Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How Statism Wins

Via Jonathan


And we deliberately didn’t name this “How Proziism Wins”, because it’s all the same in a nation where you have two parties that are both statist, the only difference being that one likes to take things a bit slower.

In a free society, people make their own decisions and they pay for their own mistakes. That’s a Good Thing™. And by “paying for their own mistakes” we don’t mean that you’re utterly fucked if you make mistakes and can’t pay, because usually you aren’t. Unless you’re a real shitbird who really asked for it to the point where nobody gives a damn about the consequences to you. That’s not how it works in America, home to the most generous people on Earth, people who will drag out their checkbooks, volunteer to travel halfway across the nation and even the world and give the shirt off their backs simply because it’s the right thing to do. A nation whose citizens contributed more privately to the victims of the tsunami in 2004 than all of the world’s governments combined.
And the truly amazing thing is that this is the norm, rather than the exception.


  1. Mr. Reed says it so well - Why do the Reformers always have to reform their own handiwork? Cuz it's always flawed from the get-go, but you can never fix Stupid.