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Biden to ICE: Don’t Do Your Job


We wonder whether the president might pay more attention to the nation’s illegal immigration crisis if a few busloads of dirt-poor unvaccinated brown folks showed up in his hometown of Wilmington. Or perhaps at his gated, guarded home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We’ll never know, of course. But if his blatant refusal to enforce our nation’s immigration laws isn’t an impeachable offense, we don’t know what is.

The administration’s unending border malfeasance knows no bounds. 

The border hits just keep a-coming from the Biden administration.

For a stretch there, it at least paid lip service to the illegal immigration crisis. Now, not so much. This week, for example, we learned that the Department of Homeland Security will no longer direct its Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel to raid workplaces that employ illegal aliens. The ostensible reason for this, according to our criminally negligent DHS secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, is that ICE arrests at workplaces “could discourage illegal immigrants from reporting other unlawful employment practices in violation of a Biden administration directive.”

Here’s the actual memo, in case you’re as incredulous as we are. With this directive, the Biden administration has essentially undone Donald Trump’s effective policies and restored Barack Obama’s open borders.

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War for a Certain Interpretation

 7 Important Civil War Battles - HISTORY

 Circa 1865

“We talk of peace and learning,” said Ruskin once in addressing the cadets of the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, “and of peace and plenty, and of peace and civilization, but I found that those were not the words which the muse of history coupled together, that on her lips the words were peace and corruption, peace and death.” Hence this man of peace glorified war after no doubt a very cursory examination of the muse of history.”

 War for a Certain Interpretation

“The surrender of the armies of Lee and Johnston brought the struggle to an end. The South was crushed . . . “the ground of Virginia had been kneaded with human flesh; its monuments of carnage, its spectacles of desolation, it’s altars of sacrifice stood from the wheat fields of Pennsylvania to the vales of New Mexico.” More than a billion dollars of property in the South had been literally destroyed by the conflict.

The palpable tragedy of violent death had befallen the family circles of the South’s patriotic not merely twice as frequently as in times of peace, or three times as frequently, or even ten times, but a hundred times as frequently. Within the space of four years was crowded the sorrow of a century. Mourning for more than 250,000 dead on battlefield or on the sea or in military hospitals was the ghastly heritage of the war for the South’s faithful who survived. The majority of the dead were mere boys.

Many strong men wept like children when they turned forever from the struggle. As in rags they journeyed homeward toward their veiled and stricken women they passed wearily among the flowers and the tender grasses of the spring. The panoply of nature spread serenely over the shallow trenches where lay the bones of unnumbered dead – sons, fathers, brothers and one-time enemies of the living who passed.

War is at best a barbarous business. Among civilized men wars are waged avowedly to obtain a better and more honorable peace. How often the avowed objects are the true objects is open to question. Avowedly the American Civil War was waged that a certain interpretation of the federal Constitution might triumph.

To bring about such a triumph of interpretation atrocities were committed in the name of right, invading armies ravaged the land, the slave was encouraged to rise against his master, and he was declared to be free.

“The end of the State is therefore peace,” concluded Plato in his Laws – “the peace of harmony.” The gentle and reasonable man of today has not progressed much beyond this concept. “War is eternal,” wrote Plato “in man and the State.”

The American Civil war strangled the Confederacy and gave rebirth to the United States. It brought forth a whole brood of devils and also revealed many a worthy hero to both sections. Seen through the twilight of the receding past a war is apt to take on a character different from the grisly truth.”

(The Civil War and Reconstruction in Florida, William Watson Davis, Columbia, 1913, pp. 319-322)

An Aristocracy of Color

Circa 1865

 Growth of Southern Civilization, 1790-1860

 The Free Negro in North Carolina, 1790-1860: John Hope Franklin:  9780807845462: Books

“The diary which William Tiler Johnson kept from 1835 to his death in 1851 reveals the remarkable life of this exceptional free Negro in a Southern community.

In the 1830s William made profits of $15 to $20 a day from his barber shop and eventually accumulated an estate worth $25,000. He invested capital in two stores which he rented out, made loans to white residents and owned a farm, which he named “Hardscrabble.”

To work his farm William owned fifteen slaves and employed a white overseer to direct their daily work. A gun owner, he hunted regularly, enjoyed the theater where he sat in the colored gallery among friends, attended horse races, and subscribed to five or six newspapers. He took a keen interest in city affairs, politics, criminal court, militia musters as well as fireman’s parades.

Maintaining terms of friendship with several of his barber patrons, William respected the community standards of the day against dining or drinking with white people. He belonged to the aristocracy of the free people of color, avoiding “darky dances and parties.”

(The Growth of Southern Civilization: 1790-1860, Clement Eaton, Harper & Row, 1961, pg. 92-93)

Babbitt shooting internal police docs reveal ‘no good reason for shooting,’ according to Judicial Watch

"Fried Apples in Bacon Grease"

Via  John Romine "Had my fried apples in bacon grease in my camper at a State Park this morning Have a good time everyone."

 The favorite on the Morning Menu @ GMS

50th Class Reunion

 May be an image of food and indoor

Alleged Epstein Conspirator Walks Free; Police Drop Charges Out of Nowhere: Nation Shocked


These days when Americans rail against the separate standard by which “the elite” are held accountable, we’re usually talking about the lavishly wealthy who bask in the spotlight of popular culture or sit in the upper echelons of the corporate globalist world.

Yet the old world’s elite class appears to still enjoy plenty of perks, especially when they’re implicated in high-profile sex trafficking scandals involving the rich and privileged from all walks of life.

Such is the case with the United Kingdom’s Prince Andrew, son to Queen Elizabeth II, who has certainly not evaded scrutiny over allegations that he partook in notorious billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

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Loudoun County Superintendent Apologizes Following Daily Wire Investigation, Claims He Misunderstood Question About Bathroom Sex Assaults: Rightttt


 Blame it on Trump!  Who would have thunk' ?

The Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) superintendent held a press conference Friday where he apologized for the district’s “shortcomings” with regard to reporting alleged sexual assault, shifted blame for an incident The Daily Wire reported on earlier this week, and appeared to blame the federal government — and, implicitly the Trump administration — for confusion on Title IX procedures. 

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An Open Letter To General Mark Milley

 Via Hal


General Milley:

During testimony before the Congress of the United States you stated:

I want to understand white rage, and I’m white…What is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America?…I want to find that out.

Well, General, I am a 76-year-old white man, a former officer in the United States Army (1967-70), and a retired Special Agent of the FBI with nearly 29 years of service (1971-1999).  I attended Trump’s rally on January 6th and I think I may be able to help you understand the reasons for “white rage.

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