Thursday, January 27, 2011

Amid Widespread Rioting, The Internet Is Cut Off

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"Well, people in Egypt are past the point where the Internet serves as a distraction, but yes — in similar circumstances I would take an Internet shutoff to be a signal to riot, burn the local Federal Building (or whatever the equivalent would be in Egypt) and so on."
Excellent point and something we all should take to mind, me thinks.

How To Defend A City From Invasion Using Civilian Snipers As An Auxiliary To The Regular Army

Via Western Rifle Shooters Association

Was That Plagiarism In Obama's State Of The Union?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Was President Obama’s State of the Union speech a success?

  1. 25.53% Yes
  2. 74.47% No

A resounding yes from the LA Times and US News & World Report! Not that this would surprise us. BT
"Had the president Submitted the text of HIS Second State of the Union Address in the form of a college Term paper, He Would Have Been Sent forthwith to the nearest academic dean."

How I Became A Southern Patriot

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"I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, from a long line of Southern stock and have always been proud of my Southern heritage (Beginning in the 1630's in Maryland to North Carolina, and Georgia, the family has been in Alabama since 1800.) I was a college student (Auburn) during the Birmingham race riots, and the Birmingham church bombing. So, all my life, I was subjected to more than the usual degree of Yankee hate because of where I was from.

When I was a young man and would ask about the war, my father told me those things were best left in the past. He was a successful businessman and fully aware of Northern attitudes toward the South. He was anxious for me to have every chance for a successful career and cautioned me to keep my strong Southern feelings to myself, although he shared them as well.

I had a very successful career and retired at 53 to pursue my own interests, one of which was history which led me up to what I then called the Civil War. Retirement gave me the time to do in depth studies of antebellum history using original source materials, only. I read over thirty different books on the subject and many papers. I devoured Thomas D. Lorenzo's works and many other modern authors as well. I was floored and very angered over what I learned. I realized that my understanding of the United States for my entire life had been a lie, a myth.

I learned the truth behind what had happened in the run up to the War to Prevent Southern Independence, that the South was brutally and barbarically conquered, and an attempt was made to destroy our culture during Reconstruction; an attempt that continues today. I learned that I actually live in a conquered and occupied nation held in check by the police state. I learned that the America I thought had sprung from the founders genius had in fact died in 1861, to be replaced by the American Empire.

This knowledge has forever changed me, my life and my attitude towards the United States."

Roy, SWR
You Are A Southern Patriot - How Did You Get Here?

Obamacare: Comprehensive Dishonesty, Economic Folly, And Tyranny

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"Americans want more affordable health care, but the 2,300-page Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (PPACA), known more informally as “Obamacare,” is about as likely to provide it as a tornado passing through a junkyard is to assemble a fully functional hospital. Beneath its deceptive title is a massive government intervention into the personal health care choices of most Americans. Its intervention is largely imposed by federal regulation of the health care choices of patients, employers, and health care providers. Buried in the Act are coercive regulations, new taxes, and an unprecedented federal government power-grab of more than one-sixth of the $13.5 trillion American economy.

The regulations requiring end of life counseling, aptly termed “death panels” by discerning critics, were finally removed from the Act, but as recently as this month, the Obama administration has twice tried to make them part of Medicare by bureaucratic stealth. The overall Act remains permeated with the same totalitarian philosophy. Furthermore, Section 3403 of the Act enables federal health care officials to implement such regulations in the future without Congressional approval and amazingly requires a three-fifths supermajority of Congress to overturn them. In addition, the Obama stimulus acts have been used for expanding federal bureaucratic powers.

When federal bureaucrats can decide whether a 65-year-old patient is less valuable to society than a 25-year-old patient and is therefore no longer eligible for more than nominal medical treatments, we will be living in a totalitarian nightmare. Yet this is where the purported $100 billion in Medicare savings claimed by the Obama administration comes from—rationing care away from those whose frailty the government determines may become a costly burden to society. It will not be just the elderly who are vulnerable to fiscal extinction. Anyone from pre-birth and infancy to maturity could see their medical treatments curtailed in the interest of the State. Too much power without accountability to equal or greater power always results in the increasing abuse of power. The Obama administration is attempting to unleash a nightmare of bureaucratic power without accountability.

Dr. C. L. Gray, a Hickory, North Carolina, physician and President of Physicians for Reform, traces the idea that life and health care must be determined by the interests of the State from Plato to Nietzsche to the Third Reich and Dachau. He further suggests that the highhanded mandates and coercive regulations spread throughout the Obamacare Act are derived from the same Statist philosophy. When the God of Scripture is pushed aside, often in the name of religious freedom and diversity, ideas of right and wrong also begin to be pushed aside. The State becomes the only and ultimate moral authority, and all societal objectives must serve the advancement of the State. When applied to health care, this is, according to Gray, a far cry from the humane responsibility and compassion of the Hippocratic Oath. It is also far from the Judeo-Christian ethics and Constitutional protection of human rights affirmed by our nation’s founders.

Obamacare is built upon a foundation of deception and authoritarian Statist philosophy. It is also a blatant vote-buying redistribution of wealth and healthcare. Its provisions favor union over non-union workers. None of its provisions will effectively prevent illegal immigrants from enjoying its redistribution of federal health care benefits, and it is likely to be a strong encouragement to more massive illegal immigration. Its mandates will be crushing to state and local governments already hard-pressed to reduce spending and keep taxes low. Like most expansions of federal welfare, it is likely to be far more costly than estimated. In constant dollars, Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty” programs were estimated to cost $60 billion per year when passed in 1964 and 1965, but they are now costing over $600 billion per year. Vast overruns in federal social spending are not exceptional. They are closer to the rule.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates Obamacare will cost about $100 billion per year. They also estimate that it will cost 800,000 jobs in the first year of implementation. The Heritage Foundation estimates that the cost is likely to be $250 to $300 billion per year. The CBO estimates that the 2011 Federal Budget deficit will be a whopping $1.5 trillion, almost 10 percent of the annual Gross Domestic Product, placing the nation at great risk for high inflation. High inflation is devastating to people on fixed retirement incomes and will also discourage physicians from taking Medicare patients.

Obamacare cannot be fixed by removing a few of its more ridiculous and onerous regulations on small businesses—like requiring them to file 1099 tax forms for all transactions over $600 with other businesses—a requirement, moreover, which has nothing whatsoever to do with health care Affordable quality health care cannot be built on a foundation of deception, demagoguery, and despotism. Moreover, its underlying Statist ideology is an extreme danger to freedom. .

Furthermore, Obamacare excludes the best proposals for improving the quality and reducing the cost of healthcare—allowing health insurance completion across state lines, eliminating outrageous medical malpractice suits and settlements through tort reform, and many others.

Trying to fix Obamacare is like putting a band-aid on gangrene. It is much more likely to kill than heal the patient. If there are a few provisions of Obamacare that when thoroughly examined still seem to have merit, they can be incorporated into a new and less dangerous health care bill or several well examined healthcare bills. Passing smaller well-examined pieces of legislation is much safer than the deception and analytical negligence of so-called comprehensive legislation. Above all, we must reject the dishonesty and fundamentally totalitarian philosophy evident in Obamacare."

Mike Scruggs

Study On The Importability Of Certain Shotguns

Guaranteed that they started this study with the expressed purpose of prohibiting Saigas. Tyrants all.

Vote For America's Coolest Small Towns

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Lewisburg, WV is currently in #1 position, but narrowly. I spent four years there in military school.


45th Reunion, Greenbrier Military School

Greenbrier Military School

Colonel/Silver Star/ 3 Tours/Green Beret (Terry & Dixie)

"The Old Gym"

Charlotte's Mayor Pro Tem Pressures Hotel To Cancel American Renaissance Convention

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Read that line again and think about the implications of Mr. Cannon's boast: *"They seem to be cooperating." Welcome to the Third World.

Cannon, a member of the powerful Mecklenburg Black Political Caucus and a life member of the NAACP, is clearly utilizing his elected office to advance his own agenda. That is wrong, and voters should tell him so.
Collectivist terminology. Reminds me of Sebelius stating that we would have to be "educated" about the benefits of Obamcare. Just another "Useful idiot" of our Marxist government.

Joel Rosenberg

I can imagine the ribbing in the police locker room: “Man, Bill, that Joel Rosenberg guy really punked you. He schooled you on the law on video, then got the county to start investigating you for assault, and rubbed it in across the internet. I wish I'd been there, I'd have…” followed by one of those fantasies that are so easy to come up with five minutes after the event is over, involving false arrest and probably unlawful force.

Sergeant William Palmer, not feeling very alpha, takes it in silence—he's not going to tell these guys that he didn't arrest Rosenberg at the scene because, dagnabbit, he thought Joel was probably right about the law—but he fumes and wonders.The teasing continues, aided by Rosenberg's unremitting use of social media to twit Palmer, until finally Palmer decides to get back at Rosenberg, and swears out an arrest warrant (PDF).

Via Oleg Volk

Guns! MMG Villar Perosa 1915, Maxim 1910, ММГ МР.38 1941 And MMG MG.34 1939

click for enlarge 1920 X 1107 354,6 Kb picture click for enlarge 1920 X 1089 364,2 Kb picture
- MMG Villar Perosa M.1915 (the world's first sub-machine gun, the subject of the discharge of unique - in Russian only in St. Petersburg Museum of Artillery Corps of Engineers and Signal Corps, and then - for bulletproof glass.

The machine gun Maxim trilinear arr. 1910 Design Wizard Kolesnikova arr. 1916 In 1916 with a native shield with two cartridge boxes (1916 and 1917, Bryansk Arsenal), the subject of a very rare - in Russia there are only digging in the museum of the Blockade of Leningrad (St. Petersburg), and in private collections in Moscow.

- ММГ МР.38 1941 MMG MR.38 1941, Prospect Island Erma, with arm cocking hook.

- MMG MG.34 early sample, 1939, Prospect Island BsW, with a strap, tape and padding on 1939 (Tape also BsW).


Use a Russian to English translator as it doesn't post the correct link when I use it. BT


Deep Prejudice About the Deep South

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I am tired of apologizing. I apologized for being Muslim, post-9/11 and more recently for my Pakistani origins. Now, I apologize for being a southerner too"

2011 SOTU: The Patriot Response


"Barack Hussein Obama delivered his third State of the Union address week. The good news: We can remove this man and his dangerously inept Leftist regime in two years.

The bad news: He still has two years left, and according to his ObamaPrompter, he intends to stay the course toward economic implosion.

By way of decoding Obama's message to America, Reps. Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachmann provided good rebuttals. However, they were constrained by certain standards of collegiality, so I have taken the liberty of providing The Patriot Post's unvarnished response to select excerpts of the SOTU.

First, some general observations:

1. Obama is the least qualified person to be president in any room he enters, so he looked particularly juvenile and incompetent at the House chamber podium."

100-Round Mags For AR In Honor Of Dorkhead Representative McCarthy

KRISS Sub-Machinegun


Example of Open Source Tactical Innovation


Open Source Insurgency in Now Mainstream, So What's Next?

"Cool. The method of warfare/conflict/protest/revolt pioneered on this blog --open source insurgency -- is now mainstream. This blog's readers are now practitioners, and it's being used across the world with Tunisia and Egypt as the latest examples."