Tuesday, April 26, 2022

If You Liked the Lockdowns, You're Gonna Love the Future

If you liked the lockdowns, with all of its crazy inconsistencies, the punishment of the right; the accommodation of the leftists; the illegal, immoral and big, red, middle-finger to the constitution and your rights, that was just the scenes of coming attractions. As I’ve stated before, it was a test; we failed, now we deal with the messages it sent.

A great piece by the Baron at Gates of Vienna, spells it out. Do you really think that failing gun control, the communists were just going to shrug and go away? What extent they achieved to limit gun ownership got obliterated after the Summer of Love put on by Antifa and BLM in Portland and Seattle. It scared the suburban moms and dads and that pretty well crushed gun control as a leftist tactic, because a lot of those people suddenly realized the value of violent self-defense.

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Judge Orders FBI To Turn Over Evidence Regarding Search For Civil War Gold

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A father and son team of treasure hunters may soon discover the details behind a potential hunt for gold dating back to the Civil War era from the records of an FBI dig in 2018.

A federal judge has required the FBI to promptly release its records regarding the lost treasure to a team operating under the name Finders Keepers led by Dennis and Kem Parada. The father and son have accused the FBI of intentionally delaying its request for information.

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My Friend, NAGO And Drew Dix, CMOH Winner


NAGO far left 

.......their leader, Medal of Honor winner Drew Dix, years later confided to friends that the operation was a reality. Duong, called ``Nago' by his friends, and other South Vietnamese who fought with Dix were flown by the Army to an island off the coast of Vietnam to save them from execution by the Viet Cong. They were taken to Guam after the collapse of their country.

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So VMI Isn't Structurally Racist After All

The Washington Post’s Ian Shapira and his social justice allies in Richmond and Lexington, Virginia, must be worried, big-time. For nearly two years running, their Axis-Against-VMI has enjoyed remarkable success: forcing an honorable VMI superintendent to resign; removing Lt. Gen. “Stonewall” Jackson’s statue, and his name from Jackson Arch; renaming buildings and recontextualizing the past; inserting divisive ideology into courses; and establishing a diversity office at the school. To explain all of this, and the sheeplike climate that has permeated a once-willing-to-stand-apart-from-cultural-faddishness military school of high reputation, one must return to the previous, disgraced governor of Virginia. Ralph Northam came within the proverbial gnat’s eyelash of being forced from office in 2018 when his own racial insensitivities as a younger man came to light. But the VMI 1981 alumnus and former President of the VMI Honor Court – he included this on his official stationery – apparently experienced a change of heart. He embraced the demands of neo-Marxist-based, Critical Race Theory (CRT) devotees within the ranks of Richmond’s political powerbrokers, and he kept his job. In September 2019, he hired Virginia’s “first cabinet-level Chief Diversity Officer. . . . also the first [position] of its kind in the nation.”[1] In the aftermath of Northam’s insensitive behavior years earlier, one year after it had come to light he established a powerful new office – one previously unknown to the cabinet-level apparatus of any state in the country. This was astounding.

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In Major Reversal After Warning Of Nuclear War, Germany Approves Tanks For Ukraine (Doing our best to start a war)

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In a major reversal following Chancellor Olaf Scholz only days ago voicing strong resistance, it appears Berlin has bowed to the mounting pressure among allies and approved new tank deliveries to Ukraine from Germany's own stock, which Scholz had previously said was depleted.

The German Ministry of Defense announced Tuesday that delivery of Gepard anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine has been approved. As part of Scholz's earlier rejection of sending heavy weapons systems, he had cited the potential for the West and Russia sliding into a WW3 and nuclear war scenario.

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Lewis Society’s President David Theroux, R.I.P. Inbox

 David J. Theroux Founder and President, The Independent Institute; Founder  and President, C.S. Lewis Society of California. - ppt download

Hi Brock,

I am writing with great sorrow to let you know that David Theroux, the Founder and President of the C.S. Lewis Society of California, has died after a brief illness. He passed away peacefully in Oakland, California on Saturday, April 23, with his wife Mary and sons Paul and Drake at his side.

As you may know, David founded the C.S. Lewis Society of California in 2006, in order to advance a deeper understanding of Lewis’s life, work and ideas. 

David found in Lewis’s writings an articulation of key concepts which anchored David’s own thinking, such as the natural law—the objective moral law knowable by all mankind—and the biblical concept of the imago dei—the image of God in man. In these ancient concepts David recognized both the historical source of, and the cultural guarantors of, the principle of human liberty—which both he and Lewis regarded as inviolable.  David elaborated on these themes in his popular YouTube presentation a few years ago, “C.S. Lewis on Mere Liberty and the Evils of Statism.”

Although he never insisted that others join him in his faith, David believed unwaveringly—like C.S. Lewis—in “God the Father almighty and in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord” (using the words of the Apostles’ Creed). Again like Lewis, he was persuaded of “the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting.” Although we are all struggling from David’s untimely departure, we have hope because of this same faith.

David was an amazingly creative man. Before the Lewis Society, he had previously founded the Independent Institute, as an academic, non-profit, public policy, research and educational organization, in 1986. He authored dozens of scholarly and commentary articles, and as publisher directed the publication of more than 140 scholarly books. He also created and was publisher of the influential quarterly journal, The Independent Review.

The members of the C.S. Lewis Society Board of Directors are united in their determination to further build the work of the Society and extend its influence—both to honor David’s legacy and to fulfill the sense of joy and calling that led David and others to launch the Society sixteen years ago.  So you’ll continue to hear from us, and are encouraged to participate in all we do together.

I invite you to read the extended biography of David that we have posted to the Independent Institute web site here.



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