Monday, April 16, 2018

What Happened to My Channel Last Night


  1. Alphabet Inc: Google – YouTube

    These companies are 100% liberal progressive democrat. They work for the Democratic National Committee as unpaid representatives. There are TONS of YouTube videos I enjoy. I’m done. I have stopped and blocked google searches on my browser. So as of today, I WILL NEVER click another YouTube video or link. I have deleted the YouTube link from my favorites.

    If it was not for keeping in contact with family and friends, Facebook would be gone. But every day they are pushing me closer and closer to ending them. They are free companies, and can be 100% liberal progressive democrat, just do not expect me to subsidize them. I would hate to lose connection with my family and friends but Facebook pushes me every day to leave.


    1. Very seldom do I get notices from friends and family on Facebook. Weird.