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GOP Elites Spent $67 Million on Attack Ads Against Donald Trump and Got Nothing

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GOP Party Nominee

GOP elites, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and their Super PACs blew $67 million on attack ads against Donald Trump.

The Rubio campaign even ran disgusting and dishonest KKK ads against Donald Trump in Missouri and Florida.
Rubio quit the race – but his KKK ad is still running.

The nonstop attacks against Donald Trump by Republican elites is unprecedented.

Never before did a party work so hard and spend so much to take down that party’s frontrunner.

None of it worked.

Donald Trump is still in first place – by a lot.

FOX 40 reported:

Georgia Defends Religious Liberty, Angering the NFL

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Georgia Gay

Georgia has passed a religious liberty bill over the objections of the governor and many in-state companies like UPS, Coke, SunTrust Banks, MailChimp, and others. Gay rights groups are calling on the film industry to bypass Georgia for its film projects. “Georgia’s Economic Development Department reports nearly 250 filming projects set up shop in Georgia in fiscal 2015, spending about $1.7 billion in the state.” (H/T: AJC)

Now the National Football League has gotten into the act. The following is a statement from spokesman Brian McCarthy who claims “that the proposed law runs contrary to the league’s values of ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusivity’”

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More Faked Muslim Hate: Video Proves Muslima was Lying – Forces Her to Drop Lawsuit against Police

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Another one of these darling Muslimas has been caught faking a "hate crime." It was when a video was presented which proved that a poor little taqiyya promoter was lying that led to her dropping her lawsuit against Dearborn Police Department for allegedly violating her civil rights by demanding she remove her hijab.

A lawsuit was filed against the Dearborn Police Department, as well as the City of Dearborn in 2015.

In the lawsuit, the woman claimed that she was required by police to remove her hijab while in custody on a traffic warrant.

Following the alleged violation of civil rights, Maha Aldhalimi said, "I am scared to leave my house now, and if I see a police officer when I am driving somewhere, I start shaking uncontrollably and turn in the opposite direction."

Ford CEO to Trump: 'We Are Here to Stay in US'

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 Image: Ford CEO to Trump: 'We Are Here to Stay in US'

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has made unfair foreign trade a central theme in his campaign for the White House, singling out U.S. companies such as Ford Motor Co. for moving operations abroad.

Ford CEO Mark Fields said he wrote a letter to Trump defending his company, and elaborated on the defense of his company in an interview with CNBC: “Ford Motor Co. is here to stay in the United States. It's presidential politics and we are just going stay focused on facts.”

Trump first blasted Ford in April when the carmaker announced a $2.5 billion expansion of operations in Mexico.

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Christian Leader Rebukes Glenn Beck for Trashing Evangelicals

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Space case

Radio and TV host Glenn Beck trashed Christians this week for not voting for Ted Cruz.
If only they’d see the light of Ted Cruz?

During his speech Monday in Utah Glenn called for Mormons to rise up.

 Beck also scolded Evangelicals in the South for not listening to the voice of God – or the voices he’s hearing in his head, anyway.

WACO KII: 48 more bikers indicted in shootout that left 9 dead

Via comment by Anonymous on MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS Cut Hole in Unmanned Border F..."If I recall, the Serve & Protect did the killing.Twisted laws."

 AP Photo

Yes, I would guess all were killed by them. 

 A Texas grand jury indicted 48 more bikers Wednesday in connection with a May 2015 shootout outside a Twin Peaks restaurant that left nine dead, bringing the total number of people facing felony charges to 154.

Prosecutors in Waco announced that all the bikers indicted are charged with engaging in organized criminal activity, meaning they’re accused of being complicit in the shooting that also left 20 people injured. They face 15 years to life in prison if convicted.

McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna won indictments against 106 other bikers in November. In a statement Wednesday, he did not rule out more indictments in what he called “an ongoing investigation.”

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Emory Students "Scared, In Pain" After Safe-Space Violated By Word "Trump" Written In Chalk

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The Daily Mail reports, the president of Emory University has spoken to demonstrators who said they were frightened after someone wrote 'Trump 2016' in chalk around campus.

Students at the Atlanta school, which has an enrollment of more than 14,000 claim their 'safe space' was violated when the messages appeared on sidewalks and buildings.

Jim Wagner, president of the Atlanta university, wrote Tuesday that the students viewed the messages as intimidation, and they voiced 'genuine concern and pain' as a result.

He acted after student government wrote to him and slammed the university's response, prompting a meeting that led to protests.

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Protesters Harass Restaurant Over “Colonial” Theme

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A new restaurant in Northeast Portland opened up last week, and is already being marched on and protested by the professional protesters. Saffron Colonial specializes in British cuisine, touting their “globally inspired dishes from the height of the British Empire”, “English & colonial breakfasts”, and “English tea-time treats”.

Leave it to the wackjob Portlanders to protest this new establishment, saying it promotes racism, slavery, and gentrification.

EPA Chief: Climate Regs Meant To Show ‘Leadership’, Not Fight Global Warming

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Gina McCarthy, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, speaks at the Center for American Progress

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy admitted her agency’s signature regulation aimed at tackling global warming was meant to show “leadership” rather than actually curb projected warming.

McCarthy admitted as much after being questioned by West Virginia Republican Rep. David McKinley, who pressed the EPA chief on why the Obama administration was moving forward with economically-damaging regulations that do nothing for the environment.

“I don’t understand,” McKinley said in a Tuesday hearing. “If it doesn’t have an impact on climate change around the world, why are we subjecting our hard working taxpayers and men and women in the coal fields to something that has no benefit?”

Newt Gingrich Defends and Praises Donald Trump in Interview with Far Left Salon

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I want to get back to what Trump is doing, and we both know he is playing on impulses—

No, no we don’t.

We don’t?

What we know is that Trump has had the nerve to raise questions in a clear language because he represents the millions of Americans who are sick and tired of being told that they have to be guilt-ridden and keep their mouth shut.

So why are Trump’s negatives so high, if he is giving a voice to the masses?

Look, Trump has been campaigning in a Republican primary with harsh language and has been routinely attacked by the elite media as much as they can. Reagan went through the same cycle. Do you know how many points Reagan was behind Carter in March?

It was double digits, right?

Twenty-five. Not just double digits. Twenty-five points. So if you had talked to me in March of 1980, you would have said, “How can I support this crazy right-winger who makes movies with chimpanzees and is 25 points behind Carter?” And I would have said, “Because I think he can win.” Which, by the way, he did.

Is there really nothing that worries you about this guy? The way he deals with reporters, his campaign manager, etc.? You are not at all worried he has authoritarian tendencies?

No. No. [Laughs.] Which part of that is supposed to bother me?

Jeff Sessions: America’s Sovereignty at Stake in 2016 Presidential Election

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Trump Sessions2 Hahn

Senator Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) warned that trade deals are eating away our national sovereignty and threatening our security on Thursday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily.

Breitbart News executive chairman and host Stephen K. Bannon compared the issues at stake in Britain’s upcoming vote on exiting from the European Union with the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and asked Sessions if the latter could be seen as “essentially an up-or-down vote on national sovereignty of the United States of America.”

Sessions said the issue of sovereignty was definitely at stake in these elections.  

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The Quote

"He alone deserves to be remembered by his children who treasures up and preserves the memory of his fathers."

--Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

Trump Learns Of Naked Melania Photo Used In Attack Ad, Threatens To "Spill Beans" On Heidi Cruz

What a dumb question.  I would be more than happy to shake hands with the new First Lady. The PTB just don't get it, we don't care what they say or think, screw them, we're going all the way. Trump v Clinton in a debate?  It should be all over, but the shouting and rightly so.

Yesterday we were stunned when we learned that in order to support Ted Cruz and to "attack" Donald Trump, Liz Mair's anti-Trump Make America Awesome super PAC launched a Facebook campaign which in addition to showcasing Mitt Romney's support for Ted Cruz, emphasizing Trump’s past support for pro-choice policies, it also crossed the family line when it showed a GQ modeling photo of Melania Trump posing nude.

Crossed lines aside, what surprised us most is that "showing a naked Melania Trump, a successful, multi-lingual supermodel and undoubtedly the most attractive first lady America would ever have, is not exactly an attack ad" and we wondered how badly this ad would backfire "the moment men end up seeing the ad." We will find out the moment the Utah primary results come in, even though by her admission, Mair certainly did her best to only focus on women voters.

In any case, about an hour ago Trump found out about Cruz' attack ad. This is what he said:

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UTAH CAUCUS: First hand insider report - Incompetence, Manipulation, and Ballot Stuffing! (I'm sure we're all surprised....)

 Related image

Just got back from my caucus... My head is still spinning.

Check in was slow but reasonably controlled. Super-long lines. I've never seen turnout like this.

Got my credentials, but no presidential ballot. They said those would be delivered to our caucus room.

Got to my caucus room. I counted about 120 people there (no idea how many were actually registered and credentialed).

We elected Precinct Officers, State Delegates, and County Delegates - the typical incompetence and ignorance of the rules you'd expect to see from volunteers, but all went somewhat smooth.

...Then came the Presidential Ballot.

Someone shows up with a stack of probably 250 ballots. The precinct chair splits them up, and starts handing stacks of them out and tells people "take one and pass it down".

No checking credentials, IDs, NOTHING.

Furthermore, I consider that islam must be destroyed.


New tagline sign-off on everything I will say or write:

“Furthermore, I consider that islam must be destroyed.”

I am going to add this as a footer to my email, I encourage you to do the same.

I am going to add this to every post I make here, and every article I write for other people.

I am going to start saying this – and I’m not joking – in my daily conversations out and about.  I recommend you all do the same.

Someone should sell bumper stickers that say, “Islam Must Be Destroyed”.

The Harassment of the Hammonds – Act I – Decade of the Eighties- Scene 5 – May 2, 1988 – May 9, 1988

 hammond-family all

Note: Numbers shown thus, {nn} refer to PDF page numbers in the “Hammond Legal Trailing Part I” PDF file.

In a letter from Fish and Wildlife Services, dated May 22, 1988, on letterhead, though, apparently never sent {107-109}.  It is a response to Dwight’s plight, after his meeting with Shallenberger, and references that meeting. There is no indication of who edited the document. The strike outs (light and by pencil) in that draft that are quite telling:

I am writing in response to your formal appeal regarding actions taken by the Service to regulate Your cattle trailing operation at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. I have reviewed the correspondence surrounding this issue and have discussed the topic at length with staff from the refuge and Regional Office. I have also discussed it with Rob Shallenberger following his visit to your ranch. I’d like to express my appreciation for the courtesy you showed Rob and the information you shared with him. I’m sorry that I did not have the time available in my schedule to make the trip to Malheur myself.

The Wall Had Writing On It?'s_Feast_-_WGA19123.jpg/220px-Rembrandt_-_Belshazzar's_Feast_-_WGA19123.jpg

Judging by your personal experience you might understand the titles inferred meaning. I would assume that depending on your age, where you come from and all that you know, the title, might give you a heads up on what theme might be expressed below.

You could say that “you” the reader, have a whole life time of experiences and the saying “the writing is on the wall” means something that we all can relate to. Correct? However we understand, the meaning of the phrase “writing” for each individual could be almost any color from the pallet so to speak.

Perhaps the age and maturity of the particular person gives them a different understanding about life and how we should behave or be in society. It is apparent that these times are very different today compared to a 46 year olds life back when they were twenty. So the “writing” is going to be quite subjective if we all get together and discuss “the writing” that is on “the wall”.

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