Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Wall Had Writing On It?'s_Feast_-_WGA19123.jpg/220px-Rembrandt_-_Belshazzar's_Feast_-_WGA19123.jpg

Judging by your personal experience you might understand the titles inferred meaning. I would assume that depending on your age, where you come from and all that you know, the title, might give you a heads up on what theme might be expressed below.

You could say that “you” the reader, have a whole life time of experiences and the saying “the writing is on the wall” means something that we all can relate to. Correct? However we understand, the meaning of the phrase “writing” for each individual could be almost any color from the pallet so to speak.

Perhaps the age and maturity of the particular person gives them a different understanding about life and how we should behave or be in society. It is apparent that these times are very different today compared to a 46 year olds life back when they were twenty. So the “writing” is going to be quite subjective if we all get together and discuss “the writing” that is on “the wall”.

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