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[Photos] Da Lat's Charming Green Landscapes as Seen in 1969


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The mountain escape was a thriving farming area long before the recent boom in organic produce. 

As strict lockdowns play out across Vietnam, the idea of traveling can seem like a distant dream, though moving across the country is infinitely more imaginable than moving back in time. But with the help of collected photos, while we stay safely sequestered in our homes, we can embark on a journey back to 1969.  

This collection of images taken by former US military officer Tom Petersen focuses on Da Lat's farm fields, as well as the central market and famous Cam Ly waterfall. The plethora of greenery depicted, along with the plenitude of flowers, helps explain how it became an agriculture hub today, as well as idyllic vacation destination.

Take a trip back to a less-crowded Da Lat. 

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Parents sue Catholic school that's gone 'woke' to Return their Donation of $1.35 million

 Anthony and Barbara Scarpo and the Academy of the Holy Names in Tampa, Florida.

A couple who pledged $1.35 million to a Catholic school in Tampa are suing to have the school return their donation and tuition over the school's extremely woke culture.

Anthony and Barbara Scarpo – who were named chairs of Academy of the Holy Names' fundraising campaign – pledged their gift at a 2017 fundraising gala to fund the school's master plan and scholarships for disadvantaged students. But they recently filed a 12-count, 45-page lawsuit demanding that their pledge be rescinded and the tuition for their two daughters be returned. The suit alleges fraud and a lack of fidelity to Catholic teaching.

"The school, they charge, has 'lost its way' by distancing itself from mainstream Catholicism and embracing a divisive 'woke culture' where priority is given to 'gender identity, human sexuality and pregnancy termination among other hot-button issues,'" the Tampa Bay Times reported.

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N. Carolina GOP would ban K-12 promotion of CRT


North Carolina Republicans advanced legislation on Wednesday that defines how teachers can discuss certain concepts about race and racism inside the classroom.

GOP Senate leader Phil Berger said his chamber is taking action as Republicans across the country seek to counter the push to teach Critical Race Theory which promotes the false teaching that if a person is born with white skin, that individual is automatically classified as an oppressor of black people.

"We don't want to indoctrinate folks in what I think is the core of critical race theory, which is that race is determinative of whether or not someone is going to be successful, that race is determinative of all matter of things that happen in society and that past discrimination justifies current discrimination," Berger told The Associated Press in an interview before unveiling the updated education measure.

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Freedom Cells & Who’s in Denial? Part I

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Freedom Cells 


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Over the years, when people have asked me, “Is it time yet, Claire?” my response has always been something like this: It may be moral to ‘shoot the bastards’ who kill freedom, but this isn’t the time. It doesn’t make tactical or strategic sense. Violence now will only make things much, much worse.

That’s still my strong conviction. To any members of the Deep State trolling the ‘Net desperately searching for those elusive “domestic terrorists” they’re so determined to locate invent: I’m a useless target for you. I don’t advocate violence except in self-defense and I dread seeing anybody, especially freedomistas, start a shooting war.

My hope is, as always, that a bloated, overreaching government will ultimately undermine itself and fall non-violently, as the Soviet Union did. It already seems well on its way.

But lately I’ve been asking myself if perhaps I’m in denial about the depth and urgency — and the possibilities — of our situation.

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AOC belongs to Marxist group backing Cuban communist regime: Democratic Socialists of America declaring solidarity with Castro 'Revolution'

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U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and three other House Democrats are affiliated with a far-left group called Democratic Socialists of America, which is backing Cuba's communist regime amid a popular uprising.

DSA members Ocasio-Cortez and Reps. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., and Cori Bush have not spoken out on the protests that took place in cities across the island nation on Sunday.

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Cuban-Americans Flood Cities Nationwide Calling for End to Communism

 People demonstrate, some holding Cuban and US National flags, during a protest against the Cuban government in Miami on July 11, 2021. - Thousands of Cubans across the country took part in rare protests July 11, 2021, against the communist government, marching through several towns chanting, "Down with the dictatorship" …

Hundreds, and possibly thousands, of Cuban-Americans have convened for peaceful assemblies nationwide this week in solidarity with their kin on the island, who have flooded the streets of nearly every major Cuban city since Sunday demanding an end to the communist regime.

Cuban-Americans and their allies in New Jersey, New York, Kentucky, Illinois, California, Ohio, and Washington, DC, have organized “free Cuba” rallies meant to encourage Cubans on the island to continue peacefully demanding an end to communism and to urge the government of the United States – particularly the administration of President Joe Biden – to act to protect Cuban lives.

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Americans don’t want socialism shoved down their throats

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President Joe Biden campaigned as a moderate and repeatedly tells us he is creating a government that looks like America but his hard-left program is more radical than the persona he offered and out of step with public sentiment.

Whether it is voter suppression, border enforcement, limiting police or dramatically boosting federal spending, voters are not in step with the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

According to recent polls, three-quarters of Americans support requiring voter IDs, about four-fifths see illegal immigration as a threat, and more than half are against redirecting resources from police to social services agencies.

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Court Rules Handgun Ban For Adults Under 21 Unconstitutional

Court Rules Handgun Ban For Adults Under 21 Unconstitutional

An appellate court ruled this week that the 21-year minimum age requirement for handgun purchases violates their constitutional rights.

The story: In a divided decision, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit in Richmond, Virginia, said that the minimum age restriction for buying handguns federally licensed gun dealers unfairly place 19-and 20-year olds separates from other adults.

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Read it: Lake County Health Department Releases ‘Door-to-Door’ Instruction Manual

Read it: Lake County Health Department Releases ‘Door-to-Door’ Instruction Manual

The Health Department and Community Health Center in Lake County, Illinois has released a manual for volunteers that appears to be related to the Biden administration’s door-to-door effort aimed at encouraging Americans to get a coronavirus shot.

How we got here: The Biden administration announced a door-to-door vaccine push in hopes of driving up the vaccination rate as it failed to reach its goal of vaccinating 70% of the adult population in the U.S. by the Fourth of July.

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Cuba (Havana?) July12th


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The Cyclic March of History


What..................are the policies of the “Woke Revolution” today? Progressives are indoctrinating malleable minds with Critical Race Theory through the “woke” media, through the endless virtue-postings of radical politicians and race hustlers, through judicial pettifoggery and tortuous twistings of the Constitution, and through the government-controlled public schools that have taken over child-rearing responsibilities in these profligate and irresponsible times. To gain power through universal suffrage, Progressives are seeking to level society to its lowest common denominator by promoting and sanctifying society’s basest animal appetites. The anti-West and anti-White Critical Race Theory has replaced the traditional Marxist class conflict with a race conflict, so it appears now that the Money Trust – financing these Progressives in yet another iteration of “The Rothschild Formula” – is preparing to foreclose on Western Civilization with a race war. The demand now is that Western Civilization repudiate its heritage – from Virgil to Jefferson – for the sake of Equity with those who have none, and “take a knee” to the eternal African present. As ever, the basic dichotomy will remain; only the nightmare will have changed: enslavement to a totalitarian “affirmative action” bureaucracy surrounded by a wall of skulls, with Wall Street and the Money Trust beaming benignantly down upon it all…

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