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An illegal immigrant killed my daughter. Trump's right — we must complete the border wall.

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Trump's national emergency declaration and El Paso, Texas, rally should convince skeptics to finally secure and protect America's southern border.

In his declaration of a national emergency on our southern border, President Trump recognized the Americans who experienced the consequences of that emergency firsthand: angel moms and dads.

I never expected I would be one of them.

My beautiful daughter, Mandy, was a 28-year-old sixth-grade teacher at Eastwood Heights Elementary School, and the center of our family. She was my world, she was my wife’s best friend and, most importantly, she was my baby girl.

On the morning of November 22, 2018 — Thanksgiving Day — a man who should never have been in our country drank several beers before getting behind the wheel of a car. He blew through two red lights at an intersection, killed my daughter, and changed our lives forever.

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Venezuela: at least four dead and hundreds injured in border standoff: Three aid trucks of set on fire

At least four people have been killed and hundreds injured in a wave of violence that convulsed Venezuela’s border regions on Saturday, as opposition activists tried to defy a government ban and bring food and medical supplies into the country.

After the failed attempt to breach government blockades, opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared the fight would continue, and said “we must keep all our options open for the liberation of our homeland”.

He will head to Bogotá for a meeting on Monday with US vice-president Mike Pence, and other regional leaders in the Lima Group.

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Trump stays tough on socialism

Donald Trump
"We know that socialism is not about justice, it's not about equality, it's not about lifting up the poor — it's about one thing only: power for the ruling class,” the President declared. “And, the more power they get, the more they crave … They want the power to decide who wins and who loses, who's up and who's down, what's true and what's false, and even who lives and who dies."

President Trump’s speech Monday afternoon in Miami wasn’t just directed at Nicolas Maduro and the socialists of Venezuela — it was also a stark reminder to left-leaning Americans that socialism's days are "numbered."

“In Venezuela and across the western hemisphere, socialism is dying, and liberty, prosperity, and democracy are being reborn,” President Trump told the crowd.

While laying out the facts about the tragedies that socialist policies have created in Venezuela, President Trump also warned of the dangers of the neo-socialist agenda being pushed right here at home by prominent Democrats (or Social Democrats as they self-identify – a true distinction without a difference).

A Little Whiskey Rebellion

“I plainly perceive that the time will come when a shirt shall not be washed without an excise.”— Representative James Jackson of Georgia, speech against the Whiskey Tax delivered on January 5, 1791 in the House of Representatives

As with so many other episodes in early American history, the true story of the so-called Whiskey Rebellion has been purposefully scrubbed from the collective American memory and replaced with a cleaner, more pro-statist version reaffirming one of the core tenets of that doctrine: federal law always trumps conflicting state statutes.

Americans today are accustomed to having to bow in obsequious deference to the omnipotent plutocrats on the Potomac. We accept the insertion of agents of the general government into every facet of human existence, from health care to mortgages to light bulbs. There was a time, however, when our forefathers were not so willing to “lick the hands which [fed them]. The true story of the Whiskey Rebellion reveals one such instance of American refusal to roll over.

Turns Out Liberal Politicians Helped Punk Who Ambushed Female Cop Stay in the US

“I’m gonna call it divine intervention,” Napa County, California, Undersheriff John Crawford said when one of his deputies escaped with her life after being ambushed at point-blank range by a 43-year-old man during an encounter last Sunday.

It may indeed have been divine intervention that the bullets didn’t hit Deputy Riley Jarecki.

However, were it not for the earthly interventions of politicians who seem determined to let illegal immigrants stay in the United States in as many cases as can be feasibly expected, intervention from above likely wouldn’t have been needed.

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MASSIVE CROWD of Thousands Rally in Salford, England in Support of Tommy Robinson and Against Far Left BBC Propagandists


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Tommy Robinson supporters held a MASSIVE RALLY of thousands in London Saturday outside of the far left BBC offices in Salford, England.

The rally is against the horrible far left bias of the British Broadcasting Corporation, a government funded propaganda outfit.

As Cassandra Fairbanks reported earlier this month the BBC and far left organization “Hope Not Hate” were caught conspiring together to create fake news about Tommy Robinson.

The BBC’s Panorama was planning to do a hit-style documentary on Robinson — but it has blown up in their face after multiple people secretly recorded conversations with their reporters.

Malkin's Handy History Of Fake Noose

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Is it any wonder that American news consumers are at the end of their ropes of patience with the "mainstream media"?

Three weeks ago, when I first documented troubling questions, contradictions and doubts about Trump-hating, attention-craving actor Jussie Smollett's absurd hate crime claims, few in the "professional" journalism herd paid heed. Now, with a grand jury investigation on the horizon, everyone's a Johnny-come-lately debunker.

And everyone's making excuses: How could we have known? Why would anyone lie about racism? What could have possibly prepared us for such a scandalous swindle?

I'm especially looking at you, Robin Roberts. You and ABC's "Good Morning America" willingly played public relations agents for Smollett last week while his story was already falling apart and he refused to be fully transparent with investigators. Now, you defend yourselves by hiding behind a veil of ignorance about hate crimes hoaxes.

What Was So Sensitive About Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Conviction That Federal Law Was Deliberately Broken By Prosecutors?

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Yesterday, a federal judge handed down an interesting ruling in the case of mega-wealthy New York financier Jeffrey Epstein who is accused of being what could technically called a “pedophile.”

Prosecutors led by Alexander R. Acosta, who is now the secretary of labor, violated federal law when they failed to tell victims about an agreement not to prosecute Jeffrey E. Epstein, a wealthy New York financier accused of molesting dozens of underage girls, a federal judge ruled on Thursday.

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Russiagaters Ramp Up Narrative Management As Mueller Report Nears

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Both CNN and the Washington Post are reporting that Robert Mueller’s investigation into a possible conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government will be wrapping up as soon as next week. This report comes without a single American having been charged with any such conspiracy during the investigation up to this point, and we’re seeing a very revealing uptick in narrative management from the people who have been making a name for themselves promoting the Russiagate conspiracy theory.

A Washington Post article titled “Mueller’s ‘winding down’ may be less than it appears” by Jennifer Rubin (a member of WaPo’s large lineup of neoconservative empire loyalists) argues that while it is very possible there won’t necessarily be anything earth-shattering in the report itself, “the host of other investigations will continue while the focus moves to Congress.” A New York Times article titled “The Mueller Report Is Coming. Here’s What to Expect.” argues much the same thing. Both articles effectively tell the reader that they should brace themselves for disappointment, but definitely still keep their tinfoil pussyhats on.

Why Have President Trump's Regulatory Agencies Stockpiled So Much Firepower?

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Why does the IRS need five million rounds of ammunition? Why did Health and Human Services purchase four million rounds over the last eight years and stockpile five submachine guns? And what about the 800,000 rounds purchased by the Social Security Administration?

These questions we’ve raised before have newfound urgency in light of recent events.

In December, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) published a report to congress quantifying purchases of $1.5 billion in firearms, ammunition, and tactical equipment by federal agencies outside of the Pentagon (FY2010-FY2017).

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A Collection of Vietnam Placemarks......

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...... converted for online use - originally assembled for Google Earth Pro from various sources by Bill Kindred.

Whatcott vs. Globohomo Mafia (Preview)

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This is a preview of the upcoming short documentary 'Whatcott vs. Globohomo Mafia'. Bill Whatcott is the first person in Canadian history to be put on trial for "hate speech" for "misgendering" a person. He is also being sued for $104 million dollars in a class action lawsuit for handing out Bible scripture at a gay pride parade in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The media has barely mentioned these historical cases, churches throughout Canada have been largely silent, and alleged "free speech activists" such as Jordan Peterson have not said a word about any of this. Bill Whatcott is potentially facing up to $100,000 or more in fines from the BC Human Rights Tribunal. He is accepting donations to help cover his legal fees and keep a roof over his family's head during this time of hardship: You can contact Bill Whatcott by posting on his web forum at: An update from Bill about his Human Rights Tribunal trial: An article with more details about Bill Whatcott's persecution: __________________________ Bitchute mirror: FEEL FREE TO MIRROR THIS VIDEO! (Please link back to my channel!) Full quality video download:!DnQBCAjZ!i2aZWuytQ7...

Vietnam: "US special forces landed in Vietnam this afternoon"

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If We Do Not Stop This NOW, Civil War Is INEVITABLE

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The choice is ours folks.

It isn't the media's choice, or politician's choice.  They respond to the "marketplace", not the other way around.

The marketplace says identity politics and victimhood for certain people and certain incident, but not others, sells.

We either stop this -- and do it now -- or the spiraling out of control that has taken over this nation is going to lead to one group or another picking up guns and using them -- not on one person at a time, but in a ginned-up and unwarranted rage.  Those who they intend to use them against will, justifiably, fight back -- and, as soon as the rest of us figure out that this is not a one-off but rather a seismic shift that fighting back will become offensive and preemptive in nature rather than defensive.

That's civil war.

Probably not the way you think of it, ala 1860s-style -- but rather the dirty sort ala Rwanda.

Suburban women want the wall, buoying Trump after fleeing in 2018


Suburban women, after fleeing Republicans in the 2018 midterm congressional elections, are coming back to President Trump.

The reason: many want his border wall.

A remarkable new Zogby Analytics poll found that suburban women, more than likely voters, support the wall and Trump’s emergency declaration that will allow him to spend more to build it than Congress has OK’d.

The numbers: 45 percent of suburban women want the president to find other sources of money to build the border wall, versus 40 percent who don’t. And 50 percent back his emergency declaration.