that’s been recklessly pushing what could end up World War III against nuclear powered Russia. With US-NATO missiles installed on Russia’s doorstep in virtually every former Soviet eastern bloc nation, hemming Russia in, who’s really the aggressor here? The continued theft by oligarchy whom should
    be lined up in front of a firing squad. How dare the elected president of Russia borrow money from Russia; the nerve. (sarcasm) At least it wasn't borrowed from
    the IMF which would be borrowing from the devil.

    1. Agreed although you will never see your words in the MSM. :)

    2. I meant the elected president of Ukraine borrowed money from Russia, which
      incited the US gov, Western Ukraine and NATO, hence the disposition
      of the duly elected Ukrainian president.

    3. Yes, he went with Russia and not the EU which caused the EU and US to back his overthrow. I was just stating that your truth would not be seen on MSM, that's all. :)