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Feminists’ New Mascot: Their Own Vagina

In a remarkable and denigrating moment in American political history, the feminists of Michigan, led by Democrat state representative Lisa Brown, proclaimed to the world their true focus: their own vaginas.

Protesting the fact that Republicans objected to “representative” Ms. Brown‘s use of the word “vagina” on the House floor, she and ten other feminist lawmakers performed Eve Ensler‘s play, “The Vagina Dialogues” on the steps of the state capitol in Lansing. Ms. Brown’s advocacy of abortion–the context of her use of the word “vagina” in the House debates–found a surreal expression in public acting out, in a bizarre group therapy session for frustrated feminist politicians.

Professional feminist Democrat, Michigan state representative Lisa Brown acts out ‘vaginism’ before the public.

So, the narcissism found normally in the emotionally disturbed was also found in professional public servants, and given public expression, before a public audience. This is what you do when you can’t get your way in a decent, legal setting. You go outdoors and shout. When your attitude is unacceptable before dignitaries, you roll it out on the steps of the state house.

Democrat feminists perform before a liberal audience in downtown Lansing, Michigan, Monday, June 18, 2012.

Of course, we needn’t consider the male cognate, or the male parallel. Any such attention or use of the male organ would be unthinkable. No normal or decent man would imagine such completely unnecessary emphasis. Only homosexual males are such exhibitionists.

But all liberalism is the norm. Media sees to that. Anything that is improper, indecent, or otherwise outrageous, is a media delight.

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Michigan Patriot Alliance Alert

Pete, please post this as a stand alone piece. It will explain itself.

Please distribute on your web site the following:

I’m known by my two “nom de guerre’s,” ‘The Trainer’ and ‘Black Jack.’ I lead the Michigan Patriot Alliance. I have a group of good men, citizens loyal to the Constitution, who train and prepare to protect their families and friends against the harsh times we all agree are coming, either through government (which one is irrelevant as they are acting in concert) or disaster. We are not “anti-government”; rather, we are “pro-constitutional government”; we are not “terrorists”; we are the “armed citizenry” who refuses to be terrorized; we are not “bad actors”; rather, we have already paid our dues whether in service or in industry, and have no patience for Marxism, Globalism, Pantheism, Fascism, or whatever “ism” that isn’t “Americanism” as espoused by the Founders and the tradition of “common law” that actually had a great deal of influence in the founding of this Republic. We are “Live and Let Live.” So long as we are left alone to raise our families, associate with those we choose, allowed to reject “political correctness” and be who we were raised to be by tradition and choice, we offer no offense or harm to anyone. Leave us alone; we will leave you (government) alone. We will vote, pay our taxes, protest as we see fit, and so forth, all without major upset.

With that description of who I am and who my folks are, know that today, when deplaning from a business trip to Texas, I was approached by a member of the FBI who presented his credentials and asked if he could talk to me. Simultaneously, half a dozen or so other members of my group were being approached by agents of the FBI, Michigan State Police, and a couple other county departments.

None of us were arrested or detained. I was in their company less than 10 minutes, once I was escorted with a uniformed officer on my left, plain clothes sheriff’s deputy (or junior g-man) at my six, and the senior investigator moving from either 2 to 8 O’clock all the way to the detention/interview room. We were let in by a ‘high fructose corn syrup’ fed locally employed, armed police officer, in other words, he was really fat!

The FBI basically wanted to know if I wanted to talk about my group, the Michigan Patriot Alliance and a quote I use by Colonel Charles Beckwith, the founder of Delta Force, whom I greatly admire, that says, “I’d rather go down the river with seven studs than a hundred shitheads.” From the saying, we’ve developed a toast, “7 Studs” that we use at social occasions, which obviously underscores the concern of quality versus quantity.

My purpose for writing this is to put out formal notice that nobody that I know in the MPA is a child pornographer, kiddie porn addict, terrorist, or otherwise a ‘malcontent ne’er do well’. We all are citizens of our State and the United States, some of us veterans, some not, who are angry at the direction and speed the nation is taking toward totalitarianism. Yes, we are armed. Yes, we train to stay alive. Yes, we study historical works, such as M. Stanton Evans’ “The Theme is Freedom” to understand how our chosen belief system, Christianity, actually is, by historical evidence, the foundation of all the freedoms we used to enjoy… getting on an airplane without being escorted and searched like a common criminal.

So, should you see another group on the news in Michigan that was ‘taken down’ because they were plotting to kill, maim, or otherwise do harm to innocent Americans, know that it is not true. We, in the MPA, only train to protect those we love (our wives, children and extended families), help our communities when the SHTF, and help our country as we can by being loyal Constitutionalists.

Our aim has never, and will never, be to “overthrow the government” or cause harm to any innocent. Our goal is to see through restoration of constitutional government. Government that lives within its confines laid out so clearly in the Constitution.

All that said, for those federals reading this, should you decide to arrest us or “NDAA” us, for the charge of loving our Constitution and country, have the decency to leave the neighborhoods we live in alone. Leave our wives, children and other family members alone. Approach us calmly, reasonably, and without dynamic raid teams. They are unnecessary. Doing so might just help you start to rebuild the older, more honorable title of ‘peace officer’ and heal the scars the last 40 years of “law enforcement” have wrought among us (“us” meaning the citizenry). All dynamic raids do is provide a testosterone ‘buzz’ for those ‘tactical types’ that see all of us, and I mean every single one of us, as “the enemy.”

Personally, I can attest that none of us wishes to do combat; we’d rather come together and reason on the level playing field between men.

On the other hand, we’ve all made our peace with God, so if you’re going to kill us, you might want to bring a lunch.


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The BofA downgrade should make our hearts beat a little prouder.

The Bank of America Declaration

Nuclear explosion


Ratings agency Moody's downgraded the long-term credit ratings of 15 major U.S., Canadian, and European banks today after markets in New York closed.

Of the 15 firms downgraded this afternoon, none were hit more than Moody's originally said was possible when it placed them on review in February.

The action will likely force many of the banks targeted post additional collateral against trades held on their books.

Below, a summary of the major ratings action taken.

Cut One Notch:

  • HSBC downgraded to Aa3 from Aa2
  • Lloyds TSB downgraded to A2 from A1
  • RBS downgraded to Baa1 from A3
  • Societe Generale downgraded to A2 from A1

Cut Two Notches:

Cut Three Notches:

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PolitiChics TV on The Runaway Slave

Via Cousin John

War for an idea?

SDYC 2008

Another excellent tidbit from the Sam Davis Youth Camp.

The Charlottesville Review, leading anti-secession paper of Virginia, reached the heart of the issue when it said:

"There is a habit of speaking derisively of going to war for an idea — an abstraction — something which you cannot see. This is precisely the point on which we would go to war. An idea is exactly the thing that we would fight for. . . . The people who will not fight for ideas will never retain the spirit to fight for anything. Life loses its highest meaning, when opinions become matters of indifference. . . . Therefore, we say, for this idea of State honor — for this abstract principle of not bating her just claims upon threat of coercion — we would convulse this Union from centre to circumference."39

Yep, same old story, part one million or so........

Texas fisherman prevails in epic battle with enormous alligator gar

Via Cousin Bill

Whether Brent Crawford has captured the world's largest alligator gar will never be known -- his scale bottomed out emphatically at 300 pounds and he filleted the prehistoric-looking fish after attempting to obtain its weight.

But this much is clear: The gar Crawford landed while bow-fishing recently in Texas' Lake Corpus Christi is among the largest specimens ever captured -- and it was captured in a manner like no other gar captured beforehand.

(The largest-known alligator gar caught while bow-fishing weighed 365 pounds. The largest caught on rod and reel weighed 279 pounds.)

Crawford, who has lived on the lake for 20 years, was alerted to the presence of several giant gar in a wide canal feeding into the lake: an enormous female swimming with about five smaller males.

His reaction, according to the Corpus Christi Caller Times, was simply: "Oh goodness. That fish right there was worth chasing."

The newspaper's outdoors columnist, David Sikes, produced a detailed account of what transpired next. The following is a condensed version:

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Muslim butcher slaughters his wife, skinned/deboned/chopped her up, then sold in store for $62/pound


The man even advertised the ‘daily special’ as ‘homegrown goat meat’.

An Egyptian butcher loved his trade so much he chopped up his wife, rolled up her meat in neat hand-sized portions and sold those over the counter to his unsuspecting ‘endearing’ customers.

A horrible fight between the butcher and his wife led to the man committing this most gruesome act.

But one customer with a more ‘refined’ set of taste buds wasn’t convinced it was goat meat he was eating at dinner time. The man notified local police who had the meat examined at a laboratory where it was concluded that meat in question didn’t come from a goat but was in fact human flesh.

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Political Correctness

Via Survival

"At its core, then, political correctness is nothing more nor less than the unjust intimidation of others into thinking and speaking a certain way. As such, it is pure totalitarian mind control."
-- David Kupelian

BUSTED: Orlando Sentinel Again Caught Lying In Zimmerman Case


The Last Refuge

The Orlando Sentinel has a history of blatant media manipulation in the same lying manner as NBC News. However this one is WAY OVER THE TOP ! Here is a screen grab from their article about George Zimmerman and the “Voice Stress Test”.

Go there now to see how they were forced to the change the false statement when challenged with the Truth. They changed at 2:38pm

Obama’s Claim of Executive Privilege: It’s Frivolous

Via Western Rifle Shooters Association

Today Deputy Attorney General James Cole advised Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, that the Department of Justice will not respond to the committee’s subpoena of certain documents relating to the Fast and Furious scandal. Instead, the Obama administration is asserting a claim of executive privilege for the reasons laid out in Eric Holder’s letter to President Obama dated June 19.

r is a remarkable document. Viewed from a strictly technical standpoint, it is a terrible piece of legal work. Its arguments are weak at best; in some cases, they are so frivolous as to invite the imposition of sanctions if they were asserted in court. I will explain why momentarily, but first this observation: if an opposing party requests documents that plainly are protected by a privilege, a lawyer will routinely assert the privilege, on principle, even though there is nothing hurtful to his case in those documents. On the other hand, a lawyer will not assert a lousy claim of privilege unless he badly wants to keep the documents in question out of the opponent’s hands because of their damaging nature. If I am correct that the administration’s assertion of executive privilege is baseless, it is reasonable to infer that the documents, if made public, would be highly damaging to President Obama, Attorney General Holder, or other senior administration officials. Now, as to Holder’s letter:

First: in the first paragraph of his letter to the president, Holder describes Fast and Furious as a program that was intended “to stem the illegal flow of firearms from the United States to drug cartels in Mexico.” This rank dishonesty suggests that Holder’s letter has primarily a political intent. In fact, the purpose of the Fast and Furious program was to facilitate and even finance the flow of weapons to the Mexican cartels. Why the administration wanted to do this remains a mystery; a mystery that might be cleared up if the subpoenaed documents are produced.

Second: the House committee has narrowed its subpoena to an extraordinary degree.

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America’s First Undeclared War & Hard Times - Civil War Tokens

von Nothaus Liberty Dollars

An 1837 Song for Hard Times Token Collectors

[during this period Pennsylvania was the manufacturing region of the country...CV]

Tune - "Royal Charlie."

Hard times! - Hard times! - is now the cry,
The country's in confusion;

The Banks have stopped! - and still they try
To mystify delusion;

They give US trash,
And keep the cash
To send across the waters,

To pay for things
They bought from Kings,
To gull our sons and daughters! -

Then to the Polls! - ye noble souls! -
The Banks may cry for quarters!
But hear their doom - THEY SHALL RESUME,
Or forfeit all their charters!

Shall Corporations rule the soil,
That Washington defended?

Must honest people sweat and toil,
And see their rights "suspended?"

Must we be slaves,
To pamper knaves
Shall Bankers be our masters?

Must all our pay,
From day to day,
Be nothing but shin-plasters?

Then to the Polls! - ye noble souls! -
The Banks may cry for quarters!
But hear their doom - THEY SHALL RESUME,
Or forfeit all their charters!

Brave Jackson strove to keep us free,
He Lov'd his country dearly,

His "sound metallic currency"
Was not a "promise" merely:

If "Little Van's"
An honest man,
He'll imitate the Hero,

And send the whigs,
To dance their jigs,
At least - as low as Zero!

Then to the Polls! - ye noble souls! -
The Banks may cry for quarters!
But hear their doom - THEY SHALL RESUME,
Or forfeit all their charters!

As Congress is about to meet,
Upon a great occasion,

May no unholy scheme defeat
The common expectation: -

If Martin will
Be honest still,
The scenes which now are tragic, -

Must disappear
Before a year,
For honesty is "magic!!" -

Then to the Polls! - ye noble souls! -
The Banks may cry for quarters!
But hear their doom - THEY SHALL RESUME,
Or forfeit all their charters!

The "Empire State" may play her pranks,
And e'en the "Old Dominion,"

May white wash all her broken Banks
Regardless of opinion:

The Keystone State
Won't hesitate,
Tho' ills fall thick upon her,

To still maintain,
Without a stain,
Her high and "sacred honor."

Then to the Polls! - ye noble souls! -
The Banks may cry for quarters!
But hear their doom - THEY SHALL RESUME,
Or forfeit all their charters!

We duly understand our rights,
The rights of Law, and Nature: -

We'll vote no more for paper kites,
To fill our Legislature: -

For just Reform
We'll brave the storm,
Bold as Columbia's Seamen,

We'll do or die -
For Liberty, -
And prove that we are Freemen!!

Then to the Polls! - ye noble souls! -
The Banks may cry for quarters!
But hear their doom - THEY SHALL RESUME,
Or forfeit all their charters!

More @ Charleston Voice

The Centenarian Diet

Sex in the park

Good Lord.


‘Get in line’ or ‘resign’ Admiral tells military chaplain

Via NC Renegade


une 20, 2012 ( - Although the U.S. Military fight and die to uphold freedom, high-level military chaplains report they are increasingly being denied freedom of conscience and freedom of speech. There is also alarm about the negative effects on troop morale over the undoing of the 237-years’ practice of providing traditional religious support for U.S. soldiers.

“We were promised that we would see no change - very little change,” says Col. Ron Crews, alluding to a two-star officer’s assurance that the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal would not impede the ministry of military chaplains. That promise, he says, has not been kept.

Col. Crews, executive director of Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, was speaking at a panel along with military chaplains and religious freedom activists during the 2012 National Religious Freedom Conference in Washington D.C on May 24.

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Leading Global Warming Advocate Recants! ... 'Models Fail Dramatically ...'

Globalists Switching Gears: Royal Society Lecturer Says CO2 Not Affecting Earth's Temperature ... Fritz Vahrenholt, a German green energy investor, says he has reassessed his position on man-made climate change. Vahrenholt has been a professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Hamburg since 2009. He served as a senator for the environment in Hamburg, Germany between 1991 and 1997, and was a member of the "sustainability advisory board" to chancellor Schr̦der and Merkel in 2001 to 2007. Speaking at the 3rd Global Warming Policy Foundation Annual Lecture at the Royal Society in London, Vahrenholt was representing RWE Innogy, one of Europe's largest renewable energy corporations. The IPCC's current climate models cannot explain the climate history of the past 10,000 years. But if these models fail so dramatically in the past, how can they help to predict the future? ... Perhaps Vahrenholt's appearance at the globalist think-tank, the Royal Society, is some proof that they are beginning to alter their tactics. If fear fearmongering the public by decrying global catastrophes due to man-made global warming is no longer effective, then it might be that the global Elites are shifting their public agenda, inventing more subversive propaganda that appears to support renewable energy. РActivist Post

Dominant Social Theme: Global warming is real. Get used to it.

Free-Market Analysis: This is a great article that Susanne Posel has written over at the Activist Post website. It's really an analysis of the potential failure of one of the power elite's main dominant social theme, global warming.

As you can see from the excerpt above, a noted Green theorist Fritz Vahrenholt has recanted regarding global warming. As Vahrenholt is intimately connected with many others in the movement, this is notable occurrence.

More @ The Daily Bell

Va Flaggers - Flagging the VMFA - March/April/May 2012

Susan Hathaway and CIC Michael Givens


Jefferson Davis Memorial Service, June 2, 2012

The PC UDC again

More degradation by the leadership of the UDC. I just learned that a young man and member of the SCV spent hundreds of hours and his personal funds to carefully restore the iron crosses on over 300 Confederate Soldiers graves. The local UDC chapter recommended him for a UDC award - the recommendation was quickly denied when the UDC leadership learned that that same young man, who is presently fighting cancer, was a member of the Virginia Flaggers and had stood up for his Confederae Ancestors and against the desecration of the Confederate Memorial Chapel and the R. E. Lee Camp Confederate Memorial Park. Such a shame that the UDC leadership is permeated by such evil and mean spirit.

John Henry Taylor

Holder Retracts Lie that Bush’s Attorney General Knew About Gun Walking

Got called on this one. He's sure got lying down pat.

In the wake of President Barack Obama asserting executive privilege to withhold Operation Fast and Furious documents from Congress, the Department of Justice has withdrawn a second statement made to Congress because it was inaccurate.

During last week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Holder had alleged that former Attorney General Michael Mukasey knew of gunwalking during the George W. Bush administration.

“An attorney general who I suppose you would hold in higher regard was briefed on these kinds of tactics in an operation called Wide Receiver and did nothing to stop them — nothing,” Holder told Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn during that hearing. “Three hundred guns, at least, walked in that instance.”

After the hearing, Grassley wrote to Holder asking him to provide evidence to back up his blaming Mukasey.

Instead of being able to facilitate evidence, though, according to Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley’s office, Holder and the DOJ have now retracted that statement.

More @ The Daily Caller

George Zimmerman's Reenactment of Trayvon Martin Shooting

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

"He took my head and slammed it against the concrete several times, and each time I thought my head was going to explode and I thought I was going to lose consciousness," George Zimmerman told police the day after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

"I started screaming for help," but Martin pressed his hands over Zimmerman's mouth and nose, he said. "He told me to shut the f&#k up, and I was suffocating."

Zimmerman told police he was lying on the ground, but his head was on the concrete.

"I didn't want him to keep slamming my head on the concrete so I kind of shifted. But when I shifted my jacket came up…and it exposed my firearm. That's when he said you are going to die tonight. He took one hand off my mouth, and slid it down my chest. I took my gun aimed it at him and fired."

More @ ABC News

White House move sets off lawmaker questions over 'Fast and Furious'

Republican leaders in both chambers are raising sharper questions about the White House's involvement in the controversial "Fast and Furious" program after President Obama invoked executive privilege to withhold documents from Republican investigators.

Both the White House and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder have claimed repeatedly that high-level officials – both in the Department of Justice and in the White House – were unaware of the nature of the botched program, which put firearms into the hands of known gun-runners in an effort to trace them to drug-smugglers along the Mexican border.

But with the White House moving unilaterally Wednesday to assert executive privilege over documents sought by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Republicans have grown more suspicious that those officials knew more than they've claimed.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (Iowa), the senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said the administration's maneuver "raises monumental questions" about who knew what – and when.

"How can the president assert executive privilege if there was no White House involvement? How can the president exert executive privilege over documents he's supposedly never seen?" Grassley, who met with Holder Tuesday night, said Wednesday in a statement. "Is something very big being hidden to go to this extreme? ... The questions from Congress go to determining what happened in a disastrous government program for accountability and so that it's never repeated again.”

More @ The Hill

The Obama Amnesty Agenda

The Tip of a Nation-destroying Iceberg

Mike Scruggs

President Barack Obama has been giving amnesties by the tens of thousands for the last several months. They were, of course, called by other names. For example, putting an illegal immigrant on effectively indefinite “deferred status” as to potential deportation is in effect an amnesty. But as Shakespeare said, “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” The reverse of Shakespeare also works: That which we call a skunk by any other name would smell as foul.

Having gotten away with relatively small amnesties with only scattered or token political opposition and little media attention, the President has now openly declared that he intends to go around Congress and give amnesties by executive order in much larger numbers. Since what President Obama is doing is clearly an unconstitutional usurpation of power from Congress and the people, I think the skunk analogy is a mild one. He is moving from President to Dictator.

The public is largely unaware of the magnitude or the consequences of what he is doing. What they are hearing from Obama and his admirers in the liberal press is wrapped in the usual tear-jerking anecdotes of compassion and the “American Dream,” but it is in fact, tyranny leading to hardship and injustice to millions of American workers and their families. It will also be hard on the taxpayers.

The liberal press is citing an amnesty figure of 800,000 young people. However, this figure is based on the Dream Act, thrice defeated in Congress, which included only college graduates age 30 or less. Obama’s amnesty does not require a college degree, so the likely number of recipients is well over 2,000,000. But don’t bet on the number being that small. It is only the tip of the iceberg. Past amnesties have been characterized by widespread fraud and constantly expanding criteria with minimal verification. At least 25 percent of the amnesties granted in the 1986 Amnesty were awarded on the basis of fraudulent documents and claims. Ronald Reagan was persuaded to sign that amnesty, although he had considerable reservations. His gut feeling and reservations proved correct. He later said that the 1986 amnesty was the biggest mistake of his presidency. What was supposed to have been an amnesty for about 1.0 million turned into an amnesty for 2.7 million, and the amnesty ball kept on rolling after that.

One thing that was confirmed by studies of the 1986 amnesty and the years following is that every amnesty results in two to three more illegal immigrants within 10-20 years. Giving amnesty for illegal acts always undermines respect for law and encourages more illegal behavior. Do the math. Giving two million amnesties (maybe many more) will result in four to six million more illegal immigrants.

According to the May 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, there are 23 million Americans who want a full time job and cannot find one. This is according to the U-6 definition, which in addition to the 12 million unemployed in the standard U-3 definition, also includes several million long-term discouraged workers who have given up finding a job and those forced to part-time. There are many others who are underemployed—about half of new college graduates. Obama’s amnesty is not going to be good news for the 23 million Americans in the U-6 employment status category. Several million formerly illegal immigrants will soon be able to compete more openly with them for jobs.

Look at the outrageous injustice here—there are 8.1 million illegal immigrants in the United States who have jobs and 23 million Americans who want a full time job and cannot find one. Now Obama is going to make this unjust situation worse. This is not compassion; it is callous indifference to the suffering of American workers and their families. This is vote-buying demagoguery. When Obama spoke before the radical Latino group, La Raza, in California, they almost brought the house down with cheers, when he suggested he might ignore Congress and grant executive amnesties.

Obama’s game plan has always been to give amnesty to all but a few of the 12 million illegal immigrants now in the U.S. Amnesty will have a disastrous impact on American workers and taxpayers, but with the increase of new welfare-hungry Democrat voters, it will mean an ever more left-leaning electorate and permanent power for Obama and the Left.

The Islamists use immigration as a form of Jihad to take over Western countries. Marxists have always done the same, even deporting large portions of native populations to be replaced with new immigrants, as the Soviet Union did in the Baltic States after World War II. New Russian immigrants flooded into Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania; and hundreds of thousands of the natives were forced out. Just a few years ago, European Union leaders were encouraging Muslim immigration to minimize the political impact of native cultural and ethnic identities and nationalism.

Obama’s objective is a new electorate dominated by social-welfare ideology and Marxist leadership. Amnesty will give it to him quickly. Accommodating amnesty is Republican suicide.

Republican leaders need to break the spell of political correctness that has prevented them from taking a strong unified stand against any form of amnesty by whatever name. If they let Obama get away with this Constitutional tyranny and outrageous demographic manipulation to form a new socialist electorate, the handwriting for Republican political impotence will soon be on the wall. Victory and future relevance is going to require some backbone. Without courage, no other virtues or freedom can long survive.


Murdered Border Agent’s Family Says President Obama ‘Compounding This Tragedy’ with Executive Privilege Assertion

Via Don

The family of slain U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, who was killed with guns tied to the Fast and Furious program, issued a statement Wednesday afternoon accusing President Obama of compounding their family tragedy by invoking executive privilege.

President Obama invoked executive privilege to shield the Justice Department from having to release documents sought by House Republican investigating the secret law enforcement program, wherein weapons smugglers were permitted to buy guns so law enforcement could trace them to drug cartels. Law enforcement lost track of hundreds of the guns, which began showing up at crime scenes, most tragically in December 2010, where Terry was killed.

Terry family attorney Pat McGroder on Wednesday released the following statement from Terry’s parents Josephine Terry and Kent Terry Sr.: “Attorney General Eric Holder’s refusal to fully disclose the documents associated with Operation Fast and Furious and President Obama’s assertion of executive privilege serves to compound this tragedy. It denies the Terry family and the American people the truth.”

More @ ABC News

The 20 Best Job Apps for New Grads

Laptop manufacturers have to be worried. Based on absolutely no proof, we’re guessing you could probably land a space shuttle with an iPad now. One thing we’re certain you can do is make your job search easier. So if you’re a new graduate, traipsing around Europe or camping out in Zuccotti Park, don’t sweat not having your computer. Just throw your smartphone or tablet into your backpack and go, knowing these 20 apps have all your job hunting needs covered.

Resistance S4: The Logistics of Successful Cache Plan Development (Part Two)

(In the previous installment of this article, we discussed--well, I discussed, you read--a great deal of the art and science of locating and hiding caches, in an overview sort of way. In this installment, I will endeavor to get you thinking of methods of packaging the materials to be cached, the contents of the different types of caches, and how to develop a written cache report format. --J.M.)


In reference to caches, the term packaging refers not only to whatever container you decide to hide your goodies in, but also the additional processing needed to protect those items from adverse storage conditions. Proper packaging is absolutely crucial, because inadequate packaging, in the face of those adverse storage conditions (and let's face it, being buried in the dirt, or exposed to the elements, is generally adverse for most manufactured goods), WILL render the cached items useless in short order (how bad would it suck to be ten days into a planned four-day foot-mobile patrolling movement, dig up your food re-supply cache...and find out the cans of Spaghetti-Os had rusted through, leaking them all over the beef jerky, which had been gnawed on and shit on by mice?).

Determining Factors

All packaging needs to be tailored to the specific cache.

Can the President Rewrite Federal Law? by Andrew P. Napolitano

Can the President Rewrite Federal Law?

Here we go again. Is the Constitution merely a guideline to be consulted by those it purports to regulate, or is it really the supreme law of the land? If it is just a guideline, then it is meaningless, as it only will be followed by those in government when it is not an obstacle to their purposes. If it is the supreme law of the land, what do we do when one branch of government seizes power from another and the branch that had its power stolen does nothing about it?

Late last week, President Obama, fresh from a series of revelations that he kills whomever he pleases in foreign lands, that the U.S. military is actually fighting undeclared wars in Somalia and Yemen, and that the CIA is using cyber warfare—computers—to destabilize innocents in Iran, announced that he has rewritten a small portion of federal immigration law so as to accommodate the needs of young immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and remained here. By establishing new rules governing deportation, rules that Congress declined to enact, the president has usurped the power to write federal law from Congress and commandeered it for himself.

“If the president can rewrite federal laws that he doesn’t like, there is no limit to his power.”

Immigrants should not be used as political pawns by the government. When government does that, it violates the natural law. Our rights come from our humanity, and our humanity comes from God. Our rights are natural and integral to us, and they do not vary by virtue of, and cannot be conditioned upon, the place where our mothers were physically located at the time of our births. Federal law violates the natural law when it interferes with whom you invite to your home or employ in your business or to whom you rent your property or with whom you walk the public sidewalks.

When the government restricts freedom of association based on an immutable characteristic of birth—like race, gender or the place of birth—it is engaging in the same type of decision-making that brought us slavery, Jim Crow and other invidious government discrimination. Regrettably, the feds think they can limit human freedom by quota and by geography. And they have done this for base political reasons.

Along comes the president, and he has decided that he can fix some of our immigration woes by rewriting the laws to his liking. Never mind that the Constitution provides that his job is “to take care that the laws be faithfully executed,” and that “all legislative power” in the federal government has been granted to Congress. He has chosen to bypass Congress and disregard the Constitution. Can he do this?

More @ Taki's

Transforming the American dream into the American tragedy


NC Renegade


“Some things to ponder about Hispanic immigration, legal and otherwise.

1) Hispanics are entitled to hiring, promotion and college admissions advantages over similarly qualified whites. Retiring Senator James Webb in the Wall Street Journal:

“In an odd historical twist that all Americans see but few can understand, many programs allow recently arrived immigrants to move ahead of similarly situated whites whose families have been in the country for generations . . . The extrapolation [of racial preference programs] . . . to all ‘people of color’—especially since 1965, when new immigration laws dramatically altered the demographic makeup of the U.S.—moved affirmative action away from remediation and toward discrimination, this time against whites.”

SOURCE: “Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege,” by Senator James Webb, Wall Street Journal, July 22, 2010

2) Hispanic illegal aliens, put on a path to citizenship (Obama’s deportation exemption is a first step) can, on reaching age 21, apply for citizenship for their parents, thus doubly rewarding the original illegal entry of the illegal alien parents. They secure an American education for their child at taxpayers’ expense and, as a bonus, get to become citizens themselves.

3) Levels of educational attainment of Hispanic immigrants, after many generations, remain much lower than that of the white population. This means that, as a group, Hispanics will need disproportionately more governmental assistance. Senior researcher at the Educational Testing Service Irwin Kirsch, on the effect of increasing non-white immigration on the productivity of the American workforce:
“We have the possibility of transforming the American dream into the American tragedy. ” [This represents] “a threat to our democracy.”

Why Such an Emphasis on Accuracy?

Sniper prepares to fire on a hostage taker.

According to the surveys I’ve read, the median distance for police sniper shots in the US is just under 60 yards, and median is closer to 35 yards. At 60 yards, even a ratty AK47 with surplus ball will produce a group not much greater than two inches. A two inch group means dispersion of only one inch from the point of aim at fifty yards. So why is everyone obsessing about sub-MOA accuracy in sniper rifles?

Cranio-ocular cavity outlined

Cranio-ocular cavity outlined: this is the instant turn-off zone from the front.

The reasons are several. First, average and median numbers are no comfort for those snipers who get the less common but not altogether rare longer-range cases. Second, police snipers are working to much tighter standards than so military snipers. It’s not enough to score a hit, it’s usually necessary to hit the brainstem and completely shut down any voluntary or spasmatic movement, such as pulling the trigger on a hostage. The instant turn-off zones on a human are tiny, about five inches wide by two high from the front and roughly a two inch square from the side. Third, all deviations from the desired point of impact may add up — the errors in range estimation, the movement of the target, the imprecision of the sniper’s aim and the dispersion inherent in the firearm can all contribute to the point of impact being off by far more than the inch or so induced by the 4MOA limitation alone.

This is also why higher-velocity rounds are preferred for most police sniping, to reduce the impact of any errors in range estimation as well as to limit over-penetration. A one-MOA rifle adds at most a quarter inch of error to the shot at fifty yards. Since the desired result is not an abstract group but a very precise match to the moving, bobbing target, that quarter inch minimizes the chance of the cumulative error growing beyond acceptable value. Other ways to reduce that error include getting closer, using a steady support, waiting for the perpetrator to become stationary and having multiple snipers fire on cue.

One Man, One Vote, One Catastrophe

One Man, One Vote, One Catastrophe

As a white man born and bred in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) who has watched events unfold both in my home country and in the African subcontinent, I look at the United States and Western Europe with a sense of having seen the same horror movie before. I fear my fellow palefaces abroad are rapidly heading for second place like we did, and for many of the same reasons.

Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith pleaded with an unsympathetic world to understand his call for a qualified franchise based on merit and not race. He told his multitude of detractors that universal suffrage was a recipe for disaster in a polity where the vast majority had only recently been discovered in a very primitive state before being suddenly exposed to Western Civilization with all its complexities and alien systems and values. He insisted it would be disastrous to rush the process. He asked for time to educate and inspire the populace to take their place in a sophisticated democracy, but he was universally damned. Just as he feared, a flawed election followed in 1980 under the auspices of a Thatcher-led British government. Robert Mugabe and his criminal cabal, poorly disguised as Freedom Fighters, assumed power and a catastrophe began to unfold.

“Just as Mugabe rose to power on the back of a dumb electorate and a conniving media, so has Obama.”

Now many Americans and Europeans are having to confront the same paradigm. As the demographic winds of change blow stronger, the number of illiterates and itinerants grows at an alarming rate. Those that contribute the least to the common good seem set to seize and retain power at the expense of the minority that contributes the most. All this is thanks to the seemingly sacrosanct principle of “one man, one vote.” But just as in Rhodesia, that minority dares not voice its displeasure at this development for fear of being condemned to the special dungeons reserved for those committing the cardinal sin of “racism.” And they can be sure of this punishment because of the mainstream media, which so cunningly manipulates the minds of the millions of simpletons who have the vote and therefore the power to elect those who will serve their destructive purpose.

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