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In rural America, good relations with your neighbors amounts to this: you've both lost track of which one owes the other a favor.

A good indicator of why climate change as an issue is over can be found early in the text of the Paris Agreement. The “nonbinding” pact declares that climate action must include concern for “gender equality, empowerment of women, and intergenerational equity” as well as “the importance for some of the concept of ‘climate justice.’ ”

  Zero Hedge - Watch As Chaos Erupts At Tommy Robinson Protest; Police Chased Down Street As 1000s Rage ... it's not going away this time

  Task & Purpose - Old School: Army Recruits Will Again Test On Iron Sights During Basic Training ... training soldiers to fight in a technologically degraded environment

Marvel, Spectator - Iron Man is now a 15-year-old black girl who might be a sociopath; the Incredible Hulk is a 19-year-old Asian hipster guy; Thor is a woman who is dying of cancer; and Captain America is a full-on Nazi — to show readers how evil Donald Trump is — while his duties as a good person have been handed over to Falcon, who is much more to be admired, obviously, because he is black. No, really, this is not a joke designed to satirise the leftist, identity politics lunacy which has afflicted so much of the US entertainment industry. This is what has actually happened to the superheroes of those two iconic imprints Marvel and DC Comics.

  Republicans, Buchanan - Historians will look back in amazement at how America’s free trade zealots gave away the greatest manufacturing base the world had ever seen. Between 1997 and 2017, the EU ran up, at America’s expense, trade surpluses in goods in excess of $2 trillion, while we also picked up the bill for Europe’s defense. Between 1992 and 2016, China was allowed to run $4 trillion in trade surpluses at our expense, converting herself into the world’s first manufacturing power and denuding America of tens of thousands of factories and millions of manufacturing jobs. It is hard to see why or how Republicans are ever again going to be the Bush-Boehner party that preceded the rise of Trump.

Trump, Kim Jong Un meet face-to-face, shake hands at historic summit

President Trump shook hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore shortly after 9 a.m. local time Tuesday, kicking off a historic summit meeting and marking a new era in relations between the U.S. and the totalitarian state known as the Hermit Kingdom.

Moments later, as Trump and Kim sat side-by-side, the American president told a group of reporters: 

"We will have a terrific relationship, I have no doubt." Kim said through an interpreter that it "was not easy to get here" and that there "were obstacles, but we overcame them to be here."

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Southern Cultural Genocide


The quote below indirectly warns about the implications of Confederate statue removals and the censorship of Southern interpretations regarding the Civil War and Reconstruction. Kundera is presently a French novelist born in Brno when the city was located in Czechoslovakia. He lived through both Nazi and Communist totalitarianism before fleeing to France in 1975. His books were banned in his native land until 1989. He maintains contact with Czech and Slovak friends, but rarely returns and only as incognito.

Sedition and Secession in New England

 Image result for (Life of John Marshall, Albert J. Beveridge,'

The first secession sentiment displayed in the United States came from New England, a region which saw in the early 1800s, a growing faith in monarchical Great Britain as “Federalist distrust of the youthful and growing American people increased.” In early 1811 when the bill to admit Louisiana was considered, the New England Federalists “violently resisted it.”

Josiah Quincy declared that “if this bill passes, the bonds of this Union are virtually dissolved; that the States which compose it are free from their moral obligations, and that, as it will be the right of all, so it will be the duty of some, to prepare for a separation – amicably if they can, violently if they must. The first public love of my heart in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There is my fireside; there are the tombs of my ancestors.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Sedition and Secession in New England

“As soon as Congress convened in November, 1808, New England opened the attack on [President Thomas] Jefferson’s retaliatory measures [in the Embargo against the British]. Senator James Hillhouse of Connecticut offered a resolution for the repeal of the obnoxious statutes. “Great Britain was not to be threatened into compliance by a rod of coercion,” he said.

[Timothy] Pickering made a speech that might have well been delivered in Parliament [Four years earlier, Pickering had plotted the secession of New England and enlisted the support of the British Minister to accompany it].

Before [Chief Justice John] Marshall had written [his friend Pickering], the Legislature of Massachusetts formally declared that the continuance of the Embargo would “endanger . . . the union of these States.” Talk of secession was steadily growing in New England. The National Government feared open rebellion.

On January 9, 1809, Jefferson signed the “Force Act,” . . . Collectors of customs were authorized to seize any vessel or wagon if they suspected the owner of an intention to evade the Embargo laws; ships could be laden only in the presence of National officials, and sailing delayed or prohibited arbitrarily.

Along the New England coasts popular wrath swept like a forest fire. Violent resolutions were passed. The Collector of Boston, Benjamin Lincoln, refused to obey the law and resigned. The Legislature of Massachusetts passed a bill denouncing the “Force Act” as unconstitutional, and declaring any officer entering a house in execution of it to be guilty of a high misdemeanor, punishable by fine and imprisonment.

The Governor of Connecticut declined the request of the Secretary of War to afford military aid and addressed the Legislature on a speech bristling with sedition. The Embargo must go, said the Federalists, or New England would appeal to arms. Riots broke out in many towns. Withdrawal from the Union was openly advocated.”

(Life of John Marshall, Albert J. Beveridge, Volume IV, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1919, excerpts pp. 13-17; 27)

GOP Gap Spikes in Generic Poll as GOP Donors, Ryan Push Amnesty


The GOP’s deficit in the generic-ballot poll score has spiked from just 3.2 points to 7.6 points in the last week as business donors and House Speaker Paul Ryan push for a wage-cutting amnesty.

The new polls show all of the GOP’s gradual gains since mid-March were suddenly wiped out starting June 1, when the Democrats held a mere 3.2 point advantage in the generic ballot, which records voters’ partisan preference. One week late, on June 8, the gap had jumped to 7.6 percent as the establishment media extensively and favorably covered the discharge-petition push and Ryan’s June 6 public support for an amnesty.

The GOP’s score dropped 1.4 points, from 39.8 percent, during the week in comparison to prior polls by the same companies.

The drop comprised 2 points in Fox polls, 1 point on the Economist/YouGov polls, 5 points in the Reuters/IPSOS polls, 1 point in IBD/TPP polls and 1 point in Rasmussen polls.

Democrats gained 3 points during the same week, so widening their advantage from 3.2 points to 7.6 points.

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Vietnam jails three over protest using the VNCH flag


Could Japan Have Won World War II by NOT Attacking Pearl Harbor?

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In other words, it would have evicted U.S. forces from the Philippine Islands, seized Pacific islands and built airfields there, and employed air and submarine attacks to cut the U.S. Pacific Fleet down to size on its westward voyage to the Philippines’ relief. Interceptive operations would have culminated in a fleet battle somewhere in the Western Pacific. Japan would have stood a better chance of success had it done so. Its navy still would have struck American territory to open the war, but it would have done so in far less provocative fashion. In all likelihood, the American reaction would have proved more muted—and more manageable for Japan.

Suppose Robert E. Lee had laid hands on a shipment of AK-47s in 1864. How would American history have unfolded? Differently than it did, one imagines.

A Surprising Encounter at Rapido

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Brutal fighting near Italy’s Rapido River led to tremendous American casualties—and an unexpected gesture by the enemy
Lieutenant Harold L. Bond had never seen a real German soldier before, only actors playing them in Hollywood movies and U.S. Army training films. But the ones he saw on the other side of the Rapido River near Monte Cassino, Italy, on January 24, 1944, were alive and real—and they were heading toward him.

Bond, 23, was a newly commissioned lieutenant fresh out of Officer Candidate School; a 90-day wonder, as the GIs called them. He had joined the 36th Infantry Division—known as the T-Patchers, a Texas National Guard outfit—the night before they attacked the Germans in their concrete-and-steel defenses on the far side of the Rapido in the shadow of Monte Cassino. His superiors told him that he was too new to be assigned to command a unit—he would only get in the way—and so Bond watched and waited.

For the next three days, he saw his fellow soldiers try to cross the river three times, only to be beaten back again and again. Most of the troops never made it across, and among those that did, few returned. The ones who survived never forgot it. In 1999, more than a half century later, Private Bill Hartung of the 36th said that he “felt like I had turned into an old man overnight. I know I was never the same person again…The nightmares make it seem like it all happened yesterday.”

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Katie Hopkins: HUGE #FreeTommy rally in London

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Canon has announced they will discontinue the 35mm EOS-1v, the last of their film cameras.

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I had 3 cameras in Vietnam the last being a FT which was stolen out of my room in Can Tho in 1992.

The photo is of their first, the Hansa Canon of 1936. Notice the popup viewfinder. The lens is a 50mm Nikkor, from the now-famous Nikon, which went on to become Canon's main rival. Nikon's model I, a Zeiss Ikon Contax copy, appeared in 1948 but the fully professional model S wasn't marketed until 1951.

Canon 35mm cameras—by then the Canon II series—were discovered by photojournalists covering the Korean War. They were fully the equal of the Leica it copied—in fact the shutter was more reliable—with lenses that often outperformed the Leitz equivalents, all at a much lower price.

Can the GOP Establishment Stop Being Idiots Just Once?

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Can the GOP Establishment Stop Being Idiots Just Once?

The Congressional GOP, in its finite wisdom, has taken a look at the Democrats blowing their Blue Wave and decided that the smart play to exploit their unexpected (and undeserved) improving prospects by embracing the exact opposite of what the militant Normals sent them to Washington to do because…because they are establishment Republicans and stupid is what they do.

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The Last Cowboy at Pine Creek Ranch

Wayne Hage may be the last cowboy in his family, ending a tradition of cattle ranching that started during the Civil War. The Hages have been fighting with the federal government over grazing rights on Nevada public lands.

Nunes: DOJ continues to obfuscate and delay its production of documents on alleged FBI informant

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Image result for Nunes sets deadline for DOJ to provide documents on alleged FBI informant, claiming 'obstruction'

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., has given the Justice Department until Tuesday to provide access to documents concerning the FBI's alleged informant looking into any Russian ties to President Trump's 2016 campaign.

In a letter sent Friday to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Nunes said the records should be provided to all committee members "and designated staff" rather than just the so-called "Gang of Eight" -- which refers to Republican and Democratic leaders in both houses of Congress as well as top lawmakers from the intelligence panels.

"DOJ continues to obfuscate and delay its production using an array of tactics, such as incorrectly categorizing the requested documents as Gang-of-Eight-level material in order to limit access," wrote Nunes, referring to an April 30 subpoena for the documents. "Such conduct by DOJ is unacceptable because the Gang-of-Eight is a legal fiction that has no basis outside of the confines of Presidential approval and reporting of covert actions."

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The Guns of D-Day – June 6th, 1944


June 6 marks the 74th anniversary of the Normandy invasion in 1944. At that time, it was the largest invasion in human history. It was a pivotal moment in time. Thousands of young Americans landed on Omaha, and Utah beaches.  British landed on Gold and Sword beaches, and Canadians landed on Juno. Thousands more parachuted or were delivered by glider behind the beachheads to take objectives inland. The fate of the world was on their shoulders. This article is intended to detail some of the weapons used by those men as well as the men they faced.


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De Niro's Tirade Shows How 'Feckless' Anti-Trump Resistance Has Become

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Image result for De Niro's Tirade Shows How 'Feckless' Anti-Trump Resistance Has Become

Lisa Boothe said Robert De Niro's profanity-laced tirade about President Donald Trump during Sunday’s Tony Awards just shows how "feckless" the anti-Trump resistance has become.

“I'm gonna say one thing: f--- Trump!" the iconic actor stated, drawing a standing ovation from the crowd.

"It's no longer down with Trump, it's f--- Trump!"

On Fox & Friends on Monday, Boothe pointed out that Trump's critics often turn to vulgarities and insults, as opposed to substance and solutions.

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Anthony Bourdain’s Haunting Tweet Weeks Before His Suicide About How Hillary Clinton’s Goons Harassed Him

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What in the world was Anthony Bourdain referring to when he said — just weeks ago — he had been harassed by Hillary Clinton’s goons “And it ain’t fun?”

Bourdain reportedly took his own life on Friday. He was 61.

Haunting. Bourdain was found Friday after reportedly hanging himself.

It’s no secret that people who cross the Clinton’s wind up dead … mostly from suicide. Just this week, famous designer and Clinton Foundation member, Kate Spade reportedly killed herself. Spade hung herself as well, NYPD officials said. Are Spade’s and Bourdain’s deaths both coincidences?

Seems beyond suspicious. The last thing we need are more conspiracy stories but any good detective would question what has transpired this week.

Something here is amiss.

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Vietnam tries to contain anti-China protests as plan for new economic zones sparks anger

Via  Lê Bá Dzũng "Hi Uncle Brock...
VN Communist police brutally beat peaceful protesters who protested against three special economic zones they offered to Red China. Vietnamese fear Red China will use these economic zones to dominate Vietnam as they used to do for a thousand years. Vietnamese no longer trust the Chinese  but the Vietnamese government (communist) being controlled by Red China dare not say no. Red China creates so much sorrow for the Vietnamese, polluted environment, disrupted social norms, manipulated financial market,..... Vietnamese want Red China out of Vietnam! 

PS:These beatings happened in front of US Embassy!"

 Image result for bloody Vietnam tries to contain anti-China protests as plan for new economic zones sparks anger

Image may contain: 3 people, people sittingImage may contain: one or more people, night and outdoor 
Many bloody videos on Facebook.  They are carrying Americans flags as a protest and want Trump to come there since he's so close in Singapore. How the pendulum changes.