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At midnight April 18, 2013 bring in the 238th anniversary of the start of the 1st American Revolution

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Discharge 3 rounds into the ground or fire blanks or fireworks if you don’t own a gun or it is illegal to discharge in your area. If you don’t own a gun, get one or blast a recording of gunshots from your car stereo. We need this to happen at thousands of locations in every major city. If this is done, they will not have the man power to handle the calls and this action will send a clear message that we the people will not be disarmed nor will we submit without resistance to a global or dictatorial government. Our government has ignored the will of the people and thereby is governing without our consent.

Busting out all over: Black mob violence

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(Editor’s note: Colin Flaherty has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse. WND features these reports to counterbalance the virtual blackout by the rest of the media due to their concerns that reporting such incidents would be inflammatory or even racist. WND considers it racist not to report racial abuse solely because of the skin color of the perpetrators or victims.)

EDITOR’S NOTE: The links and video in the following report may contain offensive language.

Welcome to the new normal: Large-scale black mob violence is busting out in Philadelphia, Chicago, Utica, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Wilmington (Delaware), Greenville (South Carolina), Grand Rapids, Peoria, Springfield (Ohio), Newark, Boston and Brooklyn.

All in the last three weeks.

Police say they are baffled. Others say it is a regular meteorological event: “Large crowds and fights are not uncommon in the city in the warm weather,” said the ABC affiliate in Philadelphia.

The latest example of the new normal took place Tuesday in Philadelphia: 200 black people on the streets of the downtown financial district: fighting, vandalizing, rampaging, refusing to disperse, tossing bottles at police. It began at 4 p.m. and took police 90 minutes to restore order.

At the epicenter of the violence, an employee of Wendy’s said no one was surprised.

“It usually happens when the weather breaks,” Lakia Garrick told the local Fox affiliate. “They come in here and go crazy. It was really expected.”

Fourteen black people were arrested and charged with misdemeanors.

The riot came less than a month after the political and media establishment of Philadelphia rose up in outrage at an article in Philadelphia Magazine called “Being White in Philly.”

The article documented how racial violence was an every day fact of life in the City of Brotherly Love; and how most white people were afraid to talk about it because they were afraid of being called a racist

More @ WND

Jihawg Ammunition!:)

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I sent them an email as I could find no place on the Internet to buy.  Maybe they are gone. 
(UPDATE: Just received an answer to the email:
 "Waiting on next ammo shipment to open shopping cart-  sorry for the wait.  -B-"

Jihawg Ammo is certified "Haraam" or unclean. According to the belief system of the radical Islamist becoming "unclean" during Jihad will prevent their attaining entrance into heaven. Jihawg Ammo is a natural deterrent to radical and suicidal acts of violence. 

Our Porcine Coating (Patent Pending) is infused with the highest quality pork product made right here in America. Jihawg Ammo is produced in the great state of Idaho. We at Jihawg Ammo hope you will stock up on Jihawg as a national deterrent to the ever growing threat of radical Islam and Sharia Law. 

We, however, stress that the nullifying principle of our product is only effective if you are attacked by an Islamist in Jihad. Otherwise, our ammo functions just like any other ammunition so we obviously insist upon defensive use of our ammo only-not offensive. 

More with videos@ Jihawg Ammo

One big puppy

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What is a Rifle?

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First Principles and the Second Amendment:


“And we must be clear – the Second Amendment is not about assault weapons, hunting or sport shooting. It is about something more fundamental. It reaches to the heart of constitutional principles – it reaches to first principles. A favorite refrain of thoughtful political writers during America’s founding era held that a frequent recurrence to first principles was an indispensable means of preserving free government – and so it is.

The Second Amendment reads as follows: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The immediate impetus for the amendment has never been in dispute.

Many of the revolutionary generation believed standing armies were dangerous to liberty. Militias made up of citizen-soldiers, they reasoned, were more suitable to the character of republican government. 

Expressing a widely held view, Elbridge Gerry remarked in the debate over the first militia bill in 1789 that “whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia.”

For Progressives….the welfare of the people – not liberty – is the primary object of government, and government should always be in the hands of experts. This is the real origin of today’s gun control hysteria – the idea that professional police forces and the military have rendered the armed citizen superfluous; that no individual should be responsible for the defense of himself and his family, but should leave it to the experts.”

(The Second Amendment as an Expression of First Principles, Edward J. Erler, Imprimus, March 2013, pp. 2-3)

Hagan Says Your Vote Doesn't Matter

Sen. Kay Hagan vows support for universal gun registration!

US Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC, GRNC-1) plans to vote for the Toomey-Manchin “compromise” amendment to S. 649 which will come up for a vote possibly as early as tomorrow. After months of sitting on the fence and testing the political waters, Sen. Hagan and her office staffers are no longer hiding behind vague comments as to her position on the bill. Several GRNC members have called Senator Hagan's office today and the response from her staff was united: Senator Hagan will vote for the Toomey-Manchin amendment to S. 649. When several GRNC members pointed out over the phone that it may cost Hagan their votes in her re-election campaign next year, the answer from her office was simple: “you probably wouldn't vote for her anyway”...

Toomey-Manchin “compromise” not what it appears

While some pro-gun advocates are singing the praises of the amendment, others such as David Kopel are pointing out the deceptions within. In an article published today, Kopel makes a factual observation which exposes the amendment for what it is: a complete and total sellout. In his article, Kopel makes two key points:

1. The provision which claims to outlaw national gun registration in fact authorizes a national gun registry.

2. The provision which is supposed to strengthen existing federal law protecting the interstate transportation of personal firearms in fact cripples that protection.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV, GRNC-0) is trying to push S. 649 through with no open debate, and Senator Hagan seems more than willing to vote for the bill without actually reading it and with no regard to how her constituents feel about the amendment or the bill itself. As we suspected from the beginning, her mind is made up- even before all the facts are known about the bill.

Stand with GRNC at Sen. Burr's district office to voice your displeasure

On Tuesday, April 16 at 10:00 AM, GRNC will be holding a demonstration at Senator Richard Burr's district office in Winston-Salem to deliver the message that his sellout by voting for S. 659 will not be tolerated, and that if he votes for the Toomey-Manchin "compromise" described below, we will work to remove him from office. As always, please "dress for the press" -- no offensive signs or clothing. Please note that firearms at demonstrations are prohibited by law. Suggested themes for signs: "Richard Burr: 2nd Amendment Sellout?" and "Burr: Vote 'NO' on Toomey-Manchin". Please RSVP with number of people attending to: Yes, it's a work day: BE THERE ANYWAY!

Burr's office is at:  2000 West 1st St.,  Suite 508,  Winston-Salem, NC 27104. BRING LOTS OF FRIENDS! It you live too far away from this office, visit other district offices, which can be found at:

Jordan extremist praises Boston bombing


The head of an extremist Jordanian Muslim Salafi group said early Tuesday that he was "happy to see the horror in America" after the explosions in Boston.

"American blood isn't more precious than Muslim blood," said Mohammed al-Chalabi, who was convicted in an al-Qaida-linked plot to attack U.S. and other Western diplomatic missions in Jordan in 2003.

"Let the Americans feel the pain we endured by their armies occupying Iraq and Afghanistan and killing our people there," he said early Tuesday.

Al-Chalabi served seven years in prison for his part in the foiled attack. His group is outlawed in Jordan.

A Mideast counterterrorism official based in Jordan said the blasts "carry the hallmark of an organized terrorist group, like al-Qaida." He did not give actual evidence linking al-Qaida to the bombing.

Stacy Westfall's Champonship Run: All American Quarter Horse Congress

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The song is one she picked out to dedicate to her recently deceased father. Listen to the announcer's voice crack. She rides without a saddle,  halter or  bit and without voice commands. 

 Stacy Westfall is a professional horse trainer who specializes in reining. She was the first woman to compete in and win the "Road to the Horse" competition.[1] In 2006 she won the American Quarter Horse Congress Freestyle Reining competition on the black mare, Whizards Baby Doll, riding both bridleless and bareback.[2] The video of this ride went viral on the internet and brought Westfall to the attention of the non-horse world.

Early life and career

Westfall grew up in South China, Maine, was taught to ride by her mother and got her first pony, named Midnight Misty,[3] at the age of six.[4] Her first full-sized horse was a mare named "Bay", given to her by her father as a reward for good grades in school.[5] She used Bay for barrel racing.[3] Her parents, Sherri and Biff Gliddon, were not horse professionals, although Sherri had a lifelong interest in horses,[3] and until Westfall went to college, Sherri was her only instructor.[4] Westfall went to college at the University of Findlay in Ohio,[3] where she majored in equestrian studies.[5] Her instructors included Steve Brown and Clark Bradley. She went on to work for the well-known reining trainers, Mike Flarida and Dan Huss.[5] At the root of her technique is the principle to "think-like-a-horse".[5]

In 1994, Westfall met her future husband, Jesse Westfall, at the Quarter Horse Congress. They married in 1997. Jesse Westfall is also a reining trainer and a judge for the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA). The couple settled in Mount Gilead, Ohio, have three sons and run a horse training facility.[5] Westfall gives clinics, trains horses, and competes in reining.[3]

Westfall did not originally compete without a bridle on her horses until one time when she accidentally dropped a rein while in a traditional reining competition on her mare, Can Can Lena, a move that normally results in disqualification, but which also gave her the idea to test herself with a new challenge. She then began to perform bridleless in freestyle reining, a form of reining competition where exhibitors design their own routines and perform to music.[3] Costumes are allowed and there are fewer rules for equipment. In 2003 she won the National Reining Horse Association Freestyle reining competition riding with no bridle, and in 2006, on the black American Quarter Horse, Whizards Baby Doll, aka "Roxy," she won twice while riding bridleless and bareback



Boston Marathon Bombing Could Be Result of “Right-Wing Extremists” Says CNN Analyst


There is only one thing that will stop these Marxists.

In another shameful display of utter ignorance and desperation to cover over what will obviously be shown to be a Muslim Jihadist orchestrated bombing, CNN “national security” analyst peter Bergen spewed forth the same kind of non-sense that occurs when things like the explosions at the Boston Marathon take place. He told CNN anchor Jake Tapper that is could be “right-wing extremists.”

>I’m reminded of Oklahoma City, which was a bombing, which was initially treated as a gas explosion. First reports are often erroneous,” he said.“Once the device — if it a device — is found;” he continued, “what kind of explosives were used. So for instance,if it was hydrogen peroxide, this is a signature of al Qaeda. If it was more conventional explosives, which are much harder to get hold of now — that might be some other kind of right-wing extremist. … We’ve also seen, for instance, right-wing groups trying to attack the Martin Luther King parade in Oregon in 2010.”

More with video @ Freedom Outpost

Battle of Lexington: Patriot's Day Reenactment

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 Battle of Lexington: Patriot's Day Reenactment

Patriot`s Day in Lexington The annual Battle of Lexington Re-enactment at 5:30 a.m.

The reenactment of the Battle of Lexington, performed by members of the Lexington Minute Men Company and His Majesty's Tenth Regiment of Foot, is staged annually at 5:45 A.M. on Monday morning. This event evokes the revolutionary spirit that signaled the start of the American Revolution.

For 2013 only the afternoon Patriots' Day parade will be held on Sunday, April 14 at 2:00 p.m. This is part of a year-long 300th Anniversary celebration of Lexington's incorporation as a Town in 1713.

The approximately two-and-a-half-mile-long Parade begins at 2:00 pm sharp in East Lexington on Massachusetts Avenue, proceeds through downtown Lexington and ends on Worthen Road by the town pool.

View a full listing of historical programs and events leading up to Patriot`s Day itself.

Watch as history unfolds the story of our nation's fight for freedom in Lexington! Be part of the story through the reenactment of Paul Revere's ride, followed by day-long events.

More with video @ Boston Central

US-Backed FSA Rebels Decapitate & Grill Victim

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WARNING: Video of decapitation

A gruesome new photograph has emerged of US-backed FSA rebels grilling a decapitated head of one of their victims, another chilling example of how the Obama administration is supporting bloodthirsty terrorists in Syria.

The photo is too graphic to show uncensored in this article, but a non-blurred version can be seen here.

According to, “On Thursday, 11 April 2013, a Syrian Army helicopter transporting food supplies to villages and Army units besieged around Maarat Noman city in Idleb province when it was attacked by NATO’s best assets Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists not with chants of course calling for a better election law, but with latest weapons provided covertly and openly by their sponsors, and the plane was downed. On board 8 officers and soldiers, the terrorists rushed to the site of the downed helicopter, decapitated the pilots then GRILLED them.”

More @ Info Wars

Authorities ID suspect as Saudi national in marathon bombings, under guard at Boston hospital


Investigators have a suspect — a Saudi Arabian national — in the horrific Boston Marathon bombings, The Post has learned.

Law enforcement sources said the 20-year-old suspect was under guard at an undisclosed Boston hospital.

It was not immediately clear why the man was hospitalized and whether he was injured in the attack or in his apprehension.

The man was caught less than two hours after the 2:50 p.m. bombing on the finish line of the race, in the heart of Boston.

In addition, Boston police have has surveillance video of someone bringing multiple backpacks to blast site, according to CBS News.

More @ NY Post

Oppose Ratification of the UN's Arms Trade Treaty

Knotted gun sculpture outside UN headquarters, New York City.
America’s incredibly deficient leadership has exposed itself again. That anyone holding a high position within our government would advocate ceding the people’s rights to the United Nations may be hard to believe. Yet, President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and a sizable number of senators and representatives fit that description regarding the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

When President Obama offered himself for reelection in 2012, he objected to the UN Arms Trade Treaty. But he promptly reversed himself after winning the election, and then appointed John Kerry, a treaty proponent, as secretary of state. As The New American’s Joe Wolverton has stated, “there would be no treaty” if Obama’s previous objections had not been withdrawn.

Now backed by America’s president, the UN produced its Arms Trade Treaty that, among other outrages, mandates that all nations create: 1) a registry of gun owners, manufacturers and traders; and 2) a mechanism that would prevent private individuals from purchasing ammunition. Does this amount to a proposed cancellation of the Second Amendment? You bet it does!

Actually, it’s even more than that. It’s a direct attack on the fundamental premise of our nation, the acknowledgement that rights are God-given, not the gift of some government. Our Declaration of Independence states that “Men are endowed by their Creator” with rights. The UN’s 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns that on its head and proclaims that rights “are granted [by a] constitution or by law.” And the UN’s 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights repeats the outrage when it lists numerous rights without mentioning God as their source, and then discusses “restrictions ... provided by law.” The contrast between the UN’s attitude and the attitude of our nation regarding rights becomes even more clear when one considers the first few words of the Bill of Rights: “Congress shall make no law....” If the United States submits to this UN Arms Trade Treaty, Americans will soon have no rights.

Back in July 2012, negotiators at a UN meeting failed to complete a UN Arms Trade Treaty when the United States said more time was needed to finalize an agreement. However, on November 7, the very next day after Obama was reelected, the Obama administration cast a vote at the UN calling for a “Final United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty” to be held in New York City March 18-28, 2013.

Nonetheless, even with the support of the U.S. delegation, this “final” conference on the Arms Trade Treaty failed to adopt its newly negotiated treaty at the close of the conference on March 28 due to a requirement for adoption by consensus and the refusal of three nations — Iran, Syria, and North Korea — to join the consensus.

Next, with the full support of the U.S. delegation to the UN Conference on the ATT, the treaty was sent on to the UN General Assembly, which approved it by 154 to 3 on April 2. The United States voted for approval of the treaty. There were 23 abstentions including Russia and China. Only a majority vote was needed for adoption by the General Assembly.

Earlier, on March 23, the U.S. Senate approved an amendment to its budget bill (S. Con. Res. 8) sponsored by Senator Inhofe (R-Okla.). The amendment’s purpose was to “uphold the Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.” The tally was 53 to 46 with Lautenberg (D-N.J.) not voting. This is hardly an overwhelming indication of support for the most important portion of our nation’s Bill of Rights. However, should the treaty eventually come before the Senate, approval by two-thirds would be needed for ratification. Below, we list the 46 senators who cast a negative vote on the Inhofe measure (Amendment 39 to S.

Con. Res. 8) and suggest that constituents of these 46 send them messages telling them to reverse their attitude and vote against approval if and when the UN Arms Trade Treaty is considered. 

The 46 senators who refused to support Senator Inhofe’s amendment to the budget bill (all Democrats except for Independents King of Maine and Sanders of Vermont) are: 

Baldwin (Wis.), Baucus (Mont.), Bennet (Colo.), Blumenthal (Conn.), Boxer (Calif.), Brown (Ohio), Cantwell (Wash.), Cardin (Md.), Carper (Del.), Casey (Pa.), Coons (Del.), Cowan (Mass.), Durbin (Ill.), Feinstein (Calif.), Franken (Minn.), Gillibrand (N.Y.), Harkin (Iowa), Hirono (Hawaii), Johnson (S.D.), Kaine (Va.), Klobuchar (Minn.), Landrieu (La.), Leahy (Vt.), Levin (Mich.), McCaskill (Mo.), Menendez (N.J.), Merkley (Ore.), Mikulski (Md.), Murphy (Conn.), Murray (Wash.), Nelson (Fla.), Reed (R.I.), Reid (Nev.), Rockefeller (W.Va.), Schatz (Hawaii), Schumer (N.Y.), Shaheen (N.H.), Stabenow (Mich.), Udall (Colo.), Udall (N.M.), Warner (Va.), Warren (Mass.), Whitehouse (R.I.), and Wyden (Ore.). 

Although as of April 5 President Obama had not stated whether he intends to sign the ATT and send it to the Senate for approval, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) has acknowledged that the treaty does require the Senate’s ratification. 

In another indication of resistance to the treaty, Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) has already gathered 32 cosponsors on S. Con. Res. 7, which declares that: 1) the president should not sign the treaty; and 2) the Senate should not approve it if he does sign it. Also, there is a companion measure, H. Con. Res. 23, in the House offered by Representative Mike Kelly (R-Pa.). Although the House has no formal role regarding a treaty, objections to this UN-sponsored pact by House members is helpful. 

The Kelly measure has already gained 129 cosponsors. Messages to House members asking for support for this measure are also recommended. 

There is always the danger that Mr. Obama will resort to the use of an Executive Order to saddle our nation with this treaty if the Senate refuses to ratify it. Such a move on his part would, of course, be a gross violation of the U.S. Constitution. But violations of the Constitution are occurring regularly. We will be carefully watching for developments regarding the UN Arms Trade Treaty. In the meantime, messages to members of both Houses of Congress are needed. 

Click here to contact your senators and representative in opposition to the signing and ratification of the UN Arms Trade Treaty.


Your Friends at The John Birch Society

P.S. Click here to view this email alert as an article at

At least 2 dead, dozens injured after two bombs explode at Boston Marathon

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At least two people are dead and dozens injured – including up to 10 with amputated limbs – after at least two bombs tore through the finish line of the Boston Marathon, according to the Boston Police Department.

The simultaneous explosions, and reports of two other unexploded devices found near the scene raised suspicions that the blasts, just before 3 p.m., could be part of a terrorist attack. Intelligence officials told The Associated Press two unexploded devices were being dismantled, and reports of a third "controlled" explosion near the JFK Library in the Columbia Point section of Dorchester, may have been an intentional detonation supervised by authorities. Competitors and race organizers were crying as they fled the bloody chaos, while some witnesses reported seeing victims with lost limbs.
"Somebody's leg flew by my head," a spectator, who gave his name as John Ross, told the Boston Herald. “I gave my belt to stop the blood.”

More @ Fox

Spring 2013 NC PATCON: 4 Days Until The 19th

 Please send in your checks now for both the TCCC and PATCON.

LAAD Defence and Security 2013: US mulls P-3 MPA sale to Vietnam

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The Socialist  Communist Republic of Vietnam is expected to request from the US government the sale of Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft (MPA), a senior company official told IHS Jane's on 10 April.

Speaking at the LAAD Defence and Security 2013 exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Clay Fearnow, director maritime patrol programmes, said the Vietnamese Navy was keen to buy up to six surplus P-3s to help patrol the country's nearly 3,500 km coastline and 1,396,299 km2 Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
"The Vietnamese Navy has expressed a lot of interest [in the P-3], and there is [US government] support to move forward," said Fearnow.

More @ Jane's


“There’s a Million other checks in there it’s a Christmas Tree,” bragged Gottlieb, “We just hung a Million Ornaments on it.”

You might have to wait for Monday to read about it in the Wall Street Journal but you can read about it here right now.  An influential gun rights advocate actually helped write the Background Check Bill coming up before the Senate this coming week.

Alan Gottlieb, Executive Vice President of the Second Amendment Foundation, speaking candidly at a GOP gathering on Friday claimed that his staff had actually helped write the bill. He went on to  describe how the bill would be a step in the right direction for gun control advocates.

“Unfortunately some of my colleagues haven’t quite figured it out yet because they weren’t standing in the room writing it.  My staff was.  I’ll be perfectly candid about it.  This will probably break on Monday in the Wall Street Journal. “

Lacking two cameras I could not catch the multitude of jaws dropping in between bites of succulent sirloin at the Persimmon Country Club where the event was held.  If some shutter bug caught the look on former State Chair Allen Alley’s face please facebook it to me.  I’m imagining him looking like Marty Feldman.

Gottlieb was discussing Measure Number S.649 (Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of2013 ):  “A bill to ensure that all individuals who should be prohibited from buying a firearm are listed in the national instant criminal background check system and require a background check for every firearm sale, and for other purposes.”

This is the same Bill which Senator Rand Paul sought unsucessfully to fillibuster in order to protect the Second Amendment Rights of American Citizens.  I could go on but watch the video (above) and see it for yourself, or read the transcript below.  But remember … shhhhhh … it’s a secret.

Here’s the transcript 

The transcript stops short of the full video; here is the transcription of the rest (to the best of my ability):
“So you’re getting a little of “Inside Baseball” right now.

So a lot of my people are going to oppose it because they don’t want any background check at all. Let’s be honest with you, philosophically, in a perfect world – I don’t want any background checks either. But I also don’t want criminals buying guns and killing people with them. And I can’t justify morally that a person walks into a gun show, buys a gun from somebody without giving his name, the guy can hardly speak english, and he walks out the door with that firearm with no check, nothing at all.

I want to be honest with you – we can’t tolerate that. We’re going to lose all of our rights if we allow that to continue to go on. It’s not a sustainable position for us to take. Yes, we might be able to win the battle this time and stop it in congress, you’re going to lose the war over time with that. And when you lose that – your Republican candidates, they’re going to run on that with Mike Bloomberg spending millions of dollars in their districts wiping them out, and then Democrats get there: they don’t want background checks, they want gun bans. It’s not a tenable position for us to take; we’re marching off the edge of a cliff with it. So the trick is if you can get a background check that doesn’t do anything to you, basically, and if you have a concealed weapons permit in any state or a gun license of any kind in any state, under the Toomey-Manchin proposal there is no background check. You have to fill out the 4473 form, stays in a dealer’s file and never even gets called into the government. That’s what we’re calling a background check.

If you really read what’s in the Manchin-Toomey bill, man its a godsend. And what it gives us back – we win rights back like crazy. We’re also going to get, which nobody knows about yet, either on Tuesday when it gets passed (and believe me it’s going to get passed big) or on Wednesday or Thursday thereafter, there’s another amendment that’s going to go to that bill. Right now Chuck Schumer killed the federal restoration of firearms rights for anyone that has a white collar crime, you can’t get your rights restored. What’s going to happen is there’s going to be an amendment to that bill on the floor of the senate restoring those rights; Chuck Schumer’s going to vote against it, he’s pissed off about it – it’s not part of the main part of the bill because he stopped that – but it’s going to pass, because we have enough Democrats to come up with the Republicans to pass that. The restoration of rights that don’t exist right now, another victory for the gun rights movement.

The problem is that a lot of people in the gun rights movement, because they’ve dug themselves in on this saying they would oppose any kind background check no matter what, are not at the table and are not able to write the legislation. Mark my – believe me, I’m solidly 100% pro-gun. What we get back in return for a meaningless background check, which I admit will not solve the problem criminals will still get their guns anyway, we get back a whole bunch of things we don’t have right now. We get more rights and more freedom.

To me, that’s a win. And I think we snookered the other side, and they haven’t figured it out yet. I can’t give you my quote about it in the media, but I will admit it’s going to break in Monday’s Wall Street Journal.”

12th Annual EasternSam Davis Youth Camp June 16-22 Thaxton, Va


 Our youths are in dire need of Historically Accurate and FACTUAL history if our culture is to survive beyond our mortal demise. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is offering the Sam Davis Youth camp (boys & girls age 12-20)  experience onjce again this summer from June 16-22  in Thaxton,  Virginia as an effort to stymie some of the winds of Political Correctness; however this effort is HOLLOW if you don’t support this educational camp via  either donations or sponsorship of a youth.

The Judah P. Benjamin camp 2210-SCV in partnership with the Augusta Jane Evans Wilson chapter 2640-UDC is sponsoring a camper to this great even and is encouraging others to step up and sponsor a youth (or more) from your  area, your camp/chapter/club or your family. 
Additionally, Augusta Jane Evans Wilson member and Benjamin camp Legionnaire Lunelle Siegel has volunteered to chaperon (as in attend the camp and provide transportation from Florida to Virginia & return) as her SUV is able to accommodate 3 guests. Hopefully, you’ll respond to this message with a youth to send to this great investment for the future. Cost is a reasonable $495.00 per camper (includes room & board-Bargain!!) Should we step forward as our Southern ancestors did and sponsor a higher number of campers, we’ll be happy to arrange for a larger vehicle as we’re committed to having a contingency of Floridians attend and learn true history from a SOUTHERN PERSPECTIVE.

If you or your camp already have committed to the Sam Davis camp and we might provide assistance, please contact me at 813-968-6154.

For Youth camp background information, visit or contact  Jack E Marlar    864-862-3946  E-mail:

Great historical read on Sam Davis:


Related:  The Order of the Confederate Rose Florida Society is offering sponsorship of a camper. Please contact President Sylvia  Darby 850-570-6764  or via e-mail at : for more information.

Lets look alive to our opponents and OPPOSE their LIES!

Deo vindice!

Phil Walters
1st Lt. Commander/Acting Adjutant-Judah P. Benjamin camp 2210, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Commander, 9th Brigade, Florida Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Sponsor: Capt. JJ Dickison “Grey Ghost” 1971 American Motors Javelin

NC: Homeschool 2013 Spring Formal

Springtime Everlasting

Saturday, April 27, 2013
7:30 pm until 11:30 pm
Emerald Golf Club, New Bern, NC

WHO CAN ATTEND:  Homeschool High School Students and their guests

TICKETS:  $30 per person.

MUSIC:  Our list includes all kinds of music from Pop to Line to Christian to Swing to Country.  Please feel free to e-mail us at with any special requests or song selections by April 20thOf note, many songs are great to listen to, but are very difficult to dance to.  We review songs on our list for "dance-ability" and lyric content.  Please keep in mind it must meet our standards.

MENU:  Available throughout the evening will be hot and cold hors d'oeuvres and beverages to include tea, lemonade and soda.

LOCATION:  The Emerald Golf Club is located in Greenbrier, a neighborhood off of Glenburnie Road, very near to Craven Community College.  The physical address is 5000 Clubhouse Dr., New Bern, NC.

CHAPERONES: There will be plenty of chaperones on hand. If a person is interested in being a chaperone, please complete the chaperone information on the registration form.  There will be a lounge with a television available for those parents who wish to remain at the club during the dance, but not act as a chaperone.

GUIDELINES: In order to ensure that the dance is comfortable and safe for everyone, we have included the following guidelines for the behavior, etiquette, and attire of attendees.
  1. Stay within established boundaries.  Refrain from wandering around outside the facility.  If you need something from your vehicle, a chaperone will escort you.  If you are 18, you may leave before the end of the dance, but you will only be allowed back into the dance at the discretion of the chaperones.  If you are under 18, you may leave early ONLY if your parent/guardian informs the committee, prior to dance night, that you have their permission to leave early.
  2. No public displays of affection to include kissing, caressing or extended embracing, a person sitting on anothers lap, etc.
  3. Proper dance etiquette and behavior require that there is NO body against body, groping, or provocative movements
  4. There will be no smoking, foul language, alcohol, drugs or weapons, including pocket knives.
  5. Attire:


This dance is formal, and long gowns are encouraged, but not required.  Dresses must be tasteful.  This means: no skin-tight or see-through dresses, no cut-outs in the dresses, and no slits or hems more than just above the knees.  Necklines need to be tasteful, i.e. no cleavage showing.  Strapless dresses are allowed, but they must be cut in line with the armpits and may not dip down in the middle.  Elastic-top dresses must have shoulder straps.  Backs are to be mid-back.  Undergarments are to be worn under gown. 

Please use your utmost discretion when selecting a gown to assure that it is tasteful and above reproach.  Maintaining the dress code throughout the evening is the responsibility of the attendees

Note about dresses: For your benefit, please make sure that your dress stays "secure" when you jump up and down, wiggle, or do any other dance move.  Over the years we have watched our young ladies struggle to keep their dresses "in place" while trying to dance.  You will have a much more enjoyable evening if you are not fighting your dress all night.


This dance is a formal affair, but tuxedos are not mandatory.  We do expect you to come in with dress pants, a collared, button-up shirt and a tie.  Jackets are encouraged. 


To register, please fill out the registration form and submit payment.  There are no tickets; participants will check in at the door.  Registration deadline is noon on Monday, April 22.

Each homeschool student may bring one non-homeschooled guest at $30.00 per guest.  All homeschool students must be at least 14 years old and at least a freshman in high school.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS: Please call (252) 447-9885 or email us at Please put the word “Formal” in the subject line.  Thanks!

2013 Spring Formal Registration Form

WHO CAN ATTEND:  Homeschool High School Students and their guests.
Of note:  All attendees must be at least 14 years old and at least a freshman in high school.

PHONE NUMBER:                                   EMAIL:
Do any of your children have permission to leave early?
Do you wish to chaperone this event?
Will you be making use of the lounge during the dance?

GUEST AGE:                                          GUEST GENDER:

GUEST AGE:                                          GUEST GENDER:

GUEST AGE:                                          GUEST GENDER:

Payment Information:

___________(qty) will attend at $30 each.
___________(qty) will chaperone at no charge.

Total Enclosed:   ____________

Make checks payable to Christina Whitley

Send payment and registration form to:

Christina Whitley
121 Lee K Allen Drive
Havelock, NC 28532

Southern Hospitality Not Questioned by Dead Union Soldiers


A past historian of Lee’s Arlington mansion, Murray Nelligan, understood that Secretary of War Edwin Stanton determined that the Lee family should never occupy their home again -- placing a hospital on the grounds and a village for Negro refugees from the South. Not stopping there, he had a tax levied on the property which required payment by the owner in person. A relative of Mrs. Lee offered to pay the tax, but the authorities decided that such a procedure did not fulfill the letter of the law, so the estate was put up for sale at public auction on January 11, 1864, in Alexandria, Virginia.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Southern Hospitality Not Questioned by Dead Union Soldiers:

Barden’s opportunity to appear as a champion of the South occurred when a delegation of the Women’s Auxiliary of the Grand Army of the Republic appeared before the [House] Library Committee to oppose a resolution to erect a memorial to Robert E. Lee near the mansion in Arlington. 

Barden sat quietly and uncomfortably until the ladies attack upon Southern generals and the Confederacy turned into a tirade against the South and all Southerners. Then, as the only Southern present on the committee, Barden came to the defense of not only Robert E. Lee, but of Southern heritage. 

The congressman declared that he had “never heard such sectional bitterness expressed.” Answering the women’s insistence that Arlington National Cemetery was a “Union and not a Confederate graveyard” and that even though a few Confederate dead were buried there, Arlington was not a place to honor Confederates, Barden pointed out that in his home town of New Bern [North Carolina] a thousand Union soldiers were buried with honor in a beautiful cemetery. 

He continued: “We of the South do not propose to keep our brains and characters befogged by bitterness and prejudice. The hospitality of the South has never been questioned, not even by a dead Union soldier.” [New Bern Sun-Journal, April 27, 1935]

The effectiveness of Barden’s position was apparent when the committee voted to report the Memorial bill favorably.”

(Graham A. Barden, Conservative Carolina Congressman, Elmer L. Puryear, Campbell University Press, 1979, excerpts, pp. 22-23)

The Tea Party Comeback


Thousands of Tea Party activists will gather Monday at rallies across the nation to mark Tax Day, April 15--and to re-ignite a movement that had been written off as dormant by the media and the political classes.

After propelling the Republican Party to the majority in the House of Representatives in 2010--and likely for the next decade thereafter--the Tea Party seemed to retreat. It failed in its political aim of defeating President Barack Obama in 2012, largely because of its earlier failure to find an alternative nominee to Gov. Mitt Romney. It was tarnished unfairly as racist, extremist, and--especially after the Tuscon shooting of Jan.

2011--violent, and was blamed even by some Republicans for the debt ceiling impasse in mid-2011.
Yet the Tea Party also succeeded in stopping the rapid growth of federal spending and taxation. The Tea Party ensured that there would be no bailouts for profligate states and no large-scale tax increases. Though it had to swallow the tax increases of the "fiscal cliff" deal in the early hours of 2013, it essentially preserved 98% of the Bush-era tax cuts. And by shifting the national debate in favor of deficit reduction, the Tea Party laid the foundation for the budget sequester--a set of across-the-board spending cuts that the American public has largely tolerated, even in the face of President Obama's attempts to create panic and outrage.

Schumer-Toomey-Manchin Gun Control Bill: Feel Free to Run a Secret FBI Check on Job Applicants

The gun control legislation proposed by Senators Charles Schumer (D-NY), Pat Toomey (R-PA), and Joe Manchin (D-WV) lets firearms dealers secretly run government background checks on job applicants—a gross violation of privacy. Private-sector employers should not be able to use non-public government databases like the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to check up on job applicants, unless the job applicants first consent to the intrusion into their privacy. And the job applicants have every reason to consent—they want the job.

More @ The Foundry

Armalite AR-30A1

Via Cousin John

Guess if you're rich.

5 Masculine Moments

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New York’s "assault weapon" registration begins

Via Mike

Key measures of New York’s tough new gun law have kicked in, meaning owners of firearms now reclassified as assault weapons are required to register the guns. There are also new limits on the number of bullets allowed in magazines.

The new provisions took effect Monday. New York’s affiliate of the National Rifle Association says it expects to ask a federal judge late in the afternoon to immediately halt the magazine limit.

PVT BRYAN JACKSON BUCK # 1769 Peletier NC Monthly SCV Meeting

Guests are welcome.

Hello Compatriots,
A reminder about our SCV meeting this Thursday night, April 18, 2013.  As usual, refreshments at 6:30 and meeting at 7:00. 
We will be having a very special speaker, Wade Sokolosky, COL (Ret), U.S. Army.  Wade is the Vice President of the Friends of Bentonville Battlefield, Inc.   He will be doing our program on the Battles of Wise’s Fork, Averasboro, Bentonville and Monroe’s Crossroads, and on where the wounded from these battles were sent for treatment near the end of the War. 
We are very honored to have Mr. Sokolosky do our program and are looking forward to it very much.  He did this program at the Morehead City camp recently and he comes to us highly recommended for an enjoyable program.
We will also have to discuss the upcoming onion sale again this week, as the order will have to be placed next week.
Do hope that all of you can attend our meeting this Thursday night.  Looking forward to it.
Jimmy Riggs, Commander
Charlie Wilton, Adjutant

Annual Pippen/Pippin Descendants of John Pippen Reunion


Who: Pippen/Pippin Descendants of John Pippen

What : Reunion  -  Pot Luck Dinner

When : June 9th 12:30 PM

Where: Dixieland (Brock's House)

Cost: $0.00

Please bring your favorite dish, meat, vegetable or dessert. Plates, dinnerware, cups, ice and drinks will be furnished. We will not have a tent or chairs so bring your own chair to relax and eat in if you will. Please feel free to bring family members and children. If you know of anyone who we do not have an e-mail address that would like to attend, please pass this information on to them. Please let Brock or myself know that you will be attending by June 1st.

Thank You

John Pippin
Brock Townsend

Don’t Let Your Senator Deceive You His or her vote IN FAVOR OF S. 649 was VERY significant

“The Senate's dramatic filibuster-busting vote Thursday to move forward on a gun-safety bill is being cast as a historic breakthrough, testing the strength of the gun lobby and opening a door to the first major gun-control law since 1994.  It means President Obama will get the votes on gun legislation he has been seeking since a shooting rampage in Newtown, Conn.” - USA Today, April 12, 2013
It’s not often that we agree with USA Today.  But author, Gregory Korte, got it right in Friday’s column.  The Senators who refused to cast a “no” vote on Thursday - and who refused to drive a stake through the heart of S. 649 - have given the President a key symbolic victory.
Senate voting commences as early as Tuesday.  True, the battle is not over yet and we still think we have a good chance to defeat this bill.  The Senate will probably commence voting on gun issues this Tuesday - possibly Wednesday - and it could continue for several days.  But if we do win, it’s no thanks to your Senator(s) who stabbed gun owners in the back.
Many, if not all, of the Senators who are listed below are saying that they voted to proceed to the gun control bill on Thursday, even though they oppose the contents of the bill.  Huh?
Listen, for example, to what Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) has said:  “I voted to proceed to debate on the floor, even though I am opposed to the gun bill that emerged from the Judiciary Committee.”
And Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) - who had pledged to support the Paul-Cruz-Lee filibuster - instead voted for the motion to proceed to Reid’s gun control bill, indicating that he favored “an open discussion” even while he still opposed the “specifics of the bill.”
Never mind that if they had voted against the motion to proceed on Thursday, they could have helped to defeat the bill that they reportedly oppose.  We came nine votes short of defeating the bill on Thursday, and any one of the Senators listed below - again, your Senator(s) are included - would have helped to make the difference.  Here is the list:
* Republicans who voted for the motion to proceed to gun control on Thursday are Alexander (TN), Ayotte (NH), Burr (NC), Chambliss (GA), Collins (ME), Corker (TN), Coburn (OK), Flake (AZ), Isakson (GA), McCain (AZ), Heller (NV), Hoeven (ND), Kirk (IL), Graham (SC), Toomey (PA) and Wicker (MS).
* Democrats who claim to be pro-gun but voted to proceed to gun control (S. 649) are Baucus (MT), Hagan (NC), Landrieu (LA), Heitkamp (ND), Johnson (SD), Reid (NV), Tester (MT) and Warner (VA).
While all the Senators mentioned above should be “taken to the woodshed,” the following two Senators get special mention
* Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) lied to his constituents about his involvement in hatching a “compromise” bill. All week, Toomey’s office promised concerned constituents who called that the Senator was not working on a gun deal - even saying that it was Sen. Joe Manchin who was putting out false information.  Of course, by Thursday, the entire nation realized that Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey had, in fact, conspired to draft a “compromise” bill that is even worse than the Feinstein gun ban.
* Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) told gun owners in West Virginia--on November 5, 2012 - that he was pro-gun, but then reversed course right after the election to stab gun owners in the back.  Manchin took legislation that was drafted by gun-grabbing Senator Chuck Schumer and used that as his baseline text for writing a supposed compromise - a compromise that seriously infringes upon our Second amendment rights. 
The next key vote will probably be Tuesday, when the Senate votes on the Schumer-Toomey universal gun registry amendment. 
This Toomey-Manchin-Schumer sell-out would establish a universal gun registry for any gun transaction that ever involved any internet posting – a substantial majority of private gun sales nationwide.
In addition, it would, in section 117, explicitly waive federal privacy laws in order to allow private doctors to send the names of persons with PTSD, ADHD, and postpartum depression to the FBI – thereby unilaterally banning them from owning guns.
The vote on the Toomey-Manchin-Schumer sell-out on Tuesday (or Wednesday) will probably be the most important vote of all.  Because of the way that the Senate rules are structured, if we can get 41 votes (out of 100) against the Toomey proposal, we can defeat his amendment - and that will probably result, like a house of cards, in the rest of the bill going down as well.
If your Senator votes wrong again on Tuesday, his or her throwaway votes against the Feinstein gun ban and final passage of the bill may not matter.  They will just be a fraudulent effort to pretend to be pro-gun.
ACTIONClick here to contact the Senators who are listed above.  Urge him or her to vote against the Toomey-Manchin-Schumer sell-out on Tuesday.

Ben Carson: Attacks Only Making Me More Determined

Dr. Ben Carson has been in the media spotlight since speaking at this year’s annual prayer breakfast in Washinton, D.C.

In that speech the famed pediatric neurosurgeon blasted President Barack Obama’s health care policies and came under mainstream media scrutiny. While he claims no political affiliation, he became a hero to conservatives.

Carson tells Newsmax the personal and political attacks he has undergone, including protests from students and faculty at Johns Hopkins University that ended up with him stepping down from delivering this year’s commencement address, haven’t turned him off politics.

To the contrary, they have spurred him on.

At the same time, it saddens him to see others become afraid to speak out because of intimidation in a country that was founded on freedom of expression.

“We’ve fallen so far, we should be very alarmed about what’s going on here.”

More @ Newsmax

McCain 'Favorably Disposed' to Background Check Bill

Gee, I'm totally flabbergasted as I never would have thunk'.........::)      

A bipartisan Senate proposal to expand background checks for gun buyers gained the backing of one Republican and the potential support of a second Sunday as sponsors said the vote expected this week was too close to call.
The plan would "strengthen the background check system without in any way infringing on Second Amendment rights," Maine Sen. Susan Collins said in a statement explaining her support for the measure. But she added that "it is impossible to predict at this point" what will be in a final bill.
Arizona Sen. John McCain, who has a B+ rating from the National Rifle Association, said he was "very favorably disposed" to the proposal that has emerged from Sens. Patrick Toomey, R-Pa., and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.

"I appreciate their work," McCain said. "And the American people want to do *what we can to prevent these tragedies. And there's a lot more that needs to be done, particularly in the area of mental health."

*Must be on acid. 

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