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The Left’s Deranged Hatred of Allen West

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"On the list of things that make progressives gnash their teeth and foam at their mouths, little tops an African-American of the conservative persuasion. Even more horrifying to the Left is one who makes clear: “you’re not going to intimidate me,” as Congressman Allen West (R-FL) said at a Tuesday night town hall meeting where leftists, including former Air America host Nicole Sandler (who was later arrested), tried to disrupt the event. From his successful 2010 congressional campaign through today, Congressman Allen West remains unfazed by such tactics. As a result, the attacks against him by the American Left continue."

Virginia Fires King & Spalding

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"We wrote here about King & Spalding's firing the House of Representatives as a client in connection with the Defense of Marriage Act, reportedly after complaints by other clients of the firm. This sad episode illustrates how deeply engrained liberal assumptions and attitudes are inside the establishment. A number of commentators have argued that King & Spalding's withdrawal violated legal ethics rules. I have not studied the matter thoroughly enough to have a professional opinion on that question, but the claim certainly is plausible.

Now King & Spalding is starting to experience blowback: the Attorney General of Virginia has fired the firm from work it has been doing for the state since 2009. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli sent King & Spalding a blistering letter which apparently was copied to the Washington Examiner:"

War and Profits in the North
“A question settled by violence or in disregard of law must remain unsettled forever.”
-Jefferson Davis (1808 - 1889)

Published as a textbook well before America’s cultural revolution of the 1960’s, John Hicks “The Federal Union” can be trusted as a fairly accurate source of United States history and without today’s Marxist revisionism. Below, he touches on the North’s generous government supply contracts, child labor and general wartime prosperity while its bounty-enriched blue-clad soldiers (including many foreigners) devastated Americans in the South to preserve a territorial Union.

Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute

War and Profits in the North:

“When the Civil War broke out the North had not fully recovered from the depression that had followed the panic of 1857, and for a time business interests were more frightened than stimulated by the clash of arms. By the summer of 1862, however, a surge of prosperity had put in its appearance that was to outlast the war.

With millions of men under arms the (Northern) government was a dependable and generous purchaser of every kind of foodstuff, and its equally great need of woolen goods and leather strengthened the market also for raw wool and hides. Probably the sales of the farmers made directly or indirectly to the government more than offset the losses sustained by wartime interference with sales to the South.

[And] with the South out of the Union, a homestead law, so long the goal of believers in free land, was speedily enacted (1862). Thereafter any person who was head of a family, or had arrived at the age of twenty-one years, whether a citizen of the united States or an alien who had declared his intention of becoming a citizen, might take up a quarter section of public land, and, after having lived upon it for five years and improved it, might receive full title to it virtually free of charge.

What came in later years to be called “heavy industries” profited enormously from the war. Purchases of munitions abroad practically ceased after the first year because of the rapidity with which American factories supplied the government’s needs…the government itself went deeply into the business of manufacturing war materials as public opinion would permit.

High tariffs ensured the northern manufacturers against the dangers of foreign competition. A protectionist policy had been demanded by the Republican national platform of 1860, and a higher schedule of tariffs…was placed upon the statute books two days before [James] Buchanan left office. This speedy answer to the prayers of the protectionists was made possible by the withdrawal from Congress of the delegations from the seven seceding States of the lower South, and by the fact that President Buchanan was no longer unmindful of the wishes of the manufacturers of his home State (of Pennsylvania].

The original Morrill Tariff Act was repeatedly revised upward during the war, until by 1864 the average of duties levied on imports had reached forty-seven per cent, the highest thus far in the history of the nation. The significance of this development can scarcely be overemphasized. A policy which the South had persistently blocked in the years preceding the war became an actuality during it, and as subsequent events were to prove, remained as a permanent fixture in American political and economic life.

The profits of war bred a spirit of extravagance and frivolity among the non-combatants of the north that contrasted oddly with the long casualty lists displayed as a regular part of the daily news. Social life reached a dizzying whirl, with more parties and dances, theaters and circuses, minstrel shows and musicales than ever had been known before. According to a statement published by the Springfield Republican in 1864, many of the factories whose profits during the war had been “augmented beyond the wildest dreams of their owners” paid their laborers only from twelve to twenty per cent more than before the war. “There is absolute want in many families, while thousands of young children who should be in school are shut up at work that they may earn something to eke out the scant supplies at home.”

(The Federal Union, A History of the United States to 1865, John D. Hicks, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1948, pp. 660-665)

War and Profits in the North

Big Damn Heroes

If life is a battle, then my inner scars are medals for valor, for swiftness, for courage, for passion. Evil is the dark-haired brother of Good; they walk hand in hand–always.
Calanthe - Wraeththu

"What is Chivalry? A knight was expected to have not only the strength and skills to face combat in the violent Middle Ages but was also expected to temper this aggressive side of a fighter with a chivalrous side to his nature. There was not an authentic Knights Code of Chivalry as a prescribed document - it was a moral system which went beyond rules of combat and introduced the concept of Chivalrous conduct - qualities such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women. Documented in 'The Song of Roland' in the Middle Ages Knights period of William the Conqueror who ruled England from 1066, it consisted of these tenents -"

Great American Soldiers on Poor Rations

Camp Chase

The text below is taken from Judge D.F. Pugh’s address at the dedication of the Camp Chase Cemetery in 1902. He was at the time Past Department Commander of the GAR of Ohio, and spoke of the valor and dedication of the brave, half-fed and barefooted former adversaries from the American South.

Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute
Great American Soldiers on Poor Rations:

“That the Confederate soldiers were gallant, that they were hard fighters, can be proved by every Union soldier who struggled against them in the fiery front of battle.

After the battle of Missionary Ridge I was attracted by the extreme youthful appearance of a dead Tennessee Confederate soldier who belonged to a regiment of Cheatham’s Division, against which we had fought the day before. He was not over fifteen years of age and very slender. He was clothed in a cotton suit and was barefooted – barefooted!—on that cold and wet 24th day of November, 1863.

I examined his haversack. For a day’s rations there were a handful of black beans, a few slices of sorghum, and a half dozen roasted acorns. That was an infinitely poor outfit for marching and fighting, but that Tennessee soldier had made it answer his purpose. The Confederates who, half fed, looked bravely into our faces for many long, agonizing weeks over the ramparts of Vicksburg; the remnants of Lee’s magnificent army, which, fed on raw corn and persimmons, fluttered their heroic rags and interposed their bodies for a year between Grant’s army and Richmond, only a few miles away – all these men were great soldiers. I pity the American who cannot be proud of their valor and endurance.

We can never challenge the fame of those men whose skill and valor made them the idols of the Confederate army. The fame of Lee, Jackson, the Johnston’s, Gordon, Longstreet, the Hills, Hood and Stuart, and many thousands of noncommissioned and private soldiers of the Confederate armies, whose names are not mentioned on historic pages, can never be tarnished by the carping criticisms of the narrow and shallow-minded.”

(Judge Pugh’s Address, Confederate Veteran, July 1902, page 295)

Great American Soldiers on Poor Rations

GOA Alert

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UK Gun Owner Fired Over Gun in Car

The university then proceeded to try to deny Mitchell unemployment compensation by claiming, unsuccessfully, that he was fired for misconduct. A hearing officer found against the University of Kentucky and in favor of Mitchell.

All this, despite the fact that Mitchell had a Kentucky concealed carry permit, believed he had fully complied with Kentucky law governing concealed carry, and therefore cooperated fully with police and university authorities.

And finally, Kentucky Revised Statutes sec. 27.020 seems to prevent a state institution like the University of Kentucky from interfering with the Second Amendment rights of a concealed carry permit holder. That section holds, in part, that “[n]o person or organization, public or private, shall prohibit” a concealed carry permit holder from transporting a firearm in his vehicle in accordance with law.

So....... What’s up with the University of Kentucky?

Confederate Battle Flag better represents state of the union

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I have loved the flag of the United States. I have fought under it in combat in World War II and in Vietnam. Later as a research historian, I re-studied United States history. That research has convinced me that “Old Glory” no longer represents how our citizens live and how our government functions.

The South said the same thing in 1861 and decided to create a new flag that symbolized the constitutional democratic republic the Founding Fathers gave them.

The South understood what we are now beginning to learn, that the stars in the “old star-spangled banner” no longer spangle and the stripes no longer represent the original 13 states that ratified the Constitution and swore to defend it.

This new flag the South created is the Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America. That flag depicts stars that “spangle” and shine brightly because they represent sovereign states. These states are not pawns in a despotic, centralized over-reaching federal government.

The Confederate Battle Flag with its 13 sovereign states embedded on a blue and white St. Andrew’s Cross represents much better symbolically the “state of the union” as it was in 1861 and as it should be today.

The Battle Flag is more than a political secular emblem of state. It is a religious emblem as well because it bears the cross of St. Andrew.

When the pagan Roman government ordered the crucifixion of St. Andrew, he asked that he not be crucified as was Jesus. He said he was unworthy to die as his Lord died. The cross on which St. Andrew died was tilted sideways resembling an “X” which is the central figure of the Confederate Battle Flag.

That flag is not a symbol of rebellion, hate and racism as those ignorant obsessive ideologues call it. It is instead a symbol of the South’s love for the Constitution and her courage, bravery and heritage. The Battle Flag reminds me that it is a corrective symbol to help change all that which has one wrong with our once beautiful “city of light on a hill.”

The Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization will hold a Memorial Service at the Confederate Pollock Cemetery located at the end of River Road in Mexico Farms near the C&O Canal just south of Cumberland. The public is welcome in observance of Confederate History Month. Sat., April 30, 2 p.m.

Chaplain Alister Anderson, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Historian of the Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization.

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The Fall Of Saigon April 30, 1975

The Fall of Saigon Slideshow - Powerful

Vietnam Babylift, My Story


The End Of A Republic (My Citroen)

141 Pictures Of The Vietnam War

VC Dead & VNCH Graves

How Well I Remember: 700 Million For SV in 1975

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Bernanke Is Lying; Bet Against the Fed and the Dollar: Peter Schiff

Olive Drab Gladding Paracord - 1000 Feet $35.95

Thank you, TSA

Via California Tree of Liberty
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Repost: How To Defend A City From Invasion Using Civilian Snipers

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"........all that really matters is that everybody knows that the invaders have committed themselves to a raid. Then, each civilian sniper individually rolls a six sided dice. (die) If they are disciplined, and they must be to trust their fate to chance, they will attack as follows:

Die Roll
Attack the target from the NW
Attack the target from the NE
Attack the target from the SW
Attack the target from the SE
Attack the nearest freeway offramp from the lef

Attack the nearest freeway offramp from the right

The purpose of using dice is to get the civilian snipers to completely surround the target, regardless of local conditions. You can't just tell them to spread out. There must be some mechanism in place that automatically results in the snipers distributing themselves evenly around the target. Unless they roll dice, civilian snipers will invariably do one of two things"

Jack Hinson's One-Man War, A Confederate Sniper

President Davis on the measures necessary for the defense of the country

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In nearly every yankee oriented newspaper we read on April 29, 1861:

“In Montgomery, Ala., during an address to a special session of the Confederate Congress, President Jefferson Davis asked for the authority to wage war.”

This same statement (do a Google search) is repeated ad nauseam.

What President Davis actually said:

"The declaration of war made against this Confederacy by Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States, in his proclamation issued on the 15th day of the present month, rendered it necessary, in my judgment, that you should convene at the earliest practicable moment to devise the measures necessary for the defense of the country."

In addition Davis says "in the inaugural address delivered by President Lincoln in March last, he asserts as an axiom, which he plainly deems to be undeniable, of constitutional authority, that the theory of the Constitution requires that in all cases the majority shall govern; and in another memorable instance the same Chief Magistrate did not hesitate to liken the relations between a State and the United States to those which exist between a county and the State in which it is situated and by which it was created. This is the lamentable and fundamental error on which rests the policy that has culminated in his declaration of war against these Confederate States. In addition to the long-continued and deep-seated resentment felt by the Southern States at the persistent abuse of the powers they had delegated to the Congress, for the purpose of enriching the manufacturing and shipping classes of the North at the expense of the South"

After this Davis also "adds" slavery - the issue, the spark that fired an already loaded gun."

Tell me again who is revising history?

Your servant,
Jamey B Creel

Code Duello: The Rules of Dueling

Thanks to KurtP for the idea.

The Code Duello, covering the practice of dueling and points of honor, was drawn up and settled at Clonmel Summer Assizes, 1777, by gentlemen-delegates of Tipperary, Galway, Sligo, Mayo and Roscommon, and prescribed for general adoption throughout Ireland. The Code was generally also followed in England and on the Continent with some slight variations. In America, the principal rules were followed, although occasionally there were some glaring deviations.

Rule 1. The first offense requires the first apology, though the retort may have been more offensive than the insult. Example: A tells B he is impertinent, etc. B retorts that he lies; yet A must make the first apology because he gave the first offense, and then (after one fire) B may explain away the retort by a subsequent apology.

Rule 2. But if the parties would rather fight on, then after two shots each (but in no case before), B may explain first, and A apologize afterward.

N.B. The above rules apply to all cases of offenses in retort not of stronger class than the example.

Rule 3. If a doubt exist who gave the first offense, the decision rests with the seconds; if they won't decide, or can't agree, the matter must proceed to two shots, or to a hit, if the challenger require it.

Rule 4. When the lie direct is the first offense, the aggressor must either beg pardon in express terms; exchange two shots previous to apology; or three shots followed up by explanation; or fire on till a severe hit be received by one party or the other.

Rule 5. As a blow is strictly prohibited under any circumstances among gentlemen, no verbal apology can be received for such an insult. The alternatives, therefore -- the offender handing a cane to the injured party, to be used on his own back, at the same time begging pardon; firing on until one or both are disabled; or exchanging three shots, and then asking pardon without proffer of the cane.

If swords are used, the parties engage until one is well blooded, disabled, or disarmed; or until, after receiving a wound, and blood being drawn, the aggressor begs pardon.

N.B. A disarm is considered the same as a disable. The disarmer may (strictly) break his adversary's sword; but if it be the challenger who is disarmed, it is considered as ungenerous to do so.

In the case the challenged be disarmed and refuses to ask pardon or atone, he must not be killed, as formerly; but the challenger may lay his own sword on the aggressor's shoulder, then break the aggressor's sword and say, "I spare your life!" The challenged can never revive the quarrel -- the challenger may.

Rule 6. If A gives B the lie, and B retorts by a blow (being the two greatest offenses), no reconciliation can take place till after two discharges each, or a severe hit; after which B may beg A's pardon humbly for the blow and then A may explain simply for the lie; because a blow is never allowable, and the offense of the lie, therefore, merges in it. (See preceding rules.)

N.B. Challenges for undivulged causes may be reconciled on the ground, after one shot. An explanation or the slightest hit should be sufficient in such cases, because no personal offense transpired.

Rule 7. But no apology can be received, in any case, after the parties have actually taken ground, without exchange of fires.

Rule 8. In the above case, no challenger is obliged to divulge his cause of challenge (if private) unless required by the challenged so to do before their meeting.

Rule 9. All imputations of cheating at play, races, etc., to be considered equivalent to a blow; but may be reconciled after one shot, on admitting their falsehood and begging pardon publicly.

Rule 10. Any insult to a lady under a gentleman's care or protection to be considered as, by one degree, a greater offense than if given to the gentleman personally, and to be regulated accordingly.

Rule 11. Offenses originating or accruing from the support of ladies' reputations, to be considered as less unjustifiable than any others of the same class, and as admitting of slighter apologies by the aggressor: this to be determined by the circumstances of the case, but always favorable to the lady.

Rule 12. In simple, unpremeditated recontres with the smallsword, or couteau de chasse, the rule is -- first draw, first sheath, unless blood is drawn; then both sheath, and proceed to investigation.

Rule 13. No dumb shooting or firing in the air is admissible in any case. The challenger ought not to have challenged without receiving offense; and the challenged ought, if he gave offense, to have made an apology before he came on the ground; therefore, children's play must be dishonorable on one side or the other, and is accordingly prohibited.

Rule 14. Seconds to be of equal rank in society with the principals they attend, inasmuch as a second may either choose or chance to become a principal, and equality is indispensible.

Rule 15. Challenges are never to be delivered at night, unless the party to be challenged intend leaving the place of offense before morning; for it is desirable to avoid all hot-headed proceedings.

Rule 16. The challenged has the right to choose his own weapon, unless the challenger gives his honor he is no swordsman; after which, however, he can decline any second species of weapon proposed by the challenged.

Rule 17. The challenged chooses his ground; the challenger chooses his distance; the seconds fix the time and terms of firing.

Rule 18. The seconds load in presence of each other, unless they give their mutual honors they have charged smooth and single, which should be held sufficient.

Rule 19. Firing may be regulated -- first by signal; secondly, by word of command; or thirdly, at pleasure -- as may be agreeable to the parties. In the latter case, the parties may fire at their reasonable leisure, but second presents and rests are strictly prohibited.

Rule 20. In all cases a miss-fire is equivalent to a shot, and a snap or non-cock is to be considered as a miss-fire.

Rule 21. Seconds are bound to attempt a reconciliation before the meeting takes place, or after sufficient firing or hits, as specified.

Rule 22. Any wound sufficient to agitate the nerves and necessarily make the hand shake, must end the business for that day.

Rule 23. If the cause of the meeting be of such a nature that no apology or explanation can or will be received, the challenged takes his ground, and calls on the challenger to proceed as he chooses; in such cases, firing at pleasure is the usual practice, but may be varied by agreement.

Rule 24. In slight cases, the second hands his principal but one pistol; but in gross cases, two, holding another case ready charged in reserve.

Rule 25. Where seconds disagree, and resolve to exchange shots themselves, it must be at the same time and at right angles with their principals, thus:

If with swords, side by side, with five paces interval.

N.B. All matters and doubts not herein mentioned will be explained and cleared up by application to the committee

Reprinted from "American Duels and Hostile Encounters," Chilton Books, 1963.


Code Duello: The Rules Of Dueling

How Do We Trust Public Schools To Teach History?

Given the "anecdotal evidence" in this video, how does one put any confidence in public schools to teach the subject of American history and the WBTS with any objectivity? I realize not every classroom is like the ones presented in this video, but I believe the number is growing, given our political climate and academia in general. Let's just see how many objective critics, concerned educators, and history bloggers who are worried about "distorting" history and politicizing education we truly have.

The Obama Lie That (Rightly) Drove the Birther Movement

"Newly released documents from Barack Obama Sr.'s immigration file, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, justify "birther" doubts about the nativity story on which Barack Obama based his presidential campaign.

The documents were posted Thursday in an article by Heather Smathers on the Arizona Independent web site. When I checked with Brian Wedemeyer, the Independent's managing editor, he confirmed, "They are legitimate documents."

A memo dated Aug. 31, 1961, from William Wood of the Immigration and Naturalization Services, does verify that Barack Obama, Sr. fathered a son, Barack Obama II, who was born in Honolulu on Aug, 4, 1961. For the record, most birthers of my acquaintance believe that Obama was born in the United States. That is not their issue.

Wood adds, however, that the child is "living with mother (she lives with her parents & subject resides at 1482 Alencastre St.)." He adds that Obama's citizen spouse plans "to go to Washington State University next semester."

This document thoroughly undermines the Obama nativity story, a story that has been told almost as often as Jesus's but with nowhere near the accuracy. Obama led with it in his 2004 convention speech and repeated it in the first sentence of his 2008 speech."

Music: Celtic Confederate

"There are many colored men in the Confederate Army as real soldiers, having muskets on their shoulders, bullets in their pockets, ready to shoot down loyal troops and doing all that soldiers may do to destroy the Federal government."
--Frederick Douglass, 1861
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"Kinda cool, if you ask me.

Music for unrepentant (edit: unReconstructed...I like that better...) Confederates, (in location and in spirit) I think. Guess I live about 3500 miles too far north...I couldn't take the southern heat, anyway...

Check out the music of Celtic Confederate."

"Raise Your Battleflag,
show your Southern pride.
Every flag they burn,
thousands more will rise.
And in Heaven the soldiers will give a salute."

A Duel

"Below is a newspaper account of a duel that took place between a Kentuckian and an Englishman in 1812 when the two countries were at the brink of war. Readers of the Niles Weekly Register, from which this clipping was taken, will detect a rising patriotic fervor."

A Duel

A Duel

Tickerguy: 1, ObaBots: 0

1947 Talbot-Lago T26 Figoni et Falaschi 4-Seat Cabriolet

20 Pictures


"Oh do come on folks.

There's an old saying: When the facts support your position, use them. When they don't, or when you get caught lying, throw crap at the wall and hope something sticks!

The latest is the National Review which had this to say about my analysis on the birth certificate:

The PDF is composed of multiple images. That’s correct. Using a photo editor or PDF viewer of your choice, you can extract this image data, view it, hide it, etc. But these layers, as they’re being called, aren’t layers in the traditional photo-editing sense of the word. They are, quite literally, pieces of image data that have been positioned in a PDF container. They appear as text but also contain glyphs, dots, lines, boxes, squiggles, and random garbage. They’re not combined or merged in any way. Quite simply, they look like they were created programmatically, not by a human.

This is what happens when you don't bother actually watching the video I posted, or looking into the provenance of what you're arguing over - you just throw crap at the wall. Nathan goes on to post a PDF that he scanned which shows his "layers."

Unfortunately, in doing so, he proved that I'm correct.

See, the issue isn't layers. Yes, the layers are suspicious, but they're not the smoking gun. The smoking gun is that there are no chromatic artifacts in the Obama document, but the document is allegedly a color scan of an actual piece of paper, and we know it had to be a color scan because the background is allegedly color safety paper.

National Review's document, unsurprisingly, is a scan of a color document. How do we know? Because if you simply pull it up in your web browser (which will open the embedded Acrobat Reader) and zoom it up, you will see this:

Note the chromatic aberration. This document is in fact a color scan.

And here is a blown-up piece of the so-called "scan" of Obama's document:

Sam Davis Youth Camp 2011 Starts June 19th

Barbarian Conquest of Americans

war-time cartoons, war-time cartoon, war-time picture, war-time pictures, war-time image, war-time images, war-time illustration, war-time illustrations

The abolitionist hatred of Americans in the South knew virtually no bounds with those like Wendell Phillips desiring their near-extermination, and Parson Brownlow preaching that “We will crowd the rebels into the Gulf of Mexico, and drown the entire race, as the devil did the hogs in the Sea of Galilee.” All this because these Americans wished to form a more perfect union with the consent of the governed.

Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute
Barbarian Conquest of Americans:

“Wendell Phillips, who, before the blood began to flow, eloquently declared that the South was in the right, that Lincoln had no right to send armed men to coerce her, after battles begun seemed to become drunk on the fumes of blood and mad for more than battlefields afforded. In a speech delivered in [Henry Ward] Beecher’s church, to a large and presumably a Christian congregation, Phillips made the following remarkable declaration:

“I do not believe in battles ending this war. You may plant a fort in every district of the South, you may take possession of her capitals and hold them with your armies, but you have not begun to subdue her people. I know it seems something like absolute barbarian conquest, I allow it, but I do not believe there will be any peace until 347,000 men of the South are either hanged or exiled.” (Cheers).

Why the precise number, 347,000, does not appear. If the hanging at one fell swoop of 347,000 men and women seemed to Phillips something like barbarian conquest, it would be interesting to know what would have appeared truly barbarian. History records some crimes of such stupendous magnitude, even to this day men shudder at their mention.”

(Facts and Falsehoods, Concerning the War on the South, George Edmonds, Spence Hall Lamb, 1904, pp. 235-236)

Barbarian Conquest of Americans

Recognizing a Forgotten N.C. Founder

View Image

Constitutional theorist Daniel Dreisbach writes, many Americans “made salient contributions in thought, word, and deed to the construction of America’s republican institutions.” One of them was Hugh Williamson. Few today have heard of him, and almost everyone overlooks this founding father when trying to learn of the “original intent” of the Constitution. That's a mistake. To ignore Williamson (and founders other than the usual five or six historical figures) is an inadequate approach to understand proper originalism.

When bypassing those lesser-known founders, we view the past through a distorted lens. And despite our best efforts, that view will be at best an image with a fuzzy outline that prevents us from seeing otherwise distinguishing and valuable features.

“Original intent,” then, mistakenly becomes nothing other than the opinions of a handful, and we ignore the role of the ratifying conventions and the wisdom of other leading public figures in understanding the process of ratification and the federal underpinnings of our government.

An examination of Hugh Williamson and his ideas sheds more light on the path to understanding “original intent.” Why? He was one of the most active delegates at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention, and his opinions were respected across America.
Recognizing a Forgotten N.C. Founder

Worlds Largest Cave Discovered In Vietnam

Roundabout via Cousin Colby

Confederate memorial services, complete with cannons, set for Sunday, May 1

View Image

HIGH SPRINGS - "Two Confederate memorial services, complete with the firing of cannons and re-enactors dressed in Civil War clothing, will be held Sunday, May 1.

The 2nd Florida Calvary Camp will have the first service that Sunday at 1 p.m. at Forest Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in honor and in memory of Commander Buddy Burch's great grandfather, Private Sumpter Balnton, a Confederate soldier.

Following the ceremony, lunch will be served at Forest Grove Baptist Church. Those attending are asked to bring a covered dish.

At 4 p.m., a Confederate Memorial Service for Franklin (Jeff) Williams of High Springs will be held at Pine Hill Cemetery.

Williams graduated from Mebane High School, played briefly for the Minnesota Vikings and was a descendent of a black Confederate soldier."

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Secession as a Continuum, Jason Sorens (Impressive)

Jason Sorens
Ph.D., political science, Yale University, spring 2003.
B.A., economics and philosophy (honors), Washington and Lee University, spring 1998.

VIDEO (Don't miss this)

Via DumpDC

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inflation Calculator

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"A dollar just ain't what it used to be.

Our inflation calculator will tell you the relative buying power of a dollar in the United States between any two years from 1914-2010.

It will also calculate the rate of inflation during the time period you choose.

We determine the value of a dollar using the Consumer Price Index from December of the previous year. All calculations are approximate."

The Changing Value of a Dollar

Southern Love of Liberty

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Both James Madison and James Monroe expressed the opinion “that to coerce a seceding State would be suicidal to freedom.” Had the New England States seceded as they wished several times in the early 1800’s to pursue their more perfect union, “no blood would have been shed to force them back into a Union she detested.” Under Lincoln’s reconstituted and misnamed Federalist party in 1861, the fraternal Union of the Founders came to an end.

Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute
Southern Love of Liberty:

“In the convention of 1787 the question of secession and coercion was up for discussion. [James] Madison said: “A Union of States with such an ingredient as coercion would seem to provide for its own destruction.”

It certainly would provide for the destruction of the principles of liberty itself. Looked at in the lurid light of the [18]60’s, one expression…of President Madison will make the reader pause and reflect a moment. The “feeble debility of the South could never face the vigorous activity of the North.”

The Republican party had inherited from its progenitor, the Federal [party], the above idea of the South’s feeble debility. Members of that party invited United States Senators and Congressmen to take their wives and daughters out to see the first fight of the war, especially to “see rebels run at the sight of Union soldiers.” Everybody knows how the rebels ran at Bull Run.

Republican officers of the Union army have expressed their opinion of the South’s “feeble debility.” General Don Piatt, a Union officer, on this subject has this:

“The true story of the late war,” wrote General Piatt in 1887, “has not yet been told. It probably never will be told. It is not flattering to our people; unpalatable truths seldom find their way into history. How rebels fought the world will never know; for two years they kept an army in the field that girt their borders with a fire that shriveled our forces as they marched in, like tissue paper in a flame. Southern people were animated by a feeling that the word fanaticism feebly expresses. (Love of liberty expresses it.)

For two years this feeling held those rebels to a conflict in which they were invincible. The North poured out its noble soldiery by the thousands, and they fought well, but their broken columns and thinned lines drifted back upon our capital, with nothing but shameful disasters to tell of the dead, the dying, the lost colors and the captured artillery. Grant’s road from the Rapidan to Richmond was marked by a highway of human bones. The Northern army had more killed than the Confederate Generals had in command.”

“We can lose five men to their one and win,” said Grant. The men of the South, half starved, unsheltered, in rags, shoeless, yet Grant’s marches from the Rapidan to Richmond left dead behind him more men than the Confederates had in the field!

The Reverend H.W. Beecher preached a sermon in his church on the “Price of Liberty”…[and] astonished his congregation by illustrations from the South:

“”Where,” exclaimed the preacher, “shall we find such heroic self-denial, such upbearing under every physical discomfort, such patience in poverty, in distress, in absolute want, as we find in the Southern army? They fight better in a bad cause than you do in a good one; they fight better for a passion than you do for a sentiment. They fight well and bear up under trouble nobly, they suffer and never complain, they go in rags and never rebel, they are in earnest for their liberty, they believe in it, and if they can they mean to get it.”

“Lincoln’s low estimate of humanity,” says Piatt, “blinded him to the South. He could not understand that men would fight for an idea. He thought the South’s [independence] movement a sort of political game of bluff.”

Hannibal Hamlin said: “The South will have to come to us for arms, and come without money to pay for them.” “And for coffins,” said John P. Hale, with a laugh. “To put a regiment in the field,” said Mr. Speaker Banks, “costs more than the entire income of an entire Southern State.”

It was not long before the men of the North found that the South’s soldiers supplied themselves with arms and clothing captured from Union soldiers.”

(Facts and Falsehoods Concerning the War on the South, 1861-1865, George Edmunds, Spence Hall Lamb, 1904, pp. 117-119)
Southern Love of Liberty

Jack Werst Mr. 5&50 '65 Hemi Belvedere


Fight As Long As Possible: The Battle of Newport Barracks, NC

Fight As Long As Possible


Fort Benjamin Park
All Are Invited To
The Grand Opening Celebration
& FREE Family Fun Day at the new
Fort Benjamin Park
100 McQueen Ave. Newport, NC

Saturday May 21
10am to 1pm

Face Painting, Popcorn & Drinks,
Bocce, Shuffleboard, Board Games
Tennis, Basketball, Billiards
Yoga Demonstrations
Trail Tester T-shirts
Health Screenings
Live DJ

Special Guest
Author Eric A. Linblade
discussing his book
Fight As Long As Possible:
The Battle of Newport
Barracks, NC

Sponsored by
Carteret County
Parks & Recreation
or 252.808.3301

Via Julianne, Carteret Homeschoolers

Can We Prevent a Second Civil War?

Via Sipsey Street Irregulars

There are three issues that could presently trigger a Civil War in America:

  • Illegal aliens. A government that refuses to protect our borders, the methodical structure of citizenship, and the rule of law, will only be tolerated for so long. America is reaching a tipping point on this issue.
  • Abortion. Irreconcilable differences here. This may likely become as potent an issue as slavery was in the 1860s.

No other significant present day problems could potentially result in the “brother against brother” tragedy of a Second American Civil War.

Sooner or later, the massive invasion of America by illegal aliens will be confronted, if not by the rule of law then by either armed police officers and soldiers … or armed citizens. There are twenty million or more illegal aliens entrenched in this nation now. How many tens of millions more will it take to reach a tipping point? At what point will law enforcement agencies and/or the military begin to do the job they were sworn to do? At what point will citizens themselves be forced, by government inactivity, to confront this invasion by force of arms?

From the Second American Revolution to the Bonus Army to Ruby Ridge to Waco to........?

Via Curtis at the California Tree of Liberty

"Warning... this is graphic.
But, if the government decides you are a serious threat to its current despotism ... this is what you can expect from it."

Gas Pump Sticky Note Campaign Makes Its Way to Grocery Stores

"Super-Charged with Conservative ideals REAL Americans all over the country and even an awakened Democrat or two are now participating in this grass roots initiative. Its not a partisan issue either, no one can afford these rising prices at the gas pump or the grocery store.

I just realized that I need to order more FREE PRE-PRINTED Sticky notes from the Koch Brothers -- gotta go now."

Via Don, L&P
"I like this idea.

Please find attached a template.

This works well on laser printers. Print the sheet. Stick your 3 x 3 sticky notes over the top and run it again.

Wal-Mart is going to love me.

Via theonebadger, L&P

In defense of college

"This Cracked commenter's explanation of why college is worthwhile is more than a little amusing:

College sucked for the first two years for me (as in I was one phone call away from talking to an Army recruiter) but then I ended up studying abroad for a semester, meeting some really cool people and professors and took classes in my major (Rhetoric) which were really eye opening and awesome. I started out as a judgmental hyper-conservative p***k and four years later, here I am graduating in three weeks as a well rounded, tolerant atheist. I don't mean to toot my own horn (although if I could, I would, heh heh) but I'm certainly much better off, mentally, than I was before college. To me that's what makes my mountain of debt worth it.

So, there's some good news and some bad news, Mom and Dad."

Obama’s Birth Certificate: Top 20 Conspiracy Theories That Have Already Sprung Up


Politics Buzz "Well, that didn't take long. All of the purported inconsistencies and mysterious anomalies with President Obama's long form birth certificate. And this is only within the first few hours of the document's release. Give the Birthers a few days to come up with some really juicy stuff"

Visitors to paralyzed vet say VA threatened them, seized cameras and destroyed pictures

Dixie and H.K. at the conclusion of the H.L.Hunley Funeral/Parade, April 17 2004.


APRIL 28, 2011


MEMPHIS, TN -- Family and friends visiting paralyzed Korean War veteran
Perry Thrasher in his room at the Veterans' Administration Hospital in
Memphis say hospital police "harassed and threatened" them, temporarily
confiscated their cameras and removed pictures from them Wednesday.

The hospital police said they were acting in accordance with a "VA policy"
which they would not name or explain, witnesses say.

Several people were in Thrasher's room taking pictures of black
Confederate activist H. K. Edgerton visiting Thrasher and presenting him
with a full-sized Confederate battle flag. Earlier this month, hospital administrators had demanded that Thrasher, the grandson of a Confederate soldier who died at the Battle of Petersburg, remove a miniature Confederate flag he had placed on the wall inside his own hospital room and put it away it in a drawer because it "offended" unnamed staff and patients.

News of the hospital's action went viral on the Internet and has sent
waves of outrage through the South and beyond. Well-wishers have sent
Thrasher dozens of letters and cards of encouragement, many containing
tiny Confederate flags. The Sons of Confederate Veterans has made him a
life member. And The Southern Legal Resource Center and Memphis Attorney
T. Tarry Beasley II have sent a letter on behalf of Thrasher to Memphis VA
Hospital Director Jay Robinson, demanding that the hospital cite any legal
authority they rely on for banning Thrasher's flag from his private room,
an action which the SLRC says is in gross violation of the hospital's own
Patient Bill of Rights. The letter also demands an explanation of the
"policy" under which the hospital police seized the cameras and removed
the pictures.

"It's disgraceful that a veteran who defended his country should be
treated in this manner in a Veterans Administration Hospital where the protections of the Bill of Rights should theoretically apply," said Edgerton, himself a Vietnam era veteran.

"Mr. Thrasher displayed his flag to honor the memory of his Great
Grandfather, Sgt. Gilbert Thrasher, Co I, 44th Alabama Infantry Regiment
who died of wounds received in action at the Siege of Petersburg. We
support Mr.Thrasher's stand to honor his ancestor's sacrifice." said
Forrest Camp member Karl Amelang.

"This type of outrageous infringement should not happen to a veteran, in> America, in a federal facility," said attorney Beasley.

"Ever since this story broke three weeks ago, there has been widespread support and sympathy for Mr. Thrasher. The VA needs to do the right thing and let him display his flag," said Lyons, who is the SLRC's Chief Trial Counsel.

The Southern Legal Resource Center is a non-profit public law firm that
advocates on behalf of persons whose civil rights have been infringed in
connection with Southern heritage issues.

Southern Legal Resource Center
90 Church Street
P.O.Box 1235
Black Mountain, NC 28711

Via Nancy

Who Killed General John Sedgwick?

Click for larger view photos
Benjamin Medicus Powell, CSA (1841-1917)?

"At the battle of Second Manassas Col. Barnes placed me in command of the Infirmary Corps in which capacity I served until a few days before the battle of Gettysburg when I was presented with a long-range Whitworth rifle with a telescope and globe sights and with a roving commission as an independent sharpshooter and scout. This rifle killed Gen. Sedgwick at Spottsylvania Court House."

Via Jamey, SDYC

Denninger Again On The Obama Fraud Birth Certificate

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Avalanche Cliff Jump

The First Zombie-Proof House

"I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery."
-- Thomas Jefferson

The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths

We have Mike's original, The Un-civil War, and it was excellent.

The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths.

360 pages. Soft cover $22.95.
SCV discount tentatively 15%.
Bulk discounts available.

Initial Shipping date target: May 11
Hard Cover (special/academic edition) aprox. $32.95.
Publisher: Universal Media Inc/Tribune Papers.

Mike Scruggs

How to pull out a tooth with a rocket

Via Luck's Rants

Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

The Market Ticker
You've GOT To Be Kidding Me (Birth Certificate)

Via Western Rifle Shooters Association

Ann Barnhardt

"If you or I did this in any context, we would spend MANY YEARS in prison. Obama should spend the rest of his life in prison.

I will not allow my country to be screwed with by a low-rent Communist agitator. If law enforcement will not act, then the people must. Obama is in NYC at a campaign fundraiser. He should be arrested and should not step foot in the White House again. Send the daughters to Chicago with their grandmother, because Barack and Michelle Obama are, at this moment, fugitives from justice and should be tried for treason"


With an update. I think it is obvious that you would not spend two million dollars to prevent the release for two years and then release it if there was not something seriously wrong in Denmark.

I Can Emphatically Tell You That The Document Posted On White Has Been Either Pasted Together, Or For Some Reason Taken Apart

Police Confront Broward Judge at Gunpoint

Confusion should be their middle name and then they start lecturing her! Who the hell do they think they are?

Broward Circuit Court Judge Ilona Holmes, her sister and her sister’s family says they were ordered at gun point by several Broward Sheriffs Deputies on Easter Sunday to come out of her sister’s home with their hands up.

It was no evening of peace for the Deerfield Beach family, who’d just finished dinner with friends and family, and sent extra Easter dinner to a needy family connected with their church. Then, at 8:20 p.m., police got a call about a possible burglary next door. But a bad address caused police to go to the wrong home.

“Do I feel safe?” asked Carmita Scarlett, the homeowner and sister of Judge Holmes. "No, absolutely not. No, no. So much confusion, so much anger. So much, almost like, resentment. You know, ‘you made the mistake and,’ I told them, ‘I'm the victim and you're upset with me?’”

Via Don, L&P

Incident In New Bagdad Trailer



"The response has been incredible since Angry White Dude published his Open Letter to Ghetto Blacks. More and more decent people are fed up with being preyed upon while paying for the disgusting violent behavior of the welfare-dependent ghetto black population. Since Obama was elected, violence from ghetto blacks is on the increase as racial relations deteriorate rapidly. Obama and his henchman Eric Holder have done more to divide the races with their complete disassociation of protecting white people from violence and hate crimes by blacks than any other group in recent history. White people, and non-ghetto blacks, have simply had enough. We are arming ourselves, spouses and children to protect ourselves from gangs of feral ghetto black youth across America"

S&W's Nation's Finest/ Beretta's America's Defenders Rebates

America's Third War: An Informant's Story


Via Don, L&P

Allen West Heckled, Heckler Arrested

Support Bill to Mandate Worker Verification of all North Carolina Workers

Battle for More Sensible Immigration Policies Now in North Carolina State Legislature

Kick Illegal Aliens OUT of North Carolina Jobs


Our spring initiatives are now in full force all across the country. We're hoping to make a major impact in North Carolina before the state legislature adjourns for the year in mid May. And we've got a great chance at making that happen in the upcoming weeks, we'll need your financial support and activism as we go on this final push.

State immigration enforcement has received lots of attention in the past year. As the Federal government continues to let the American people down by its refusal to enforce immigration laws, a number of states are attempting to take control. As evidenced by the actions of the North Carolina state legislature, the need to gain control of our immigration laws and ensure that the law is properly enforced is apparent to everyone.

For many years, North Carolina legislators have refused to address this issue, instead preferring to allow greedy business to exploit illegal labor and keep North Carolina residents unemployed. However, with North Carolina facing a $270 Million budget shortfall, legislators in Raleigh are now leaning toward putting unemployed North Carolina residents back in North Carolina jobs.

There are multiple bills winding their way through the legislature that would mandate the use of E-Verify for at least some new hires. Mandating E-Verify will prevent employers from hiring illegal aliens and open up employment opportunities for millions of Raleigh ' unemployed.

9.7% of all North Carolina residents are unable to find any job -- that's 909,945 U.S. citizens and legal immigrants. If the state requires the use of E-Verify, a huge number of jobs will be opened up to legal workers.

By now I'm sure you've heard about the E-verify system. This outstanding government database is used to validate the eligibility of all workers to work legally in the U.S. With a 99.7% overall effectiveness rate, this tool is the best option currently available to reduce the presence of illegal aliens in U.S. jobs, and put unemployed Americans back to work.

But, the open borders lobby in Raleigh is doing its best to stop these bills. We must get one or more passed.

I need your help. Without an infusion of financial help from Raleigh members of NumbersUSA like you, we may not be able to complete this job. It's time the North Carolina legislature to stand up for North Carolina. Help us insist that they do so. Thank you.

In the last few weeks, NumbersUSA has already won big state victories in Indiana, Alabama, and Georgia. We're on the knife's edge in several other states. We need more support!

Here's what well use the money for:

  • Send tens of thousand of faxes to hundreds of North Carolina legislators;
  • Mobilize thousands of North Carolina residents to contact their state Senators and Representatives;
  • Connect North Carolina residents with other concerned activists in their home districts.

We promised to be much more proactive this year. The fact that E-Verify is in play in North Carolina shows just how much influence NumbersUSA and our North Carolina activists truly have.

Getting where we are now has required huge sacrificial giving from so many for so long. Sending faxes and assembling experts on state law does not come cheap. Please help us cross the finish line in North Carolina .

There are four ways to give:

1) On-line credit card (we take all major cards);

2) Give by PayPal;

3) Check -- see the instructions and a form to print out and send with your check;

4) Call (877) 885-7733 to arrange a wire transfer, stock donation, or to make a credit card donation over the phone. If our office is closed, please leave the time and your phone number and we will call back.

Miss America Susie Castillo Sexually Assaulted TSA Style

Via California Tree of Liberty

"Susie Castillo, the 2003 Miss America, has been sexually assaulted by TSA Agents.

In what can ONLY be described as sexual assault, Susie fell victim to a TSA “screener” who fondled her vagina multiple times.

This is absolutely unacceptable and comes on the heels of an exclusive story that The Intel Hub released which documented the fact that a 25 year old pregnant first grade teacher was treated as a possible terrorist."

The Obama Birth Certificate: So Who’s Lying?

"The moment of truth: trying to look the most serious, when telling the biggest lie. Barry Soetoro, April 27, 2011."

So Barry Soetoro released his authentic, “long form” birth certificate, eh? Is it real? We’ll see. But, why release it now? Has the lying, black African Communist Muslim traitor finally folded? Is this is last hand? Is he out? It took Donald Trump to call his hand?

The new “birth certificate” of Barry Soetoro, released by the White House, April 27, 2011, two and a half years after the issue was raised. Who’s kidding whom? The new document will surely undergo an unprecedented scrutiny. The United States Constitution is what’s at stake, not Barry’s dubious identity.

“A distraction,” Barry called the birther issue. Hardly. To him, the distraction is the Constitution. That’s the issue he wants ended. America is hindrance he wants removed, like George Soros wants. Barry wants America’s birth certificate removed. He wants to bury it in confusion, like he buried his own.

The majority of the American people have no confidence in Barry. After his national statement this morning, it is apparent that the man is deluded, and intent upon accusing his opponents of precisely his own dubious behavior. Never in American history was it so apparent that a a person was lying. It would have been more than appropriate for the media to televise a lie detector meter attached to Barry’s right arm. Never was it more visual apparent by the agony and deception in his face that the pseudo leader was lying.

What Would The Founders Think?

american_insurgents"T.H. Breen’s well-documented book offers a different perspective on the American Revolution. According to Breen, the celebrated men of the Continental Congress are rightly revered for having founded the American nation. However, wise and well schooled in the philosophies of governance as they were, there is more to the story than has been told.

Breen does not suggest that such men as Adams, Franklin and Washington should be honored less. Rather, his thesis is that the ordinary men, who took up arms before the Declaration of Independence was written, should be honored more.

These are the people who chose not to submit to a government they perceived as unjust and a threat to their constitutional rights as Englishmen. Without those people, Breen asserts, there would have been no Revolution and no independent nation.

Today, we call those ordinary people patriots. Their contemporaries called colonists who defied parliamentary rule, insurgents; thus, the book’s title."

Race and Economics

View Image

Walter Williams fans are in for a treat-- and people who are not Walter Williams fans are in for a shock-- when they read his latest book, "Race and Economics."

It is a demolition derby on paper, as Professor Williams destroys one after another of the popular fallacies about the role of race in the American economy.

I can still vividly recall the response to one of Walter's earliest writings, back in the 1970s, when he and I were working on the same research project in Washington. Walter wrote a brief article that destroyed the central theme of one of the fashionable books of the time, "The Poor Pay More."

It was true, he agreed, that prices were higher in low-income minority neighborhoods. But he rejected the book's claim that this was due to "exploitation," "racism" and the like.

Having written a doctoral dissertation on this subject, Walter then proceeded to show why there were higher costs of doing business in many low-income neighborhoods, and that these costs were simply passed on to the consumers there.