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A surprising victory for gun rights in Puerto Rico has eliminated the firearms registry and licensing requirements to purchase and carry in the Commonwealth, the Second Amendment Foundation has confirmed.

As of now, according to Sandra Barreras with Ladies of the Second Amendment (LSA), the group that brought the lawsuit, “there is no regulation to purchase or carry (and) all purchases will be handled in accordance with federal firearms regulations.” LSA is affiliated with SAF through the International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights (IAPCAR).

The class-action lawsuit challenged various articles in Puerto Rico’s gun law, which the court declared unconstitutional. Because of the ruling, Barreras said, Puerto Ricans may now carry openly or concealed without a permit, and they do not need to obtain a permit before purchasing a firearm.

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BEN CARSON: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Are ‘Bullies’; Michael Brown Was ‘Bad Actor’

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Ben Carson Ferguson Betsey Bruce Twitter

Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson spoke critically of the Black Lives Movement and one its icons, slain Ferguson, Missouri Black criminal Michael Brown, in an interview Friday with CBS News reporter Major Garrett.

…””the Black Lives Matter movement, where it’s foisting yourself on people – rather than engaging in dialogue – and bullying people. I never liked the idea of bullying on behalf of anybody.””

“”Garrett asked him, “And you think there’s an undercurrent of bullying to Black Lives Matter?”

“”Sure, absolutely,” Carson responded. “There’s an underlying bullying to ‘political correctness’.

 “”My beef with the Black Lives Matter movement has been, I think they need to add a word. And that word is ‘All.’ All Black Lives Matter,” said Carson. “Including the ones that are eradicated by abortions, including the ones that are eradicated on the streets every day by violence. We need to be looking at all the factors that have kept the black community in a very dependent position for decades.””

Black Lives Matter leader lands Yale teaching gig

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One of the newest teachers at the vaunted Yale University burnished his Ivy League resume in the Black Lives Matter movement.

DeRay McKesson will be teaching a one-credit course this fall as a guest lecturer at Yale Divinity School, according to higher education blog Campus Reform. The outspoken activist will be joining U.S. Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., and the Rev. Nancy Taylor, whose Old South Church in Boston is located near the site of the 2013 marathon bombing, to teach a special three-section course as part of a new leadership program. The young activist will teach the first section of the course, entitled "Transformational Leadership in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.”

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Radical Imams Already Recruiting Muslim Migrants Arriving in Germany

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 75% of the migrants flooding into Europe are men.

75% of the migrants flooding into Europe are men.

Germany will accept 800,000 migrants this year.

UK News reported:

Salafists in Germany, followers of a fundamentalist and sometimes violent interpretation of Islam which gave birth to the Islamic State, are targeting refugees fleeing the Middle East and Asia for radicalization.

Sessions: Let Middle East handle refugees

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jeff sessions

The United States shouldn't continue to carry the burden of taking in refugees from the Middle East, U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said Thursday. The senator's comments came as President Barack Obama said the U.S. is preparing to take in at least 10,000 Syrian refugees fleeing the war-torn country.

"Middle Eastern nations should assume the primary task of absorbing this wave of refugees.  Our guiding principle should be to help assist in the placement of refugees as close to their homes as possible, and to take such action as we are able to aid their return home in a stable situation.  This strategy will not only reduce the numbers making dangerous treks, but will create more impetus for political reforms in the region," Sessions, who chairs the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, said in a statement.

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Riot Over Torn Koran Leaves 17 Injured at Germany Migrant Shelter

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March by Thuegida in Suhl (17 August)
Earlier this week, right-wing supporters of an anti-Islam movement marched in Suhl

Eleven refugees and six police officers were injured.

The migrants hurled stones and concrete blocks at police when they arrived.

The BBC reported:
An argument over a Koran that erupted at a shelter in central Germany has led to violence in which 11 refugees and six police were injured.

Twenty people tried to lynch an Afghan man of 25 after he tore pages from the Koran and threw them in a toilet, according to reports in the town of Suhl.

"Proud To Be An American"

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Image result for not Proud To Be An American"

If tomorrow all the things were gone I'd worked for all my life,
(for most folks in the South this is again becoming a reality, just as it was in 1865)

And I had to start again with just my children and my wife.
(many have had to do just this, and in 1865 it was mostly wives and children starting over without husbands.)

I'd thank my lucky stars to be living here today,
(depends whether you're North or South of the Mason Dixon line?)

‘Cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can't take that away.
(the flag now stands for tyranny, tax slavery, anti-Christianity, queer marriage, un-declared global warfare, imperial aggression abroad, and despotism at home, and it certainly does not stand for freedom, we lost most of that in 1865, and we now lose more of what's left each day and they damn sure CAN take it away.)

And I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free.
(free if you're a politician or a billionaire, for the rest of us freedom is tax slavery.)

And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.
(rights are only given by God, not by men. Men might protect God given rights, but they do not bestow them)

And I'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today.
(I would defend my occupied country, the CSA, just as my forefathers did against an illegal invasion)

‘Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land God bless the U.S.A.
(God will not bless a Sodom and Gomorrah, no matter how much you love it, so don't ask.)

From the lakes of Minnesota, to the hills of Tennessee,
across the plains of Texas, from sea to shining sea,
(shinning with oil slick from greedy corporate Amerika.)

From Detroit down to Houston and New York to LA,
(I'm real proud of Detroit, N.Y. and L.A. ain't y'all?)

 Well, there's pride in every American heart,
(pride in judicial tyranny, Gay (queer) pride, pride in immorality, un-Godliness, and anti-Christianity, pride in a phony fiat currency and tax/credit system that has enslaved the majority of our citizens since 1913, pride in cultural genocide at home, and military genocide in foreign countries where we have no business, pride in the welfare state, and gestapo police state, and much more could be added.)

and it's time to stand and say:
(I'm proud to be a Confederate, but I damn sure am not free)

I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free.
( If you're free, then don't pay your taxes, and opt out of health insurance, or try to sell milk to a neighbor that you've produced on your farm, need I go on?)

And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.
(only God gives rights, and the last time anyone really tried to defend them was in 1861-65, All subsequent wars were in defense of the central banks and corporate/political controlling powers.)

And I'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today.
(You'll be standing alone if I'm the only other person sitting anywhere near, you idiot.)

‘Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land God bless the U.S.A.
(You love a land (government) that has enslaved you?)

Give me a break Greenwood. Go study your history.

And yet our Southern people will stand up when this damn piece of trash is sung, as if the Lord had just appeared. This is nothing but the modern version of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" another subversive piece of Yankee Rhetoric, right up there with the Gettysburg Address, and the Emancipation Proclamation.  WAKE UP SOUTHERNERS AND REALIZE YOU'VE BEEN HAD!

Donald Trump: Illegal Immigrant Deportations Completed in Two Years

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Illegal immigrants

Donald Trump estimated that it will take 18 months to two years to get the roughly 11 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally to leave the country, and that he would then build a wall running along the border with Mexico.

The businessman’s statement made on a call with Alabama Republicans Thursday night added a bit of specificity to the Republican presidential frontrunner’s hardline stance on immigration. Mr. Trump released a six-page policy paper on immigration last month, and reporters have asked for details about how it would work since.

Hillary's Dilemma Or That Cheshire Cats Smile.

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Hillary Clinton's campaign continues its slow, painful and oh so deliciously public decline. While there are indeed serious legal questions about her private email server and the DOJ and Congress may be conducting investigations, I have serious doubts that they have much real purpose beyond torpedoing her campaign. There are just to many bureaucrats in the DOJ and judges on the bench that were appointed by her husband who would place every conceivable obstacle in the way of her maleficence ever coming before a jury.

Beyond the above there are plenty of establishment Democrats who are fed up with the Clinton's and their holier than thou, take no prisoners style. I would compare it to the Democrats themselves leading the charge to pass term limits on the Presidency after FDR's death and the end of the war. Quite simply, it's a matter of "enough is enough".

Those private moments at Chapaqua must be excruciating. Hillary's seeing her self-entitled Presidency slip through her fingers yet again must be painful, both physically and emotionally. The thought of slipping into political irrelevance must be horrifying for her.

Twenty-Four Hour Notice

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The time is 2055MDT 10SEP2015. This blog is going dark in 24 hours. I’m done with it. If you haven’t downloaded the info on it I strongly suggest you do so.

If you want to continue to receive the information that was posted up on this blog, subscribe to Signal-3; as that’s where I’ll be concentrating my efforts on, along with book publishing. 

It’s a bimonthly newsletter that will contain the information previously posted on this blog.  It’s $30 a year. TANSTAAFL.  You can pay via Paypal by clicking here, or by mailing payment to:

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O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN: Undercover Video Purports to Show Hillary Campaign Violating Election Law

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“Whatever you can get away with just do it” 
An undercover video published Thursday by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas purports to show Nevada-based Hillary Clinton campaign staffers and volunteers ignoring and knowingly violating Nevada’s voter registration laws. Moreover, the video appears to show that this conduct is being condoned and encouraged by a local attorney who works for the Clinton campaign.

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In Major Humiliation For Obama, Iran Sends Soldiers To Support Russian Troops In Syria

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When Zero Hedge first reported ten days ago that Russian troops, in their bid to support the Assad regime in its ongoing confrontation with various ISIS, Al Nusra, and other US-supported groups in what has become the proxy war of 2015 (one which even comes with thousands of refugees for dramatic media impact) had been quietly massing in Syria and have set up a forward operating base near Damascus, there were those who were openly skeptical.

Then, just a few hours ago, Bloomberg finally confirmed that "top officials were scheduled to meet at the National Security Council Deputies Committee level to discuss how to respond to the growing buildup of Russian military equipment and personnel in Latakia" and that Russia is "set to start flying combat missions from a new air base inside Syria."

So yes, for whatever reason (and the reason as we explained is clear: natural gas pipelines) Russia is making not only its increasing support for Assad known, but also that it is in Syria and that any further US-funded and supported incursions by ISIS or whatever is the media scapegoat terrorist organization du jour, will not be tolerated.

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Aylan Kurdi's father is a people smuggler, woman claims

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 Zainab Abbas with her husband Ahmad Hadi and their children. Zainab and Haider (left and centre) died in the tragedy, while Rawan (right) survived.
 Zainab Abbas with her husband Ahmad Hadi and their children. Zainab and Haider (left and centre) died in the tragedy, while Rawan (right) survived.

A woman who was on the boat carrying drowned Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi has accused his father of being a people smuggler.

Channel Ten reported Zainab Abbas, who lost two children in the tragedy, claims Abdullah Kurdi was at the helm of the boat when it sunk off the Turkish coast.

"He was a smuggler, yes. He was the one that was driving the boat," the woman told Ten over Skype from Iraq through a translator.


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Horrifying Video Shows Cops Tell K9 “Good Boy” as they Let Him Maul a Handcuffed Man

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Can't see much?
A video uploaded to Facebook yesterday is garnering a massive amount of attention, for good reason.
In a horrifying example of police brutality, the video shows multiple officers subduing an unarmed suspect. However, what takes place after the suspect is handcuffed can only be described as an unconscionable and completely unnecessary act of police torture.

According to the video uploader; Nick Palermo.

Before you follow Pope Francis’ command to prove yourselves worthy of him…

Via comment by Sioux on Frightening: Syrian Muslims Chant “Allahu Akbar” O...


…by quartering a squad of musloid invaders in your home, allow me to show you the TRUE face of islamic invasion and conquest.

Meet Elin Krantz.  She was a young Swedish girl who fell for the kind of bullshit Pope Francis is peddling, and was a vocal proponent of “diversity” and unlimited “open immigration” of musloids into Sweden and Europe.


Elin was raped and beaten to death by a musloid invader of Sweden. Her body was dumped and concealed under rocks in a forest. This is what the koran commands.  Rape of women in conquered lands is a “reward” for fighting for the islamic political system.

More and graphic @ Barnhardt

Re-post 2011: "Ride The Thunder" Honour & Triumph In Vietnam: Now a movie


(The book is one of the best on Vietnam)

Fix Bayonets!" 

"And they began to yell and scream and curse like mad men. Rebel Yells, blood curdling Rebel Yells. Just like the men who followed Stonewall Jackson and Jeb Stuart. Here in the godforsaken jungles of Vietnam one hundred years later another crazy-like-a-fox Virginian was ordering men to fix bayonets and charge."

"......the story of Le Ba Binh is so incredible, the reader will find himself wondering if he was really a film character. Le Ba Binh can teach leftwing Americans, safe in their Constitution-backed country, the folly of appeasement. His saga, which cannot be detailed here, will serve as a signpost of honor for adults and children alike."

Le Ba Binh's 700-man South Vietnamese Marine force facing 20,000 North Vietnamese......
"As long as one Marine draws a breath of life, Dong Ha will belong to us." 

Nine time wounded Lt. Col. Le Ba Binh Binh served 13 years in heavy combat and another 11 years in prison camps. 


Lt. Col. Le Ba Binh stands in Quang Tri prior to being wounded for the 9th time, 1972   
 Le Bah Binh (WND photo: Chelsea Schilling)
Little Saigon
                        Lt. Col. Le Ba Binh Binh                           

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'Eye-opening'! Film explodes media myths about Vietnam
“The media’s impact made the Vietnam War one of the most ill-received wars in America. American soldiers took the heat for agreeing to fight. There are two sides to every story … Americans were not the enemy. They were the good guys.”
– Movieguide review of “Ride the Thunder”
It’s the wildly popular and vividly accurate movie about one of the most shockingly misunderstood wars in American history, and it soared in its theatrical release in eight U.S. cities this summer.

Now the film is coming to theaters in Westminster, California; Peoria, Arizona; and Mesa, Arizona. It will show from Sept. 11 to Sept. 17. Schools are being offered free or discounted admission when they coordinate field trips to see the movie.

More with pictures@ WND

7 Days Until Deadline: 8th NC PATCON September 30 - October 5th 2015



8th NC PATCON September 30 - October 5th 2015


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