Monday, February 23, 2015

Uprising at detention facility housing illegal aliens in Texas

 The negotiating parties at Willacy Correctional Center.

On Friday, as many as 2,000 inmates at a detention facility in south Texas seized control of a section of the Willacy County Correctional Center, a privately owned prison contracted through the federal government.  And no, you probably haven’t heard much about this on the national news.

The uprising led to an extended standoff between guards and inmates.  Reports from Saturday afternoon indicated that the facility was secure, and the inmates, who had been wielding pieces of pipe, were compliant – although officials were still in “talks” with them to regain control of the entire prison.

According to early reports, the disturbances at the facility were enough to bring in additional law enforcement:


  1. Heard nothing on the MSM. How about that!! Talks???

  2. "You have one chance to comply. Return to your cells, empty handed, or be 'dealt with'.

    These places would be in money heave if they crowd-funded one way tickets for these assholes back to their home countries. Fly em the hell out and while in route tell them that if they're ever caught in the US illegally again, they'll be sent home in a jar...

  3. When I worked at the Utah State Prison, some of my fellow employees learned of a plot to murder me.

    This was many years ago when the Mariel Boatlift brought mostly undesirables, specifically psychiatric cases and career criminals to our shores.

    Naturally, many of these Cuban outcasts soon found themselves incarcerated in America's prisons, awaiting deportation back to Cuba.

    At the Utah State Prison, on the "B" North Block, which was reception and orientation for newly arrived inmates, the Cubans, who didn't want to be returned to Cuba, planned to commit a major felony, so that they would have to be kept in the United States for prosecution, et cetera.

    Thus, they manufactured a single shot pistol, supplied with a single smuggled bullet, which was discovered during a random scheduled shakedown of the cell block, and that's how the plot was uncovered.

    It wasn't specifically me that they planned to kill, as for their purpose, any guard would do.

    It just so happened that I was the one who was scheduled to work that particular shift in that particular location.

    The plan was to wait for me to routinely conduct my headcount of the inmates in their cells, at which point, they would grab me, put the gun to my head, and pull the trigger.