Saturday, May 19, 2018

Rep. Mo Brooks responds to John Archibald's 'vilifying' column - Climate something...:)

Via Billy

Rep. Mo Brooks speaks at Chamber of Commerce Washington Update at Von Braun Center North Hall in Huntsville, Ala. Brooks is back in the headlines this week for a familiar reason: climate change. (Bob Gathany/'s John Archibald's vilifying Op-Ed about my comments and questions in a recent Science, Space and Technology ("SST") hearing cry for a response.

By way of background, the climate scare of the 1970s was global COOLING!  When that didn't turn out, the climate scare morphed into global warming.  When over 90 percent of global warming projections made in the 1990s turned out to be wrong, alarmists shifted to "climate change", a much safer bet because the Earth's climate has always changed and likely always will.

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