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Trump, Coffee and Democrats

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Sidney Powell & Mark Levin: Pelosi, Schumer and Democrats Know Mueller's Report Will Destroy Trump

Stephen Harper: Elected to Parliament of Canada 7 times—3 times as Prime Minister: "Why Trump Won"

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The Agonizing Death of Henry Tucker

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Following is a true story of one horrendous atrocity. Such acts were committed by both sides in the guerilla hill-country war. This event was reconstructed from interviews with about a dozen "old-timers" interviewed by Wesley S. Thompson as source material for his various books. The following is largely drawn from Tories of the Hills, 3rd Edition, 1960, beginning on page 131.

Reader discretion is advised

Henry Tucker is believed to be the son of William and Delilah Rue; a nephew of Simeon Tucker, Sergeant, Companies E&K, 1st Alabama Cavalry; a grandson of Daniel Tucker, soldier War 1812 of Marion/Fayette County Alabama and great-grandson of George Tucker, Revolutionary War soldier, buried at Hopewell cemetery, south of Glen Allen, Alabama

Pelosi Aghast - Stone Indictment Proves That Trump Campaign Deliberately Campaigned For Trump :)

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On Friday Roger Stone, a political consultant who in 2016 publicly supported the Trump campaign, was arrested on criminal charges filed by special counsel Robert Mueller. He has since been released on bail. Stone is indicted (pdf) in five cases for making false statements, one attempt of influencing a witness and an obstruction of a proceeding.
Since May 2017 the former FBI chief Mueller investigates an alleged collusion between Trump, his campaign and something Russian with regards to the 2016 election. No evidence has been produced so far that substantiate any such collusion. The people who fanatically claim that there must have been such a connection are now disappointed. The long awaited Stone indictment was one of their last straws. But there is absolutely nothing in it that hints at any collusion.
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Spring for you, not for me.

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Venezuela and 'Vietnam mood'

Một cuộc biểu tình tại Venezuela chống chính phủ Maduro.
 From revolutionary awareness to revolution, action takes a "cherished" time. The problem is that the desire to change always needs to be nurtured, always needing to be nurtured and maintained, always needing to be hoped for, even in the face of current realities that seem impasse ...

The political upheaval of Venezuela leading to an instant diplomatic crisis between "big men" is also bringing "influence" to the Vietnamese public opinion. The Vietnamese watched the political event that took place in a country more than 17,000 kilometers away with a very close look: When was Vietnam's turn? Some even wrote: "Venezuela today, Vietnam tomorrow!" ... This mood is enough to show how Vietnamese people desire to change. The prospect of exploding "people's revolution" in Vietnam will happen, if the following facts are removed ...

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Tupolev Tu-22M3 Crashing In Murmansk Landing In Bad Weather

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Stonewall: By Name and Nature

Stonewall lay dying of his wounds at Chancellorsville — “the most successful movement of my life,” he murmured, and then remembered to give full credit to God. “I feel His hand led me.” He had smashed Fighting Joe Hooker and 134,000 invaders of Virginia with 60,000 Confederates. Jackson didn’t mention General Robert E. Lee who was with the reserves that battle.

Eight days would pass from the night of May 2, 1863, when a Confederate volley ironically struck Jackson down, until his beloved physician, Dr. Hunter Holmes McGuire, his ear close to the General’s lips, made out the unforgettable words, “Let us cross the river and rest in the shade of the trees.” The length of the death watch gave ample time for soldiers’ talk of battle, death and wartime politics. Much of it took place around Jackson’s shattered body which had been moved by litter and wagon-ambulance, often under Yankee artillery barrage, through mountain terrain to Guiney’s station some forty-five miles from Richmond. Somebody mentioned the then pending resolution before the Confederate government to designate Jackson’s original command as the Stonewall Brigade, wholly unprecedented in military orders.

Teflon Intellects: Impenetrability leading to war

Call me Quixotic – I I keep attempting to engage them in discussion; I know, it’s like banging your head against an Adamantium wall but hope springs eternal.  If, looking more and more like when, the balloon goes up and it’s time for “I do not talk with liberals; they are only for killing” I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror honestly to say I tried my damnedest to prevent it with words.

But they’re not making it easy.  They are the anointed; as aptly described by Dr. Thomas Sowell in his book The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy, they’re utterly immune to facts, reason, logic, and evidence that contradict their vision of the world and how it should be.  (I’m almost done with this phenomenal book and I can’t recommend it strongly enough; every page has notes, underlines, and comments that I’ve written in the hopes that my children will read this book and not only see things that I believe are important – but come to understand their father better.)

Coupled with this is a seething arrogance.  Consider this quote, pulled from the comments here (warning, gag alert if you go there) and just imagine the mindset of this person; do you think they even view Conservatives as human, because it's doubtful:

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