Sunday, July 5, 2015

"This discussion has me pondering something that’s been on my mind a lot."

Was Adolf Hitler evil?

Were members of the German National Socialist Workers Party evil?

Was the Final Solution evil?

Was "Special Treatment" for Jews wrong?

What made people become Nazis?

Why did the Nazis become popular?

What was life like in Germany after the First World War?

YES, these questions are laying groundwork for something else!

If knowing then what you know today, would you do anything to oppose the Nazis?

Would you assassinate Adolf Hitler?

Would you assassinate his replacement?

Then WHY do we imprison guys who dynamite abortion clinics and shoot abortion providers?

Why are their actions universally vilified and condemned by the news media and from church pulpits?

Which is the greater holocaust?

Which has caused more death?

How is the murder of MANY millions of babies less serious than the murder of millions of Jews, Gypsies, and Slavs?

How is denying that unborn babies are human beings any different than saying anyone who is not German or Aryan is less than human, and therefore, deserving of death for the greater good of society?

I’m trying to figure this out.

Help me, please, for God will surely judge us.

Thank you.

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Commies call for boycott: Stone Mountain reaches full capacity!:)

Via comment by Anonymous on The Mainstream Media’s Attack On The Confederate B...

Stafford, VA
75 pro-Confederate Battle Flag activists showed up at the Stafford County Courthouse.

Harrison, AR
80 pro-Confederate Battle Flag activists held a demonstration in front of Wal-Mart.

St. Louis, MO
6 pro-Confederate Battle Flag activists gathered in Forest Park in front of the Confederate monument in St. Louis.

Virginia Beach, VA
150 people gather in support of the Confederate Battle Flag and attempt to parade down the Oceanfront.

Silsbee, TX
About 100 people march in support of the Confederate Battle Flag in Silsbee, TX.

Fort Oglethorpe, GA
Hundreds of people gather in support of the Confederate Battle Flag in Fort Oglethorpe, GA.

Van Buren, AR
More than 250 people support the Confederate Battle Flag in Van Buren, AR.

Upstate South Carolina
More than 100 people participated in a pro-Confederate Battle Flag caravan in Upstate South Carolina in Easley, Powderville, and Pickens, SC.

Tampa, FL
100 people participate in a third “rolling rally” in support of the Confederate Battle Flag in Tampa, FL.

Stone Mountain, GA
Stone Mountain Park reaches full capacity as large crowds avoid a proposed boycott on July 4th.

Houston, TX
100 people rally in support of the Confederate Battle Flag at a Houston mall.

Clanton, AL
Dozens of people march in support of the Confederate Battle Flag in Clanton, AL. They are trailed by a group of bikers.

Tampa, FL
Over 100 people salute the Confederate Battle Flag in Tampa, FL on July 4th.

Gainesville, TX
Confederate Battle Flag supporters stage a large “rolling rally” in Gainesville, TX.

300 vehicles participate in a “rolling rally” somewhere in Arkansas on July 4th.

Ellijay, GA
Hundreds parade through Ellijay, GA in support of the Confederate Battle Flag on July 4th.

Conway, AR
Nearly 150 people rally in support of the Confederate Battle Flag in Conway, AR.

Bristol, VA to Johnson City, TN
A large “rolling rally” in support of the Confederate Battle Flag took place between Bristol, VA and Johnson City, TN in the heart of Appalachia.

Rome, GA
Hundreds participate in pro-Confederate Battle Flag rally and parade in Rome, GA.

Jacksonville, FL
Dozens of people rallied in support of the Confederate Battle Flag in Jacksonville, FL.

Ville Platte, LA
Dozens of people rallied in support of the Confederate Battle Flag in Ville Platte, LA.

Madisonville, KY
Lots of people rallied in support of the Confederate Battle Flag in Madisonville, KY.

Galveston, TX
Lots of people participate in a rolling rally in Galveston, TX.
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82 shot- 15 fatally- in Chicago over holiday weekend

Via Billy "..........but, but, but this was suppose to stop after Confederate Flags were removed. I guess the inner-cites did not get the memo."

 Image result for 82 shot- 15 fatally- in Chicago over holiday weekend

Update:Monday July 7th 2014

Violence in Chicago over the holiday weekend once again garnered national attention after more than 80 people were shot, at least 15 of them fatally.

"It's Groundhog Day in Chicago," Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said on Monday. He ran through a list of the shootings, focusing on the guns the alleged offenders had- and their criminal pasts.

"He shouldn't have been on the street," McCarthy said several times while talking about the alleged offenders. "It all comes down to guns. Too many guns coming in, too little punishment going out."

McCarthy said many armed Chicago gang members will not surrender themselves or their weapons when pursued by police because they fear repercussions from their leaders.

"They would rather save that gun than to lose that gun and go back and say I lost that gun," community activist Andrew Holmes said.

More @ ABC

NASCAR: Everybody should be proud of the American flag.

Via Billy


Fans at the Daytona international speedway were this weekend defending and displaying their Confederate flags.

At Nascar’s first race in the south since the racing series and its tracks urged fans to no longer wave the banner, dozens of the civil war-era flags were scattered throughout the vast infield.

More @ The Guardian

A Muslim Beats a Dutch Girl in Holland

Via comment by Anonymous on 74 children executed by ISIS for 'crimes' that inc...


NASCAR Fans Defy Request to Hide Confederate Flags at Daytona

Via Robert

AP Photo

Fans at Daytona International Speedway are defending and displaying their Confederate flags.

At NASCAR’s first race in the South since the racing series and its tracks urged fans to no longer wave the banner, dozens of Confederate flags were scattered throughout the vast infield.

The first motorhome inside the Turn 4 tunnel has one flying high above it, and it doesn’t take long to reach double figures when counting them on a stroll through the infield. 

They’re on clothing, coolers and cars, and even tattooed on skin.

More @ Breitbart

74 children executed by ISIS for 'crimes' that include refusal to fast, report says

Via David

The blood-soaked executioners of ISIS have spared neither women nor children since the jihadist army established its caliphate a year ago, putting an estimated 74 kids and even more women to death for such offenses as practicing “magic” and refusing to fast during Ramadan.

A total of 3,027 people have been executed by ISIS since it declared itself a state under strict Islamic law in Syria and Iraq last June, according to a new report by the UK-based group, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

"Many of the charges against those executed are recorded as blasphemy and spying, but others include sorcery, sodomy, practicing as a Shia Muslim," the report states.

More @ Fox

While you weren’t watching, Obama granted de facto amnesty to millions

 Image result for While you weren’t watching, Obama granted de facto amnesty to millions

Deliberate non-enforcement of deportation laws as to almost all illegal immigrants now official policy.

The Obama administration has received sharp rebukes from federal trial and appeals courts for his post-election plan to grant DREAM Act-like status through administrative rules.

That plan, which would have granted de facto amnesty to approximately 5 million people, now is on hold until further argument this month in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

But under the radar, Obama has been accomplishing a more sweeping de facto amnesty through deliberate non-enforcement of the deportation laws.

This has not receive a lot of attention, as the nation went from one social crisis to another over the past few months. Baltimore – Charleston – Confederate Flag – Gay Marriage – Obamacare. All those and more have dominated the media and political attention for months.

The Washington Post just published a report on the major policy shift deliberately, Obama administration scales back deportations in policy shift:

Deported 5 Times Previously, Illegal Alien Confesses to Murder of Kathryn Steinle at San Francisco's Pier 14

Via David

 Embedded image permalink

The suspect in the Pier 14 shooting in San Francisco has signed a confession. Sources tell ABC7 News 45-year-old Francisco Sanchez admitted to firing the fatal shot that killed Kathryn Steinle.

Investigators say he is on probation from Texas and has committed offences in numerous states. They say Sanchez did not know his victim and they still don't have a motive for the killing. Police divers have found a gun in the water near the pier. They are carrying out ballistics tests to see if it was used in the shooting.

My grandson competing for the Supconnect Award: Grom of the Year 2015

Via Daughter Emily


Elijah Schoenig (San Clemente, California) builds robots, plays the guitar, surfs, is an excellent student, and (yes, did we mention?) stand up paddles. He is a member of the prestigious Paddle Academy, which has become one of the epicenters for developing young SUP, super talent. Enrolled part-time at a traditional school and part-time online, Shoenig has had the flexibility to explore many interests, including that of the ocean. With a highly broad repertoire of skills and with his increasing experience in the competitive space, the youngster has become a stand out among the stand up paddle youth.


 The Supconnect Awards started in 2010 as a way of recognizing individuals that made exceptional contributions to the sport. As such, it’s the world’s first and original awards in the stand up paddle industry. Unlike most awards, winners are not chosen strictly on athletic performance and results. The ultimate objective of the Supconnect Awards is to help to create positive icons for the youth in order to increase the longevity of the sport for generations to come. And what’s more, it also aims at recognizing exceptional brands, products, and shops that help raise the bar in their field, serving as blueprints of excellence for others to follow. In that light, do not expect the usual run-of-the-mill winners. Nominees and winners, at least we hope, capture the all-inclusive culture of the sport, with friendly smiles and awe-inspiring stories and, yes, performances.

More @ Sup Connect

Landmark day for the fight against removing the Confederate Battle Jack from any public building or landmark.

Via Carl

From: sejhj1998
Subject: Some Good News
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2015 10:23:00 -0400


I. I received a copy of this post yesterday from Ron Summers directed to the Sons And Daughters of the Confederate Soldiers. This took place on Thursday.

Okay today was a landmark day for the fight against removing the Confederate Battle Jack from any public building or landmark. Today I had to appear in federal court in Tennessee about a case involving discrimination against truckers by the state highway patrol ( which we won) and when I found out who the federal judge was handling the case I filed a federal motion to get an injunction to stop all this illegal madness these ignorant uneducated morons been trying to do. Well it took about 10 minutes of testimony and the injunction is in place. Not only can now no one remove the flag from a public building most that have been removed I can file papers forcing those to be replaced especially the Alabama capitol. 
The Alabama capitol is recognized as a Confederate Monument and is recognized by the National Historical Society as such. First court I've been to in years that actually still does the pledge of allegiance and actually has a Confederate Flag inside the courthouse also. Even the prosecutor was wearing a Confederate Flag tie...nice easy day but as they said " it doesn't matter what you believe in or not the Constitution protects the Confederate Flag as it does the U.S. flag"...even the black people in the courtroom applauded the decision by the court.
Ron's comment to the petition: "#1 history cannot be taken away and #2 if you move any of this you are committing a federal felony as all monuments from all wars are protected by the Constitution. "

Looks like some good news and we have legal precedence to stand ground . Still a long road ahead of us...

II. The following is written by fellow compatriot and SCVMC Brother Keith Alford.

I joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans and soon after, the Mechanized Cavalry. Like most of us a large part of my family took up arms and bravely joined the struggle for Southern independence in 1861. I proudly joined our present struggle to expose the truth about the war, our Southern heritage and our people and to do all I can to restore honor to our Confederate soldiers. I then realized that the War of Northern Aggression not only claimed the lives of the brave men who fought it, but the lives of women and children as well. I have noticed that while many of us participate in SCV events at every opportunity, others are less active and some not at all. While we all can benefit from it it is to the members who participate little or not at all that I wish to convey this message the most.

Let me begin by saying, gentlemen, we need you. The South needs you. The Southern people, soldiers and civilians, who suffered and lost so much during and after that war, need you. Most importantly, our children need you. Every day of their young lives they are bombarded with lies about the South, the Confederacy and their heritage. They are forbidden from displaying the Confederate flag or any symbols that represent the South and our people. These children are our future. They are our hope that the torch of truth will not be extinguished. It is not only our duty to teach them these truths, but it is their right to know them. We in the SCV know that in order to honor our Confederate ancestors education of the truth must be our primary objective.

From this point forward I will not use the word "ancestor". To me it manifest a feeling of great distance and even disconnection. They were and are our grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts and cousins. What I say to you now I say in hopes that it will start within you the spirit of your Southern Heritage.

Ask yourself what you would do or how you would feel if an invader threatened to destroy all that you have. Would it stir you to action? If that Invader took your home and cast your wife and children into the street, would it stir you to action? If that invader brutally raped your mother, sister or wife, would it stir you to action? If that invader who had committed these crimes in your home then demanded that you pledge your allegiance to him, would it stir you to action? Of course it would! ALL of these horrendous crimes, and many more were committed, with no remorse, against our relatives.

If you can reflect upon these atrocities and honestly say, " I need not participate", then nothing more can be said. If you can see in your heart eye, your relatives lying dead on that battlefield or hear the screams of the wounded writhing in pain and say, "I need not participate", then nothing more can be said. If you can visualize the terror as your relatives see their homes destroyed or burned, or hear your grandmother plead for mercy as she is raped or beaten and say, "I need not participate", then nothing more can be said. If you can hear the cries of our people as all they have, all they have worked for, and all that they love is stolen, murdered or destroyed and not feel tears streaming from your eyes, then nothing more can be said.

I tell you now, as I think of the brutality thrust upon our relatives, tears cloud my vision, pain fills my heart, and rage consumes my soul.

Now as you see these things, hear the cries and feel the pain that our relatives felt, think about our children. Can you look into your children's eyes, knowing all that was done to their relatives, to their great grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and say, "I need not participate"? Or can you hold your child in your arms, as so many of our relatives could never do again, and say, "I need not participate"? If you can........ then nothing more can be said.

All of us have very busy lives, and it is often hard to find time to do things. Even if your schedule does not allow you to attend meetings, or most events, there are things you can do. Recruiting is easy, just by starting a conversation when you go to the barbershop or grocery store. If you are reading this email, then you have web access, and you have the ability to sign online petitions, stay current in the news and visit our websites for the latest information. Take Charge and be proud of your Grand parents, Uncles, etc. They fought hard and long for you. Isn't it time you fought for them? don't let the phrase "I need not Participate" be part of your life.

Have a great Dixie Day

Capt. Bo
James (Bo) H Hall
Capt. I.H.Q. Mechanized Cavalry,
Chief Webmaster/Communications Officer Georgia Division Mechanized Cavalry #1786
Adjutant James T. Woodward camp # 1399 SCV #323608

Call for an ‘Assembly of the States’ in May 2016

Via Bill

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

It is time for states to undertake specific steps to re-assert their 10th amendment rights against the usurpations of the federal government.

We are, after all, the United States of America, not the United Federal Government of America.

Here’s my proposal for a starting point:

One state legislature can pass an act for it to host an “Assembly of the States” whose purpose will be to identify and share best practices for the assertion by the states of their 10th amendment rights among the several states.

Topics to be addressed would be practical and timely:

More with video @ Breitbart

Seattle 6th Graders Can’t Get a Coke at School, But Can Get an IUD

Via David


Middle and high school students can’t get a Coca-Cola or a candy bar at 13 Seattle public schools, but they can get a taxpayer-funded intrauterine device (IUD) implanted without their parents’ consent.

School-based health clinics in at least 13 Seattle-area public high schools and middle schools offer long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs), including IUDs and hormonal implants, to students in sixth-grade and above at no cost, according to Washington State officials.

More @ CNS

More Copperheads


Greg and sons

Proposed regulation could keep 3D-printed gun blueprints offline for good

Via southwind

Image result for Proposed regulation could keep 3D-printed gun blueprints offline for good

Those handy digital blueprints that enable anyone to 3D print gun parts or even a weapon from scratch could be under threat thanks to a new proposal from the State Department.

A notice posted on June 3rd in a recent Federal Register show that some changes are being made to the International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) regulations. Hidden within the proposal, which restricts what gear, technology, and info can and cannot be exported out of the US, is a ban on posting schematics for 3D printed gun parts online. The ruling comes just a month after Cody Wilson and, his group Defense Distributed filed a lawsuit against the federal government for forcing them to remove blueprints of the “Liberator” 3D-printed gun of off their website. Wilson described the move as a violation of First Amendment Rights and believes that the new mandate is a direct response to his lawsuit.

More @ Fox

Golfer Avoids Al Sharpton’s Hit List – “Volunteers” To Paint Over Confederate Flag On His Own “General Lee”

Via Horace

200 bubba general lee 940

Professional Golfer Bubba Watson might have more money than he knows what to do with. It’s seems that way, given the fact that he purchased a “General Lee” Dukes of Hazzard car in the first place. It’s made even more evident by the fact that he’s willing to destroy its value as a collector’s item by painting over the Confederate flag on the roof.

Golf pays well; maybe too well.

PURE EVIL – ISIS Teen Terrorists Execute 25 Syrian Soldiers in Roman Amphitheater

Via David "I watched the video.  Two things came to me:

1. Look at the ages of the shooters.  These are CHILDREN, being trained to kill mercilessly.  Where is the outrage at "child soldiers"?

2. If this kind of mass execution of prisoners had been done by, say, Israel or America the entire civilized world would have been outraged 24/7 for weeks - and rightly so.  In general, where is the outrage here?

 isis palmyra kids

SIS released video today of teen terrorists murdering 25 Syrian soldiers in Palmyra.

The public execution is held in the ancient Roman ruins in front of a crowd.

More with video @ The Gateway Pundit

South Carolina #MillionPersonMarch a Bust – Only Couple Hundred Turn Out for Race Rally

Via comment by Quartermain on The Mainstream Media’s Attack On The Confederate B...

 million march three
Pretty pathethic. :)

What if you held a Million Person Race March but nobody came?

Americans Don’t Deserve to Celebrate July 4th



Every year on this day we are reminded of the significance of our independence.  We are told the timeless story of 56 men who pledged their lives and sacred honor, knowing they would be hung as traitors for daring to believe that they could be free men.  The story of American independence is one that for many of us, embodies all that we believe about our nation and about ourselves.  It fills us with pride, with hope, with love for our country.

This post is not a retelling of that story.

Instead, I’d like to direct your attention to our present.  After two hundred and thirty-eight years, what have we done with our independence?  Have we guarded with jealous attention the jewel of liberty, as Patrick Henry admonished us?  Have we remembered that “patriotism is as much a virtue as justice,” as Benjamin Rush reminded us?  Have we all studied politics and war, as John Adams did, to protect our children’s freedom to study mathematics and philosophy? Above all, have we remained mindful as a collective nation that “those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it,” as Thomas Paine warned us?

Back then only 3% of the colonists took up arms against the tyrannical English government. Now, do we even have that many people willing to stand up?


Independence Day – July 4 In the Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Fifteen and of Our Independence, Two hundred and Thirty-Nine


Two hundred and thirty-nine year ago, a handful of men, expressing the sentiments that had already been expressed in over ninety similar declarations, committed to paper a consolidation of those documents that had preceded it, and the will of the people of the 13 British colonies of North America.

After over five years of combat, rag-tag farmers, fighting against the greatest military force in the world at that time, prevailed in a war they believed, with honor, to be “the right thing to do.”

Just about one hundred and fifty-four years ago, again, a test between those who believed that they were right was pitched against others who believed that they were right. The contest, this time, was between those who wanted to preserve a Union and those who believed that States had rights that could not be subordinated to a simple majority in opposition.

This war lasted less than five years, and the side that lost, though they had fought, with honor, because it was “the right thing to do.” And, the side that won also, fought with honor, because it was “the right thing to do.” However, the losing side forgiven by the winning, first at the surrender next by a general amnesty by President Lincoln, and finally, by amnesty granted by President Johnson, because that, too, was “the right thing to do.”