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The Elite Media Didn't Stop Nixon's Reelection—and it Won't Stop Trump's +


The most amazing thing about Theodore White's The Making of the President 1972is his explanation of the emerging hostility of the elite news media and its evolution into an adversarial anti-president propaganda system for left-wing values.

Everything we are used to seeing in what President Trump calls "Fake News" existed by 1972. The parallels are amazing—and are part of why I decided to spend so much time analyzing 1972 and 2020 as similar patterns of conflict.

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Democrats Are the Real Racists—and Minority Americans Are Taking Note

The Democrats Are Swinging Left—Without Noticing America's Not With Them

Trump is No Nixon—But Democrats Seem Hell-Bent on Nominating a McGovern

Southern Populism and the South’s Agrarian Identity

 Even if one believes the fairy tale that slavery was the sole, only, and everlasting cause of the War Between the States, it does not negate the fact that the Southern states who seceded, and those forgotten border states who tried to secede, were agrarian societies assaulted by a Republican “court” hell bent on imposing the Hamiltonian program of national consolidation. T’was center versus periphery.  The South’s defeat in the war placed its agrarian society in an extremely vulnerable situation. 
In what passes for political and cultural discourse today, the term “populist” is something of a pejorative, conjuring up images in the mind of the cultural and academic elite of dangerous folks with pitchforks and guns riding about in pick-up trucks looking for an uprising to foment.  This of course is nonsense.  What the tsars of public opinion describe as populism bears little resemblance to the real thing.  The historian Richard Hofstatdter started the whole business of populist as dangerous rube, though he did concede the populists had some good ideas.  Of course, Hofstadter also believed that the more polished and respectable and less hayseed progressives were needed to move the whole business of reform forward to an orderly and respectable conclusion. Contemporary historians tend to emphasize the constituent elements of the larger populist movement; thus, one can find fine work done on the independent black populist movement or the precursors to the populists.  The populist failure as a third party, the populist failure to forge an alliance with industrial labor, the populist failure to alleviate racial tensions and animosities in the South, and the failure of the populists to act as a catalyst for the creation of a European style labor party has captured the interest of left-leaning historians, as one might expect.  

Walmart Discontinues Auto Part Sales To Prevent Car Accidents

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 In a bold move intended to curb the thousands of deaths from vehicles each and every day, Walmart has decided to stop selling auto parts, sources confirmed Tuesday.
 According to shocking reports, people have purchased car parts at Walmart and then those cars have been involved in accidents, proving a direct correlation between selling auto parts and causing deaths.
"We can no longer be complicit in an industry that kills over 3,000 people a day," said a spokesperson for Walmart. "Every time we sell a muffler, steering wheel cover, or flame decal, we are potentially causing the death of a person, and we cannot support that any longer."

"It's clear that bad drivers and poor road conditions don't cause vehicular deaths---cars do."

Walmart executives said they are beating themselves with a stick to atone for the deaths they've already caused.

"Our consciences will only be clean when we've been mercilessly beaten once for each of the millions of deaths that have been caused by automobiles since Walmart began selling auto parts," said one executive before solemnly beginning to beat himself with a baseball bat.

Israeli War of Independence 1948: How Abandoned Nazi Airplanes Saved Israel with American Pilots & ME-109's

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Actor Isaiah Washington Worries About Turmoil over ‘1st and 2nd Amendment Rights Being Eroded’

 Eliza Taylor, left, and Isaiah Washington participate in the "The 100" panel discussion at the CW Winter 2014 TCA Press Tour, Wed, Jan. 15, 2014 in Pasadena, Calif. (Photo by Richard Shotwell Invision/AP)

Veteran Hollywood actor Isaiah Washington says ‘God hasn’t created a natural disaster more devastating” than the Americans who will grow tired of their First and Second Amendment rights “being eroded.”

Washington referenced the anti-gun efforts of gun controllers, admitting that he is “baffled” by their actions.
The Grey’s Anatomy alums observed, “We have thousands of gun laws all over the country & laws against murder/attempted murder.” Yet he pointed out that despite murder’s illegality, “sane” citizens lock the doors of their homes at night as a means of defense.

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Walmart to stop selling certain gun ammunition

Walmart says it will discontinue the sale of handgun and short-barrel rifle ammunition and also publicly request that customers refrain from openly carrying firearms in stores even where state laws allow it.

The announcement comes just days after a mass shooting claimed seven lives in Odessa, Texas and follows two other back-to-back shootings last month, one of them at a Walmart store.

The Bentonville, Arkansas-based discounter said Tuesday it will stop selling handgun ammunition as well as short-barrel rifle ammunition, such as the .223 caliber and 5.56 caliber used in military style weapons, after it runs out of its current inventory.


They Don't Need Us

Natural rights, not Constitutional



Thank you for your organization's latest video regarding the distinction between a federal republic and a democracy. Not to take anything away from the larger point, at minute 5 the video asserts that the rights to free speech, due process, self-defense, etc. are "Constitutional rights".

I must differ with you on this point, and I say so not to split hairs, but to make clear that those are not Constitutional rights - those are natural rights. A cornered animal is "right" in defending itself. Any creature on this planet has a "right" to its property (and, again, the "right" to defend it.) Any sentient being has a "right" to its thoughts and to express those thoughts.

Despite the reference as being the "Bill of Rights", what the first 10 amendments give us are not "rights" per se, but rather are specific prohibitions against government infringing upon those rights. What the government can grant, the government can take away. So no, those are not "rights guaranteed by the Constitution" - those are inalienable rights bestowed upon us by our Creator. *This short 5 minute speech by Mark Baird offers an excellent perspective on that distinction, as well as the limits we, as a society, consent to, in order to function as a society.

Language is important. I cringe when I hear reference to our "Second Amendment right to bear arms" or "Our First Amendment right to free speech." No, those are natural rights. In the name of civility, we as a people willingly form social compacts that do infringe upon those rights, but only to the extent necessary to protect the overarching right. Once that boundary is pushed beyond mutual consent, we lapse into tyranny.

Thank you for what you do; countering false narratives is a noble and worthy endeavor, and essential to restoring our lost Republic.


Lee the Philosopher

lee colorized 3

What a difference 5 years makes.

This essay was originally published in The Georgia Review, Vol. II, No. 3 (Fall 1948), 297-303.

As the Civil War assumes increasingly the role of an American Iliad, a tendency sets in for its heroes to take on Fixed characterizations. Epithets of praise and blame begin to recur, and a single virtue usurps the right to personify the individual. In the course of these formations, Robert E. Lee has emerged perhaps too exclusively as soldier and pater­familias. These careers were central in his life, but they do not exhaust the man. Lee transcended some extremely difficult situations, which must have mastered him had he not been, in addition to warrior and patrician, an intellect.

Ted Cruz, Two Time Debate Winner, Accepts Alyssa Milano's 'Second Amendment' Challenge

 Prof. George Tucker.jpg
"George Tucker, one of the most important scholars in early America, explained the reasons behind the Second Amendment as follows: 'This may be considered as the true palladium of liberty. . . . The right of self defence is the first law of nature in most govts it has been the study of rulers to confine this right w/in the narrowest limits possible. Wherever...the right...to keep & bear arms is, under any...pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.'"

Hen-Pecked Husband

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I have actually seen something like this with the wife following the husband around with a stick while he tries to avoid being hit. :)  Probably caught him with  girlfriend.