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5 Demands of The Occupy Wall Street Revolution

I can't complain. [Well, I guess I get to renege on 3#:)]

The Excavator

1. Bring the CEOs of the major banks that were involved in the 2008 financial scandal and robbery to justice, i.e. hang them in the streets or behind glassed doors.

2. End the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. Restore Depression-era laws and regulations against the banks. Introduce sound money in the United States and create economic competition instead of allowing banking monopolies to run the show.

3. Introduce a state owned bank at the federal level to give out loans without paying interest to the heartless banksters. Stop all bank and corporate bailouts.

4. Bring the leaders of both political parties to justice for supporting banking thieves while screwing the American middle class, small businesses and the other 99 percent of America.

5. Demand regime change in Washington, which means getting rid of the two parties, the Federal Reserve, the CIA and the criminal mainstream media. Also, demand an end to the corrupt IMF and World Bank.

Obama The Divider

My biggest complaint about Barack Obama is that he seeks at all times to divide us. This is not done secretly, where grudges are exercised through back channels, but openly and with the quiet acceptance of the press. Whether it is black versus white, rich versus poor, union versus non-union or government versus the private sector, there is always division and pitting one group against another.

Obama never has lost his instincts toward community organizing. The whole purpose of such a person is to stir the pot, raise protesters and lay blame on one's political enemies. The trouble is his success is linked in his mind with this sort of behavior. He does not possess the congeniality of a traditional president. He is a grudge president intent on damaging the enemies he cannot obliterate.

I am disappointed in this aspect of his character. It is one thing to act with petulance as a senator or union leader, it is quite another to use the power of the presidency to attack and badger whole sectors of the population simply because of the color of their skin, or the success they have had in life.

I know that we have had racist presidents before. I know that we have had vindictive, powerful men in that role, but generally their actions were quietly carried out against particular individuals, not whole races of people. They have never, as far as I know, openly called for the support of whites specifically the way Barack Obama has called for the minorities to become activists for his cause. This is cynical and destructive to the union.

NC SWAT Teams Execute Man's Farm Animals With Shot Guns

Via Randy's Right

Why on earth would American men marry American women?

Helping the DEA: Gratitude Certain

Fred On Everything

I see that I may have to take over drug policy for the United States. Maybe not, though. I’ll hold off if I get a call from Michelle Leonhart, who runs the Drug Enforcement Administration, asking me how she ought to do her job, and what she ought to think about Mexico, and what is wrong with Washington’s whole approach to mind candy. (I’m expecting her call any day now.) I will answer as follows:

Now, look here, Ma'am. You need to re-think this drug thing. It’s not going well. It isn’t going to go well. The Bare Skirmish on Drugs (BSkOD) may have seemed a good idea when Reefer Madness came out, or even in the Sixties a half century ago. Now, no. Everyone with the brains of a microwave oven knows that DEA serves only to keep prices up so that the narcos in Mexico can afford classy military weaponry and gorgeous mansions.

It isn’t the fault of DEA. In my days on the police desk I knew a fair few DEA guys, including the magnificent Frank White and…well, others. They were ballsy, smart, savvy, and realistic cowboys, the best company I can imagine. They did their jobs as well as they could which, under the circumstances, was well indeed.

That’s them. Fact is, though, DEA as an organization ain’t done jack-shit about drugs. I’m sorry, but there it is. It’s like a law of logic. If you set out to do something impossible, you won’t do it. That’s DEA.

A little history if I may. In the Sixties, when mind candy went universal, we had pot, acid, shrooms, mescaline, and various amphetamines. Scag was a ghetto drug for strung-out crashers like William Burroughs, coke mostly unknown, and crack nonexistent.

OK, half-century later. To my certain knowledge, today in suburban Washington, as for example at Washington and Lee High where my daughters did time, kids can buy all the aforementioned goodies, plus nitrous, Ecstasy, crystal and, within a five-minute drive, there may still be an open-air crack market in the parking lot of Green Valley pharmacy. Crack isn’t a kid drug, but it is easily available all over Washington.

Further, I know all sorts of people in their sixties now, veterans of Dong Ha or Woodstock, some of them vets of both, and most of them do grass and not infrequently hallucinogens. I’m talking door-gunners, Special Forces guys, at least two Ivy profs, just plain people. So, Michelle, what exactly has the War on Half the Population accomplished?

You certainly aren’t protecting kids in high school, or even middle school, from becoming drooling stoners living in dumpsters. They have easier access to drugs than you do. What protects kids from becoming needle-cases is—I am aware of the preposterousness of this—the common sense of teenagers. They aren’t druggies because they don’t want to be. They aren’t alkies because they don’t want to be. Most don’t smoke because they don’t want to. DEA has nothing to do with it. Kids could easily do all of these things. America is up to the armpits in drugs, tobacco, and booze.

So you see, Michelle, the DEA is like a man sitting on a raft in mid-Pacific, trying to outlaw water.

Now we come, tangentially anyway, to Mexico. It is being torn apart, toward God knows what future, because it lives next to the world’s most gluttonous market for drugs. It seems to Mexicans that Washington is forcing them to die for a BSkoD that Washington won’t fight on its own soil.

Is thisN unreasonable suspicion? Why is it unreasonable?

A couple of things you might do to persuade Mexico that you really want to do your part.

First, why don’t you put a youngish DEA guy, or gal, in each of about ten universities chosen at random: say, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Harvard Medical, Julliard, Haverford, Berkeley, UCLA, and Dartmouth. (I say they’re random). See, young agents could rig their apartments for sound and video. In six months you could arrest hundreds of children of senators, Fortune Five Hundred CEOs, and people high in the Executive branch. You could give them the same sentences that slum blacks get. Think of the headlines: “Senator’s Kid Gets Five Years in the General Population in Leavenworth.” Is that a concept or what?

Mexicans think you don’t do this for reasons of politics. Mexicans just don’t understand the essential probity of America.

Another thing you could do to demonstrate your good faith: You could ask Congress to legislate that people selling drugs to children in high school be tried as adults. Since most of these dealers are themselves in high school, you could put the daughters of lawyers in women’s slam in places like the Cook County Jail. Think how many interesting things they could learn about compulsory lesbian sex.

I mean, you are sincere about wanting to punish dealers, aren’t you?

OK. More and more I see suggestions that the US send troops to Mexico to Right Wrongs and make Mexico into Iowa. The Pentagon is sneaking psychopaths of the CIA and “retired” military men into the country, apparently wanting to showcase its systemic incapacity to win any war against anybody at all. Here is a chance for you to do something useful. DEA agents are not idiots, but colonels are.

You might try to drill into the Pentagonal mind—I would suggest a cold chisel and a sledge hammer—that Mexico differs in a fundamental way from the military’s other comic efforts at martial enterprise: The narcos have a million gringo hostages. Or maybe five hundred thousand. Nobody is sure exactly how many Americans live in Mexico. They—we—are very soft targets. We live in a sort of sprawl across Mexico, concentrated in places well known, grouping in known bars, unarmed and utterly defenseless.

A minor contact I have with the bad guys says that, now, attacking Americans carries a death sentence from people who would carry it out with a blow torch over a period of days. “Oh no. Don’t fuck with the gringos,” says this guy. Like most Mexicans, the narcos figure the US is looking for a pretext to invade. They are happy with the current semi-partnership with Washington and don’t want interference.

But piss these bad boys off—they are very, very bad boys—and they could begin killing gringos by hundreds. Logically it would be an easy way of putting pressure on Washington to back off. Washington could write off aging vets living on disability from Nam, but a lot of expats here live in houses costing a million doomed green dollars.

Tell you what, Michelle. You folks at DEA know what’s out there. You know who the narcos are, and what they are, and what they are capable of doing. Maybe you could explain it to people a lot dumber than you are, such as soldiers, pols, and combative columnists in panties at the Washington Post. What think?



An Open Letter to Bill O’Reilly

Via Nancy
Several years ago I sent a similar letter to Mr. O’Reilly and received not even the tacit acknowledgement of its receipt. So I am putting this “out there” in the hopes that at some point in time he might come across it and perhaps even read it. Of course, it isn’t limited to O’Reilly. Radio commentator and conservative Mark Lavin is another Lincoln worshipper as is Glenn Beck. In fact, I would say that most “neo-cons” worship Lincoln which shows that they are in fact “big government” conservatives as Richard Nixon once claimed for most politicians in Washington.

In any event, here is the letter. I hope that it gets widely seen. I certainly shall post it on Facebook and other sites.



An Open Letter to Bill O’Reilly

Dear Sir:

Obviously, you are not a stupid man but sadly, your intellect seems non-existent when it comes to your judgment about American leaders. You have stood foursquare against the current socialist trends in the federal government. You have condemned the excesses of Congress and the Administration and the ever growing centralization of power in Washington as well as the trashing of the Constitution. You have mentioned time and again that such excesses are diametric to the founding principles of the nation, flying in the face of that same document—and I have applauded you for your public defense of those republican (with a lower-case “r”) principles and the men (and women) who have championed them.

Yet, the other evening, I heard you—yet again—claim that the “gold standard” of American leadership was none other than President Abraham Lincoln. I actually became so enraged I turned off the TV! I could not bear to listen any longer. All that we currently endure we do so because of Abraham Lincoln! It was Lincoln who embraced the movement of power away from the Sovereign States and the People as envisioned by the Founders. It was Lincoln who adopted the socialist/communist ideologies brought into the United States from Europe with the arrival of the so-called “48ers,” the mostly German followers of Marx fleeing their failed revolutions in Europe. However, it is also true that Lincoln had adopted those same policies independently before he was influenced by Europe’s socialist upheaval. Did you know that Marx adored Lincoln for the very reason that he worked to centralize power in the federal government? And did you know that Lincoln’s government and military was filled with Marxists and socialists? It was Lincoln who abandoned all constitutionally imposed restrictions on the federal government and the presidency when he planned and initiated war against states performing an act guaranteed to them in the Constitution—that of secession from a union that was no longer in the best interest of their people. It was Lincoln who deliberately and with malice brought that war to fruition—a war that cost over a million lives both military and civilian and destroyed an entire section of what had been the united (lower-case “u”) States for a century or more. And the list goes on and on. There is no more infamous lie in the annals of American history than Lincoln’s analysis of the causes of the so-called “Civil War”—“…and war came.” War didn’t “come,” Lincoln brought it into existence in what proved to be a successful attempt to prevent the loss of eleven Southern states and the 75% of the federal revenues paid by those States. Indeed, the South, by Lincoln’s time, had become nothing more than a politically impotent economic colony supplying endless revenues to the rest of the Union while being driven ever deeper into poverty.

It was Lincoln who embraced—and profited from—Hamilton’s “American System,” which today we call “crony capitalism” and which is really nothing other than the enemy of free enterprise, fascism. Lincoln was supported for the presidency by the economic interests of states such as Pennsylvania to which he promised a high tariff to protect their manufactured goods and a continuation of the flow of capital from the South to the North. Lincoln had been a lawyer with one of the railroads supported by such tax-funded largesse and was so successful that he was allowed to choose the eastern terminus for the contemplated trans-continental railroad. It is interesting—and revealing—to note that the property he chose for that site just happened to be owned by him! Lincoln’s sobriquet at that time—Honest Abe—was bestowed by his contemporaries for the same reason that the sobriquet “Little John” was bestowed upon Robin Hood’s very large lieutenant. In other words, it was a reference to behavior diametric to the appellation and therefore not a complement.

Finally, if you think that we had election fraud in 2008, Lincoln made use of the military to assure his re-election, something that was by no means guaranteed in November of 1864. General Benjamin (Beast) Butler was sent to New York from which he triumphantly informed Lincoln that no Democrats had been permitted to vote. The same happened in other states such as Ohio where both Lincoln and Lincoln’s war were not popular. Soldiers were permitted to vote in areas in which they did not live to assure his re-election. Meanwhile, their presence at the polls was a warning to those who might vote Democrat. In fact, in many instances the ballots were color-coded so that the party chosen by the voter was immediately obvious to those partisan “poll watchers” and many Americas were “discouraged” from voting if a wrong color ballot was observed.

There is so much more on Lincoln’s illegal, unconstitutional and immoral actions that is a part of the public record and yet, he continues to be revered, even worshipped, by people who despise and reject the things for which he stood and on which he acted. Even the popular belief that Lincoln “freed the slaves” or, in fact, had any feeling for them individually or as a group is nonsense, proven over and over by his own words and actions. He cared nothing for slavery and even less for “the African” and was willing to put slavery into the Constitution in the original 13th Amendment (Corwin) if it would keep the Southern states compliant.

Even the claim so often made that he fought the war to “preserve the union” is a lie though many Northerners were deceived and indeed fought for that stated purpose. First, a union is by its nature voluntary. Coercion at the point of a bayonet is nothing but conquest and occupation, not “union.” Then, Lincoln, his government and all of the states who fought ostensibly to preserve the Union were traitors according to Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution. Indeed, the only act defined as treason in that document is the waging of war against any of the signatory states and aiding and abetting in that war. If there was ever an act more worthy of the taint of treason and the openly guilty parties more exposed to public view, it has to be America’s “Civil War” in which the federal government—or should I say, the President—declared war on seven (later eleven) signatory states and initiated total war against them. Of course, all of those who supported or permitted this war were themselves traitors to a greater or lesser degree. It is ironic that the taint of treason was spread so liberally—and so successfully—on states that had acted constitutionally in attempting to remove themselves from a hostile and eventually murderous “union” while the actual traitors have been lauded to the skies historically as heroes and “true Americans.”

No, Mr. O’Reilly, your “stand” against those attempting to make of what remains of this nation another “Peoples’ Republic” cannot be believed so long as you refuse to acknowledge where America started to leave the path of Aristotle, Locke and the Founding Fathers and embrace the governing theories and actions of Hobbes and Marx. Actually, you have only two choices: understand and admit that “the nation’s greatest president” was a traitor and a murderer (over a million dead) and repudiate his “vision” for the nation—a federal tyranny—or cling to delusion, deception and myth and, by doing so, render your own message null and void and yourself foolish at best and dishonest at worst. You cannot have Lincoln and liberty.

Valerie Protopapas
New York
An Open Letter to Bill O’Reilly

Israeli Father, Baby Killed After Palestinians Threw Rocks at Their Car, Causing it to Overturn

Israeli police said Sunday that 25-year-old Asher Palmer and his infant son Yonatan were killed in a terrorist attack after Palestinians threw rocks at their car, causing it to overturn on a highway.

It happened Friday near the Israeli settlement Kiryat Arba. Authorities originally said the wreck was due to driver error, not stone throwing, prompting accusations of a police cover up so as not to “fan the flames” of a potential Palestinian protest.

Police re-labeled it a terror attack after further investigation and an autopsy on Asher Palmer’s body revealed injuries consistent with a rock hurling, including fractures to his skull.

Arutz Sheva reported:

Among the evidence that at first failed, for unknown reasons, to convince police that terrorists may have been involved: a hole in the front windshield of the car, a massive rock found in the front seat with human blood on it, a tear in fabric of the steeling wheel cover and dust indicating a blow from the rock, and damage to Asher Palmer’s face suggesting an impact unrelated to the crash.


Herman Cain Disqualifies Himself: No 2nd Amendment

The Market Ticker
Posted 2011-06-13, but there is no update since then.



CAIN: I support the 2nd amendment.

B: So what’s the answer on gun control?

C: The answer is I support, strongly support, the 2nd amendment. I don’t support onerous legislation that’s going to restrict people’s rights in order to be able to protect themselves as guaranteed by the 2nd amendment.

B: Should states or local government be allowed to control guns, the gun situation, or should…

C: Yes

B: Yes?

C: Yes.

B: So the answer is yes?

C: The answer is yes, that should be a state’s decision.

Then you don't support the 2nd Amendment. The problem with this position, of course, is that if the 2nd Amendment doesn't apply to the states then neither does the 1st, 4th or 5th, and suddenly you have no rights at all.

Goodbye Herman; you just disqualified yourself.

Incidentally, the government doesn't grant rights. It can either recognize or abrogate them, but they are not the government's to bestow. What is captured in this exchange is Herman Cain's belief that you do not, in fact, have any rights at all!

U.S. gov't used ATF employees to buy weapons with taxpayer money & walk them -- without help from straw buyers!

Sipsey Street Irregulars

Official ATF documents and sources in both Arizona and Washington D.C. confirm that in at least two instances in 2010, agents of the United States government purchased Kalashnikov-pattern semi-automatic pistols directly from licensed federal firearms dealers with taxpayer money and delivered those weapons directly into the hands of cartel smugglers.

In a letter dated June 1, 2010, Phoenix ATF Group VII supervisor David Voth, instructed as Federal Firearms Licensee as follows:

Dear Sir,

Per Section925(a)(1) of the Gun Control Act (GCA) exempts law enforcement agencies from the transportation, shipment, receipt, or importation controls of the GCA when firearms are to be used for the official business of the agency.

Please accept this letter in lieu of completing an ATF Form 4473 for the purchase of four (4) CAI, Model Draco, 7.62x39 mm pistols, by Special Agent John Dodson. These aforementioned pistols will be used by Special Agent Dodson in furtherance of the performance of his official duties. In addition, Special Agent Dodson has not been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. If you have any questions, you may contact me at telephone number 602-605-6501.


David Voth
ATF Group Supervisor
Phoenix Group VII

Controversy erupts over Campus Republicans bake sale plans

Via III Percent Patriots

They're at it again. Great!

S&W M&P40 - $405 delivered

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Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 09-24-11 to 09-25-11

Every now and then I switch over to a live update version of the weekend recap. I’ve decided to do that today with all the information coming in from New York about police actions at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations where at least 80 were arrested yesterday. Remember, I can only report on information that is publicly available for review, so if you know of a credible report of misconduct that I missed please do contact me and let me know about it. You can reach us here by using the contact page link on the right or on Twitter at @David_NPMSRP.

With that said, here are the 12 reports tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed so far for this weekend of September 24-25, 2011:

A higher-ranking New York NY police officer was caught on video needlessly pepperspraying at least 3-4 female protesters who were already fenced in during the #occupywallstreet protest. The video clearly shows the women were not posing a threat or resisting any commands at the point they were sprayed. A photo of the officer afterward shows him laughing while texting on his phone. [3]

148 Bad Boys

Via The Feral Irishman

Sheriffs ditch Gov., get tough on immigrants

Via Rebellion

Three defiant Bay State sheriffs hell-bent on tougher immigration enforcement have taken an end run around Gov. Deval Patrick, traveling to Washington, D.C., to hammer out their own version of the Secure Communities program in a stinging rejection of the administration’s stand on illegals.

“The governor is out of touch on this issue, and he really and truly does not represent the interest of the people of Massachusetts on this issue,” Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said. “We’re basically saying to the governor, ‘Look. You’re entitled to your position.’ But the governor doesn’t elect us. We represent the people of our counties who elect us to do our job — public safety.”

Hodgson, along with Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald Jr. and Worcester County Sheriff Lewis Evangelidis, bartered their deal late last week in a series of meetings with federal officials in Washington. They emerged with a deal that would, among other things, train county corrections officers to run the recently collared through Immigration and Customs Enforcement databases

Feminine Attire Since The Beginning

"The David and Goliath Award."

For David and me, it felt a little like the Blues Brothers. It was Chicago, most everybody in authority was looking to get us if they could, and we were on a mission from God. The biggest difference was that only David was wearing a suit. That, and the fact that he looks nothing like Elwood.

Looking back a few years from now, I'll probably remember yesterday as one of the most whirlwind days I've had in the Gunwalker Scandal. Because of a mix-up in arrangements for the plane ticket, I didn't fly out of Birmingham until after 5:00 PM, Friday, but still managed to make it (late) to the reception after a death march through O'Hare to recover my one bag (that did my newly cast-free foot no good), and then a wild ride through traffic to the hotel with a monetarily-incentivized cab driver from Iran. Linked up with Larry Pratt, David Codrea and, a new addition to our merry band, "Tex" Fuller, a documentary maker of great skill and long experience who has just received a big chunk of change from an anonymous donor to begin a documentary on Gunwalker -- a wonderful turn of events due in no small measure to Larry Pratt's considerable efforts. Larry, as readers will know, was an early member of the Coalition of Willing Lilliputians and made great efforts to help us get Congressional attention and whistleblower status for the agents early on.

Herman Cain: Will Prosecute CAIR & List Brotherhood as Terrorist Organizations

Via pumabydesign

Why sudden arms-buildup by South African military?

Why is the SA military arming itself so suddenly and speedily with high-intensity military hardware including anti-tank rockets - when the country has no enemies?

Open letter to Roger Ailes, Chairman, Fox News TV stations, USA link

With South Africa 's extreme importance to supplying the US military-industrial complex with essential minerals, it's important to note that president Prof Gregory Stanton of the USA, this month announced that South Africa's whites were in the penultimate stage of the threat of genocide.

He also mentions the ‘denial’ of this genocidal intent by the ANC-regime and which denial also includes their very deliberate manipulation of crime-statistics .

In short, The country is sinking into all-out race war: which will also cause a very rapid economic collapse.

Why is South Africa’s military suddenly buying up these huge quantities of military hardware?

Now the SA National Defence Force, protecting a country which has absolutely NO enemies on the African continent or anywhere else for that matter, is suddenly stocking up extremely huge quantities of anti-tank missiles and many tons of military weaponry and ammo. The whites in SA are growing increasingly terrified and tens of thousands now are fleeing to the greater Cape Town region - which is considerably safer as it is not under the political control of the African National Congress party and its co-ruling allies, the SA Communist Party and the Cosatu trade union movements.

The Western media does not seem to realise how close this economic collapse also is right now in South Africa. It's a matter of months, not years.

Is this still worthy of some note in the USA? I was hoping that Fox news would have at least mentioned it once? More than 3-million whites and some 1-million Asians in South Africa are stuck in a country with an increasingly violent black-majority of some 45-million people and a very rapid birth-rate. The chances of these tiny and very visible minority groups surviving are quite frankly, nil. Some 1-million whites asnd a great many Asian people with skills allowing them to emigrate have already done so to save their families. And these top educated people’s skills kept the economy of South Africa going.



Via Oathkeepers
Gun owners often remark that they carry a gun because a policeman is too heavy. This is cute, but it makes the point. In this country, the citizen is supreme authority, and when a citizen is armed, the law is present. It is on our authority that we delegate to law enforcement powers we wish them to have in order to do the jobs we ask of them. In doing this, however, we have never surrendered the totality of our supreme authority as the Sovereign. It is this which is recognized by forty-eight states who affirm the armed citizen within their borders, and who respect the rights of visitors from other states to be armed.

When I write about guns on campus, or other venues of armed citizen, I point out that the citizen has not only the right to armed self-defense, but also the legal authority to act in the absence of police. I compare this to Citizen CPR in the absence of Paramedics.

This comes from many sources, from public policy and public interest to just powers to general codified law and most of all from the idea that the citizens in this country are in fact the Sovereign. The second amendment in this country is the lethal force which backs our authority as the Sovereign. As the Sovereign, citizens cannot be subject to any gun control laws which attempt to regulate our being armed with lethal force. Our states predate the federal government and the feds are a creation of the states. As such, gun laws are a challenge to our sovereign authority as supreme. Little by little, our sovereignty is not only being blamed as hostile attitude and anti-government, but attitudes against guns and sovereignty are instigated as part of a larger movement to transfer sovereignty from the citizen to the State. I assure you, such a transfer is possible. Gun control is essential to losing our sovereignty over our government servants and our freedoms of movement. As such, there can be no such thing as so-called sensible gun laws.

All gun control is illegal because it challenges our authority and plumbs the depths of the careless tolerance of the electorate. In time of violence, more gun control is politically made to sound reasonable. In this country, there is no legal standing with which to challenge or infringe on the second amendment. It would be the same as claiming standing to own another human being somehow. Even a little is illegal.

The Natural and Dissoluble Connection Between Learning and Religion

A strenuous supporter at the founding of the University of North Carolina, Rev. McCorkle of Salisbury stressed the connection of learning and religion, and knew that morality formed the basis of education. This put him at odds with Northern Jacobin Thomas Paine and the latter’s affinity for French revolutionaries who were intent upon the destruction of the Church.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

“The ablest of all the North Carolina theologians, preachers and lecturers of his day was the noted Presbyterian divine, educator, and promoter of higher education, the Rev. Samuel Eusebius McCorkle, of Salisbury and Thyatira. During the last decade of the century he published at his own expense upwards of two score sermons and addresses, issued singly or in sets of three or four together. They begin with A Sermon on Sacrifices (Halifax, 1792), include one of a very quaint title, The Angel’s Seal Set Upon God’s Faithful Servants when Hurtful Winds are Blowing in the Church Militant, and end with Three Discourses on the Terms of Christian Communion (Salisbury, 1799).

In his discourse entitled A Charity Sermon (Halifax, 1795), frequently delivered in 1793, in Salisbury and other places in Rowan [county], at the opening of the Presbyterian Synod, and before the General Assembly at Fayetteville, McCorkle gives an exhaustive analysis of the instinct of charity, with numerous quotations and citations: Holy bible, Sallust, Vattel, Becarria, Paley, Jonathan Edwards, Blau, Doddridge, Beattie, Reid. Stating that the sermon was prepared with a “design to solicit Benefactions for the University of North Carolina,” he observes further on:

“The two English universities [Oxford and Cambridge] have been called the eyes of the nation, the lights of the church and state, and prodigious have been their influence both in politics and religion. They have arrived at a mature age. Ours is the infant of a day. It is just raising its feeble hands, and stretching them out. The one it holds out to the church, and the other to the nations. Let the ministers both of justice and mercy take it by the hand. It will one day, by the Patronage of Heaven, reward us all.”

In addressing the General Assembly at Fayetteville, in November, 1793, he made the earnest plea: “The truth is, human science has promoted religion, liberty, national wealth and national glory. Promote her, then, O my country, and she will promote thee. Exalt her, and she will bring thee to honour.”

Upwards of half of McCorkle’s published sermons were directed against the blight of deism, preached by Paine in his Age of Reason and given immense vogue by the French Revolution. I his Four Discourses (Salisbury, 1797) McCorkle makes a detailed argument for the first principles of revelation against those of deism and draws the succinct conclusions:

1. Deism to me is wholly mysterious;

2. In deism I see every possible kind of contradiction;

3. In deism I see nothing but imbecility;

4. Deism is local and partial, and can never be otherwise.

A deeply gratified sense of attainment must have filled the being of this wise and benignant patriarch on that bright October 12, 1793, when the cornerstone of the first university building, the “Old East,” was laid by William Richardson Davie, and he himself preached the dedicatory sermon. Stressing the natural and indissoluble connection between learning and religion, the pious orator quoted the scriptural admonition:

“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it; except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”

Taking a cue from Jefferson’s revolutionary phrase, “the pursuit of happiness,” McCorkle asserted that the aim of good government and religion is to diffuse the greatest possible degree of happiness, which depends upon national wealth and national glory. The last are attained through liberty and good laws which in their turn “call for the general knowledge in the people, and extensive knowledge in the ministers of the state, and these in fine demand public places of education.”

(North Carolina, The Old North State and the New, Volume I, Archibald Henderson, Lewis Publishing Company, 1941, pp. 608-611)

Natural Connection Between Learning & Religion

Surefire's Vampire Light in action