Monday, January 31, 2011

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Egypt In Protest Is Our Political Future In America

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"Government is fear, pure and simple. Otherwise, you would not obey most of the edicts nor would you be facing the unthinkable economic calamity that awaits America. Its power is to fine, trap, detain, cage, maim and kill citizens who refuse to comply. In America, that compliance has cost us our future.

Cairo is a harbinger of things to come here. Get ready."

Via Western Rifle Shooters Association

The NC FIRE January Report

North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Secure Our Borders - Enforce Our Laws

"The North Carolina Illegal Alien Crime Report" has been published for the month of January. 50 Word doc. pages full of the latest crimes by suspected and confirmed illegal aliens in North Carolina. Keep in mind, this is not all of the crimes, it's just a small sampling of the ones we found.
The latest report can be viewed here and it can be downloaded here.
Don't forget, you can also view the last two years of Crime Report archives here
We could literally fill an entire book every month with the numbers of crimes committed by illegal aliens in our state.
NCFIRE Hotline: 1-888-885-0879

The Anderson Platoon And The 50th Anniversary Of The Vietnam War

50th Anniversary Of The Vietnam War Commemoration
"The Anderson Platoon, 1967 Vietnam war, best Documentary Award. This Academy Award-winning documentary is an intense, honest, and often terrifying look into the life of an Army platoon as they drag themselves through the rivers, marshes, and jungles of Vietnam. Led by West Point Graduate Lt. Joseph B. Anderson."

Two excerpts before documentary.

Two and three are identical and after a search it appears that the missing one is not available for free at this time; however you can download the complete film for the membership fee of $1.82 HERE.
Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Judge Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional

Henry Hudson

"A judge in Florida on Monday became the second judge to declare President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law unconstitutional, in the biggest legal challenge yet to federal authority to enact the law."

Via The Bonnie Blue Blog

BREAKING NEWS: Grassley Writes Melson On Project Gunwalker

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Cites allegations, reminds of legal protection for whistleblowers

The first letter, dated Jan. 27, expresses "serious concerns" about Project Gunrunner, and notes allegations about the slaying of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry "were accompanied by detailed documentation which appears to lend credibility to the claims and partially corroborates them.

The second letter, dated Jan. 31, copies Attorney General Eric Holder, and reminds acting director Melson that ATF management must respect whistleblower protections and that "obstructing a Congressional investigation is a crime."

One Year Utilities $47

Earthships: Sustainable Living for TEOTWAWKI


Earthship House Is All About Tires, Beer Bottles And Pop Cans

Completed Earthship.

The Garbage Warrior Documentary Trailer.

Over 99 Percent In Southern Sudan Vote For Secession

Sudan Referendum: birth of a failed state?

"These results lead to a change of situation," said Khalil after he read the results. "That change relates only to the constitutional form of relationship between north and south. North and south are drawn together in indissoluble geographic and historic bonds."

Via Rebellion

1971 Iso Rivolta Grifo Can Am

White House Official Cites ‘Education Problem’ On Climate

"The urge to pass new laws must be seen as an illness, not much different from the urge to bite old women. Anyone suspected of suffering from it should either be treated with the appropriate pills or, if it is too late for that, elected to parliament [or Congress, as the case may be] and paid a huge salary with endless holidays, to do nothing whatever."
--Auberon Waugh

Blah, blah, blah Collectivists terminology. We are "educated" dorkheads.
Dr. Robinson (Dixie's Homeschooler) Myth Of Global Warming

“It is an education problem. I think we have to educate them,” said John Holdren, who heads the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, in an interview broadcast Sunday.

Catapults Used to Hurl Pot Into US


Tallahassee Museum Feb 12, 2011

“What do you propose, gentlemen of the free soil party? Do you propose to better the condition of the slave? Not at all. What then do you propose? You say you are opposed to the expansion of slavery. Is the slave to be benefited by it? Not at all. What then do you propose? It is not humanity that influences you in the position which you now occupy before the country. It is that you may have an opportunity of cheating us that you want to limit slave territory within circumscribed bounds.

It is that you may have a majority in the Congress of the Untied States and convert the government into an engine of Northern aggrandizement. It is that your section may grow in power and prosperity upon treasures unjustly taken from the South, like the vampire bloated and gorged with the blood which it has secretly sucked from its victim. Your desire to weaken the political power of the Southern states, - and why? Because you want, by an unjust system of legislation, to promote the industry of the New England States, at the expense of the people of the South and their industry.”

--Senator Jefferson Davis 1860

Wanted to let all know we will be at the Jr Museum February 12 at the Murat House.

The local groups, the Leon Rifles and The Ladies Sewing Society do a civilian living history presentation every year and demonstrate cooking, periods games, civilian life and clothing.

We maybe also doing cannon demonstrations if you wanted to come out and train on cannon or even go through infantry drills. There are plenty of activities for children and adults with the old style farm, animals and other demonstrations.

Hope to see you there.

Your servant,
Jamey B Creel committee chairman
Sons of Confederate Veterans, FL Div, 3rd Brigade cmdr
Camp 1614 Finley's Brigade
CSS Tallahassee Marine Guard
Dept of the Gulf - 2nd FL Co D Leon Rifles

Confederate Ancestors:
Duncan S & John Creel (CSMC)
Lt Preston Creel, Sgt James F Creel, Levi Creel (29th AL Co K)
George S Pickle, AE Averitt & Joshua Harris(51st GA, Co A)

Saiga 12 Again

It's coming hot and heavy, as posted twice previously.

Study On The Importability Of Certain Shotguns

Guaranteed that they started this study with the expressed purpose of prohibiting Saigas. Tyrants all.

ATF Shotgun Study: Nothing Less Than An Assault On Our Culture/Military Traditions And Interests




Here it comes, just as I warned: BATFE Study On The Importability Of Certain Shotguns. I believe that it was no coincidence that the ATF document featured a picture of a Saiga 12 shotgun. That is the one that has the feeling antsy. They are presently having a "public comment period." Please politely let the ATF know two things: 1.) The Second Amendment has nothing to do with "sporting" guns or hunting ducks. Rather, it preserves our right to own paramilitary ("militia") firearms. and 2.) Detachable magazine shotguns such as the Saiga 12 gauge are indeed popular for sporting shotgun "Three Gun Match" events.
Politely? Screw them! Non-compliance, period, IF they are stupid enough to try this. Shades of 1994, but Marxists aren't educable.