Saturday, December 18, 2021

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

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Today, we remember LT Victor Patrick Buckley, Falls Church, Virginia, who went MIA on this day in 1969. Pat is remembered by his fiancé, Darlene:
"Fifty two years ago, on December 16,1969, we were told that you disappeared over the Gulf of Tonkin, after completing a mission and on your way back to your aircraft carrier. It is so very difficult to believe that now, all these years later, we know just as little as we knew back then about your disappearance. I just could never have imagined that something like this could have happened to you. During those years of waiting and hoping for some information regarding your lose, I tried to move forward and continued on with my life. I eventually married, became a mother of two and I am now a grandmother of four. I have been fortunate in so many ways, but there was not a day that went by, that I did not think of you and wonder what our life together would have been like, if you had returned home. You had so many hopes and dreams that you never got to experience. We had so many plans for our future. A future that was taken from you, your family and me in the worst possible way. I want you to know that there is that part of me that will always remain with you. I am reminded of you when I hear a song that we both liked, an expression that someone uses, a smile on a stranger’s face, your brother’s voice, so similar to yours. So yes, reluctantly, my life went on without you. But any happiness I might feel could never replace the the loss of you. I will love you always."
LT Victor Patrick Buckley is honored on Panel 15W, Line 61 of The Wall:
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Patriots v Communists


To All :

Before I believed we could achieve limited government, state sovereignty, states rights, etc. the way the Founding Fathers meant for the citizens of the individual states to be when they wrote the U.S. Constitution. 
However, politicians only follow the constitution when it benefits their personal agendas, thus the mess this country is in today. I thought the question of a central government vs limited government would be revisited one day, it won`t.
Communists are firmly entrenched in all levels of  "our " government & institutions ie, schools, churches, etc. With this being the case, if there is a Civil War in the future it will be between Patriots vs Communists. Not state vs state or the Union vs the Confederacy, not even liberals vs conservatives.
If you are still one of those, like I was, who are still worried about past wars & correcting the injustices of those wars you had better wake up & face the realities that are staring us in the face today. We have to deal with this first & save what is left of this Republic from the communist insurgency, then revisit the past injustices.
The dreams of secession will be easier under our present form of government where we still have a minimum amount of rights left, than it will be under a Communist regime which allows you no rights & has no qualms about shooting you & your family where you stand or working you to death in a gulag.
 Wake up & acknowledge the enemy staring us in the face & deal with him first or there won`t be a later to do anything.

Comment on The Pandemic Inquisition

The Pandemic Inquisition

 Reminds me of the 'what if' show that got Judge Andrew Napolitano kicked off Fox some years ago.

 I like playing my little 'what if' game:
* what if ThePandemic© is not the problem?
* what if no disease(s) could ever bring Western Civilization to a screeching halt?
* what if de-population is not a goal... or is merely a lingering side-effect?
* what if everything, every word, every diagram, every photograph is designed to mislead and obscure, to infect the viewer/listener with PANIC! and HATE!?
* what if the goal is chaos?
Does *somebody* we all know thrive in chaos, in darkness, in confusion?
How would more war benefit us?
I think it might feel good for a while, but that emotion would wear out its welcome quickly.
"Hang all BOLCHEVICS on my list!"... until the streets are stinking with rotted corpses.
Who wins?
Much is written by the anti-Trump hive about his peculiar physical appearance, his Tweets, his lovely wife.
Pro-Trump folk call this 'renting space in their brain'.
Along those lines...
I see no way for me to co-exist with evil.
Accordingly, I live as if evil cannot exist.
It certainly has no home in my heart.

~~ LargeMarge

Liz Cheney at forefront of hollow Jan. 6 war

It must be nice to be Liz Cheney these days. There she is sitting on the Jan. 6 committee with her fellow GOP turncoat, Adam “Crybaby” Kinzinger, surrounded by new Democrat friends who flatter her and pay her great respect.

The New York Times just delivered a glowing profile of the Trump-hating Wyoming congresswoman, claiming she has “emerged as a leader and central figure,” is “known for drilling down into the details of the assignment” and is “well-versed in the criminal code.”

Eric Swalwell quoted Cheney reverentially on CNN this week, too. Nancy Pelosi butters her up with saccharine praise for her “courage” and “patriotism.”

It’s fair to say that Pelosi has deputized Cheney to be the face of the select committee, which ostensibly is investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Adam “Steele Dossier” Schiff played a supporting role this week as Cheney read aloud text messages of former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows as a prelude to charging him with contempt of Congress. 

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