Monday, November 8, 2010

“Political Correctness Does Not Legislate Tolerance; It Only Organizes Hatred.”

"Our Founding Fathers embedded this enduring principle in America’s Constitution, but this critical freedom is hard to sustain in our politically correct age. For this important freedom isn’t really free; the cost is to extend the same freedom to those who disagree with you—those who might even offend you while exercising the very freedom you treasure."

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Protect Yourself And Your Family Against TSA Tyranny

"........ I was turned away from the security screening checkpoint at Memphis International Airport when I declined both AIT screening and the secondary 'enhanced pat-down' procedure. I was attempting to enter the facility for my commute to Houston, where I’m based as a pilot for ExpressJet Airlines, doing business as Continental Express. I did, however, pass through a standard impulse induction metal detector without triggering an alarm, just as I have done approximately once per week at that same checkpoint (which happens to be in Terminal C – hence, “Checkpoint Charlie”) for the past four and a half years." The rest HERE.

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Brass Fetcher Ballistic Testing

Tests on just about anything you have.

Duels In New Orleans

Duel over the Honor of the Mississippi River

Affaire d'Honneur: Duels in Old New Orleans

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Question To The Supporters Of Keeping Narcotics Illegal

"Do you realize how easy it is to plant drugs on your property? A truly simple example would be to smash a car window or three, prompting you to call police to make a report for the insurance company. You'd be fixated on the missing stereo and not realize what was added to your vehicle (such as a bag of pot). Or, if you have real estate, how would you like to lose it on the basis of wild pot or somebody tossing a baggie into the house when you are away?

The concept of persecuting people for possession of anything (gold, anti-Soviet literature, drugs, alcohol, heretical artifacts) is the ease with which even those who support the measures can be framed. The Inquisition burned up a lot of good Catholics, and NKVD shot or starved more than a few staunch Communists. The US no-knockers have the ability to do much the same...and some are using that ability."

Oleg Volk

Cut You Down

God's Gonna Cut You Down

7.62X39 Back To Where It Was Before The Coup

7.62x39 UCW Ulyanovsk 122Gr FMJ. 1000rds
7.62x39 UCW Ulyanovsk 122Gr FMJ. 1000rds

$199.90 $179.95

Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works (UCW) 122Gr Bi-metal full metal jacket ammunition, made in Russia. Has a Polymer coated steel case and is Berdan primed, non-corrosive. 1000rds

"Useful Idiots"

"This is not a threat. This is not a prediction. This is not a call to action. It is settled history that has been repeated many times. It has all happened before and will happen again. This time, it will happen to you.

You're on the menu too-you're just last on the list."

Viral Music Video For Independence!

Conservative Heritage Times

This “lip dub” — a music video with people lip-synching to music — was made to promote the Catalan Independence movement. 5,771 people participated, which makes this a world record for a music video. The video has gone viral, with over 630,000 views in just a few days.

It’s enough to make you think that secession is catching on all over the world.

The video, entitled “The Flame,” is in Catalan, but it’s worth watching just to experience the dazzling visuals and the utter joy of these people celebrating their historic culture and proclaiming their determination to make Catalan free. When the closing credits start, the huge crowd sings the *Catalan anthem.

Now tell me — what can the dreary conformity of multiculturalism offer compared to this?


*Catalan; English;
Catalunya triomfant, Catalonia triumphant
tornarà a ser rica i plena. Shall once again be rich and bountiful,
Endarrera aquesta gent Drive them back, those people
tan ufana i tan superba. So conceited and so arrogant.
Bon cop de falç, A good blow with the sickle,
Bon cop de falç, A good blow with the sickle,
Defensors de la terra! Defenders of the land!
Bon cop de falç! A good blow with the sickle,
Ara és hora, segadors. Now is the time, reapers,
Ara és hora d'estar alerta. Now is the time to be alert.
Per quan vingui un altre juny For when another June comes,
esmolem ben bé les eines. Let us sharpen our tools well.
Que tremoli l'enemic Let the enemy tremble
en veient la nostra ensenya. On seeing our banner.
Com fem caure espigues d'or, Just as we cut down golden stalks of wheat,
quan convé seguem cadenes. When the time is right, we shall reap chains.

I Still Dream About You

"The success of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, which turned into a blockbuster movie starring Kathy Bates and earned Flagg an Oscar nomination for screenwriting, boosted Flagg's profile as an author. She has since written several more best-sellers full of Southern folks, spunky women, and heartfelt comedy. In her newest book, I Still Dream About You, a 60-year-old former Miss Alabama contemplates giving up on life"
GR: What are you reading now?

FF: I just finished a book that is just delightful. Her name is Lisa Patton, and it's called Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter.

George Will Schools Lib Panel On Tea Party Causing GOP Civil War

"At the beginning of the year, the question was, will the Tea Party people play nicely with others and will they obey the rules of politics? Who's sort of not playing nicely?" asked Will.

"Mr. Crist starts losing the primary to a Tea Party favorite Rubio. He suddenly discovers that he's an independent and changes all his views overnight," he continued.

"Mrs. Murkowski loses a primary and suddenly discovers that she has a property right in her Senate seat and she's going to run as a write-in. Senator Bennett thought of that in Utah, Senator Castle in Delaware is thinking of a write-in candidate. Who are the extremists?"

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Running Scared On Confederate History

"A pair of Confederate flags have flown over the Confederate Memorial Chapel in Richmond since 1887. Those two flags did not trouble the Union soldiers who donated the organ to the chapel; nor did they trouble Ulysses S. Grant. They honored the bravery of thousands of Virginians, most of whom did not believe they fought to defend slavery. But McDonnell panicked when attacked by those who would never support him politically. This was an act of political courage?

The two Virginia leaders who should be praised for their courage on this issue are not Allen and McDonnell but former governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, Democrats who had enough respect for the descendants of Confederate soldiers to allow the flags to fly at the chapel throughout their terms in office."

Sons Of Confederate Veterans Camp Is Starting In Mebane

"A group in Mebane wants to honor its Southern heritage by creating a Sons of Confederate Veterans camp.

There are camps in Burlington, Chapel Hill and Greensboro, but Carl Singley says enough folks are traveling from Mebane to those meetings that it’s time the city had its own chapter."

Murdoch: 'Impossible' For Obama 2012 Win

News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch says President Barack Obama will be a one-term president as long as the Republican Party can offer up an appealing alternative. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Murdoch told the Australian Financial Review that Obama “doesn’t rupert,murdoch,barack,obamalisten to anybody” believes the president “will find it impossible to win” re-election in 2012 if there is “any kind of a Republican candidate — a decent Republican governor, say.

If I Were President:)

1. Abolition of the African American Center

2. Abolition of the LGBTQIA Resource Center

3. Abolition of the Women’s Center

4. Abolition of the six-digit public servant

5. Abolition of the Watson School of Education

6. Abolition of the student activity fee

7. Abolition of the university police

8. Abolition of tenure

9. Abolition of the Center for Teaching Excellence

10. Demolition of the Chancellor’s mansion
Read the rest of Mike's sterling recommendations HERE.

Mike is the one who suggested the two cent check with which I complied and below are the hilarious results!

My Two Cent Check Is Returned

Recycle: Runaway Slave Trailer


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Durham And The Matricula Consular Card =Action Alert

A recent article in the Durham News (, indicated that the Durham City Council is deciding whether to accept the Mexican matricula consular card as a legal form of identification. They will make a decision by November 15th.

NCFIRE strongly opposes this acceptance of the matricula consular card as it is the leading "breeder" document towards identity theft and identity fraud. Those are not our words, but the words of the FBI, testifying before Congress on the matricula consular card:

Their are other problems associated with the ID card as well including:

1) The matricula consular is useful in the United States only for illegal aliens, since legal immigrants, by definition, have U.S. government-issued documents.

2) The Mexican government has launched an aggressive grassroots lobbying campaign to win acceptance for its matricula card from state and local jurisdictions and from banks, especially in areas where Mexican illegal aliens are concentrated.

3) The objective of this lobbying effort is to achieve quasi-legal status for Mexican illegals in the United States without waiting for action from Washington.

4) The matricula itself, however, is useful to illegal aliens only insofar as U.S. institutions are willing to collaborate with Mexico's efforts to circumvent U.S. immigration law.

5) While many jurisdictions have resisted pressure from the Mexican government, others have not; the matricula is now accepted by 800 local law enforcement agencies and 74 banks, as well as by 13 states for purposes of obtaining a driver's license.

6) Not only does the matricula subvert U.S. immigration law, it is not even a secure identity document. Mexico is not authenticating the documents used to obtain the matricula against computerized data files in Mexico.

7) Safeguards are not in place to prevent multiple issuances of matriculas to the same individual; in fact, the INS has already reported finding multiple cards in different names issued to the same person.

8) The matricula is becoming a shield that hides criminal activity for two reasons: first, the holder's identity was not verified when the card was issued, and second, police in jurisdictions that accept the matricula are less likely to run background checks on card holders picked up for minor infractions.

9) The U.S. Treasury Department has given its approval to banks to accept the matricula for opening bank accounts.

10) The acceptance of Mexico's matricula consular sets a precedent, making it almost impossible to reject similar cards presented by illegal aliens from other countries, including those which have sent terrorists to the United States in the past.

Please consider taking a few minutes to contact the Council members below and encourage them to reconsider the acceptance of the Mexican marticula consular card as a legal form of ID.

Mayor: William V Bell,
Mayor Pro Tem: Cora Cole-McFadden,

Council Members:
Farad Ali,
Howard Clement III,
Eugene A Brown,
Diane Catotti,
Mike Woodard,

Thank you,

James Johnson

This Day In History

Daily Events
November 08, 1887

John Henry "Doc" Holliday Cashes In
On this day, American Wild West legend Doc Holliday-gunslinger, gambler, and occasional dentist-dies from tuberculosis at age 36 in a convalescent home in Colorado.

"We Still Retreat Again And Again"

Oleg Volk
We reflect in the comfort of warm, peaceful homes
That history's trails loop back on themselves
TV and newspapers debate the same topics
Contained in the pages on dusty bookshelves

The words like “empire”, “democracy”, “dire”
Have sounded thus even back in the day
When forefathers went to fight fire with fire
Their stiff armored ranks keeping neighbors at bay

At least we can savor our own Pax Romana
That legions enforce at no small cost
Watching with pride the victorious Triumphs
Forgetting of liberties recently lost

We promise ourselves that all will be well
Times have changed since 1848
Authoritarian hordes will retreat
Defeated by HTML barricades

Yet we know that sword stops the eloquent pen
Cannon censors the writers dead
And in pawn to the King's – or the President's men
We lie meekly in self-made beds

Some say: “Times have changed from the bad old days”
They may even believe those words
But we know the future is almost ablaze
With more encompassing wars

Girdling loins with arms in dead of the night
To stem fright and the enemy twain
Ready to flight by the first morning light
We still retreat again and again

While thugs we elect harm in our names
We like ourselves all the same
We vote with ballots instead of blades
Playing meekly the same fixed game"

Why I Am An Anarchist

"I am left with the bleak conclusion that no attempt to hold the arrogance of government in check will work — because a majority of the people themselves are too easily seduced into abandoning their own institutional protections against tyranny by the false promises and poisonous dreams of statist propaganda.

That is why I am an anarchist."


"constitutional democracy"

No, we are a Republic or at least we are supposed to be........

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