Saturday, November 24, 2012

40 Acre Cove with Beautiful, Sustainable Home (North Carolina) 

Once in a lifetime opportunity to own this beautiful, custom mountain home designed with efficiency, sustainability and protection in mind. The main home is 3900 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 3 full and 1 half bath, a cozy loft office area, very versatile bonus area downstairs that could be a separate apartment, oversized two car garage and concealed 3’6” X 26’ storage area. The foundation was planned to support a bank vault type door, so that a full vault room could be created. The home is fully heated with wood fired radiant floor heat and there is a lifetime supply of hardwood on the property. A 25 gallon per minute artesian well fills a 1600 gallon reservoir and then is gravity fed to the home. There are multiple springs and streams on the property as well. In addition to the floor heat, there are two wood stoves and a gas fireplace in the bedroom. The kitchen will delight any gourmet with its Kenmore Elite gas range and oversized fridge and freezer. A large pantry keeps food reserves well organized.

The property is a 40 acre, fully fenced and alarmed cove that is encompasses three ridge tops and is perfectly suited for gardening and livestock. There is a 4 stall insulated barn with electric and large workshop and bath plumbed in that could be expanded to 14 stalls. The garden area has been enriched with organic compost and is large enough to provide food for multiple families. Beside the garden area is a fish pond that could be stocked with trout, bass and catfish for added food production. The property also features two caves and multiple areas suitable for bunkers. The home sits at the top of a ¾ mile driveway, the only access point that is visible from the front porch of the home adding to the security. Access to the drive is paved, state road.

The home is located in an agriculturally centered community 20 minutes from a delightful small town with shopping, dining, hospital and activities. Asheville is an easy 40 minute drive. Property is convenient, yet not too close to I-40. Residents of the rural community are mostly native to the area and have employed a lifestyle of hunting, gardening and preserving their own food for generations. They are friendly but mind their own business and watch out for one another.

The home can be purchased turnkey. A small amount of additional acreage and a restored cottage are also available.

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  1. That's a lot of open space to heat, and for $669k I bet I could find more acreage farther out.However, its a nice place.

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed.Doesn't seem you would need much more than it's got. If you could get it all including the cottage for $500K, you could easily split it between three families which you would need at a minimum if it got bad. I would separate areas so you wouldn't have to see others each day if you didn't wish to do so.

  3. That is very nice Only thing I would want is some type of sustainable power source, maybe windmill or wood fed boiler, solar or some type of combination.I personally would rather be a little farther from Asheville than that though a bunch of leftwing moonbats live there.

  4. I would want is some type of sustainable power source

    I missed that, but wonder, considering the detail that went into the project, that maybe they inadvertently left that out.....? I've heard that about Asheville also. Too bad, they ought to move to NYC.

  5. That's a lot of space and absolutely beautiful!

    1. Certainly is, but I don't know if it is still available or not.