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Bill Barr Harpoons the ‘Remarkably Monolithic Media’ While Championing Religion, a Free Press, and Something We All Must Remember

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 Bill Barr Harpoons the 'Remarkably Monolithic Media' While Championing Religion, a Free Press, and Something We All Must Remember

On Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr shish kabobbed the media.

Speaking at the 2020 National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, he decried the mainstream’s “remarkably monolithic” point of view.

Furthermore, according to Bill, the MSM is no match for the “tyranny of the majority.”

As reported by The Daily Caller, the AG focused on three “bulwarks against this slide toward [cruel absolute power]” in America: religion, the free press, and decentralized governmental power.

Here’s some of what he offered up:

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[Photos] Views of 1954 Saigon-Cho Lon From a USS Rochester Sailor

 St. Paul's Hospital where Emily was born in 1970.  Looks about the same today

The USS Rochester CA-124 was a heavy cruiser that was first launched after World War II.

Nicknamed the "gray ghost of the Korean Coast," the cruiser was used extensively in the Korean War.
When it docked in Saigon in 1953 as a gesture of "goodwill" after returning from combat, the USS Rochester CA-124 was the largest ship to ever visit the city.

In January 1954, the year after the Korean War ended, the cruiser departed from Long Beach, California to head to the West Pacific region. According to the content of the ship's cruise book in 1954, it stopped at Pearl Harbor, Manila, Singapore and Bangkok before arriving in Saigon on February 17. The crew stayed there for three days before departing for Yokosuka.

According to Redsvn, it was also during its stop in Saigon in 1954 that this series of photographs were taken by an unknown sailor who served on the ship.

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The Waco Siege: What Happened When the Feds Laid Siege to the Branch Davidian Compound

 history of the Waco Siege

“The record of the Waco incident documents mistakes. What the record from Waco does not evidence, however, is any improper motive or intent on the part of law enforcement.”
The siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, is an important event in American history because it directly led to one of the biggest terrorist attacks on American soil – the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building. It’s not necessary to defend this act of terrorism to understand why the entire freedom movement of the time was so incensed by it. Indeed, it stood as a symbol of federal overreach and the corruption of the Clinton Administration.

It’s important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the siege of Waco, just as it is important to do so with the siege of Ruby Ridge or the attack on the American consolate in Benghazi. With every event, it is important to stick to the facts and what can be extrapolated from them to make the strongest argument about what went wrong and why, and what could be done differently in the future.

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DOJ: ‘Harvard’s Race-Based Admissions Process Violates Federal Civil-Rights Law’

Sarah Chung, a junior at Harvard University, holding orange sign at center, participates in a "defend diversity" pro-affirmative-action rally in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA on Oct. 14,. 2018.
 Brainwashed for ever.

The Department of Justice on Tuesday filed an amicus brief in support of an organization suing Harvard and alleging their raced-based admissions process violates federal civil rights law and Supreme Court precedent.

The DOJ released a statement announcing its amicus brief, saying Harvard accepts federal money and must adhere to civil rights laws.

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Possible coronavirus case in North Carolina, DHHS says

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A possible case of the 2019 coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China has been identified in North Carolina, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. 

The individual, who arrived at Raleigh-Durham International Airport on Jan. 23, had passed through Wuhan but "had not visited the seafood and animal market that was linked to many early cases," according to a DHHS release on Jan. 24. 

Mitt Romney's Name Boo'd At CPAC

K.T. McFarland: Mueller wanted me to 'implicate' Trump

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The Washington Examiner reported Thursday that McFarland told the CPAC audience Mueller's team "wanted me to plead guilty for a crime I didn't commit" to get her to help them "implicate" Trump in wrongdoing.
Former Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland said in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday that special counsel Robert Mueller wanted her to "implicate" President Trump.

She recently claimed that FBI agents deployed by Mueller's team had set her up for a "perjury trap."

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Devin Nunes: 'Deep state' is 'much worse than even I thought it ever was'

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The scope of the "deep state" caught one top Republican by surprise.

California Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, spoke to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday about his efforts to raise awareness of bureaucracy within the federal government believed to be undermining President Trump.

"One thing that I tell the American people every time that I speak and I go out on the road and I talk to people is that, remember, the deep state here is much worse than even I thought it ever was," Nunes said in an interview along with Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, to talk about efforts to renew and reform parts of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Top Marine Orders Confederate Paraphernalia to Be Removed from All Bases

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 Confederate flag is removed from South Carolina state house in 2015.
" .....Kohn said it's unlikely to result in the Army renaming those 10 bases that have drawn criticism.
"I think the Army would worry about alienating the local population," he said. "... Most of the people joining the military are from areas where these bases are ... so the recruiting people might say, 'You know, you really don't want to do that.'"
As states continue to grapple with the passionate debate over whether to display statues and other tributes to Confederate leaders, Marines have been told the materials won't be tolerated on any of the Corps' installations.

Commandant Gen. David Berger last week instructed top Marine leaders to remove Confederate-related paraphernalia from the service's bases worldwide. The directive is one of several forward-leaning initiatives Berger said he is "prioritizing for immediate execution."

"Airborne..All The Way Sir!" Khe Sanh - Quảng Trị 1968

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