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While America Sleeps: The Perfect Storm Approaches

Mike Scruggs

It has been 238 years since the American Colonies declared their independence from Great Britain. Through the awesome Providence of God’s favor, He raised us up from insignificance and brought us through many hardships, dangers, and struggles to become the most powerful, most prosperous, and most freedom-blessed nation in the world. We have spent our tears and blood in this continuous struggle, but it was the Lord of Hosts who guided us and planted and nurtured our determination to persevere. We have raised mighty armies and mighty industries, and achieved spectacular technological advances, but it was always though His kind Providences that we succeeded in our building and in our victories. It has always been His invisible but invincible Arm that has defended us and brought confusion and defeat upon our enemies.

Will a nation that turns its back upon its God-given blessings and protection from its enemies do so without consequences? Will a nation that turns its back upon God’s Word and teachings continue to prosper? Will a nation that openly defies God’s standards long enjoy peace and security? Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn once summed up how the Russian people had fallen into the oppression, suffering, and brutality of Soviet Communism: “We have forgotten God.” Scripture is filled with examples of kings and peoples whose spiritual decline resulted in foolish and self-destructive decisions. Pride goes before a fall, and there is no more dangerous pride than “forgetting God” by pushing him out of our schools, our governments, our courts,, our lives, our thinking, our hearts, and our decisions.

So what are the elements of the perfect storm that could destroy America? As the above paragraphs suggest, the underlying cause of all of them is the spiritual and moral decline that our country has experienced since about 1965. For the last decade that decline has been astonishingly steep. We are in a spiritual and moral tail-spin.

I would lump the major elements of America’s extraordinary nation-destroying danger into three parts. The first part is an underlying set of false principles that make the nation extremely vulnerable to the potential death blow of the other two. The last two are not distant and speculative. They are near, real, and powerful.  They could run out of control within months, changing America so fundamentally as to render freedom, prosperity, justice, national security, public safety, and effective government beyond recovery—apart from Divine intervention.

The first of these has been with us and progressing for a long time. It is “Liberalism.” By this I mean “secular humanism.” Conservative Presbyterian Gresham Machen once wrote that liberalism and Christianity are two different religions. He was speaking of theological liberalism, but theological liberalism has come to have a strong correlation with modern political liberalism. Its underlying problem is that it defines truth apart from God. It replaces God’s Scriptural truth with the latest fashion in humanistic thinking. Defining God according to the wishes and conveniences of men, liberalism defines truth and goodness in terms of human-invented idealism rather than reality. This conflict between self-deceived invented idealism and reality often defines the difference between liberal and conservative political positions. In Western culture, political conservatism also has strong theistic leanings, while political liberalism prefers humanistic orientations. Political liberalism’s great danger is that it allows idealism unwarranted by facts and experience to trump reality, often with disastrous results. That is why liberalism does not work. It also spawns dangerous derivatives like multiculturalism, political correctness, unexamined pluralism, egalitarianism, and unjust government schemes for distributing wealth and opportunity. The pervasive march of multiculturalism makes it particularly hard to avert serious national security problems.

The second and potentially fatal element of the perfect storm is that the U.S. has the most foolish and corrupt de facto immigration system in the world. Its most destructive feature is non-enforcement of immigration laws, largely for political reasons. It is costing over $100 billion in annual fiscal costs to federal, state, and local governments per year and costing American wage-earners $405 billion per year, about $2,800 per each American worker per year. It is pushing millions of Americans out of the workforce and many of them on to welfare. It is driven by mindless liberalism and desire for totalitarian power on the left and ruthless greed for endless supplies of cheaper and cheaper labor to profit special interest donors with few patriotic scruples,. The proposal to “fix ”our immigration system (Senate bill S.744) is special interest legislation that would cost $6.3 Trillion and flood the country with millions of new illegal immigrants and guest-workers. Politically, it will end the influence of conservative ideas and participation in government. If passed or unlawfully instituted by President Obama, the swell of new illegal immigrants alone could throw the country into chaos and Socialist dictatorship within months. Yet too many in Congress are unwilling to recognize our extreme jeopardy. They have made immigration a sacred cow, and the sacred cow is now threatening our freedoms, culture and survival.

The third grave and immediate danger to America is resurgent Islam. Islam is defined by the teachings of the Koran and its interpreting prophet Muhammad. Islam is not a religion of peace and tolerance that has been hijacked by radicals. The violence, beheadings, and  threat of Holy War against all non-Muslims come directly from the Koran and Muhammad. There is no true Islam without these teachings. So-called “moderate” Muslims are generally secularized or purely cultural Muslims. The totalitarian nature of Islam often either silences or converts so-called moderates. The few genuinely moderate Muslims are often persecuted or killed as heretics for rejecting the sacred standards of Islam. Thousands of Muslim immigrants are flooding into our country, but Obama Administration policies and political correctness prevent any discrimination between friend and foe. The risks are stacked strongly against us. We are in grave danger of widespread and extreme violence. Caving to multiculturalism and political correctness could cost thousands of lives and cause economic and political disorder.

Tar Heel, North Carolina

 A pasture on the edge of Tar Heel

Mind Boggling

Population 117, but  home to the largest pork processing plant in the world 

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Muslim Family Tree: Raped by Father-in-Law, Clerics Rule that Her Husband is Now Her Son


What a very sick world we live in. How can a Father disrespect his own son so much as to covet his wife? Furthermore, since the feeling is not mutual, what Father would go so far as to rape his own daughter-in-law and do it multiple times?

People keep making excuses for Islam and preach their politically correct tolerance but they fail to look at what is going on around them. This is not the religion of peace. It is the religion of pieces.

Not only did this man rape his son’s wife, but the local clerics have ordered that the victim must now act as the wife of a man who raped her multiple times, at gunpoint, while she treats her own husband as a son. This is not from one of those 98% Muslim states either. This happened in India which is roughly 80% Hindu. This is another case of the Muslim minority trying to take over. How’s that working out in Minnesota?

IndiaTVNews reports:


He delayed the mission to rescue James Foley and other ISIS hostages because he didn't want to be "Carterized." He sent the men in the rescue helicopters back to their bunks as he watched our people die in real time at Benghazi. And he delayed the Osama bin Laden raid for MONTHS out of fear of what a failed attempt would do to his re-election chances. In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle shows how President Coward always puts his personal image ahead of the lives of American citizens.

Obama accused of 'waging war on Millennials'

 Katie Kieffer

Katie Kieffer isn’t willing to concede victory to Barack Obama’s now-famous pledge to fundamentally transform America.

The Fox News commentator and entrepreneur states that Obama’s ideology is a direct threat to the capitalism America’s next-generation leaders are still capable of nourishing.

“It’s very fulfilling to be a self-starter and be independent,” says the author of a new book, “Let Me Be Clear: Barack Obama’s War on Millennials, and One Woman’s Case for Hope,”“[But] the only way you can do that is a free-market society. I’m a Millennial, and the socialist policies of Barack Obama don’t work and are responsible for the crisis we are in.”

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How the West drove Russia into Ukraine


 Down with the old, up with the new.

The mainstream story of the conflict in Ukraine is mind-meltingly simple: it was Russia wot dunnit. Since the fall of its Russian puppet of a president, Viktor Yanukovych, Russia has ceaselessly and relentlessly pursued a policy of military aggression against Ukraine. It really is that simple.

Everything that is happening in Ukraine, from the displacement of nearly 300,000 people, to the killing of 2,200 more, is the fault of Russia and its chest-beating throwback of a president, Vladimir Putin.

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Man Saves Friends by Fighting Off 5 Attackers With His Firearm

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Fortunately the good citizens of Milwaukee are heeding the advice of their Sheriff and arming up. Sheriff David Clarke has long been a voice of reason within his county, made ever so evident in his public service ad he ran last year:

“I’m Sheriff David Clarke and I want to talk to you about something personal: Your safety. It’s no longer a spectator sport. I need you in the game. But are you ready? With officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option. … Consider taking a certified safety course in handling of firearms, so you can defend yourself until we get there. You have a duty to protect yourself and your family. We’re partners now. Can I count on you?”

The entire city of Milwaukee can thank a 30 year old West Allis  man for “partnering up” with Sheriff Clarke and carrying his sidearm with him when he was out.

 A group of at least 6 gang bangers had been terrorizing the streets, on a 3 day rampage, committing dozens of armed robberies and thefts.

Video: Black gang brutally beats white couple

The security video is stark, but authorities in Springfield, Missouri, are hoping there are enough details for someone to provide the names of members of a black gang who attacked and bludgeoned two victims recently.

Although the gang members caused serious injuries, they didn’t leave anything that has identified them.

The video shows the six gang members coming up from behind and taking down a man who was walking along with a woman. She’s attacked, too, but not in the initial slugfest.

For half a minute, the beating continues. First one attacker bails, then a second and then two more.
After a final round of kicking and slugging, the last two gang members flee.

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Toilet-themed café in Saigon

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Toilet-themed café

See, I told you what would happen if the Communists took over........:)

– Toilet-themed café has been popular in a number of Asian countries, but quite new in Vietnam as a toilet café was inaugurated in Hanoi several months ago and over the weekend, Le Huu Quang and his friend Duong Dang Hong Phuc opened Toilet Kingdom Coffee and Food in HCMC’s Binh Thanh District

It is hard to imagine someone enjoying foods or drinks in a toilet and using toilet equipment to have foods and drinks. However, sitting on chairs topped with cushions in a toilet-designed café and having snacks on bathtubs and drinking from toilet-shaped cups and bidets on lavabos used as tables may bring an interesting experience for guests.

The gate, staircases and walls of the café are also decorated like those of toilets and there are many kinds of flowers along the ways of the venue.

$PLC Publishes $ensationalist Article on “The Indomitables”



The SPLC has published the dumbest, most unfounded, sensationalist article that I have ever seen on the Hatewatch and that’s saying something because I have been reading their blog on a daily basis for years now.

The core assertion of the article is that the League of the South has formed “a uniformed, paramilitary unit” called “The Indomitables” which is to be “stacked with white supremacists, former Klan members and neo-Nazis.” Michael Hill has allegedly referred to our top secret “militia” in leaked “internal Facebook posts.” This “uniformed paramilitary unit” is allegedly led by Eric Meadows whose role on the League’s national staff is “Training.” It includes people like Abe Monroe who is “representative of that new type of southern nationalist the League now seeks.”

Where to begin?

13 Hours At Benghazi 1 - 5

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