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Life Among the “Russian Agents” or Mueller’s Revenge

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It seems as though, in one final, desperate attempt to keep his foundering “Russian Collusion” investigation alive, Robert Mueller wants to investigate Alex Jones and Infowars, Breitbart, Roger Stone and a whole batch of those who have had the temerity to dare to disagree with what he is doing.

If he is not able to come up with more on them than he has on all the other potential Russian colluders then they don’t have much to worry about. However, Mueller seems to be one of those “you can indict a ham sandwich if you want” types, which means he will try to find something, no matter how inconsequential or trivial,  to try to sink his opponents with.

Mueller doesn’t like opposition.   

DOD Briefing on the Ambush in Niger in October 2017: Published on May 17, 2018

Cambridge professor outed as FBI informant inside Trump campaign

 Cambridge professor outed as FBI informant inside Trump campaign

A Cambridge professor with deep ties to American and British intelligence has been outed as an agent who snooped on the Trump presidential campaign for the FBI.

Multiple media outlets have named Stefan Halper, 73, as the secret informant who met with Trump campaign advisers Carter Page and George Papadopoulos starting in the summer of 2016. The American-born academic previously served in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations.

The Suicide of Europe - PragerU

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Rep. Mo Brooks responds to John Archibald's 'vilifying' column - Climate something...:)

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Rep. Mo Brooks speaks at Chamber of Commerce Washington Update at Von Braun Center North Hall in Huntsville, Ala. Brooks is back in the headlines this week for a familiar reason: climate change. (Bob Gathany/'s John Archibald's vilifying Op-Ed about my comments and questions in a recent Science, Space and Technology ("SST") hearing cry for a response.

By way of background, the climate scare of the 1970s was global COOLING!  When that didn't turn out, the climate scare morphed into global warming.  When over 90 percent of global warming projections made in the 1990s turned out to be wrong, alarmists shifted to "climate change", a much safer bet because the Earth's climate has always changed and likely always will.

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Honouring Our Fathers

 confederate monument sc

Presented at the SC Sons of Confederate Veterans’
Confederate Memorial Day Commemoration
South Carolina Statehouse, Columbia, South Carolina
03 May 2014

It is my high honour and distinct privilege to be addressing you on this day and at this place; honouring the memory of our fathers at the Confederate soldiers’ monument—with its sentinel ever vigilant, eyes northward—flanked by the flag under which our sires fought.
It is a historical flag at a historically significant monument.

Anyone who is still confused about the meaning of this display is either ignorant, dishonest, or is willing to use falsehoods to further a political or social agenda. For some reason they believe their lives will be improved if the memory of our fathers and their struggle for independence is effaced from the earth. For some reason they have come to believe the worst of us, their neighbours, who harbour no ill will towards them.

Thomas Jefferson was a very remarkable man who started learning very early in life and never stopped.

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At 5, began studying under his cousin's tutor (comm: this is one reason I homschool our kids – they excel).

At 9, studied Latin, Greek and French.

At 14, studied classical literature and additional languages.

At 16, entered the College of William and Mary. Also could write in Greek with one hand while writing the same in Latin with the other. 

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German Tanks WWII: Evolution of the Species

Via Daniel  "Is it reliable as a pattern of evolution of the tank and German derivatives?"

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How to survive a knife attack

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Oklahoma: Muslim woman stabbed 11-year old daughter “50 to 70 times,” hit her over head with a pick-axe

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A Tulsa woman who was captured on Tuesday after police said she stabbed her 11-year-old daughter and left home with her 8-year-old daughter, said she committed the acts after becoming angry about the children’s behavior while reading and looking at her, police said.

Taheerah Ayesha Ahmad, 39, and her 8-year-old daughter Hafsa Hayle — who also goes by Hafsa Hussein — were found in a parking lot near Cameron and Main streets about 12:20 p.m. Tuesday.

The girl was found safe.

US, China tentatively agree on ending American trade deficit: White House

 China's President Xi Jinping prepares to deliver his opening speech at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference in Boao in south China's Hainan province, Tuesday, April 10, 2018. Xi promised to cut auto import taxes, open China's markets further and improve conditions for foreign companies in a speech Tuesday that called for international cooperation against a backdrop of a spiraling dispute with Washington over trade and technology. (Naohiko Hatta/Kyodo News via AP)

United States and China officials have agreed this weekend to take steps to reduce the U.S. trade deficit, the White House said Saturday.

The agreement between the world's two biggest economies was made this week in Washington by high-level negotiators from both countries, including Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

“There was a consensus on taking effective measures to substantially reduce the United States trade deficit in goods with China,” the White House said, in what it described as a joint statement with China.

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Obama’s FBI Plant in Trump Campaign was Bill Clinton Classmate and Later Advisor to Clinton Administration

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This past weekend we reported that Internet sleuths determined who the Obama FBI spy was in the Trump campaign. Now we know he was a classmate of Bill Clinton’s and an advisor to the Clinton Administration!


Jeff Carlson at theMarketswork on last Thursday identified an individual by the name of Stefan Halper as a potential FBI spy into the Trump campaign. (Note that some believe that Obama may have had more than one spy on the Trump campaign).

Carlson determined that George Papadopoulos, the lower level campaign worker for the Trump campaign, appears to have been targeted by three individuals with ties to British and/or U.S. Intelligence: Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer and Stefan Halper.

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The Old South: 50 Essential Books


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THE FIRST INSTALLMENT of Dr. Clyde N. Wilson’s SOUTHERN READER’S GUIDES distills more than a half century of scholarship into identifying and describing 50 essential books on the topic of the “Old South”— that is, the colonial and antebellum periods of Southern History.

Dr. Wilson, Emeritus Distinguished Professor of History of the University of South Carolina, was editor of the highly-praised Papers of John C. Calhoun and is the author or editor of more than 20 other books, and over 700 articles, essays, and reviews in a variety of books and journals, scholarly and popular. He is considered by many to be the greatest living historian of the South. If you want to understand the Old South as she understood herself, there is no greater guide than Dr. Wilson.

Secret FBI source for Russia investigation met with three Trump advisers during campaign


 Entrapment, something taught as illegal at my military school.

In mid-July 2016, a retired American professor approached an adviser to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign at a symposium about the White House race held at a British university.

The professor took the opportunity to strike up a conversation with Carter Page, whom Trump had named a few months earlier as a foreign policy adviser.

But the professor was more than an academic interested in American politics — he was a longtime U.S. intelligence source. And, at some point in 2016, he began working as a secret informant for the FBI as it investigated Russia’s interference in the campaign, according to people familiar with his activities.

Long Night Update

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Here are some notes tracking the arrival of what I’m calling the Long Night -- a world run by oppressive social networks that ruthlessly narrow public speech and behavior.   

Topics covered in this note:  Twitter's bubble maximizer.  Enforcing limits to free speech in NYC.  Doxing protesters in Russia.


John Robb

Does Joe diGenova Know Something? & John Brennan Should Get A Good Lawyer, Not A Good Ghostwriter

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Back in April, Attorney General Jeff Sessions came out of seclusion for long enough to try to tamp down GOP anger over his refusal to appoint a special prosecutor to look into what appeared to many in Congress…and the White House…to be widespread abuse of power by the FBI during the 2016 election.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have declined calls to appoint a second special counsel to investigate the FBI’s behavior during the 2016 campaign, but the man he has picked to lead an internal Justice Department review is a special counsel in every way but name.
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