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Border Patrol Corruption

An Address of Welcome on Veterans’ Day at the Florida Chautauqua on March the 13th, 1909.

Dixie Division Color Guard

Our commander, General Pasco, in having me speak the welcoming words today, gave me to understand, that it did not require the commanding voice of oratory, nor the persuasive speech of eloquent words, neither was it necessary to dip one’s tongue in the fountain of the Muses, to welcome a Confederate soldier.  But, says he, “it needs only the simple language of the heart, just true heart words.”

It was only then, I felt I might be able to make you feel at home with us, on this occasion, as my heart is always in tune with, and in sympathy for the Confederate soldier. For I know well of his motives, his grievances, his sacrifices. To some here, your bent forms, your empty sleeves, your halted steps coming down these aisles, may be suggestive of uncouthness. But to us, who remember the cause through which these came, they are grace, beauty and love. Your persecuted cause, that the world now calls “The Lost Cause,” made resistless appeals to your manhood.

To be sure, it sifted out the insincere and cowardly, but it left you a force of men the stronger for the winnowing. And brought out all that is noble and most daring in you. It struck open the deeps in your souls. No men could have been more sincere in the righteousness and justice of a cause, than you were in the one you espoused. Then shall we say of a truth, ours is a “Lost Cause?” “Nothing is settled until it is settled right.”

We know our grievances were settled by the power of the sword, and time has shown us how very unjust and unsatisfactory the arbitrament of the sword has been in the past.

Now, near half a century has passed, and the problems of those days are the unsolved problems of today. “Courage yet,” writes James Renwick, the soul of the Cameronian Societies in the days of the Covenant and Killing Times. “Courage yet, for all that has come and gone. The loss of men is not the loss of the cause. What is the matter tho’ we all fall? The cause shall not fall.”

We see a rock in mid ocean, with its modest form high above the dashing waves, as a beacon light to those who would navigate treacherous seas; inviting the storm tossed ones to take rest on its firm foundations. We see the waves of every sea leaping upon and lashing it. And in the course of time, we find this beacon rock wasting itself away, beating back the angry waves. This rock is not lost, it is resting there on its granite bed, while the waves roll on; and maybe some day when the waters recede from the earth, or in some cosmic disturbances it may be the first to lift its broader form to bring light and give protection around.

So, too, in a political or governmental sense, we see a little Republic, born out of contentions and disturbances, modestly lifting itself up and taking its place among the Nations of the world. It, too, has a firm foundation on which to build–a constitution that eliminated the evils and interjected the good found in other governments. With a splendid code of laws enacted, guaranteeing self government. Yet this little Republic had hardly taken its place on the roll of Republics, before the Nations about began to leap upon and continued to pound upon it, until it wore itself out driving them back.

And my fellow comrades, you are here today as the representatives, the exponents of that little Republic–as the resultant–the residuum, if you please, of all that pounding. And your ardent support, all these years to the overpowering government, speaks in noble terms of your patriotism–your loyalty to the same. We feel that we voice the heart sentiments of every one here, when we say, in defending this little Republic, we did nothing that we are ashamed of, one that needs an apology for. None but the coward or degenerate sons would dare say less.

We know that we deserve as much respect from the world at large, for standing by our convictions, as those do who opposed us and will be satisfied with nothing less. We acknowledged that we were overpowered, or whipped if you please, but not debauched.

The agonies that we know of–the blood that we saw flow, must stand for something. As the years roll on, in the course of human, events, there may come a time in our governmental affairs, when “Mercy and truth are met together: righteousness and peace have kissed each other”–when “truth crushed to the ground shall rise again.”

When the principles of State Sovereignty of Liberty (and not chattel slavery as some would have believe) that were so dear to us, and for which we fought and gave the best blood in our land, shall come to the front, assert themselves, and make this old Republic–so long as God will have it stand–by far the best government on the globe.

Fellow Comrades–we do welcome you here with all our hearts, and to all the good things in our town; and hope through all the years that are going to be yours in this world, we may find you able to come up here annually, that we may have sweet fellowship one with another."

 John L. McKinnon of Walton County, Florida

Source: History of Walton County  – Pages 384-389

U.S. Islamist Groups To Turn National Cathedral Into Mosque For Friday Prayers….....

Roundabout via LH


I wonder if Saudi Arabia would allow Catholics to use Mecca’s Grand Mosque for Sunday mass?

Via CAIR press release:

In Flanders Fields

Cop with Troubling History Escalates to Rape at Gunpoint


News reports about police behaving badly are becoming more common these days. It’s gotten to the point where some of us see a headline and think “same story, different criminal cop.”

But some bad cops are, well, just SO bad that even those of us who are used to hearing about police brutality are shocked by their actions.

Here’s one of those cases.

A Boynton Beach police officer raped a 20-year old woman at gunpoint on the hood of his marked police car, according to a police report.
Officer Stephen Maiorino, 35, was charged with armed sexual battery, armed kidnapping and unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior Thursday by the state attorney’s office. Maiorino was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail, according to jail records.
The details of this incident are alarming.

Sun Sentinel reports:

Veteran Fears For His Safety After Getting Attacked

I'll be in my wheel chair this evening feigning sleep.  I hope this intruder visits for a dose of .38 Special Plus P.  I'll photograph his corpse before I call 911, then find my year-younger Aurora friend in this article and present him with the picture. 

Octogenarians of the World Fight Back! Stay armed.  You're not prepped if you're not packing.  My Johnstone/Marjoribanks family crest bears the motto "Nonquam Non Paratus--Never Not Prepared.". You'd better believe it. 

Almost all crime here now is from low-rent apartments and government subsidized housing.  They will call 9,000 Aurora citizens for the jury panel for the Holmes Mass Theater murder trial which will start long after I'm gone, if ever.  Welcome to the 21st Century. 

Hickenlooper got elected again so Nathan Dunlap is safe from the needle.  You can't make this stuff up.


Lee Pekish (credit: CBS)

A veteran who lives in Aurora and uses a wheelchair says he’s worried after he was attacked in his home by a robber.

That’s what Lee Pekish assumes happens, at least. Aurora police have little to go on in their investigation into the case so far, but Pekish, an 80-year-old Korean War veteran, told CBS4 the events of last Saturday played out like this:

More with video @ CBS Denver

City Councilman's Communist Devotion

Civil Disobedience: Thousands of WA Residents Will Break the State’s New Background Check Law

After several anti-gun billionaires donated tens of millions of dollars to support i-594, Washington state’s background check initiative, it looks like WA will now have some of the strictest gun transfer laws in the country.

Simply loaning a firearm to a friend could be construed as a felony under the new law.

The law was likely passed as many voters didn’t really realize the full scope of the extremely restrictive set of laws and regulations. I highly doubt most Washington voters realized they were voting for one of the strictest laws of its kind in the nation.

15-year-old girl fights off armed intruder after he shoots her dad

A few months ago, the family's neighbor was the victim of a violent armed robbery which left the man beaten so badly, he was put on life support. (Photo: ABC)

A teen girl is being called a hero after she fought off an armed intruder who shot her dad during a break-in at their Indianapolis home.

Fifteen-year-old Kimberly Romero and her father, Fernando Heredia, returned home around midnight Oct. 24 to two strange men in their home. Heredia entered the home first and found one suspect in the process of unplugging the television. He then called out to the second suspect to warn him that the residents were there.

More with video @ Guns

Unreal – His Own Circle Allowed This ?

Via comment by Sioux on Is China Sending America A Message?

obama in China
 Who, I mean WHO, in their right mind would go along with this idea?

For an administration so singularly focused, tuned-in, and twitchy about “optics”, and control thereof, this had to be an intentional set-up to allow ridicule of President Obama in China.   There is no other reasonable explanation.

How Statism Wins

Via Jonathan


And we deliberately didn’t name this “How Proziism Wins”, because it’s all the same in a nation where you have two parties that are both statist, the only difference being that one likes to take things a bit slower.

In a free society, people make their own decisions and they pay for their own mistakes. That’s a Good Thing™. And by “paying for their own mistakes” we don’t mean that you’re utterly fucked if you make mistakes and can’t pay, because usually you aren’t. Unless you’re a real shitbird who really asked for it to the point where nobody gives a damn about the consequences to you. That’s not how it works in America, home to the most generous people on Earth, people who will drag out their checkbooks, volunteer to travel halfway across the nation and even the world and give the shirt off their backs simply because it’s the right thing to do. A nation whose citizens contributed more privately to the victims of the tsunami in 2004 than all of the world’s governments combined.
And the truly amazing thing is that this is the norm, rather than the exception.

What created the Fourth Generation?

Via comment by Sioux on In Ukraine, Shelling and Convoys of Armed Trucks T...

 The Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld has an interesting hypothesis concerning where the seeds of the Fourth Generation's military bypass of the state were planted:

Many of the distinctions between army and people which had been established by eighteenth- and nineteenth-century international law also broke down. Armed violence, far from being limited to combatants, escaped its bounds. Terrible atrocities, including even the planned starvation of tens of millions, were carried out against the inhabitants of occupied countries both in Europe and in Asia.

The populations themselves did not acquiesce with their lot. Occupation per se was now regarded as a monstrous injustice and resisted.

More @ VoxPopoli

Is China Sending America A Message?



There was China's president, Xi Jinping, Russia's president Vladimir Putin to his right, next to Philippine president Aquino and the uberwealthy Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah. And then there is Barack Obama, right in the middle of the "wives club"...