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Observation in Reidsville on 19 August

Mr. Townsend,

My name is Roger Idol and I live in Davidson County, NC. I have been reading Free North Carolina for sometime and it has became a daily must for me. When I read about the flagging in Reidsville, I determined to go and support the folks, being unreconstructed myself. Well, the day came and brought with it a fair amount of rain. I decided to make the trip of about 55 miles anyway. By the time I came to Greensboro, it was really putting it down and I figured the event was probably called due to the weather. I kept on as my wife had never seen Reidsville. It was about 2:30 when we arrived at the circle, with light rain coming down. The circle, in fact, the whole area, was deserted. I did see several small battle flags planted in the ground round the circle.

Told the wife at least they had been here! She asked if I wanted my picture took in the circle, to which I agreed. As I was standing there, an old pick-up truck , with a black gentleman driving, came round the circle and honked his horn and gave a friendly salute. Well, let me tell you about the interesting part. When I first parked on one side of the circle, I noticed a Reidsville Police car pull up and park on another side of the circle. No one was around, except me, my wife, and the lone cop, and he was several yards from us. I figured he wanted to see what I was doing in the circle. Well, we left and I told the wife we needed some gas. Drove a couple of miles and filled up, deciding to drive back around the circle. Got back there just a few minutes past 3:00. The flags were gone! No police car to be seen either. Draw your own conclusion.

Sir, why did I write you? Just thinking you might somehow relay this information to some Southern Patriots and just wanted to say how much I enjoy Free North Carolina. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter.

Roger L. Idol
Lexington, NC

A Zoomie goodie:)

Remember me telling you about one of my ancestors, a feral Yankee cur, killed during a thunderstorm when *a tree fell on him while with Sherman's rabble?

(My father's mom's maiden name was Yates, hence the connection.)

Here's the story. I thought you might find it of interest.

John E. Yates

I'm sorry about all that unpleasantness back then, but I really had nothing to do with it!

You and your rebel brethren are good to go in my book. Always have been. Always will be.


*Must have been a Confederate one......:)

John E. Yates

Elizabeth Roberson Yates' apprehension about the War and her husband would be drawn out but not typical. Her husband John Yates enlisted at Alton, Crawford County, Indiana on November 20, 1861 for a period of time extending for, "During the War" and reported for duty seven days later on November 27, 1861 at Camp Nevin, located 76 miles from home in Munfordville, Kentucky.

John Yates joined Company K, 38th Indiana Volunteers Infantry along with several other friends, neighbors and family to include: Cyrus Benham, Peter Curl, Thomas W. Goodson, Laban Gregory, James Glenn Land, Tolbert McCraney, William Greenberry Roberson, George W. Seaton, Daniel Yates, George W. Riggle and others. George W. Riggle, John & Daniel Yates were brother-in-laws as they married Roberson sisters.

More @ John E. Yates

How Did We Get Here?

Concerning the economic collapse of the United States, how did we get here?

We are where we are today because career politicians have prostituted the founders’ clear intention to limit government in the name of “doing good.” For decades both parties have grown government well beyond the boundaries of the Constitution and created the very problem our founders sought to avoid – a deeply indebted government that is threatening the very survival of our republic.

Sen. Tom Coburn
The Debt Bomb

The above assessment may not account for 100% of our economic collapse: we have to include corruption and incompetence in Washington, DC to have a complete accountability of the causes. But here is the incredible part: not only were the people complacent (and therefore culpable) in the demise of the republic, we still argue that political parties are the solution. The small percentage of the people who understand our financial debt crisis are blinded by supporting only one solution: get Obama out of office.

Alright. I agree that this president has not only destroyed our economy and social structure, he has also destroyed the Democrat party. Good. If we destroy the Republic party, we have a chance to save the republic. Step one is to stop arguing for our ignorance. Again both parties have gotten us to this point and neither one will or can fix it. A rather bold statement so let’s explore it a little further.

The monetary policy of our country is controlled by an independent banking committee known as the Federal Reserve. Under their control, our dollar has been devalued and manipulated to the point of insolvency. Does the government understand this? Of course but they are impotent to control the situation, let alone fix it. The endgame is close upon us and the prognosis is terminal. How do I know? The government has taken control of your money market assets so that you do not control your private property. If people started to withdraw their cash, our banks would collapse immediately. Think about that statement because that is one of the keys. We no longer have control over our own money. Have you tried to withdraw a large sum from the bank recently?

Most of our banks and brokerage firms are also leveraged with European credit derivatives that are worthless. The recent examples of MF Global, PFG Best and the Sentinel Group proved that these institutions not only stole assets from their clients’ segregated accounts, the assets will not be recovered (unless you are Jamie Dimon).

Step two is to understand that the government is not only bankrupt, our financial institutions are bankrupt. This means accepting the fact that the US dollar will collapse. When will this happen? Whenever China revalues their currency on hard assets – mainly gold. At the rate of their gold hoarding, it will not be long before our dollar will no longer be the world’s reserve currency.

Step three is to understand that the price increases for gas and food are not going to moderate: they are going to “necessarily skyrocket”.

Step four is to understand that the value of the stock market is 50% higher than it should be due to the actions of the Federal Reserve. This means that your portfolio can be cut in half overnight when people understand these simple steps.

Step five is to stop relying on the government for a solution because they have no viable solutions. Fortunately, there is a growing number of people who do understand this (outside of the political class) and they have taken measures already to protect their assets. They have sold their equities and are cash or gold rich. Which is why the money markets will be frozen. Stop looking at the value of the stock market and look at the volume of trades: they are off over two thirds from four years ago.

If you truly understand how we got here, you now have to ask yourself where you are going? And I mean you, because personal responsibility is the only solution for your future. The government is not buying massive amounts of hollow point bullets to protect your assets.

David DeGerolamo

Bugs Bunny in Dixie

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Patriots of ’61 – Colonel Roger Moore of New Hanover County

North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial Commission"

The son of Roger and Ann Sophia (Toomer) Moore, Col. Roger Moore was born July 19, 1838 in New Hanover County. The first conspicuous American of his lineage was James Moore, a grandson of Col. Roger Moore of the Irish Rebellion. James Moore, born in Ireland in 1640, emigrated to America in 1665 and settled upon his grant of land in the Goose Creek part of the colony. He was appointed governor of North Carolina in 1700. His son Roger became a member of the Colonial Assembly, 1738-39, and known as “King Roger” due to his kingly bearing and unflinching courage in driving virtually all Indians from the surrounding countryside. He was for many years a member of Royal Governor Gabriel Johnson’s council, and built the historic mansion “Orton” in Brunswick County, still owned and occupied by Moore descendants.

In 1766 the Moore’s once again became conspicuous as champions of the rights of the people by presenting Governor Tryon an assurance of the spirit of independence and armed resistance then prevailing in the colony – throughout the struggle for independence the Moore family bore and honorable part.

An antebellum Wilmington merchant, Roger Moore was commissioned major in the Third Regiment, North Carolina Cavalry in August, 1863, and assumed command of the unit in August 1864. The regiment’s greatest achievements were accomplished under Col. Moore and according to author James Sprunt, “the regiment….was looked upon as a bulwark of protection for the railroad from Weldon to Wilmington and of all that portion of thirty counties east of it which was not in the hands of the enemy.” Sprunt added: “In 1864 the regiment was ordered to Virginia and took part in the brilliant attack on Reams Station, August 25, 1864, following which General Robert E. Lee wrote to Governor [Zebulon] Vance: “If those men who remain in North Carolina have the spirit of those sent to the field, as I doubt not they have, her defense may be securely entrusted to their hands.”

Under Moore, two of the most brilliant cavalry dashes were made: that of Captain McClancey at White Oak Swamp in August, 1864, when he charged into the Yankee lines and brought out prisoners under short range of musketry; and Sergeant Johnston of Captain Hatchett’s Company, when he entered the Federal camp on the Warren retreat from Bellfield in December, 1864, and made its whole circuit with a mounted squad of ten men. Half these daring and gallant fellows were literally chopped to pieces with axes by the Pioneer Corps, but the survivors went ahead all the same.

After the war Moore was “Chief of the Division of the Ku Klux Klan in Wilmington.” Organized early in Reconstruction to resist anarchy and military rule, many members were loyal and devoted soldiers who had served under Colonel Moore during the war.

Col. Moore befriended a young Chinese seaman, Charlie Soong, and introduced him to the Methodist faith, and helped him obtain his release from the American ship on which he was serving. He advised a wartime friend, Julian S. Carr, of Soong’s intense desire for an education and Carr made it possible for Soong to attend Trinity College in Durham and Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. After returning to China, Soong succeeded in business and lent his influence towards the spread of Christianity – one of his daughters became the wife of Chiang Kai-Shek, another married Sun Yat-Sen.

Col. Moore was a steward and trustee of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Wilmington. His first marriage was to Rebecca Scott Smith, their only son and child Roger died in his fifteenth year. On May 3, 1871, Col. Moore married Eugenie Beery, daughter of Benjamin W. & Eliza Beery. Benjamin Beery was a shipbuilder and constructed both the CSS North Carolina and CSS Wilmington at his Eagles Island yard. Col. Roger Moore died in Wilmington, April 21, 1900.

(Sources: Chronicles of the Cape Fear River, James Sprunt, 1916; Pictorial and Historical New Hanover County & Wilmington, William Lord DeRosset, 1938)

Patriots of ’61 – Colonel Roger Moore of New Hanover County

Government v Citizens

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Who Does The Government Intend To Shoot?

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Oleg Volk

By Major General Jerry Curry, USA (Ret.)

The Social Security Administration (SSA) confirms that it is purchasing 174 thousand rounds of hollow point bullets to be delivered to 41 locations in major cities across the U.S. No one has yet said what the purpose of these purchases is, though we are led to believe that they will be used only in an emergency to counteract and control civil unrest. Those against whom the hollow point bullets are to be used — those causing the civil unrest — must be American citizens; since the SSA has never been used overseas to help foreign countries maintain control of their citizens.

What would be the target of these 174, 000 rounds of hollow point bullets? It can’t simply be to control demonstrators or rioters. Hollow point bullets are so lethal that the Geneva Convention does not allow their use on the battle field in time of war. Hollow point bullets don’t just stop or hurt people, they penetrate the body, spread out, fragment and cause maximum damage to the body’s organs. Death often follows.

Potentially each hollow nose bullet represents a dead American. If so, why would the U.S. government want the SSA to kill 174,000 of our citizens, even during a time of civil unrest? Or is the purpose to kill 174,000 of the nation’s military and replace them with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) special security forces, forces loyal to the Administration, not to the Constitution?

All my life I’ve handled firearms. When a young boy growing up on my father’s farm in Pennsylvania Dad’s first rule of firearms training was, “Never point a gun at someone, in fun or otherwise, unless you intend to shoot them. If you shoot someone, shoot to kill.” I’ve never forgotten his admonition. It stayed with me through my Boy Scout training, when I enlisted in the army as a Private to fight in the Korea
War, during my days as a Ranger and Paratrooper and throughout my thirty-four year military career.

More @ The Daily Caller

Shotgun reloading

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Glen Mary Plantation

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Defending the Heritage

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"Natchez Mississippi residents remained defiant of the Federal authorities during occupation. In 1864, the Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Natchez, William Henry Elder, refused to obey a federal order to compel his parishioners to pray for the President of the United States."

General Mason Brayman, the new commander, took a hard stance, saying "...military orders are to be followed, not discussed..." and issued an order for Elder to be sent to jail in Vidalia, Louisiana. Federal troops took Elder to Vidalia for a few weeks.

Disappearing roadblock prank

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Illegal Immigrants Cross Country on Bus Tour

A group of illegal immigrants who want to emerge from the shadows are crossing the country in a bus en route to their final destination of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., NBC News reported.

The group is calling it the “Undocubus” tour, which began in Phoenix on July 29, and most recently made stops in Tennessee.

The 30 or so housekeepers, day laborers, students and immigration activists hope to raise public awareness of the plight of living in an atmosphere of fear and oppression. They want to “make front and center a problem they feel President Obama has failed to confront,” according to the New York Times, which first reported on the bus tour.

“The No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice" is a national delegation of undocumented people and allies that left Phoenix on the anniversary of the state's implementation of SB1070 and is travelling across the country to rally the migrant community to overcome fear and organize to challenge anti-immigrant policies,” a statement on the group’s website says.

The bus tour has made stops in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee, NBC News reported. The tour is drawing criticism from some who think that the group members should be detained.

“They’re illegal immigrants advertising the fact and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) needs to pull them over and detain them,” Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center of Immigration Studies, a think tank that supports tighter immigration controls, told NBC News. “I mean, it’s as simple as that. … You can’t arrest every illegal immigrant, but it seems to me advertising your illegality ought to be reason enough for you to be detained and removed from the country as a priority and the fact that they’re not is outrageous.”

NBC’s story drew thousands of online comments.

“Nice so now the illegal aliens are so ‘empowered’ and bold they openly spit in our faces,” one person wrote. “This country is so upside down. What a joke we have become.”

Another wrote, “Gamechanger here folks. When lawbreaking people feel empowered to brazenly and openly declare their lack of care for U.S. laws it's a major problem. It's time for the government to take steps to reform immigration policy, not just talk about it.”

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