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Democrats Suggest People Move to Georgia to Vote in Elections; Experts Issue Warning

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                                                                                  Election workers count Fulton County ballots at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Ga., on Nov. 4, 2020. (Jessica McGowan/Getty Images)

Some prominent Democrats, including former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, have suggested that out-of-state liberals should move to Georgia in the coming weeks to vote in the Senate runoff elections next month.

Should Democrats get the two seats held by Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.), they would have a majority in both the Senate and the House.

Yang said on Twitter that both he and his wife are moving to Georgia to campaign for Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock against Perdue and Loeffler.

But Georgia state officials said that the move, if carried out en masse, is a risky one and could be illegal. Any possible voters have to move and register by next month, while the runoff election is Jan. 5.

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Recount Demand – WRITE SNAIL MAIL TO THE WHITE HOUSE! Your country needs you.

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 Recount Demand – WRITE SNAIL MAIL TO THE WHITE HOUSE! Your country needs you.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Dear Champions,


Trump has asked us to send him “snail mail” letters.
The letter is to DEMAND A FULL AUDIT of all 50 states.
Send this to President Donald J Trump; WHITE HOUSE; 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC 20500
He will use this as evidence to the Supreme Court. He is asking all of us to send him HARD COPY letters as evidence we, the People, are demanding an audit.
Please do this today!
Have every registered voter in your household send a separate letter. We need to swarm the White House mail room.
Thank you.
The above info was reported on Newsmax.
This is from Take Back America.

[Photos] Exploring Downtown Saigon Via These 10 Snapshots From the 1970s


 School girls strike a pose!

What are the people in these photos doing today?

Do you ever wonder that when you look at old photos of a place? What became of their lives? Did they notice that they were being photographed? Are you one of the people in question?

Taken by Dick Leonhardt in Saigon across 1971 and 1972, this brief collection depicts a city on the precipice of major historical shifts, though in some ways they look like they could've been taken yesterday: people shop at street markets, students enjoy the zoo, and so on.

Of course, there isn't a bubble tea shop, skyscraper or Maltese-Venezuelan fusion restaurant in sight, but maybe in the grand scheme of things we aren't really that different from our forebears.

Take a jaunt around Saigon and ponder what has changed — and what hasn't — in the last five decades.

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RECORDING: Federal agents “coerce” USPS whistleblower Hopkins to water down story. Hopkins doubles down

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The link I posted yesterday has been deleted but this one is still good.

RECORDING: Federal agents “coerce” USPS whistleblower Hopkins to water down story. Hopkins doubles down… If real, perhaps the FBI should change their name to the Gestapo.

The False Cause Narrative



While watching a seventy-minute interview with Professor Adam Domby about his book, The False Cause, I was surprised at the number of errors, biased interpretations and even endorsement of “extralegal” conduct by anti-statue mobs. The False Cause focuses on Civil War and Reconstruction memory, particularly involving Confederate memorials.

First, and foremost, Domby erroneously proclaims that the signature Confederate statues erected in Southern courthouse squares between 1900 and 1920 were chiefly installed to celebrate white supremacy. 

In truth, they were erected because the old soldiers were fading away. The typical surviving Confederate veteran was aged 60 in 1900 and 80 in 1920. Moreover, memorials for both Federal and Confederate soldiers surged during the war’s semicentennial from 1911 to 1915. Additionally, prior to 1900 the postbellum South was too poor to fund many memorials. Even in 1900 the region’s per capita income was only half the national average. Finally, after the sons of Confederate veterans eagerly joined the military to help win the 1898 Spanish-American War, Union veterans realized that their former rivals were also Americans who deserved their own memorials.

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Trump (Finally) Hires Neocon Slayer

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In what may go down in history as a tragic example of "a day late and a dollar short," President Trump today named US combat veteran Col. Douglas Macgregor to be senior advisor to acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller. Trump's recently-fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper was another in a nearly four-year-long line of terrible personnel choices that together with the ongoing Democratic party-led slow-motion coup has crippled the Trump Administration in its most important mission: Putting America first when it comes to foreign policy.

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Call to Action! March on DC, Stop the Steal, Defend the President, & Defeat the Deep State

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President Trump is a fighter,

but he needs us to stand with him and fight too! 

Oath Keepers and patriots, duty calls!

We must all march on Washington D.C. and directly back-up and defend President Trump as he fights against the ongoing coup that is attempting to steal the election.   Start rolling toward DC now!  Join in on:

  1.  Million MAGA rally scheduled in Washington D.C. this Saturday, November 14, 2020, 1301 Pennsylvania Ave, at 12pm.
  2. Infowars Stop the Steal Caravan!  Owen Shroyer is leading a caravan of patriots across the nation to converge on D.C. this Friday and Saturday, to converge and join in with the other rally initiatives, all standing together on Saturday. 

Go too to learn more.  

WE WILL BE THERE, in D.C., and we urge YOU to be there!

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Repost excerpts of Newt Gingrich Responds Perfectly When Pressed Over...

Newt Gingrich Responds Perfectly When Pressed Over...

Newt Gingrich: The red wave is growing | Fox News

The former House Speaker had the perfect response, but first, read the core of his remarks on the 2020 race. He led into his commentary by first offering his take on Joe Biden’s call for unity (via Real Clear Politics):

JEDIDIAH BILA: Yeah, Newt. No, I just want to ask you for clarity, because the accusation of incidents of voter fraud, which do happen in every election, unfortunately, is very different from the accusation of a stolen election. That's very serious. The implication here is that there's enough widespread voter fraud going on that would have changed the outcome of the election. I haven't seen evidence of that to this moment. Is that what you're suggesting has happened here?

GINGRICH: What I'm suggesting is you don't see the evidence because the local officials who are Democrats hide the evidence and then turn to you and say, "Since you have no evidence." So they say, "Oh, we let the poll watchers in the building." That's right. But they kept them far enough away they couldn't see anything. And I think I can show you case after case, it happened magically at almost exactly the same moment on election night that a series of key states quit counting, almost as though they were coordinating what they were doing. 

And then it happened a few hours later, about 4 in the morning, that they had huge data dumps of Biden votes. Now, I don't know how -- how do you prove that without really having to get the FBI directly involved? And given the FBI for the last four years, why would you trust them? The entire deep state has tried to destroy Trump for four years. We know it now as a fact. We know that -- how hard they worked to undermine him. And I think if you're a typical Trump supporter, you regard this as an effort by people on the left to do everything they can at every level, including the news media. The news media's 93% anti-Trump.

Jon Voight: ‘These Leftists Are Evil, Corrupt, and They Want to Tear Down This Nation


Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight has come out in support of Donald Trump’s claim that Joe Biden is falsely declaring victory in last week’s presidential election.

“My fellow Americans, I stand here with all the feel as I do disgusted with this lie that Biden has been chosen.” Voight began. “As if we all don’t know the truth. And when one tries to deceive we know that one can’t get away with it, there will be a price to pay.”

Voight warned Americans that they are now facing their “greatest fight since the evil war” as the left are Satanists:

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Video: Hey Georgia, This is the Real Rev. Raphael Warnock

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The campaign for Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock, who is now in the January runoff election against incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, has been working hard to clean up his image on Israel after Jewish Insider first exposed a letter Warnock signed in 2019 comparing Israel to Apartheid South Africa, and worse.

A video [see above] from 2018 came to light shows Warnock delivering a hate and lie-filled sermon-rant against Israel. And if that wasn’t enough, in 2008, Warnock was busy defending President Obama’s anti-Semitic preacher, Jeremiah Wright, on Fox News.

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‘Full Hand Recount’ Ordered in Georgia


“This will help build confidence. It will be an audit, a recount and a recanvas all at once,” Raffensperger said at the press conference, according to CBS News. “It will be a heavy lift.”

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced Wednesday morning that there will be an audit and full hand recount of votes in the state for the 2020 presidential election.

Currently, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump in the Peach State by about 14,000 votes.

“Georgia’s secretary of state has announced a full hand recount of the presidential race; Biden leads by about 14,000,” reported Zeke Miller, citing The Associated Press.

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Joe Biden Toilet Paper

Newt Gingrich Responds Perfectly When Pressed Over Claim that 2020 Election Was ‘Stolen’

Newt Gingrich Responds Perfectly When Pressed Over Claim that 2020 Election Was ‘Stolen’

Well, one thing is clear. You’re not going to muzzle Newt Gingrich in how he feels about the 2020 election. He broke out the flamethrower during his media hit last Sunday. And the former Speaker of the House was also able to comment about something that got him muzzled by Fox News hosts back in September when he mentioned George Soros heavily funding Democrats in local races, specifically district attorney races. That’s also a fact; Fox News reported on it. 

Gingrich did not hold back at all, stating that this was a corrupt race, adding that Democrats stole five of six states. The legal fight should carry on, and rightfully so. We have allegations of voter fraud that are serious. We have dead people showing up. We have a United States Postal Worker who overheard a scheme to illegally backdate ballots. And no, he did not recant. That’s fake news. There are reports about scores of ballots in Georgia that have been flagged over change of address issues. There’s a lot of funny business going on which is why the Department of Justice is throwing its weight concerning looking into these allegations. That’s not to say this will flip some states, but it could toss some fraudulent ballots, chip away at Biden’s lead, and make 2020 a whole new ballgame. 

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What Happens If President Trump Does NOT Concede?

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VOTE SWITCHING - A TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE OF HOW IT WORKS: They've infiltrated the ballot counters, but also the computer system programming. If you stand with election fraud, you stand with tyranny.

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 channel image

American Coup 2020

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Giuliani: Trump campaign has the evidence to change Pennsylvania election results(?) & 'Hundreds of thousands of ballots are going to have to be discarded'


The Trump campaign has lawsuits ready to go this week that could radically change the picture of the presidential election, attorney Rudy Giuliani said Sunday.

Giuliani appeared on the Fox News show "Sunday Morning Futures" with Maria Bartiromo and said that the campaign's evidence could change which candidate won in Pennsylvania, which is currently in the column of Democratic Joe Biden.

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 'Hundreds of thousands of ballots are going to have to be discarded'