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Mitch McConnell Was Just Taught a Valuable Lesson In Leadership

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At the battle of Franklin, General John Bell Hood told Cleburne to make a frontal attack on an entrenched position. Cleburne tried to persuade Hood not to, but Hood disagreed.
Just before the attack General Daniel Govan told Cleburne, "General there will not be many of us going back to Arkansas after this battle." 

                     Cleburne said, "Well, Govan, if we must die, let us die like men." 
Cleburne's horse was shot from under him as he led the charge. As he put his foot in the stirrup to mount a second horse it was killed too. He charged on foot. He was killed by a bullet through the heart.


“In the real world, this level of ineptitude and abuses of fringe benefits would lead to certain dismissal. Yet in politics it is to be lauded and praised.”

Many years ago, when I was a company commander, I had a conversation with an incredibly astute NCO on leadership. He told me in no uncertain terms that he would never want to be an officer because of how little control you have over your own career. As an officer, especially one in command, you are responsible for everything that happens under your command, even things that you have no way to direct.

You are expected to wield enough influence over your unit that they are compelled to do the right thing, even when outside of visual contact. When that fails to happen, you, as the commander, end up paying the price for their failures. The cards you are dealt do not matter, only the way you play your hand. Because of this, command is one of the most stressful, and ultimately most rewarding, times in an officer’s career.

During that same period, I learned another powerful lesson in leadership from the Company First Sergeant. I had only been in command for a couple of days and was getting ready to brief my brigade commander. Before we went into the conference room, he looked at me and said, “Sir, no matter what, our soldiers have never done anything wrong. Any failures were our failures as leaders, not theirs. We failed to make them meet those expectations, and we will deal with them at our level.”

That lesson hit hard, although not quite as hard as the brigade commander. He was correct; that really is the point of leadership.

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In Defense of Lee And Jackson

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Ever since the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, took place, memorials and statues of the great men of the Confederacy--along with the flags of the Confederacy--are being vandalized or taken down by municipal governments.

In 1864, Confederate General Patrick Cleburne warned his fellow Southerners of the historical consequences should the South lose their war for independence. He said if the South lost, “It means the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern schoolteachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed by the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision.” No truer words were ever spoken.

History revisionists flooded America’s public schools with Northern propaganda about the people who attempted to secede from the United States, characterizing them as racists, extremists, radicals, hatemongers, and traitors.

Folks, please understand that the only people in 1861 who believed that states did not have the right to secede were Abraham Lincoln and his radical Republicans. To say that Southern states did not have the right to secede from the United States is to say that the thirteen colonies did not have the right to secede from Great Britain. One cannot be right and the other wrong. If one is right, both are right. If one is wrong, both are wrong. How can we celebrate the Declaration of Independence of the American colonies in 1776 and then turn around and condemn the Declaration of Independence of the Confederacy in 1861?

Unbelievable! Government to Retry Bundy Ranch Defendants a Third Time!

These tyrants just can't let it go.  They can't make their case to the jury to find these men guilty so they are going to try them a third time and push other defendants' court date back further into the future!

After the jury acquitted two defendants in the Bundy Ranch case of all charges against them, they were deadlocked on two others, O. Scott Drexler and Eric Parker, both of Idaho.

Still, they were released from prison on Tuesday evening, but discovered on Wednesday that the government, who could not make their case to the jury, want to try them again.

"Surprised? No. Disappointed? Yes," said Parker's lawyer, Jess Marchese. "It's clear at this point the prosecution is taking this personally now."

 Marchese said Acting Nevada U.S. Attorney Steven Myhre twice called Parker a coward during a court hearing Wednesday.

90% of BLM & ANTIFA Rioters are Paid by Crowds on Demand via Craig's List and Google Ads

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On the surface, it looks like BLM and ANTIFA have literally hundreds of thousands of members across the United States and more than a million strong when you count all those who participate in rioting internationally.

These numbers are as misleading as the purpose of the civil unrest and riots perpetrated by these two organizations who have proven themselves to be nothing more than terrorist organizations since the Ferguson Riots.

Many locals in cities across the US are confused at the amount of people who show up in violent demonstrations protesting anything from Confederate Monuments, local police, the President, etc. since it is known in these areas that most support the opposite of what these crowds are there to protest.

What is really happening here is most people really do not want what BLM and ANTIFA rioters are protesting for. A great example of this was the violence at most Donald Trump rallies during both the primaries and after he was elected.

United Nations Issues Rare "Early Warning" - Signals Potential Civil Conflict In America

Via Cousin John "The day they show up to tell me what to do will be a bad hair day with some 223."

It’s clear that the United States is being purposely divided. The United Nations is clearly playing into the hype of issuing an early warning that has only been issued for third world countries in the past 10-years. In our opinion, the continued division in America will only be achieved through more events such as Charlottesville that will polarize the sheep into the streets for slaughtering.

A United Nations Committee tasked with combating racism on a global scale has issued an ultra rare "early warning" for the United States citing "alarming racism" trends.

As notes, this rare signal often preludes the potential for civil conflict.
In the past 10-years, the early warning has been issued in Burundi, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kyrgyzstan and Nigeria.
The United Nations Committee on the Eliminations of Racial Discrimination has called on high-level politicians and public officials of the United States to condemn “racist hate speech and crimes in Charlottesville and through the country”.
Anastasia Crickley, Chairperson of UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) said:
We are alarmed by the racist demonstrations, with overtly racist slogans, chants and salutes by white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan, promoting white supremacy and inciting racial discrimination and hatred
As per UN News Centre:

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Wall Street Journal Staff Rebels as Editor Criticizes Them for Trump Coverage

How Charlottesville Helped Drain the Swamp

 AP Photo

Donald Trump’s decision to dissolve his two business advisory councils in the face of mass defections of corporate leaders and Wall Street titans was a clarifying moment for his presidency. Just as the president promised, he drained the swamp.

Ironically, the swamp was already draining itself as business leaders decided that they agreed with the mainstream media’s interpretation of Trump’s stance on the violence that erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia. The president had unequivocally condemned racism and white nationalism while adding that ‘alt-left’ violence was also deplorable. In response he was inaccurately accused of equating white supremacists with “protesters.”

The resignations made it clear that many of the “business leaders” could not be counted on for leadership if that involved standing against the wrath of the mainstream media.

And so the swamp was drained.

Nine executives or labor leaders resigned from the president’s Manufacturing Jobs Initiative before it was dissolved

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“Furl That Banner”


During the past few decades, there has been an ever-growing sentiment throughout the Unites Sates to erase from the public mind, if not from American history itself, all vestiges of the Confederate States of America, and in particular, all memorials dedicated to the heroes, leaders and symbols of the Lost Cause. Following the senseless murder of a number of African-American churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, two years ago, and this year’s fatal riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, the mounting cry to remove most, if not all, of the more than fifteen hundred Confederate statues and memorials located in twenty-seven states, both North and South and the District of Columbia, has developed into a raucous harangue that has led to the legislative, as well as the vandalistic, removal of a number of those monuments.

Most Americans undoubtedly believe that such memorials are unique to the South and while over twelve hundred are properly located in the eleven states of the former Confederacy, the remaining three hundred are scattered throughout the North, including a monument placed in Boston Harbor by the Massachusetts chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy over a half century ago to honor the thirteen Confederate prisoners of war who died in Fort Warren on Georges Island. There are even Confederate memorials in such unlikely places as British Bermuda and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

To the Barricades! : We Will At Least Be Less Bored

Katie, bar the ever-lovin’ door. Compromise seems a forlorn hope in today’s strange version of America. Anger runs too deep. All that is left is to choose sides. We will then see whether the country sinks—continues sinking–into a Soviet future already largely upon us, or we see armed mobs battling in the streets.

Does this sound crazy? I don’t think so. The hostility is beyond anything I have seen in what has become a depressingly long life. In the media, on the web, anger seethes. Countries both civilized and not have plunged into bloodshed over as little. Think of Sunnis and Shias, Irish Protestants and Irish Catholics, Spanish and Basques.

“The Worst Elements of Society”: America’s Bolshevik Wannabes By Thomas DiLorenzo

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Hayek’s characteristics of a totalitarian mob seem to fit today’s American Bolshevik wannebes like a glove.  In a recent survey of self-described socialists, 95 percent of whom were under the age of thirty, 48% were unemployed; 61% still lived with their parents; 69% were “uneducated”; only 14% supported free speech; while more than three times that number, 46%, supported riots as a means of advancing their cause.

They’ve attacked and beat up elderly people attempting to attend Trump-for-President rallies; attacked people with solid iron bicycle locks, bike racks, clubs, rocks, mace, baseball bats, and bottles filled with urine and feces.  They threw cement blocks through storefront windows in D.C. on inauguration day, claiming it to be a protest against capitalism.  They’ve set police cars, civilian cars, and buildings on fire to interrupt campus speeches by conservatives.  They hospitalized a female university professor for the “crime” of inviting conservative political scientist Charles Murray to speak at Middlebury College.

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Roger Stone: Politicians voting for Trump's impeachment 'endangering their own lives'

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino

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Trump blames Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell for delaying debt ceiling fight

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President Trump on Thursday blamed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan for delaying the debt ceiling fight until the last minute, and said that delay will create a legislative "mess" in September.

"I requested that Mitch M & Paul R tie the Debt Ceiling legislation into the popular V.A. Bill (which just passed) for easy approval. They didn't do it so now we have a big deal with Dems holding them up (as usual) on Debt Ceiling approval. Could have been so easy-now a mess!" Trump tweeted.

Republican leaders last month considered tying an increase to the debt limit to a bill that funded a program that allows veterans to get medical care outside of Veterans Affairs medical facilities. But Congress ultimately passed the bill without the debt ceiling provision, and Trump signed the legislation into law this month.

Charlottesville: Freedom of Speech under Siege: The Mainstream Media’s Cultural Marxist Suppression of the Facts

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The tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12, took the place of what would have been a peaceful and lawful protest against the Charlottesville City Council’s purpose to remove the city’s monument to Robert E. Lee, long revered in the South and elsewhere.

Jefferson Davis remarked in a Memorial Speech following Lee’s death:

“This good citizen, this gallant soldier, this great general, this true patriot, had yet a higher praise than this or these; he was a true Christian.”

By the way, Lee released the slaves he had inherited in 1857 by 1862, long before the end of the war, when he was certain that each had the training and means to succeed economically on their own. He was not in favor of slavery but knew that their transition from slavery to freedom required thoughtful preparation.

The demonization of Lee, Confederate leaders, and the Confederate symbols is based on a false narrative of American history. How to handle the slavery question was an issue in the North-South conflict, but not in the inflated moral sense that most people assume. Yet the myth that the Civil War was a moral crusade against slavery persists because of past and current political agendas that should receive more penetrating public and academic scrutiny. The war was, as one Southern pastor remarked, about “Sectionalism,” which covers many breaches of regional trust. I do not want to digress, but the unwarranted demonization of all things Southern is a major cause of racial unrest that demands a more honest and courageous generation of politicians to correct.

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Shout ‘Allahu akbar’ and you will be shot, warns Luigi Brugnaro, mayor of Venice

 Luigi Brugnaro defended his comments, saying he had never been politically correct

The right-wing mayor of Venice has courted controversy by claiming anyone who yells “Allahu Akhbar” in the city’s St Mark’s Square will be shot.

Speaking at a conference, Luigi Brugnaro said Venice was safer than Barcelona, where 13 people were killed this month when terrorists drove a van down Las Ramblas.

“In contrast with Barcelona, where they had not set up protection, we keep our guard up,” he said. “If anyone runs into St Mark’s Square shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar’, we will take him down. A year ago I said after four steps, now after three. I will say it in Venetian: ‘Ghe Sparemo’ (We will shoot him).”

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Dershowitz: ANTIFA is a Radical Anti America Communist Organization