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A Bloodless Victory


Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina, is known as the place where the “Civil War” began. The South is normally portrayed as the aggressor, the side which fired the “first shot,” and is thus given the blame for starting the war. The whole truth is, however, that the governments of South Carolina and the Confederate States of America made repeated efforts to resolve the crisis of Fort Sumter peacefully before any shots were fired. Though they knew that secession might bring on a conflict, and made defensive preparations, the Southern leaders desired a peaceful separation from the union, not one bought with blood. The war that followed the bombardment of Fort Sumter was one of the North’s choosing.

National Shame Day

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A C-47 flies over Le Loi Circle in Saigon on National Shame Day, a day to commemorate the division of Vietnam via the Geneva Accords, 19 July 1964. Vietnamese Boy Scouts looked on.

Scientist Debunks US Claims—Releases Video Evidence US Bombed Syrian Cancer Research Facility

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“If there were chemical weapons in the building, we would not be here,” Saeed said. “My colleagues and I came here at 05:00 this morning. If there were chemical weapons, we would need to wear masks and take other protective measures to be staying here.”

The United States launched around 120 missiles targeting the Syrian government on Friday, and as reports of the damage surface, the evidence is showing that while the U.S. is bragging that the attack hit a chemical weapons facility, it actually destroyed a cancer research center.

The attacked launched by the United States, the United Kingdom and France, has reduced the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries Research Institute in Barzeh to rubble, according to a report from the Syrian Arab News Agency, which noted that the facility’s use centered on preparing the chemical compositions for cancer drugs, and conducting chemical analyses of the materials entering Syria, which are used in pharmaceutical and food industries.”

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Starting with Bonnie Blue and going thru all the Nationals and ending with Navy Jack on Memorial Day.

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Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

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Something smells. The use of toxins, either by Assad in Syria or by Russia in West Pakistan–England, I meant, England–makes no sense. Assad had won his war and had no need of  gassing a few civilians. He would have to know that  it would give Washington a pretext for an attack. Which it did. Is Assad so foolish?

Disordered thoughts on the National Cockatoo’s latest antics

One:  The aghastment and horrilation about the terrible, appalling, shocking etc nature of gas warfare is nonsense. There is nothing unusually  hideous about the use of toxic chemicals. Hideous, yes, but not unusually hideous. Boring old workaday artillery, that nobody criticizes, leaves children watching as mommy frantically clutches at intestines spilling from her opened belly, leaves men without legs trying to drag themselves along until gushing femoral arteries end consciousness, causes traumatic brain injury that leaves its beneficiaries drooling and burbling for life. Poison gas can do no better.

General Homer Smith, DAO Saigon

He was in charge of DAO where I worked until the end and used to come to our reunions until he died.

Vietnam War

On 15 October 1969, Smith, then a Colonel, became Commanding Officer Danang Support Command.[2]

In August 1974 Smith was appointed as head of the Defense Attaché Office (DAO) South Vietnam, making him the highest-ranking U.S. military official in South Vietnam. In this role Smith was a key figure in the last year of South Vietnam's existence, finally overseeing Operation Frequent Wind, the evacuation of American civilians and "at-risk" Vietnamese from Saigon in April 1975.[3] Smith left Saigon on 29 April 1975 and the DAO ceased to exist.

Clinton Campaign, DNC Laundered $84 Million to State Parties To Avoid Campaign Finance Laws

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A pro-Donald Trump political action committee filed suit in federal court against the Federal Elections Commission on Monday, alleging the agency failed to take action on a money-laundering scheme involving the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

“The Committee to Defend the President (CDP), a political action committee formally known as Stop Hillary PAC, filed its complaint with the FEC in December 2017 with the claims that the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) solicited cash from big-name donors, and allegedly sent that money through state chapters and back to the DNC before ending up with the Clinton campaign,” Fox News reported.

The CDP complaint filed with the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia alleges that $84 million was funneled using this technique to purposely bypass campaign fiance laws.

What Happened to My Channel Last Night

Ruger American Predator – Very Impressive Bang For The Buck

Sometimes we get a rifle in that doesn’t look overly sexy in the packaging, but then proceeds to blow your socks off. The Ruger American Predator in 6.5 Creedmoor is one such weapon. When it comes to accuracy, this thing is a monster.

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Comey: Investigators 'Should Be Fired' For Incompetence If They've Got Nothing After A Year

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Former FBI Director James Comey inadvertently dinged special counsel Robert Mueller while defending himself for exonerating Hillary Clinton over her email scandal.

"Anybody who's actually done investigations knows that if you've been investigating something for almost a year and you don't have a general sense of where it's likely to end up, you should be fired because you're incompetent."

Monday, April 16, 2018 DOJ OIG McCabe Report Finds Obama’s FBI and DOJ: Corrupt, Dishonest, Coordinated and Conspiring …Complete List of Points

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The IG’s report related to terminated and humiliated former FBI Head Andrew McCabe is 39 pages in length. (See report here

Below is a list of the most significant points in the report –

1. In the second paragraph of the introduction of the IG’s report, now infamous cheater and Peter Strzok mistress, and McCabe’s former Special Counsel, Lisa Page, is implicated as being involved in McCabe’s crimes. (p.1)

2. Clinton Foundation was under investigation in 2016 but the FBI decided not to release this information to the public. This information was finally leaked just before the election to the Wall Street Journal and confirmed in a second leak instigated by McCabe. (p. 1)

False flag proven

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 Lavrov: Swiss lab says ‘BZ toxin’ used in Salisbury, not produced in Russia, was in US & UK service

The double poisoning in the UK was not the Russians nor was the toxin utilized the one originally claimed by the British foreign office, according to a top Swiss lab:

The substance used on Sergei Skripal was an agent called BZ, according to Swiss state Spiez lab, the Russian foreign minister said. The toxin was never produced in Russia, but was in service in the US, UK, and other NATO states.

Sergei Skripal, a former Russian double agent, and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with an incapacitating toxin known as 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate or BZ, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, citing the results of the examination conducted by a Swiss chemical lab that worked with the samples that London handed over to the Organisation for the Prohibition of the Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

The Swiss center sent the results to the OPCW. However, the UN chemical watchdog limited itself only to confirming the formula of the substance used to poison the Skripals in its final report without mentioning anything about the other facts presented in the Swiss document, the Russian foreign minister added. He went on to say that Moscow would ask the OPCW about its decision to not include any other information provided by the Swiss in its report.

The Swiss center mentioned by Lavrov is the Spiez Laboratory controlled by the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection and ultimately by the country’s defense minister. The lab is also an internationally recognized center of excellence in the field of the nuclear, biological, and chemical protection and is one of the five centers permanently authorized by the OPCW.

The Russian foreign minister said that London refused to answer dozens of “very specific” questions asked by Moscow about the Salisbury case, as well as to provide any substantial evidence that could shed light on the incident. Instead, the UK accused Russia of failing to answer its own questions, he said, adding that, in fact, London did not ask any questions but wanted Moscow to admit that it was responsible for the delivery of the chemical agent to the UK.
Now, why would the British government be lying about this and why would it want to provoke a confrontation with Russia on a false basis in the first place?

'How much immigration do Americans want?"