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Trinity Church members reveal Obama shocker!

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Nothing we haven't known/suspected.


After nearly four years in office, many Americans still express frustration that much about Barack Obama remains a mystery as establishment media remain incurious about the Democratic president, while seemingly ready to dispatch crack investigative teams at a moment’s notice to probe into the personal lives of Republican figures such as Sarah Palin. Largely ignored in 2008 was research by the Hillary Clinton campaign based on contacts developed with members of the church Obama attended for two decades, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. This is the first of a series of articles WND has developed from months of in-person interviews with church members who have known Barack and Michelle Obama over many years. The sources requested that their identities not be published because they believe their disclosures would put their security at risk.

NEW YORK – Ten years ago, the New York Times reported on a growing underground subculture in the black community known as Down Low, comprised largely of men who secretly engage in homosexual activity while living “straight” lives in public.

It’s within that subtext that opposition researchers for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign began investigating rumors that Rev. Jeremiah Wright was running a “matchmaking service” for members of his Trinity United Church of Christ known as the Down Low Club, which included Barack Obama.

Over the past several months, WND investigators have interviewed a number of members of the church who claim the president benefited from Wright’s efforts to help black men who engage in homosexual activity appear respectable in black society by finding them a wife.

The 2003 New York Times story, “Double Lives on the Down Low,” said that though many black men reject “a gay culture they perceive as white and effeminate,” they “have settled on a new identity, with its own vocabulary and customs and its own name: Down Low.”
The Times said that while “there are black men who are openly gay, it seems that the majority of those having sex with men still lead secret lives, products of a black culture that deems masculinity and fatherhood as a black man’s primary responsibility – and homosexuality as a white man’s perversion.”

The Down Low Club at Trinity “doesn’t have meetings, and it isn’t like the Rotary Club,” a source identified for this article as “Carolyn” explained to a WND investigator in Chicago.
“It was more that Wright served as a matchmaker,” said Carolyn, a 20-year member of Trinity who has played a role in church administration and knows the Obamas personally.

More @ WND

Virginia Flaggers 1st Anniversary Picnic

Good job!


Should be at our NC PATCON: III Arms Pistol #4 Prototype.






Because I tend to set aggressive timelines, sometimes we miss them by a hair.  This is one of those times.

We have two World-Class 1911 builders putting together pistols to our specs that will represent the general configuration and quality III Arms intends to produce.  Once you Founders and Supporters get your hands on them, you'll give your feedback, and the design can be tweaked if necessary.

Just remember, the purpose of the arms produced by III Arms is to take them into battle with absolute confidence that they will bring you home.

Pistol #4 you see above in Jim's shop.  A few minor glitches resulted in that pistol arriving to Jim in the white (unfinished as contracted).  Good for us Jim is a First Class finisher himself, and as you can see it will be ready for North Carolina, along with the two ARs he put together.

Our primary builder ran into a SNAFU when he ordered the first frame, and was delivered the wrong part.  Caspian sent him a frame with a light rail.  To show you the quality of this shop, he was able to call the owner of another World-Class shop (every one of you would know the name) and get a proper frame overnighted to him.

But that few lost days may (or may not) have screwed us for NC.  We definitely will not have all three from Builder #1, but the Builder and Jim may be able to arrange to hook up for NC.  Much depends on exactly when the Builder is satisfied with his finished work and decides it can leave his shop.  If he gets it finished today or tomorrow, he'll be able to send it to Jim (who will already be on the road to NC, which is one of the coordination problems we are facing) on the road, or directly to one of our FFL friends in NC.  I know the guys at CADD would have no problem receiving it if it is able to arrive in time.

But if the Builder isn't happy and decide not to ship until Saturday or Monday, obviously we'll have missed the PatCom by a few days.

It is what it is.  You can blame me and my aggressive timeline.  Cross your fingers, and hopefully it'll work out and we'll have 2 1911s at NC (one from each builder, so you can compare & contrast).  If it doesn't work out, we'll still publish pics as soon as it comes in, and begin sending them out to gun shows with Jim, setting up Range Days, et cetera.

But either way, you'll have 1 1911 and 2 ARs, and the real attraction (which is Jim) at the PatCon.

Next Item: Bonnie Gadsden has set up a Citadel Facebook page, here.  Drop in routinely to all of our Facebook and blogs and websites to add your comments.  I'd prefer to migrate our conversations from this site to the dedicated sites, as this blog isn't the proper venue.

Holly and I have delayed our trip west for several days, trying to nudge that second 1911 to NC, but we can't delay any longer and are heading out.  So I'll post here a bit, but it'll be pretty quiet until I get back.  If we don't leave now we'll miss our first County Zoning meeting scheduled for next week.

And that simply can't happen.

My sincerest thanks to everyone who has supported these efforts for these past months.

Bonnie Gadsden used a phrase that is now common in our house: Pulling the rope.  He said these projects have seen many Patriots pick up the rope and start pulling to help make them come to reality.  Keep that effort going, folks.

Several great Patriots will be contributing at the various Facebook pages and blogs, so new info will be out there daily.

Stay safe.



People Died, Obama Lied

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Domestic Terrorist

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Puritans and Quakers


On 2 October 1656 Connecticut colony passed a law against Quakers. Y'all ever notice how the minority always favors toleration until they get to be the majority? The Puritans who left England pleading for toleration set up the most intolerant colony in English America. In 1659, 1660, & 1661 they HANGED four Quakers (the "Boston martyrs") and later about a dozen folks for witchcraft. They whipped Baptists (they'd have a big job in the South). Apparently very few folks genuinely believe that in the marketplace for ideas, truth will prevail, especially their version of the truth, hence they will gladly beat, banish, shoot, strangle, burn, or drown their opponents. And that's not much changed today.

Re-post: Top Ten Reasons Why Men Prefer Guns Over Women

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#11 – (Bonus) A gun won’t max out your credit cards and empty your bank account.

#10 – You can trade an old 44 for a new 22.

#9 – You can keep one gun at home and have another for when you’re on the road.

#8 – If you admire a friend’s gun, and tell him so, he'll probably let you try it out a few times.

#7 – Your primary gun doesn’t mind if you keep another gun for a backup.

#6 – Your gun will stay with you even if you run out of ammo.

#5 – A gun doesn’t take up a lot of closet space.

#4 – Guns function normally every day of the month.

#3 – A gun doesn’t ask , “Do these new grips make me look fat?”

#2 – A gun doesn’t mind if you go to sleep after you use it.

And the Number One reason Why Men Prefer Guns over women…..

#1 – You can buy a silencer for a gun!

Cousin Joel's trip to the UK



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by Tim Manning 

Third World politics and a dangerous mob mentality hit the USA full force when Obama took office. Obama is just the current face of global surging communism in the USA. In the minds of many people the Obama presidency and administration have confirmed as true various stereotypes about minorities that were popularly held 200 years ago.

Obama and his Marxist handlers have undone what thousands were trying to do to improve the economic conditions of American underclasses leaving the impression these underachievers  are manifestations of just a simple minded mentality of some minority peoples.

I am hearing dozens of employer's express negative stereotypes about minorities that have been somewhat dormant in public discourse for the last several decades. FIRST, the Jewish media Marxists convinced minorities that they needed government intervention, meaning control of the private sector and its property (redistribution of earned private money), to get a fair shake at the huge profits of the American Pie. The primus for Jewish "civil rights" is that blacks and other minorities are an inherently inferior race and without the means and abilities to be successful in a successful and industrialized society. The unspoken liberal's primus for "civil rights" was that bias and unequal legislation was needed to help an underachieving inferior people because of their innate inferiority. The best that could have been said of these liberal Democrats is that they were and are "political and universal racists."

The Democrat Party and many Republicans are controlled by Talmudic Jews, the majority of whom are NOT descendants of Biblical history,  who see themselves as superior to all other people some of whom take their oaths of public responsibility not on the Old Testament Hebrew text, BUT on the Talmud itself. Such people are unfit for any public office or service that represents a free people.

It shocks me that non-Christians and pseudo-Christians are so ignorant of the barbaric Talmudic teachings. The Talmud is as hostile to non-Jews as the Koran is hostile to non-Muslims. The ethics of the Talmud and the Koran are very similar, and completely hostile to the tenants of traditional orthodox Christianity. The phrase "Judeo-Christian" as it is now used is an oxymoron that fools the non-devout agnostics and pseudo-Christian church members. (An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which incongruous or contradictory terms appear side by side. Such terms are used by people ignorant of one or both of the elements being referenced.)

SECOND, Marxists have taken this hate-filled unprincipled vulgar route in order to get votes giving socialist Democrats political advantages and control, BUT . . . BUT . . . BUT in doing so they have left the underachievers publicly exposed to the raw reexamination of a pragmatic materialistic society that is without mercy, without grace and now is depleted of its reserve wealth.

Americans know how to create wealth and make profits, and the government intervention in this natural process has simply destroyed the system that had once worked with some measure of success. Socialists have thrown minorities under the bus for a political shot at bankrupting the USA in order to get the mindless to accept the rule of central world banking and establish global social communism. The true enemy of minorities is modernity's morally bankrupt Jewish Marxism with its lust to control the private sector and its people, their resources and their money.

At the same time the already achieving class have been listening to the Godless media and its opportunistic materialists and have not become fully convinced that blacks and other minorities cannot compete on a level playing field without the government giving them an "UNFAIR" advantage over those who paid their own way. These media and banking melonheads are the true enemies of minority peoples whom they have thrown under the bus in order to gain votes and control political power, manpower and personal property. The concept of personal property and accumulated wealth has been taxed out of existence.

Americans now can see the simple-minded media with their anti-intellectual pants down and see them for the stupidly manipulating crass and dangerous Marxists that they are. Marxists see themselves righteous social engineers divinely ordained to define and control every aspect of society through political coercion. They are so convinced of their divinely righteous views that it will most certainly require nothing less than a violent revolution for the classical Christian concepts of freedom and liberty to be reborn on American soil.

AND all of this in the midst of renewed militarism among Muslims who nearly destroyed the birth of the western Christian culture and civilization in Europe hundreds of years ago. Will civilization be reborn while western nations are still but haunted by its more civilized past?

NC Renegade posts do-it-yourself assassinate the mayor video

Heh!:)  Damn, the only thing missing was a reference to the world renown $PLC........Guess I need to do something more provocative.......



 Does NC House Speaker Thom Tillis regret meeting with David DeGerolamo yet? 

“Things to think about—the nerds, the engineers—are going to be vital for a grid-down situation,” the instructor for NC Renegade’s ‘prepper’ series explains to his YouTube followers. Why are the “nerds” important? Because without them, he says: “We’d never have a chance of taking out the mayor.”

NC Renegade released a video as part of its “fictional training series” about overthrowing a “self-appointed mayor.” In a “grid-down situation”—shorthand for a scenario in which the United States has been disabled from using phones, Internet, and other technologies—NC Renegade urges its video fans to consider how it might organize to protect itself against home-grown tyranny. The NC Renegade instructor is a self-described ‘prepper’—a person who is preparing to do battle with the forces of tyranny in the United States.

DeGerolamo’s other great ideas, discussed at length on NCRenegade.com, include dissolving the Department of Justice and repealing the Fourteenth Amendment. NC Renegade’s prominent display of “Three Percent Patriots” regalia, referring to the estimated percentage of the colonial population that took up arms against the British Empire and a “President [Obama]’s Enemy List” decal place it clearly within the Patriot movement line of rhetoric. RC Renegade also promotes the Rex 84 conspiracy theory, suggesting that the federal government will, by a series of executive orders, institute martial law and place Americans into internment camps.

NC Renegade has also been promoting the “IIImpact Conference,” an anti-immigrant conference intended to bring together all of the state’s nativist bigwigs, including members of the state legislature. Other organizations in attendance will be NC Listen, the FAIR state contact, NC FIRE (whose president regularly shares white nationalist publications), and Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC). Despite their extremist associations (or flirtation with notions of race war like ALIPAC president William Gheen), these organizations have found a receptive audience in the legislature. Although separate, these organizations have increasingly become team players in the state, holding their own joint meeting with Speaker Tillis.

Anti-government crusaders are active in NC politics. Rep. Glen Bradley (R-Franklin)  is a founding member of the Oath Keepers. Stewart Rhodes, the national founder of the Oath Keepers, recently gave a lecture to members of both chambers of the NC legislature alongside Bradley. Nor are anti-government and anti-immigrant groups in separate camps. Jeff Lewis, an organizer for the Fire Coalition, is also a representative for the Patriot Coalition.

Oregon farmer eaten by his own hogs.

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Oregon authorities are investigating how a farmer was eaten by his hogs.

Terry Vance Garner, 69, never returned after he set out to feed his animals last Wednesday on his farm near the Oregon coast, the Coos County district attorney said Monday.

A family member found Garner's dentures and pieces of his body in the hog enclosure several hours later, but most of his remains had been consumed, District Attorney Paul Frasier said. Several of the hogs weighed 700 pounds or more.

It's possible Garner had a medical emergency, such as a heart attack, or was knocked over by the animals, then killed and eaten, Frasier said, adding that at least one hog had previously bitten Garner.
The possibility of foul play is being investigated as well.

"For all we know, it was a horrific accident, but it's so doggone weird that we have to look at all possibilities," Frasier told The Register-Guard.

A pathologist was unable to identify a cause or manner of death, the newspaper reported. The remains will be examined by a forensic anthropologist at the University of Oregon.

Terry Garner was "a good-hearted guy" who cared for several huge adult sows and a boar named Teddy, said his brother, Michael Garner, 75, of Myrtle Point.

Piglets were typically sold to local 4-H kids.

"Those animals were his life," Michael Garner said. "He had all kinds of birds, and turkeys that ran all over the place. Everybody knew him."

Michael Garner said one of the large sows bit his brother last year when he accidentally stepped on a piglet.

"He said he was going to kill it, but when I asked him about it later, he said he had changed his mind," the brother said.

More @  Yahoo

False Sense of Something: Some observations and thoughts on the unfolding wars


 This picture took me back to the old French towers in Vietnam which were unprotected except for the tower itself and quite often proved a death trap at night. 

If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected. - Sun Tzu, the Art of War

Despite the past eleven years in Afghanistan, U.S. ground troops are less prepared than ever for “small wars.”  We have become so dependent on gadgets and contractors that we would not know what to do without them.  Contractors provide much of the security at major bases in Afghanistan, and even on many smaller bases.

We like to use contractors because they are cheaper and politically expedient.  When they are killed by car bombs at the gates, they are not added to the only body count that Americans care about.  Leaders do not have to deal with photographs of grieving families.

When TCN (Third Country National) contractors are maimed, we can send them home to Africa or Nepal, and wash our hands while avoiding burdensome veterans’ issues.  Contractors have no political or moral clout. They are our mercenaries.  Using mercenaries makes business and political sense.

Many of our security contractors are Afghans.  Does this make military sense?

A source mentioned that guard towers (known as “sangers”) were frequently empty at BLS.  BLS refers to the Bastion, Leatherneck, Shorbak complex.

I witnessed a similar incident last year in Zhari.   Zhari was, and remains, one of the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan.
One night in Zhari, the contracted Afghan guards left their post, which was just ten seconds away from the tents where 4-4 Cav Soldiers lived, and a few tents down from my own.  The sanger appeared to be empty.  I looked inside.  They were gone.  For obvious security reasons, I did not publish this.

More @ Michael Yon

Black mob hijacks store: 'We own this'

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Cops respond 9 hours after clerk attacked, say 'hire security'


(Editor’s note: Colin Flaherty has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse. WND features these reports to counterbalance the virtual blackout by the rest of the media due to their concerns that reporting such incidents would be inflammatory or even racist. WND considers it racist not to report racial abuse solely because of the skin color of the perpetrators or victims.)

EDITOR’S NOTE: The links in the following report may contain offensive language.

Even the old-timers in Detroit never have seen anything like this: A mob of 40 black people moved into a convenience store and will not leave.

They say they now own it. They eat. Smoke. Cuss.Threaten. Spit. Rob. Sell drugs. All on video.
Police, ministers, neighbors, the store owner and just about everyone else seems powerless to stop them.

“It’s a Bad Crew gas station,” said one of the mob to the local Fox affiliate. “If you don’t know what that is, I can’t even tell you.”

The owner calls police, but nothing happens. The police “come here and then they leave. Two minutes later they (the mob) are back.”

Earlier this month, members of the Perfecting Church, one of Detroit’s largest black congregations, counseled the members of the mob to stop their evil ways.

Nothing changed. Which is not all that surprising: In June, the church’s pastor, Marvin Winans, lost a $15,000 Rolex, a Louis Vuitton wallet with $200 in it and his 2012 Infiniti QX56 SUV after he was carjacked by a mob of 10 black people at a similar convenience store nearby.

More @ WND

2 US border agents shot, 1 killed, near Brian Terry Station


Two U.S. Border Patrol agents were shot, one fatally, Tuesday morning in an area in south Arizona known as a major drug-smuggling corridor, authorities said.

The identities of the agents were not immediately released, but the shooting occurred at the Brian Terry Station near Naco, Ariz., which is just south of Tucson. The station was named after an agent who was killed in the line of duty in December 2010. The area is considered a remote part of the state and sources tell Fox News that the shooting occurred at 1:50 a.m. local time and about 8 miles from the border.

The agents who were shot were on patrol with a third agent, who was not harmed, according to George McCubbin, president of the National Border Patrol Council, a union representing about 17,000 border patrol agents. The agents were on horseback at the time of the shooting.

More @ Fox


Gowdy: White House can’t invoke executive privilege on Fast & Furious

Rep. Harold W. “Trey” Gowdy III (R.-S.C.) is a former prosecutor, who explains the three levels of Executive Priviledge, and how none of President Barack Obama’s claims of Executive Priviledge to justfy his refusal to submit Fast and Furious-reolated documents subpoenaed by Congress.

October Marks 142nd Anniversary of Death of Gen. Robert E. Lee

CIVIL WAR OP-ED: October Marks 142nd Anniversary of Death of Gen. Robert E. Lee  

 Hello America!

Please share this story with students, educators, historians and all who love history.

Every year, the Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia presents a lecture and special events commemorating the Washington College presidency of Robert E. Lee on the anniversary of his death.

On Monday, October 8, 2012, the college chapel will present a book signing beginning at 10:30 am, followed by an Address at 12:15 pm in the auditorium. A program commemorating the 142th anniversary of Lee's death will feature Jeffry D. Wert, speaking on "Lee and the Rebirth of an Army: From Seven Days to Gettysburg." See details at: http://www.wlu.edu/x56830.xml

America mourned the death of Gen. Robert E. Lee on Wednesday, October 12, 1870 and Friday, October 12thmarks the 142nd anniversary of his death.

Robert E. Lee, son of Light Horse “Harry” Lee of Revolutionary War fame and Anne Hill Carter Lee, distinguished himself as an exceptional officer and combat engineer in the United States Army for 32 years and Commanded the legendary Army of Northern Virginia for the Confederacy during the War Between the States. He was also a top honored student at the United States Military Academy at West Point where he would serve as Superintendent in 1852.

General Lee died at his home at Lexington, Virginia at 9:30 AM on October 12, 1870. His last great deed came after the War Between the States when he accepted the presidency of Washington College, now Washington and Lee University. He saved the financially troubled college and helped many young people further their education.

Returning home from a church meeting, Robert E. Lee sat at the supper table and was about to say grace. The general could not say a word and slumped down in his chair. It was believed that he had a stroke.
His condition seemed hopeless when a doctor told him, "General, you must make haste and get well---Traveller--- has been standing too long in his stable and needs exercise." Lee could only shake his head as he knew he would never again ride his beloved horse.

The rains and flooding were the worse of Virginia's history on the day General Lee died. On Wednesday, October 12, 1870, in the presence of his family, Lee quietly passed away.

The church bells rang as the sad news passed through Washington College, Virginia Military Institute and the town of Lexington. School Cadet's carried the remains of the old soldier to Washington Chapel where he lay in state and would be buried.

Memorial meetings were held throughout the South and as far North as New York. At Washington College in Lexington eulogies were delivered by: Reverend Pemberton, Reverend W.S. White--Stonewall Jackson's Pastor and Reverend J. William Jones. Former Confederate President Jefferson Davis brought the eulogy in Richmond, Virginia. Lee was also eulogized in Great Britain.

“Duty, then is the sublimest word in our language. Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more; you should never wish to do less”---Robert E. Lee.

The War Between the States Sesquicentennial, 150th Anniversary, runs 2011 through 2015. The Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans joins the nation in remembering this historic time in our nation’s history. See information at: http://www.150wbts.org/

Gen. Douglas MacArthur once said, “Old soldier’s don’t die; they just fade away”!

Let’s not allow the memory of our nation’s heroes to fade away!

Survey: Doctors Support Romney Over Obama 55 to 36%


A new survey of physicians shows that if the Presidential election were held today, 55 percent would vote for Mitt Romney and 36 percent would support President Obama, according to a survey conducted byJackson & Coker, a division of Jackson Healthcare, the third largest healthcare staffing company in the US.

The physician survey showed that 5 percent of doctors said they were undecided and the rest said they would support another candidate or were not planning to vote.

The late September survey included 3,660 doctors nationwide in 50 states. The physicians identified themselves as 24 percent Democrat; 35 percent Republican; 26 percent Independent; 6 percent Libertarian; and 7 percent unaffiliated.

Among doctors more likely to support President Obama were women as well as physicians employed by hospitals and health systems. Specialists, primarily psychiatrists, pediatricians and addiction medicine physicians also were more likely to support Obama. Male doctors and those with their own practice or who had a stake in their own practice as well as anesthesiologists, surgeons, radiologists and ophthalmologists were more likely to support Romney.

The President’s support has waned among physicians since 2008 when he drew 40 percent of their vote compared to 44 percent for John McCain.

Turnout among physicians is also likely to increase compared to 2008, as eight percent reported they didn’t vote in 2008, yet only 1 percent of doctors said they would not cast a ballot in the November Presidential election.

More @ Newsmax

Huge Drop in Military Requests for Absentee Ballots

Requests from military voters for absentee ballots have dropped significantly since 2008 — and by as much as 70 percent in Virginia and Ohio — leading a GOP senator to conclude that they are yet another example of how the U.S. Defense Department under President Barack Obama has failed the nation’s military.

The data released on Monday by the Military Voter Protection Project also prompted claims that the Defense Department is moving slowly in enacting a law meant to increase military voting, Fox News reports.

In the key battleground states of Ohio and Virginia, the drop in requests for absentee ballots was most obvious, Fox reports.

In 2008, Virginia had nearly 42,000 total requests, compared with slightly more than 12,000 this year, according to the MVP Project. Ohio had more than 32,000 in 2008, compared with 9,700 this year.

The number of military voters specifically, compared with military and overseas voters, was not broken down in the latest set of statistics, but military-only numbers released by the MVP Project in August documented a similar drop-off in applications, Fox reports.

In addition, military ballot requests in Virginia were down 92 percent. Several other states showed huge drops since 2008, including Alabama, North Carolina, and Florida.

More @ Newsmax

Bentley refuses to comply with health care exchange deadline

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Gov. Robert Bentley announced this afternoon that Alabama will not comply with a deadline in setting up state health insurance exchanges required under the Affordable Care Act.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services asked states to submit lists of essential benefits, that would be models for plans offered on the exchanges, by today.

Bentley said the state would not submit the information because there had been a lack of guidance from the federal government.

"As you are aware, I am a staunch opponent of the Affordable Care Act," Bentley wrote  to Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

"As both a physician and a governor, I have determined that it is irresponsible and short-sighted to make a decision on essential health benefits by confining the decision to a select few plans and without having been offered clear guidance from the federal government."

Bentley has added his voice to a chorus of GOP governors speaking out against - or refusing to comply with - various portions of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama's landmark healthcare insurance overhaul.

More @ AL