Friday, November 29, 2019

Jihadis face execution without trial in Syrian jails as Assad says foreign ISIS members will be hanged

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President Bashar al-Assad (pictured above) is setting up special terror courts for IS prisoners

Jihadis in prisons in Syria could face execution without trial after President Bashar al-Assad said he was setting up special terror courts, where the prisoners will be subjected to 'Syrian law'.

Membership of Islamic State (IS) is a hanging offence in Syria and the brutal dictator has now said foreign members of IS in the country will be brought to justice.  

Thousands of prisoners have been secretly executed inside the infamous Saydnaya Prison near Damascus, according to Amnesty International. Thousands more are said to have died there through torture and starvation.

ATF Kills Controversial Program that Fast-Tracked Applications for NFA Items


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) has scrapped a controversial pilot program that expedited applications to purchase items restricted under the National Firearms Act (NFA), including suppressors and short-barreled rifles.

Knox Williams, the President and Executive Director of the American Suppressor Association, told GunsAmerica that the ATF had instituted the program to speed up wait times that in some cases have taken over a year. The program targeted individual applications (as opposed to trusts) that did not contain any errors and moved them through the system noticeably more quickly. In some cases, individuals had their items within 60 days of submitting their Form 4’s.

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‘They’ve Awoken a Giant’: 20+ Virginia Counties Become 2A Sanctuaries Overnight

The pro-gun crowd at the Amelia County Board of Supervisor’s meeting was much too large to fit in the building. (Photo: Philip Van Cleave)

Virginia gun owners have gathered by the hundreds at Board of Supervisors meetings in counties across the state to send a message to the newly elected Democratic legislature in Richmond.

As of this writing, 23 counties and towns have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries since Michael Bloomberg flipped the state legislature from red to blue earlier this month. Second Amendment sanctuaries exist in many states across the country, but no state has seen so many in such a short span of time.

“It’s sending a message to Richmond saying we don’t want any more gun control out here,” Philip Van Cleave told GunsAmerica. Van Cleave is the President of the gun-rights group Virginia Citizens Defense League, which has been fighting for Second Amendment rights in Virginia since 1994, when they helped turned the state from may-issue to shall-issue.

TYRANNY ALERT: Virginia to OUTLAW Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Firearms Instruction and Self-Defense Training Under Proposed Law SB64

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The State of Virginia, now entirely run by truly insane Democrats who support infanticide and child murder, is proposing a new 2020 law known as SB64 (see link here) which will be taken up by the Democrat-run Senate beginning January 8, 2020.

The law would instantly transform all martial arts instructors into criminal felons. This includes instructors who teach kickboxing, BJJ, Krav Maga, boxing and even Capoeira.

It would also criminalize all firearms training classes, including concealed carry classes.

It would even criminalize a father teaching his own son how to use a hunting rifle.

Specifically, the law says that a person “is guilty of unlawful paramilitary activity” (a class 5 felony) if that person:

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