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American Fear


The Patriot/Liberty movement is locked in fear. While there are countless fearless individuals in the movement, I think it says something for us that we are not fearless without bound, we are bound by the knowledge that it is our families who will pay for our involvement and actions.

On the other hand, heroes are not fearless, they are heroes because they act regardless of their fear. It is easier to do when confronted with a situation where the only solution to a grave problem is to take the grenade, or provide the distraction so that others might escape, etc. It is much more difficult to do when there seems to be nothing to gain and everything to lose.

The question then is: Is it for nothing?

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DIY: Shovel AK

Via The Feral Irishman

My Bulgarian wants to marry it.  They say opposites attract.:)


 On this Thanksgiving Day, let me say this: God Bless America the only country on this shitty planet where you still have the freedom to build AKs in defense of Motherland! The only country where a shit shovel can become an awesome weapon of death and destruction.

Do you love gardening, do you have a tool shed?

Please be aware that hiding in your garage, there may be dozens of Killy, high-clip-capacitated, school-penetrating, children-hating, Assault Weapons of mAss Destruction! Please send this message to all your libtard friends to make sure that they call 911 when they encounter anything that looks like a shovel. Thousands of hardware and home improvement stores are selling AKs through the "shovel" loophole to anyone!

40 Acre Cove with Beautiful, Sustainable Home (North Carolina) 

Once in a lifetime opportunity to own this beautiful, custom mountain home designed with efficiency, sustainability and protection in mind. The main home is 3900 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 3 full and 1 half bath, a cozy loft office area, very versatile bonus area downstairs that could be a separate apartment, oversized two car garage and concealed 3’6” X 26’ storage area. The foundation was planned to support a bank vault type door, so that a full vault room could be created. The home is fully heated with wood fired radiant floor heat and there is a lifetime supply of hardwood on the property. A 25 gallon per minute artesian well fills a 1600 gallon reservoir and then is gravity fed to the home. There are multiple springs and streams on the property as well. In addition to the floor heat, there are two wood stoves and a gas fireplace in the bedroom. The kitchen will delight any gourmet with its Kenmore Elite gas range and oversized fridge and freezer. A large pantry keeps food reserves well organized.

The property is a 40 acre, fully fenced and alarmed cove that is encompasses three ridge tops and is perfectly suited for gardening and livestock. There is a 4 stall insulated barn with electric and large workshop and bath plumbed in that could be expanded to 14 stalls. The garden area has been enriched with organic compost and is large enough to provide food for multiple families. Beside the garden area is a fish pond that could be stocked with trout, bass and catfish for added food production. The property also features two caves and multiple areas suitable for bunkers. The home sits at the top of a ¾ mile driveway, the only access point that is visible from the front porch of the home adding to the security. Access to the drive is paved, state road.

The home is located in an agriculturally centered community 20 minutes from a delightful small town with shopping, dining, hospital and activities. Asheville is an easy 40 minute drive. Property is convenient, yet not too close to I-40. Residents of the rural community are mostly native to the area and have employed a lifestyle of hunting, gardening and preserving their own food for generations. They are friendly but mind their own business and watch out for one another.

The home can be purchased turnkey. A small amount of additional acreage and a restored cottage are also available.

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GOP Senator To Racist Dems: ‘Only Color’ In Benghazi Matter Is Red Blood Of Slain



While I confess I am not a huge supporter of the Senator from my home State of South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, I do agree with his statement on Wednesday in light of the attacks that he and Sens. John McCain and Kelly Ayotte have received for their criticisms of United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, saying that they were both “racist” and “sexist.” During a radio interview on “Kilmeade & Friends,” Graham said, “The only color that matters to me is red, the blood of those who were killed,” referencing the four men that were killed during the Benghazi attacks.
During the interview Graham spoke out about those who sought to attack his criticism of Obama’s failed foreign policy, as well as, Ambassador Rice. He said, “If you can’t answer the question, you attack the questioner … my criticism has been about failed foreign policy.”
“The only color that matters to me is red, the blood of those who were killed,” he continued. “I think it’s a good thing for people of color and women to be appointed to the highest level of our government, because in the past, they couldn’t be. I think it would be a terrible thing in America if you couldn’t question and challenge what they did in their jobs.”
Earlier in the week, Graham and other Senators were openly attacked by the House Black Caucus, including Chairwoman Marcia Fudge (D-OH) and Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI). Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) took shots at nearly 100 House Republicans who demanded that Barack Obama not appoint Susan Rice as Secretary of State.

The Hill reports,

On Wednesday, Graham defended his critique of Rice by noting he had also called for the resignations of white, male Obama administration officials, including Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and chief counterterrorism adviser John Brennan.
He added that he believed there still remained legitimate questions about Rice’s statements in the immediate aftermath of the attack, which attributed the violence in Benghazi to protests over an anti-Islamic YouTube video, rather than planned terrorism.
“What did Susan Rice do? She told a story about a mob based on a video that led to the death of Americans, and that story is based not on any intelligence that we posses. So, somebody made this story up, and if she had access to the true intelligence and didn’t check it, that’s incompetence on her part,” Graham said. “If there is truly no intelligence to support what she was saying and what the president was saying, someone made up this story line that was politically beneficial.”
The Democrats always want to turn something into something that it is not. In this case they have taken a very serious issue where four men have lost their lives and those from their own party, in some of the most powerful positions in the world, have lied to cover up the reason why they were killed. They then turned on those who are seeking answers and trying to keep one of the people involved in the perpetration of the lie concerning Benghazi from being promoted. It seems in politics the ones that scream the loudest about racism or sexism are the true racists and sexists. I’m glad to see that Senator Graham is keeping his eye on the ball here. Now, if we could just get him to see the problem with “indefinite detention” of American citizens that would be a step in the right direction.

Mosin-Nagant Stripper Clips

From Jerry via MCTHAG


If you are putting on a brake, learn by my mistakes below. 

 1. Buy this (When I said competition, I was confusing this brake with with my $90 Saiga 12 brake which you sure as hell need if you have a TAPCO stock on it!) 

2. Buy two of the bolts below. I would buy four in case you mess up one or more. The two larger ones on the left are the case hardened ones you will receive. The two small ones on the right are the bolts that come with the brake and which sheared off when Mike went to the range. They are inexpensive. I bought three different sizes as I wasn't sure which might work the best. You won't have to cut them shorter, but you will have to hand file the outside edge of the bolts, so they will go in flush. I used Prime Lok 245 Blue threadlock on mine. As I mentioned, Mike said the brake worked well 

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Repost: "Some thoughts about defending your retreat"

North Carolina Underground Sheltered Energy-Efficient Home
This rock house was designed for survival and self-sufficiency. Built in the side of a mountain, this home has 2 bedroom/1 bath, hardwood floors, granite tile, fireplace, screened porch, electrical storage batteries, generator, two car underground garage and open stone fire pit.
Reduced to $250,000 (With running creek included!)

"Just some personal thoughts about our planning when it comes to preparing retreat defenses. Some will work, others maybe not as much, but just some thinking and possibly some motivation for the remainder of the folks on here to start thinking about as well. This is mainly from a TEOTWAWKI standpoint and not your typical short term SHTF idea. But some of the thoughts can work in both.

#1: The location myth.

More often than not, our retreats are in a somewhat secluded location. Rural areas are typically the norm and the further away from built up urban areas the better. But in a TEOTWAWKI situation, the lines between the two will become blurred as people will escape from urban areas and seek out refuge in rural areas. Sometimes it will take a couple of days; others will take weeks and maybe even months. But as supplies start to dwindle in urban areas, you can guarantee people will start looking towards the countryside for additional supplies and places to live. And suddenly your secluded remote area becomes less likely to stay hidden and on the radar so to speak.

Unless one is staying on a deserted island where there is little chance of unwanted visitors, everyone’s retreat is at risk of being discovered. And in that discovery means interest will be placed. Some may be good, some may be bad, but rest assured, your location will become an area of interest before long no matter where it happens to be. Some less than others, but your secret will never be entirely safe.

So the myth is about the idea that a retreat is completely secluded and will not be found. Everything will be found in due time and explored. As stated before, some will take interest in the location, others will ignore it. OPSEC plays a key in this (and in #5) about how well your location might be hidden away, but it will never be entirely concealed. And in knowing this, you can plan around the limitations.

Knowing the limitations of location can be a powerful factor in deciding to buy land for a retreat or actually building the structure itself. Things to look for:

How far away from the nearest City is this area?

Are there sufficient avenues of escape as well as avenues of approach?

Is the area likely to be developed in the next 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

Do you have neighbors and how close are they?

How far off the main lines of “drift” is the location? (Drift is defined as the natural path one would take from point A to point B. Knowing this, will people inadvertently stumble onto your property because you sit in a valley between two mountains?)

And also, how often is your retreat checked before you bug out? Is it in an area where theft can and will occur for valuable (or invaluable as people will steal anything) items and long term food storage? Just because your retreat is away from most populated areas doesn’t mean it cannot be discovered and used without your knowledge. And also squatters might very well be occupying your retreat before you get there. How would you deal with that?

I’ve asked some questions, but the overall point is the fact no location (save our imaginary island in the middle of the ocean) is completely out of the way and can be discovered despite our best efforts. So the myth of a particular location being safer than others is not necessarily true.

#2: The manpower assumption

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NC: States, Cities Demand Say in How Fiscal Cliff Cuts Will Come


The nation’s states and cities are once again getting ready for federal aid cuts, but this time around they want a say in Washington’s negotiations.

Many say they fear the efforts in Washington to avoid the looming fiscal cliff will lead to devastating budget problems, reports The New York Times. With the federal government’s long history of slamming states and cities through cuts in federal aid, many locations are forced to cut services or increase taxes. Some of the federal changes have also, in the past, required localities to face expensive mandates without having funding to meet them.

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan said spending cuts and tax increases are intended to be so undesirable, that they get opposing sides in Washington to strike a deal on taxes and spending just to avoid the antagonism, but they still come up with terrible answers.

Meanwhile, Republican Governor-elect Pat McCrory of North Carolina, who is the former mayor of Charlotte, state and local officials need a stronger voice since the White House and Capitol Hill’s answers to financial problems slam localities.

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7.62x54R Comm-Bloc Light Ball FMJ ammo, steel case, 440rd tin $69.96

Deal Image 

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America’s Top Crooked Cop Keeps Job for Another Year



What makes the head of a crime family happier than a witch in a broom factory?  Finding out that he will be keeping his job another 4 years and knowing that virtually no one can touch him.  His chief enforcer is also happy as he is keeping his job, at least for another four years.

In 1789, Edmund Jennings Randolph became the first US Attorney General under President George Washington.  Randolph, an attorney had previously served as Governor of Virginia before accepting the position as the top legal advisor for the newly formed nation where he would represent the US government in cases before the Supreme Court.

Since Randolph’s time, the role of US Attorney General has expanded to head the Department of Justice, created in 1870, where he/she is considered to be the chief lawyer and law enforcement officer of the US government.  As such, the US Attorney General is expected to be the archetype law abiding citizen in the nation.

Today’s US Attorney General, Eric Holder has proven to be anything but the archetype model law abiding citizen.  In fact, it seems more like the chief enforcer for the nation’s top crime boss, Barack Obama.  Together, the two of them have repeatedly broken one law after another along with committing multiple violations of the US Constitution.  Since Holder is the top cop and prosecutor in the country, he’s virtually untouchable.

Yes, the US House of Representatives can impeach Holder, but that would leave the actual conviction up to the Democratic controlled Senate, which we all know won’t happen.

Several of Obama’s Cabinet leaders have informed him that they will be resigning soon.  US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta are among those that are jumping ship.  It seems that Obama has tried to keep Holder in place, but there are rumors that he will only stay for another year.

While that is good news in some ways, one can only wonder who the next top crooked cop will be.  Within the halls of Capital Hill, names such as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano have been floating around as a possible replacement for Holder.  From a conservative point of view, that would be like replacing one liberal lawbreaker with another.  A few other names have wafted on the winds of rumor which include Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Gov. Deval Patrick of MA.

I honestly believe that Napolitano could be worse than Holder.  As for the other three, I don’t think any of them could be much worse than Holder, and perhaps could even be better, but I won’t hold my breath.  I’ll just be glad if and when Holder is gone.

Suck it up FSA

February 1939. "Packinghouse workers in migrant labor camp near Canal Point, Florida. Some of them are from Missouri and Arkansas. *No water, no light, no sanitary facilities." 

US Military Combat Arms/ Infantry Subject Matter Expert Level 1 (SME 1 - Role Player)


Perform a variety of duties while portraying a US military service member during military training missions – i.e. “role playing”.

Frequent sitting, using hands/fingers, handling, reaching with hands and arms, talking, hearing and seeing up close, at a distance, along the periphery, with depth perception and the ability to adjust focus; occasional walking or standing, occasional lifting of up to 30 lbs. It is Katmai’s business philosophy and practice to provide reasonable accommodations, according to applicable state and federal laws, to all qualified individuals with physical or mental disabilities.

Work is performed almost entirely at various indoor and outdoor field locations with hot and cold temperatures, exposure to natural elements (wind, sun, rain, etc.)

• Must be knowledgeable in infantry tactics, techniques, and procedures.
• Prior military combat arms/infantry service with recent experience (within the last 6 years) in either Iraq or Afghanistan
• Receive, comprehend, and act on verbal and non-verbal (Hand Cues) instructions.
• Travel as assigned, primary location is Ft Story, VA
• Be able to work in various outside environments that may include extreme heat or cold.
• Demonstrate ability to remain professional and cooperative under changing situations.
• Handle and discharge blank firing weapons in a safe manner.
• Work any shifts as needed, but no more than 12 hours per day.
• Honorable Discharge; and ability to pass background and drug screening.
• Military experience in a combat arms/infantry military occupational specialty
• Rank of E-4 or above
• Previous experience as a Role Player
• High School Diploma
• Provided by Katmai when approved/funded by the gov. contract
• When not approved/funded by the gov.- employees are responsible for their own travel costs/lodging

Adheres to military training standards at all times including, but not limited to the following:
• Accurately portraying U.S. military personnel infantry skills
• Staying within assigned training lane
• Remaining “in role” during training mission
• Following required security rules for the assigned military base
• Accurately portraying U.S. Military personnel infantry skills, Host Nation Security, Insurgent, OpFor Indigenous Role Player
• Communicate with co-workers, supervisors (including Foreign Language Speakers, Mission Managers, Lane Controllers, and other DTS staff), military personnel, and others in a courteous and professional manner.
• Conform with and abide by all regulations, policies, work procedures, and instructions.
• Conform to all safety rules and use all appropriate safety equipment.


Updated Terrorist Watch List

Petraeus Scandal Grows

Thanksgiving holiday the traditional way


(front left to right) James Corey, Hudson Roberson, Nicolas Allsbrook (back left to right) Emma Kate Davis, Jacob Elkins, Gavin Craft and Amber Lara.

Hobgood Academy's kindergarten class celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday in the traditional way. The students have been learning about the holiday and what it means to be thankful for what you have in your life. Teacher June Judge has enjoyed the excitement the children display when learning about this holiday of thanks and family. Pictured with beautiful flowers in their homemade vase for their families’ table decorations and wearing a handmade headdress to honor the Indians at the first Thanksgiving.

Why Twinkies and not the union?



Editor and Publisher John H. Walker
TARBORO — I found it offensive to watch members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union in Rocky Mount celebrating the demise of Hostess.

As is always the case in contract negotiations, there are very few who know the entire story, but according to published information, Hostess is said to have asked the union workers to take a $2 per hour pay cut and pay an increased portion of their health care costs.

Rather than bite the bullet like so many Americans have, the union celebrated when Hostess said it had no choice but to cease operations.

So tell me ... what difference does it make that you “stood your ground” when you you wound up standing on quicksand?

Rather than take a $2 cut to $13 an hour, you’d rather keep your $15 wage — without any hours!

That’s okay ... even though his comment wound up hurting him, you are among the 47 percent Mitt Romney referred to at a fundraiser.

It doesn’t matter to you because the new America ... the socialist America ... will take from the wealthy to ensure you have provisions.

I would ask you to remember the words of Thomas Jefferson, who said, “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

In later years, there brands other than Twinkies and Wonder Bread ... there were Ho-Hos, Ding Dongs and Zingers and they are now selling online like the great sellers they always were.

I remember a couple of other products ... Hostess Cupcakes and Snoballs. and, of course, there was always the claim that Wonder Bread built strong bodies 12 ways.

It’s a shame it’s Hostess folding and not the union.

Richard Harris as King Arthur in Camelot

The adage "Blood is thicker than water" was invented by undeserving relatives.

Southern Yankees in Pursuit of Sordid Pelf


Of all the differences manifested between the antebellum North and South, the manufacturing and shipping economy of the former and agricultural focus of the latter was the most pronounced. And it was not unlikely that the perceived money-worshipping aspects of Northern society would attach itself to some native Southerners.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Southern Yankees in Pursuit of Sordid Pelf:

“The name “Yankee” was originally bestowed upon New-Englanders alone, but for what reason it would be difficult perhaps to determine at this time. At present, however, with all foreigners it is used to designate the natives of any of the Anglo-Saxon States of our republic. In our Southern States all Northerners are regarded as Yankees, while the Southerner will not consent to have the name applied to themselves.

But even in the North there are those who still disclaim the appropriateness of the cognomen, when applied to any persons other than the natives of New England….”Yankee” with all these is looked upon usually as a term of reproach – signifying a shrewd, sharp, chaffering, oily-tongued, soft-sawdering, inquisitive, money-making, money-saving, and money-worshipping individual, who hails from Down East, and who is presumed to have no where else on the Globe a permanent local habitation.

In a sense of the word, however, we are disposed to opine that, while New-England may possibly produce more Yankees than other portions of the Republic….still, any numbers of the close-fisted race are to be met with all the way from the banks of the Hudson to the deltas of the Mississippi – all to the manor born too, and through whose veins courses not a drop of New-England blood.

Of these the Southern Yankee is, without dispute or cavil, the meanest. He has nothing whatever to plead in excuse or even extenuation of his selfishness; for all around him is boundless hospitality, and even the very air he breathes excites to warm-heartedness, relaxing the closed fist of more Northern latitudes into the proverbially open palm of the generous hearted South. Time was indeed, when the Southern Yankee had neither a local habitation nor a name.

During the grand old Colonial days, as well as the happy period which immediately followed the Revolution, Southerners did not dream of devoting their whole lives – all their time and talents – to the base pursuit of riches – the mere acquisition of dollars and dimes, regardless of family ties, or the duties owned to society, and the much higher duties one also owes to his God.

At the present time, the Southern Yankee is quite an institution in the South. The Southern Yankee comes of no particular lineage, but springs from all manner of his forefathers, though in most cases from persons of the middle class. Like his Northern brother, the Southern Yankee is deterred by no obstacle whatever from his tireless pursuit of riches. In the tobacco-fields of Virginia, in the rice fields of Carolina, in the cotton-fields of Alabama, or among the sugar-canes of Louisiana, when a farmer or planter, he is in all things similar and equally bent on the accumulation of the sordid pelf: and the crack of his whip is heard early, and the crack of his whip is heard late, and the weary backs of his bondsmen and his bondswomen are bowed to the ground with over-tasking and over-toil, and yet his heart still unsatisfied; for he grasps after more and more, and cries to the fainted slave: “Another pound of money, dog, or I take my pound of flesh!”

Will it pay to press the poor African beyond what he can endure, and thereby shorten his life….this is the great and the only question with every Southern Yankee: “Conscience? Basta! He knows no such thing as conscience: he cares only to get gain, and get it he will, and let conscience go to the dogs. Religion? Go talk to the women and the parsons about religion.”

{The] Southern Yankee is fully as restless as the Yankees of the North – always on the move, or ready to sell out at any time if settled. Home to be loved must be made attractive, but he who is so wedded to filthy lucre as to despise all ornament that costs money, is not capable of entertaining in his selfish and narrow bosom so refining a passion as the love of home, or the love of anything else, indeed, that is pure and beautiful.

However, though often a farmer or planter, the Southern Yankee is much more frequently a trader or speculator. The slow but sure gains of agricultural pursuits are not swift enough to satisfy his inordinate craving for money; hence he speculates either in merchandise, or stocks, or tobacco, or cotton, or sugar, or rice, or grain, or lands, or horses, or men. In all which he is but the type of the Wall Street prototype. He will lie or cheat if need be, and scruples at no dirty trick provided it enables him to make a “good thing of it” – such is the chaste vernacular of these dim-witted fellows.”

(Social Relations in Our Southern States, D.R. Hundley, Henry B. Price, 1860, pp. 130-136)

Saiga 12 Winchester Universal bulk ammo from Walmart, $22.97 per 100 rounds 200 Round Dump

Via  grossfater_m

The hulls are extremely soft and distort easily which causes them to catch on the barrel hood or feed ramps. Overall, I am happy with the results and expected to have at least one failure of some sort. These weapons are somewhat picky with ammo, but they can be made to run well with nearly everything if you know what you are doing.

Designing Realistic Courses of Fire.

Via Oleg Volk


Designing courses of fire is a very personal thing. We often fault police and other agencies for having unrealistic qualification requirements, but how do our own methods stack up? For example, is firing at a high-contrast bullseye at 100 measured yards a good indicator of how our guns would fare on a hunt or in combat. Here's an en example of a marksmanship test that helps sharpen multiple skills. It works particularly well on ranges with grass rather than concrete.
Set up two brown paper bags from a grocery store at a random distance between 100 and 200 yards, weighing them with rocks of empty brass to keep them from blowing away in the wind. Have two shooters fire on them on cue. The two need not have the same kind of rifle, an AK and a scoped bolt action would work just as well. The key is to use whatever you consider your primary fighting weapon. Even a shotgun or a .22 would work, though neither would be optimal. The first shooter to score a hit and alert the timekeeper wins.

Why does this drill work so well? For one, you have a low contrast target, brown against brown, tan and green backdrop. That's reasonably similar to a camouflaged foe, as the age of the bright uniforms has long passed. Grocery bags are good approximations of a torso in size. Unknown distance that has to be estimated or ranged is another real-world problem. The shooters are under a time pressure and have to choose between shooting rapidly and aiming more accurately. At over a hundred yards, most cannot make out holes in paper, so there's no certainty of having scored a hit. Calling a hit without getting one loses the competition. Hitting the target but not calling it before the other shooter also loses it, provided the other competitor got a hit as well. 

Alabama deputy fatally shot, another wounded in deadly shootout

Via Don

scott ward.jpeg 

One Baldwin County sheriff's deputy was killed Friday and another was injured in a gunfight that also claimed the life of a man who exchanged gunfire with the deputies.

The gunfire erupted after Michael Jansen pulled a handgun on the three deputies outside a home south of Fairhope on Mallard Lane, Sheriff Huey "Hoss" Mack said.

The three deputies, armed with their service weapons, went to the 11800 block of Mallard Lane at about 4 p.m. Friday to check on a family disturbance involving Jansen, Mack said.

The gunfire took the life of Deputy Scott Ward, 47. Ward was pronounced dead after he was taken by helicopter to the University of South Alabama Medical Center.

"I have worked with him his entire time that he has been with the Sheriff's Office," Mack said. "He was a great law enforcement officer."

The second deputy also was taken by helicopter to University of South Alabama Medical Center. He was in serious condition late Friday night, the sheriff said.

Jansen was pronounced dead at the scene.

The third deputy who was involved in the shootout was not hurt, Mack said.

The Sheriff's Office withheld the names of the surviving deputies.

Sheriff: Deputies hit by multiple gunshots
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Top Barter Items For Survival Situations

Via Don


Survival Diva here to discuss an important, life-saving tactic that too many Preppers leave out of their preparedness plan. We may think we have everything covered for survival, but what if we’ve prepared for six months or a year when a crisis comes that lingers for years? Few of us have the resources to put three, four, or five years of food storage and preparedness goods aside, but depending upon the emergency, we may need to figure out how to make it through a breakdown in infrastructure lasting that long.

As David has said before, the “stuff” that you store up is only there to help you get from one predictable source of provisions to the next.  It won’t last forever, but it will give you time to figure out or set up sustainable solutions.

One of the most obvious choices for developing a sustainable food supply is through gardening…specifically with heirloom seed that can be dried and used season after season. In my opinion heirloom seed is imperative for long term survival. We will need a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits to combat appetite fatigue and for good health, especially when food storage begins to dwindle. If you can afford the cost, adding heirloom seed to your bartering goods stash will give you plenty of bartering leverage.

But that’s just the beginning…there’s always more when it comes to prepping. The truth is there is no possible way to plan for every emergency. To do that we would need to be clairvoyant, able to see in the future of what our needs will be at every juncture. In the real world the very best we can do is to get ready for the most likely calamities and be prepared to barter for the rest.

Bartering doesn’t have to involve food and preparedness goods, although survival-specific goods will be invaluable during a prolonged crisis. Bartering can just as easily involve skills.

Union Fail: Walmart Reports Record Sales

Despite union efforts to target retailers like Walmart, businesses are reporting record Black Friday traffic – the biggest sign yet that the unions are out of touch with the American people. Starting at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving, Walmart put its products on Black Friday sale, sparking a run to the stores and earning the stores record sales.

They’ve already sold nearly 2 million towels, 1.3 million televisions, and 250,000 bicycles. According to Walmart Chief Executive Bill Simon, over 1.3 million Walmart staffers are on duty. There have been picket lines around the country, but the movement has been far less effective than expected.
Video @ Breitbart

"Forget, Hell!"

Comment by Lantry on Thanksgiving in FRONA 


I was born and raised in Georgia and Florida. One side of my Family came to Florida from Tennessee when a GGGrandfather couldn't go home on medical leave because his hometown in Tennessee was occupied by the yankees. Another set of ancestors came after the war. Some were already here during the war and that's why that particular GGGFather came to Florida.

I can honestly tell you that my Grandmother and my Dad could tell you stories that were handed down to them by Confederate Veterans about Nathan Bedford Forrest outwitting the yankees by circling his troops around a hill so the yankees saw an endless stream of men and artillery and surrendered to the much smaller Confederate force because they were out numbered, how & why Stonewall Jackson got that name and just about any other story that showed Confederate wit, skill or Divine intervention BUT I never heard of Thanksgiving until I attended 1st Grade.

I never ate turkey until several years after that when my brother got my parents to start celebrating it. We never did anything for July 4 either until my Dad brought a can of 30-06 blanks home from Ft. Bragg and my brothers and I figured out they'd fit in that re-chambered Mauser that my Dad bought. I don't think my family was too excited about yankee holidays.

Should Georgia Celebrate Lee’s Birthday?

Via Carl


An article this morning, popped up on the AJC website, written by Ms. Kristina Torres, questions if Georgians should celebrate the birthday of Robert E. Lee. While I do agree with Ms. Torres that the observance of R.E. Lee’s birthday in late November is a bit peculiar, the overtones of the article are apparent.

While I have no connection to Ms. Torres and certainly have nothing against her, the bias of the article is obvious. First of all Ms. Torres is a Colorado native and a graduate of the University of Colorado. It should be noted that among major universities, the University of Colorado is decidedly to the left. I also believe any state should be able to educate it’s student’s however it sees fit, even at the level of higher education. After all students do have the choice not to attend a university they don’t agree with. 

None the less, it’s likely Ms. Torres heritage reflects in some way her opinions now. She writes:

While no one questions the state’s prominence in the Confederacy and the Civil War’s impact within its borders, there are those who wonder whether it is time for Georgia to leave that narrative to historians amid a growing generational divide.

The insinuation here is that we should forget our history, be passive in it’s observance and leave it to the “experts”.

She goes on to write:

“I wasn’t even aware there was a Robert E. Lee holiday. That’s funny,” said state Sen. Emanuel Jones, D-Decatur, a 12-year legislator, chairman of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus and native Atlantan. “Is it time to move past it? I think we already have. I don’t know of anyone who celebrates Robert E. Lee’s birthday.”

As I’ve stated many times, when writing articles like these, I have nothing against Mr. Jones. I’ve never met the man personally, and couldn’t tell you a thing about his politics. It is interesting in my mind however that when the reporter looks for some perspective on the holiday she turns to a Democratic state congressman from Georgia, who as the article states is the Chairman of Georgia’s Legislative Black Caucus. From appearances, it seems as if the author was simply looking for someone who could care less about the holiday.

Mr. Jones says nothing derogatory but his insinuation was that we should look past the holiday, as if R.E. Lee was not an important part of southern history, or he wasn’t a person who’s birthday we should celebrate.
The author then links the general’s birthday to race:

……And so it went, through Jim Crow and segregation, the Civil Rights Movement and after President Ronald Reagan signed the Martin Luther King Jr. Day into law in 1983. Community celebrations faded, however, with one minor exception: In 2007, a Confederate honor guard marched into the Capitol to commemorate the general’s 200th birthday……..Yet the state continues to grow more diverse, according to the U.S. Census, with demographic shifts that show an increase in African-American, Latino and Asian-American residents in areas especially in metro Atlanta.

Is she trying to make the point that only white people should celebrate the general? Was he fighting for the white race only? I don’t believe he was. I contend that a Union win in the war was simply a win for big government and subjugation, rather than a the right of the people to decide their future for themselves.

One of the last points the author makes in the article is that the Yankee influence on education has thoroughly won in the south.

“Most of the students who come in today don’t identify very strongly with the confederacy and don’t revere and respect it the way their grandparents did,” said Bohannon, whose students mostly come from Atlanta suburbs and rural counties in the western part of the state.
Those same students, he said, are “willing to look at this most destructive episode in American history with an open mind.” The Lee holiday, Bohannon said, likely resonates only “among a diminishing percentage of the population.”

As Patrick Cleburne said, “….It means the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern schoolteachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed by the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision….”

We are in a struggle over our future, and over ideas. This is a fight that can be won, but it has to be won in our homes, our families and our communities. State run education will not win this for us.

Norquist Blasts Back after Chambliss Reneges on Pledge

Conservative lobbyist Grover Norquist blasted back at a Republican senator on Friday for backing off his promise to oppose tax increases.

Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss said he has dumped his pledge to Norquist about the tax increases, telling a Macon television station he “more about my country than I do about a 20-year-old pledge,” referring to the Taxpayer Protection Pledge he signed when he first ran for the Senate.

Norquist, who heads the conservative group Americans for Tax Reform, created the pledge, which nearly every Republican member of congress has signed.

In a statement to Newsmax, Norquist said, "Sen. Chambliss promised the people of Georgia he would go to Washington and reform government rather than raise taxes to pay for bigger government. He made that commitment in writing to the people of Georgia.

"If he plans to vote for higher taxes to pay for Obama-sized government he should address the people of Georgia and let them know that he plans to break his promise to them."

Chambliss told 13WMAZ, that abiding by Norquist's pledge would do nothing to solve the nation's deficit problem.

He said he's willing to do what's necessary to reduce the federal debt and help get the nation back a sound economic footing, even if that means finding news sources of revenue.

Norquist said that as recently as last year Chambliss had made it clear, when he joined the so-called Gang of Six looking for ways to reduce the deficit, that he would "not vote for any plan that raised taxes."

"That was a public letter he and co-signers Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn and Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo sent to the press to explain their negotiating position as they joined the Gang of Six in early 2011," said Norquist.

Norquist has often used the financial power of his group to help elect Republican members to Congress. He's also used it to help defeat candidates who won't sign his pledge or who renege on their no-tax promise.

Asked in the interview with the CBS Affiliate station if he thought Norquist would come after him in 2014 when he is up for re-election to the Senate, Chambliss said yes.

But he added, "I don't worry about that because I care too much about my country. I care a lot more about it than I do Grover Norquist."

Norquist responded, saying, "I miss his point in trying to attack me.

"Raising taxes on the people of Georgia to pay for Obama's reckless spending is not the right thing to do for America or Georgia. We have a problem because Washington spends too much, not because Sen. Chambliss has failed so far to raise taxes on the hard-working men and women of Georgia.

Norquist reminded Chambliss what happened to two people who he said reneged on taxation promises: President George H.W. Bush, with his famous "Read My Lips" comment, and Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson, who, he said, "withdrew because polling showed he could not win a general election having both lied to his state and raised their taxes."

More @ Newsmax

Americans have a grimmer view of the economy since President Obama was elected

52% of Americans are dumber than an ox.

Are People Getting Dumber? One Geneticist Thinks So

 and so Does Bill Whittle

Fifty percent (50%) of American Adults now believe the economy will be weaker in a year's time. That's a 27-point jump from October and the lowest finding since September of last year. Thirty-six percent (36%) predict the economy will be weaker five years from now, the highest level of pessimism in nearly four years.

The increase in pessimism comes from Republicans and those not affiliated with either major political party. Just before President Obama was reelected, Republicans were evenly divided as to whether the economy would be better or worse a year from now. Today, only 11% of Republicans believe the economy will be stronger in a year.  An overwhelming 74% in the GOP believe it will be worse.

Among the unaffiliated, the number expecting it to be weaker jumped from 19% before President Obama’s victory to 50% today. For Democrats, the election did little to change their views—just over 6 out of 10 expect the economy to be stronger in a year. That was true both before and after the election.

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