Monday, February 23, 2015

America’s Freelance ISIS Killers


The so-called Islamic State has recruited copious cannon fodder from around the world, along with quite a few ferocious fighters. But its toughest opponents on the ground, the Kurds of Iraq and Syria, are attracting Western ex-soldiers for their ranks who are determined to see the self-proclaimed “caliphate” not only “degraded,” as Washington puts it, but destroyed.

At a Kurdish Peshmerga base on the fluid battle lines outside the ethnically and religiously mixed Iraqi city of Kirkuk, three American fighters sat down with The Daily Beast. We were less than half a mile from the black flags of ISIS, as the would-be Islamic State is widely known, and the soldiers asked that I not give too many details about their identities. They worry that their families could become special targets for a fanatical fighting force whose battlefields, like its targets, seem limitless.


  1. I certainly wish with these guys all the luck in the world. They are having to put out
    fires started by the US/Saudi/Israeli cult. The Islamic State jihadists that the US-Saudi-Israeli unholy alliance secretly created, trained, armed and has funded (just as it did al Qaeda for decades). If it is not meant to be by the inhuman oligarchy, then it will
    most likely not be. They first have to plunder everything they can steal.

  2. The vile bunch needs ISIS to go after Assad and after that the regime change
    prize, Iran, the last of the seven sovereign countries in the Middle East and N. Africa.
    Hopefully, Putin will stand true to his promise. I sure wish Putin would show
    the satellite images of 9/11.