Sunday, December 16, 2018

George Mason and Original Intent


 Every fact bearing upon the character and service of the statesmen whose genius created a model form of human government should receive a warm greeting from those who are proud of the growth, progress, and prosperity of the republic. The harmonious working of the component parts which enter into the life of the country is to-day the result of the intelligent labors of a small group of men over a hundred years ago. Like the rays of the sun which give light to the world, a government which proves capable of maintaining the purpose for which it was established, and protects the liberties of its citizens, should be hailed and imitated by mankind in every clime.

Giuliani: Cohen 'lies to fit the situation he's in'

"The man is pathetic... He’s a lawyer. He’s the guy you depend on to determine whether or not you should do it this or way or that way," Giuliani said on ABC's "This Week."

Giluiani, who represents Trump in the Russia investigation, said that Cohen had previously indicated on a number of documented occasions that he acted on his own in paying off women during the 2016 election and was reimbursed by the president. He argued that Cohen lacks credibility because he secretly taped conversations and because of his changing explanations.

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The Perfectly Legal Corruption No One Cares About

 The Perfectly Legal Corruption No One Cares About

The buzz this week in the news was all about corruption. OK, it was about one very specific type of corruption – the President paying women to not go public with allegations of affairs they say happened 12 years ago. But this is Washington, DC, sex scandals are only the tip of the corruption iceberg. Only, unlike anything involving Donald Trump, most of them are perfectly legal and the media has little to no interest in reporting on them.

I don’t know what Trump did 12 years ago, he wasn’t President at the time so I don’t care. I also don’t care if he paid women to keep quiet either because he’d had affairs with them or because it was easier just to throw some money around to make them go away and avoid the hassle. (I covered the reasons why in Thursday’s column here.) I’m not married to him, nor am I responsible for his choices or for those making the allegations.

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Trump Pledges To Review Case Of Former Green Beret Charged With Murder Of Suspected Taliban Bombmaker

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President Trump on Sunday vowed to review the case of a former Army Green Beret who has been charged with the killing a man in Afghanistan whom he suspected was a Taliban bombmaker.

Army Maj. Matthew Golsteyn was charged with murder on Thursday, long after he acknowledged the killing in a 2016 Fox News interview.

Egypt unearths tomb of ancient high priest

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A picture taken on July 14, 2018 shows a general view of the Saqqara necropolis south of Cairo where Egyptian antiquities officials say a new tomb belonging to a high priest and dating back more than 4,400 years

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered the tomb of a priest dating back more than 4,400 years in the pyramid complex of Saqqara south of the capital Cairo, authorities said Saturday.

"Today we are announcing the last discovery of the year 2018, it's a new discovery, it's a private tomb," Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Enany told an audience of invited guests including reporters.

"It is exceptionally well preserved, coloured, with sculpture inside. It belongs to a high official priest... (and) is more than 4,400 years old," he said.

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Corrupt Deep State Players in Obama’s FBI and DOJ Worked Overtime and Even Sundays to Setup and Frame the Incoming Trump Administration


Normally when salaried employees work overtime and on Sundays to get their job done they would be considered super achievers. But not so with the Deep State FBI and DOJ – their overtime efforts were all in an effort to overthrow the incoming Trump Administration.


The Deep State actors in the attempt to overthrow the Trump Administration were corrupt and criminal but they weren’t lazy. Before President-elect Trump’s Inauguration, these corrupt employees of the Obama Administration even worked overtime and on the weekends to usurp the will of the American people.

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