Friday, August 20, 2010


"Regardless of where one comes down on the subject of the Civil War, (SIC) one fact is undeniable: Abraham Lincoln seriously dismantled the Jeffersonian model of federalism in America. Ever since, virtually every battle that free men have fought for the principles of limited government, State sovereignty, etc., has stemmed directly from Lincoln's usurpation of power, which resulted in the subjugation and forced union of what used to be "Free and Independent States"......" Read the rest HERE.

John Ainsworth: On The Ultimate Goal Of The Civil War (SIC)

At the Restore The Constitution Rally, Greensboro National Park, NC. The Most Controversial Speaker and Civil War Historian. See his speech in two parts HERE.

Beaufort County Requests Arizona Illegal Immigration Law For State

"Beaufort County endorsed Arizona’s new illegal immigration law (SB 1070) at Monday night’s commissioner meeting in Washington. The law requires Arizona police to check with federal authorities on a person's immigration status, if officers have stopped that person for some legitimate reason and come to suspect that he or she might be in the U.S. illegally." Read more