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Open letter to a vile, slimey weasel dick, girly man parading as an American.

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Dear Harry,

I along with millions of other Americans saw your interview. I am what you describe as an Domestic TERRORIST. I work every day, I put in more hours than you could imagine. I don't get to adjourn then go home for a month. I pay taxes, a lot of taxes. Harry are you politicians not paid by taxes? 

Now you said Cliven Bundy doesn't pay fees,or taxes. The fees are well documented on TV the last few weeks. Hasn't paid taxes? Harry at this point, I am afraid I gotta call you a Liar! We all know if his Taxes weren't paid, your Goon squad ( IRS) would have long ago shown up, seized his holdings, evicted the family, and sold the land, buildings,l ivestock,etc. Liar, this is one of the few things I have ever posted without researching, why? Because the illegal agency known as the IRS does Not allow Taxes to Not be paid! I have researched the IRS, ILLEGAL.

Now as far as those who showed up to support MR Bundy, Domestic Terrorists? Right? That is what you called them. Harry those who showed up are regular ole Americans. We work and pay taxes so you can live your life on High looking down your nose at us, and calling us TERRORISTs, yet you don't want to Profile real Terrorists because it might hurt their feelings.

SGT Bergdahl, liberal hypocrisy & the corruption of honor

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Just this afternoon, something hit me about the hypocrisy of liberal progressives. As you often read here in the comments section, liberals are fond of misrepresenting events in my military career, specifically the prisoner interrogation I conducted in order to protect the lives of those under my command.

The current Chief of Staff of the Army, General Ray Odierno, was my 4th Infantry Division Commander in 2003 when I was the Battalion Commander of 2-20th Field Artillery Regiment. It was then-Major General Odierno who brought charges against me for that interrogation which led to my removal from command, an investigation, an Article 32 hearing, and final disposition by way of non-judicial punishment, Article 15.

I redeployed from the Iraq combat theater of operations and after consulting with my wife Angela, submitted my paperwork for retirement from U.S. active duty military service.

Upon my wall hangs a certificate of Honorable Discharge after 22 years of service, signed by the president.

And so I always find it laughable when liberal progressives choose the insidious line of character assassination referring to me as a “disgrace” and a “war criminal.”

So you may be asking, after 11 years, “what difference at this point does it make?” I’ll tell you the difference it makes.

This past Sunday, National Security Advisor Susan Rice referred to Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl as having served with “honor and distinction.” And today, from Poland, President Barack Hussein Obama, when asked about the circumstances surrounding the night of Bergdahl’s disappearance dismissed the question as “irrelevant.”

Irrelevant whether he simply walked off the base, deserted the Army or colluded with the enemy?

Just Shoot: The Mindset Responsible for Turning Search Warrants into Death Warrants, and SWAT Teams into Death Squads

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How many children, old people, and law-abiding citizens have to be injured, terrorized or killed before we call a halt to the growing rash of police violence that is wracking the country? How many family pets have to be gunned down in cold blood by marauding SWAT teams before we declare such tactics off limits? And how many communities have to be transformed into military outposts, complete with heavily armed police, military tanks, and “safety” checkpoints before we draw that line in the sand that says “not in our town”?

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NC: Officials identify teen who died after falling into Trent River

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Authorities have released the name of the 15-year-old boy who fell from a boat into the Trent River Monday afternoon.

o the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, New Bern High School freshman Tanner Webb was the teen who fell from a 21-foot boat into the Trent River. It happened near Gull Pointe in River Bend before 4:30 p.m. Monday, the Coast Guard said.

Teams using sonar found the 15-year-old's body in the Trent River near River Bend at about 12:55 p.m. Tuesday, said Brandon Lyon of N.C. Wildlife. The body was discovered not far from where the teen fell after search crews made a second pass in the area.

"There wasn't a lot of current so we didn't think the body would move that far. That's what led us to continue to search that area," said N.C. Wildlife Officer Kyle Van Althuise.

The body was then taken to a hospital.

More with video @ WCTI

St. Louis PD to auction off $1 million worth of Tommy guns to buy new weapons


In a case of recycling old for new, the St. Louis Metro Police Department wants to auction off 30 vintage Thompson submachine guns, worth an estimated $1 million, to buy new sidearms.

The guns are the remnants of up to 75 acquired by the department to equip special units fighting organized crimes and bootlegging operations during the Prohibition era.

The proceeds realized from the sale of these guns, which have largely been in storage since the 1960s, would allow the agency to purchase new sidearms, for which funding was recently cut.

“It’d be nice for nostalgia to have those in the police department forever,” said Jeff Roorda, with the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association. “But the more pressing need now is that officers have firepower that matches the firepower in the hands of the bad guys.”

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Thailand Coup 2014 - Message to John Kerry and the World

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Thais are the most gracious people I have ever met.

NC: Urgent Message from Rep. Pittman about Common Core

 State Rep. Larry G. Pittman (R-NC)
 President Barack Obama is not a traitor because his actions have not been disloyal to Kenya.
For those of you who have been waiting to hear what is happening with Common Core, I have good news.  After a lot of hard work over the last couple of weeks, Rep. Craig Horn, Rep. Bryan Holloway, Rep. Michael Speciale, and I finally settled on a proposed committee substitute for the bill that came out of the study committee.  I wrote four versions, Rep. Speciale wrote one, and Rep. Horn wrote 23 before we finally agreed on it enough to run it through the House Education Committee this morning.  The PCS passed the committee with no amendments by a vote of 26-17.  It will be on the calendar for tomorrow when the House convenes at 4:30 PM

Some of the improvements I put into this bill include:

1.   The Academic Review Study Commission the bill creates will now be a permanent commission.  The State Board of Education will have to work with the Commission when the Board reviews educational standards for the State of North Carolina every five years.

2.  Not only is Common Core removed from our State Statutes, but the State Board of Education is not allowed to use assessments developed by the Smarter Balanced Consortium Assessments or the Partnership for Assessments of Readiness of College and Careers.

3.  The State Board is required to ensure that standards are age and developmentally appropriate, and that “no official, employee, agency, or board of the State shall enter into any agreement, memorandum of understanding, or contract with any federal agency or private entity which in any way cedes or limits State discretion or control over the development, adoption, or revision of the North Carolina Standard  Course of Study and related student assessments in the public school system, including, but not limited to, agreements, memoranda of understanding, and contracts in exchange for funding for public schools and programs.”  I didn’t write it in those words.  That’s the legalese way of saying that they are not allowed to apply for or accept federal grants that give the federal government control of our standards, curriculum, or assessments.

The State Board is required to collaborate with the new Commission “to maintain the independence” of our State standard course of study.

4.  “No personally identifiable date on students or their families’ religion, political party affiliation, biometric information, psychometric data or voting history shall be collected, tracked, housed, reported or shared with the federal government.  No personally identifiable student data shall be collected for the purpose of the development of commercial products or services.”

As I say, I had help with the wording of these provisions in the bill; but they are all matters I insisted on including.  There was some resistance to some of them; but I kept insisting on putting them back in until they stuck.  Unfortunately, the schools will have to continue on the current standards from Common Core for the coming year, until they are replaced.  There is no way I could avoid that, as we cannot go forward with no standards, and there was no willingness to go back to the standards as they were before Common Core.  However, while continuing to use the standards that are in place for that one year, we have made it clear that changes may be made during that time, and that there is to be no further development based on Common Core for the future.

I am very pleased that we will at long last be considering this bill on the floor of the House tomorrow.  There will be efforts to amend it to death, as there were in committee; but I believe we shall prevail in the end.  Thanks to everyone who has supported my efforts and those of my colleagues with whom I have worked on this thus far.  We still have to get it through the rest of the process.  It may get changed some when we send it over to the Senate, as well.  I will do all that I can to resist any weakening of the bill, and I ask that you let the rest of the Legislature know of your support for it as it is.  Some of you may not consider it strong enough; but I don’t know how to make it any stronger at this point, and I believe this is as good a bill as we’re going to get.

God bless,
Rep. Pittman

Joint Chiefs Chairman: Army May Still Pursue Desertion Charges Against Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

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U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey says the Army may still pursue an investigation that could lead to desertion charges against Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl (boh BURG’-dahl), who was freed from five years of Taliban captivity in a prisoner exchange last weekend.
Dempsey also told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Tuesday that Bergdahl’s next scheduled promotion is not automatic because he is no longer missing in action.

More @ The Blaze

Bergdahl's Dad - a historical analogy

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Some questions I've received regarding Bowe Bergdahl's Dad center around his beard, praises to Allah and his social media "tweets" to get all Guantanamo detainees released. Some think I should give his Dad the benefit of the doubt that he may have used these tactics to protect his son. I couldn't disagree more.

I'll offer a historical analogy, and if anyone has any anecdotal evidence to the contrary, please post it. Now ponder this:

During Vietnam, did any parent of any American POW start speaking Vietnamese and don Vietcong attire so they could identify with their son's captures?

During WWII, did any parent of any American POW in Europe start speaking German while donning a brown shirt and swastika to identify with their son's captures? How about those parents of American POW's during the Bataan death march and all those held by the Japanese? Did they start speaking Japanese and don kimonos  while sporting Ninja gear to appease or identify with their son's captures?

And one final point - did Confederate women embrace a Massachusetts accent while trying to replace catfish with cod to identify with their husband and son's captures?

This may seem like a silly analogy, but it does bring into question the Muslim "habits" of Bergdahl's Dad, who at this point appears to be a co-conspirator.

Idaho is known for being anti-Federal with quite a few militia groups. Understandably so after Randy Weaver and Ruby Ridge. I share the same sentiment. However, it is one thing to question the government - another to join with the Muslim Mole and his brotherhood to kill Americans.

Again, it'll be interesting to see how this completely unfolds.

One thing is obvious - the Muslim Mole goes from one scandal to another. I reckon this is his plan of shutting down Gitmo - just let 'em all go and there'll be no reason to keep it open.

Semper Fi,


Secret City Festival 2010 World War II Reenactment in Oak Ridge Tennessee

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Your article regarding the Stuarts made me think of the Oak Ridge, Tennessee WWII re-enactment my outfit supported for years starting in the late 90's. It was themed the "Secret City Festival". This was the reference given to the “city” that sprang up in the vicinity of Oak Ridge during WWII for the purpose of processing Uranium for the Manhattan Project. The festival featured vending, arts and crafts, music, and the WWII camps and battle on Saturday. The crowds grew each year and probably reached a zenith about three or four years ago with app. 10,000 spectators. By far, the big draw was the mock battle in the city’s Freedom Park. I am not particularly fond of "public battles", but this one was very unique and the sponsors were extra generous and accommodating. 

Then, year before last, some lady council member and/or member of the Oak Ridge Advisory committee decided that the WWII re-enactment was simply "glorifying" war (it is not like Oak Ridge was and is paramount to this country's nuclear warfare development and a mainstay to the local economy). The battle was drastically reduced and the next year they asked us to do a camp/living history only. After that we decided to no longer support the event. It was fun times and I really enjoyed going. I got to meet and speak with a lot of interesting veterans over the years (year before last I met a guy who was a MP at the lesser known Dachau War Crime Tribunals see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dachau_trials and then there was Mr. Queen a Marine who served in the Korean Conflict and was a Chosin survivor who would come by to visit with us each year.). 

There were some guys from Tennessee and Georgia who owned the three Stuarts and regularly showed up at this event. There was also a guy from Georgia who would bring a Sherman out to play. Many of our guys brought motorcycle sidecar combos, half-tracks, VW Kubel and Schwimmwagens, staff cars, and even a Stug III. For years the Oak Ridge promoters would help with transportation costs of the vehicles, blank ammo, and pyrotechnics. It was a good place to see and experience a small part of Allied and Axis equipment and vehicles from WWII. It is a shame, but liberals seem to ruin all the fun stuff.

Obama Commits High Treason

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The list of high crimes and misdemeanors against this Imperial Dictator now ruling us continues to mount.
In this particular case Obama committed Statutory Violation of the Defense Authorization Act by providing felony materiel support to terrorism by returning 5 Command Personnel to the Taliban.

 There is no exemption for the CINC for that provision of Federal law but Obama asserts he has the authority to do so at his own discretion.

Police ‘double tap’ evidence erased after Ohio AG asked to investigate

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 Will Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine investigate if evidence was erased after he had been asked to investigate police "joking" about shooting open carriers?

A conversation thread between two presumptive Ohio police officers has evidently been pulled from Facebook days after Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine was asked to investigate ostensible “jokes” about shooting gun owners, and to ensure that all law enforcement personnel understand that openly carrying firearms is lawful activity in the state.

“Shoot the kid on the right,” wrote one in response to a publicized open carry incident at a Texas Chipotle restaurant that drew criticism even from some on the “pro-gun” side, and induced state advocacy groups to announce a change in tactics.

“I’d be yelling at him to drop the gun,” wrote the other. “Then tap tap.”

That reference is apparently to a double tap, the placing of two aimed shots in a target in quick succession.

“You can do both at the same time,” replied his Facebook friend. “Haha.”

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2010: Taliban claim captured U.S. solider has converted to Islam and is teaching its fighters bomb-making skills

 Bowe Bergdahl

A captured American soldier is training Taliban fighters bomb-making and ambush skills, according to one of his captors and Afghan intelligence officials.

Private Bowe Bergdahl disappeared in June 2009 while based in eastern Afghanistan and is thought to be the only U.S. serviceman in captivity.

The 24-year-old has converted to Islam and now has the Muslim name Abdullah, one of his captors told The Sunday Times.

More @ Daily Mail

Special forces found Bergdahl and captors but wouldn’t risk rescue for ‘deserter’


The Pentagon on several occasions had ground-level intelligence on where ArmySgt. Bowe Bergdahl was being held captive at various times — down to how many gunmen were guarding him — but special operations commanders repeatedly shelved rescue missions because they didn’t want to risk casualties for a man they believed to be a “deserter,” sources familiar with the mission plans said.

Commanders on the ground debated whether to pull the trigger on a rescue several times in recent years, according to one of the sources, a former high-level intelligence official in Afghanistan, who said the conclusion each time was that the prospect of losing highly trained troops was too high a price to pay for rescuing a soldier who walked away from his unit before being captured by the enemy.

Medal of Honor Roll Call: Clarence E. Sasser

 Medal of Honor Roll Call: Clarence E. Sasser
Houston’s Clarence E. Sasser spent less than two months in Vienam, but he could have taken the easy way out altogether. Unlike other American men his age, he declined his student deferment. Sasser reported to Vietnam in late 1967 with the “Old Reliables” of the 9th Infantry Division, a complete division reactivated and designed for action in Vietnam. The combat medic on Jan. 10, 1968 in Dinh Tuong Province ceaselessly attended to his fellow soldiers as they were raked by horrific fire and he himself could not longer use his legs.
Make the most of your day!

Citation: The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, March 3, 1863, has awarded in the name of The Congress the Medal of Honor to Specialist 5 Clarence E. Sasser United States Army for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty.

Specialist 5 Clarence E. Sasser (then Private First Class) distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity on 10 January 1968 while assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3d Battalion, 60th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division in the Republic of Vietnam. On this date he was serving as a medical aidman with Company A, 3d Battalion, on a reconnaissance in force operation in Ding Tuong Province. His company was making an air assault when suddenly it was taken under heavy small arms, recoilless rifle, machine gun and rocket fire from well fortified enemy positions on three sides of the landing zone.

During the first few minutes, over thirty casualties were sustained. Without hesitation, Specialist Sasser ran across an open rice paddy through a hail of fire to assist the wounded. After helping one man to safety, he was painfully wounded in the left shoulder by fragments of an exploding rocket. Refusing medical attention, he ran through a barrage of rocket and automatic weapons fire to aid casualties of the initial attack and, after giving them urgently needed treatment, continued to search for other wounded. Despite two additional wounds immobilizing his legs, he dragged himself through the mud toward another soldier one hundred meters away. Although in agonizing pain and faint from loss of blood, Specialist Sasser reached the man, treated him, and proceeded on to encourage another group of soldiers to crawl two hundred meters to relative safety.

There he attended their wounds for five hours until they were evacuated. Specialist Sasser’s conspicuous gallantry, extraordinary heroism and intrepidity at the risk of his own life, above and beyond the call of duty, are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army.

Former Vietnam POW calls for probe of soldier's 'capture'


Capt. Eugene “Red” McDaniel spent six agonizing years as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton after his plane was shot down over Vietnam, so he can imagine better than most what it will be like for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl to return to the U.S. after five years in the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

But McDaniel says the first thing that should happen when Bergdahl arrives in the United States is an investigation into whether he actually was a prisoner of war or whether he deserted his military post.

Deserting a military post in a time of war is an offense the Uniform Code of Military Justice treats harshly, allowing even for execution, though that punishment has not been used since World War II.

The second thing that needs to happen, McDaniel said, is that all Americans overseas need to tighten up their security procedures.

President Obama announced over the weekend that five known terror leaders from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay were handed over to Qatar in exchange for Bergdahl, who vanished from his military post in 2009 and later was seen in a Taliban-released video.

A number of Bergdahl’s Army colleagues are charging he’s a traitor, not a hero.

More @ WND

Jeff Beck and ZZ Top - Ernie Ford's SIXTEEN TONS

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Here we go again: Evansville man shot early Friday morning, is expected to survive

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Evansville police are investigating an early-morning shooting on Friday that left one person injured.
Authorities identified the injured man as 39-year-old Burt Bender. Bender was shot once in the abdomen. He is expected to survive, according to an Evansville Police Department news release.
The incident happened about 1:45 a.m. on Friday near the intersection of Adams and Kentucky avenues. Bender told investigators he was walking home when a group of black men in a red Pontiac car approached him.

Never Say "I Kill White People Like You" When Asked To Turn Off Your Phone Post-Takeoff

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Following takeoff from Nashville Sunday afternoon, a United Airlines passenger warned a fellow flyer that, “I kill white people like you” when she was asked to turn off her cell phone, investigators allege.

The disruption on Flight 4205, which was bound for Houston, resulted in the Embraer 135’s return to Nashville’s airport, where Lashonda Lee Williams was arrested for assault.

Officers Fatally Shoot Family’s Dog Seven Times After Responding To Home’s Alarm System

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 File photo of a police car. (credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Down here they just mace them.  Don't guess it ever crossed the minds of these imbeciles.

Round Rock police officers shot and killed a family dog after home’s alarm system was activated. Hope Lane tells KVUE-TV that her granddaughter forgot to shut the front door all the way after leaving for school, causing it to blow open, tripping the alarm.

More with video @ CBS