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Residents decry plan to move immigrant children to defunct college in Virginia

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LAWRENCEVILLE, VA. | More than 1,000 people crowded into a high school auditorium Thursday in this hardscrabble rural Virginia town to confront Obama administration officials with fierce opposition to plans to turn a defunct college here into housing for some of the illegal-immigrant children flooding across the border.

The residents raised concerns about security, disease, impact on overburdened emergency services and tax dollars going to unaccompanied alien children (UACs) instead of local families living in poverty.

“Please take your UACs and relocate them to D.C., where you can keep a very close eye on their welfare and keep them out of our backyard,” said John Zubrod, one in a long line of residents lined up at Brunswick High School to address Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) officials. 

CBM: Hot Chocolate - It Started With A Kiss

IRS chief scorched as 'liar'

Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., wasted no time in accusing the head of the IRS of lying to Congress, unloading a blistering barrage of accusations.

“At a minimum, you did not tell the whole truth,” during previous testimony, Issa told IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, scornfully adding, “We are wondering what your word is worth.”

In his opening statement, Issa flatly told Koskinen he had given false testimony by promising to provide all emails of former IRS tax-exempt division chief Lois Lerner, while knowing two years of those emails were actually missing.

“You promised to produce documents,” he said. “You did not.”

 Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, made an even more pointed remark, subtly suggesting during a heated exchange that Koskinen himself might come under investigation at some point.

Noting that the IRS learned about the loss of nearly two year’s worth of Lerner’s emails back in February, but had not informed Congress until ten days ago, Jordan wondered out loud, “At one point does it become obstruct of justice?”

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Ron Paul: Career politicians’ “days have passed.”

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& just think, Ron Paul could have been president.

Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), a 2012 presidential candidate and one of state Sen. Chris McDaniel’s big name endorsers over Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS), told Breitbart News in a phone interview that he thinks the Washington, D.C., political establishment is “panicking” now that McDaniel may win his runoff on Tuesday.

“They’re panicking, I guess,” Paul said when asked about how the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), at the direction of Mitch McConnell, raised more than $800,000 for Cochran in one night, while former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has pumped a quarter million into Mississippi on Cochran’s behalf.

“But I think it’s a sign of what’s happening and how desperate they are,” Paul said. “I don’t think the money does him any good, but I think what happens is when all these people come in like Bloomberg it makes the case for our side because Bloomberg has a tremendous political image.”

Paul added that it “seems like they [Cochran’s campaign] don’t even have good political judgment” by allowing the Bloomberg donation to happen. He points to when he ran for his first term in his second stint in the House after a 12-year break during which he practiced medicine again, and he noted that all the GOP establishment came in for his opponent.

“The more they came, the more I emphasized it,” he said. “Why do you need somebody from Washington, D.C., or out of state to tell you how to vote?

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Incredible Up-Close Encounter With Alaskan Brown Bear

Another gator record broken in Mississippi - this time at 741-pounds it's the states heaviest and longest

    Record-breaking: From left, Jimmy Greer, of Canton, Dalco Turner, of Gluckstadt, and Jennifer Ratcliff and John Ratcliff, of Canton, pose by their record setting catch, a 741.5-pound male alligator, caught Sunday morning
State record shattered for third time in a week after catching 741lb alligator

    Limited season opens as successful conservation program brings fearsome      reptiles back from brink of extinction

Information Operations, PSYOPs, and the Weaponization of Information in Iraq

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Ross Caputi is a former US marine, having served from 2003 to 2006. He took part in the second siege of Fallujah in November 2004. He became openly critical of the military and was discharged in 2006. Ross holds an MA in linguistics and is the founding director of the Justice for Fallujah Project. He is also the director of the documentary film Fear Not the Path of Truth: a veteran's journey after Fallujah


Iraqis are once again being made irrelevant in a war of spin as the Western media manipulates fact and narrative to support US action in Iraq. Debates have been raging over what the US should do about ISIS. Note the actors in this story: The US, ISIS, Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki, and other regional leaders. 

Note who is missing from this story: the Iraqi civilian population. Has the question ‘What do Iraqis want?’ come up even once? Along with an overly simple narrative of the ascendence and role of the anti-Maliki fighters in Iraq, the assumption that the US has a right to decide what the best course of action for Iraq will be has gone unchallenged in the media. 

Overheard recently at a gun show

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"The best part? These idiots think we're gonna sit in our houses trembling, waiting for them. Or that we are going to line up on the village green for them to kill us all. They have no idea whatsoever that the smart boys and girls know exactly who created these little banana republic militaries in every village, town, and city. It's going to be epic."

An American

Iraq invaders threaten nuke attack on Israel

The WND source said ISIS appears “eager” to fight Israeli armed forces “in the near future despite expectation that the regime will use nuclear weapons.”

“Do you think that we do not have access to nuclear devices?” Lamb quoted the ISIS member as saying. “The Zionists know that we do, and if we ever believe they are about to use theirs, we will not hesitate. After the Zionists are gone, Palestine will have to be decontaminated and rebuilt just like areas where there has been radiation released.”

ISIS access to nuclear weapons could come from Sunni Pakistan, which is home to more than 30 terrorist groups. Pakistan possibly has transferred nuclear weapons to the chief bankroller of its nuclear development program, Sunni Saudi Arabia, as WND previously has reported.

The Saudis, who also have provided billions of dollars to ISIS, have threatened to acquire nuclear weapons if Iran were to develop its own.

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Clinton bristled at Benghazi deception

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 Clinton bristled at Benghazi¬†deception

In his new book, “Blood Feud,” journalist Edward Klein gets inside the dysfunctional, jealous relationship between Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack and Michelle Obama. Here, he explains what happened the night of the Benghazi attack.

By 10 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2012, when Hillary Clinton received a call from President Obama, she was one of the most thoroughly briefed officials in Washington on the unfolding disaster in Benghazi, Libya.
She knew that Ambassador Christopher Stevens and a communications operator were dead, and that the attackers had launched a well-coordinated mortar assault on the CIA annex, which would cost the lives of two more Americans.

She had no doubt that a terrorist attack had been launched against America on the anniversary of 9/11.

'We did not know': 9 times the Obama administration was blindsided

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The unfolding sectarian violence in Iraq is just the latest crisis where the Obama administration seemingly has been caught off guard. From the Veterans Affairs scandal to Russia's swift annexation of Crimea, news of the world somehow keeps taking the commander-in-chief and his team by surprise.
The following is a refresher of major domestic and foreign policy developments that, apparently, were news to the White House.

1. Islamist militants gaining in Iraq

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That Awkward Moment When H&K Fanboys Find Out That The Germans Call The G36 The Rifle That “Doesn’t Shoot Straight”


Heckler & Koch fanboys—and I’m specifically referring to those who insist that the company can do no wrong—aren’t going to like this.

The German government is claiming that the G36 assault rifle—the parent of the XM8 once looked at as a replacement for the M4/M16 family of weapons fielded here in the United States—can’t hack it in real-world conditions:

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Urgent III to III request

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Tactical firearms has put out an urgent request for help. They are the gun shop you see with the sign wanting to trade Obama for the Marine in Mexico. Their bank has called in their loan early because of their nefarious business selling firearms.

White House finally admits its role in causing the child-immigrant tsunami

 White House finally admits its role in causing the child-immigrant tsunami

Miracles never cease.

Breitbart News commemorates a milestone in the deliberately-created humanitarian crisis on our border, as the White House finally admits that President Obama’s unilateral dismantling of immigration laws might just have been a factor in bringing a tsunami of underage illegal immigrants crashing down on our heads:

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Hillary Clinton: $100 million doesn’t make us “truly well off.”

 hillary clinton laughing

It is becoming difficult to believe that Hillary Clinton is actually going to run for president in 2016.

Her disastrous tenure as Secretary of State is coming home to roost in Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Russia, Poland, and any other country that dealt with the United States from 2009 through 2012. Her book isn’t selling all that well and her book tour has produced some insights into the bizarre thought processes of the woman who is trying to be the first to have slept her way into the Oval Office.

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David Frum Owes Conservatives an Apology

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[PHOTO] Iraqis who have volunteered to join the army and fight ISIS militants parade in Baghdad. (Reuters/The Atlantic)

Wow! Former neocon hawk David Frum urges against further US involvement in Iraq in this Atlantic op-ed. I was shocked when I saw the title: “Iraq Isn’t Ours to Save: A Hawk’s Case for Caution.”

While the article is not a complete repudiation of his past neo-conservatism, it’s not nothing either.
First what it is not. Frum is careful to clarify that he still supports an active interventionist foreign policy. He begins by stating:

Al-Qaida factions reuniting under ISIS


Rival al-Qaida jihadist militant groups are begrudgingly praising the exploits of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, or ISIS, as it steamrolls through Iraq from northeast Syria in order to create a caliphate subject to strict Shariah law.

ISIS’ success in Iraq is due largely to other Sunni and ex-Baathist groups joining its numbers, although there are increasing reports that factions within ISIS in Iraq already have had violent exchanges between them.

One such case has been a gun battle in recent days between ISIS and the ex-Baathists of the Naqshbani Army, which initially joined ISIS to aid its sweep through Iraq and may have given the jihadist group access to a sarin production facility, as WND recently reported.

Nevertheless, ISIS’ success to date has prompted an increasing number of fighters from al-Qaida groups to switch to ISIS, which was excommunicated from al-Qaida central by its leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, creating the prospect that ISIS and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, could become the new face of al-Qaida.

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Iraq's Remaining Christians Take Refuge, Prepare to Fight

 Image: Iraq's Remaining Christians Take Refuge, Prepare to Fight

Many members of the minority Christian population in Iraq have long fled to the friendlier areas of Sweden, Germany, Great Britain and the United States.

But those who remain are now taking refuge in monasteries and preparing to fight if they have to, The Telegraph reports.

"I stand here waiting for my destiny," Capt. Firaz Jacob told The Telegraph's Richard Spencer.

Standing at the last checkpoint into Mosul, Jacob and a band of 600 volunteers and backed by a small number of Kurds. Their chances against an onslaught of heavily financed Sunni Islamist militants bent on imposing strict Sharia law are slim.

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Inventor Of Kevlar Dies At 90

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On June 18, Stephanie Klowlek--the inventer of Kevlar--died.

Klowlek invented Kevlar in 1965 and it has been used in bullet-proof vests, helmets, tires, "airplanes and armored military vehicles," and more.

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