Thursday, October 15, 2015

Justice Department is Out of Control

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Muslim Invasion of Europe Turns Deadly: Afghan Killed in Mob Shootout on Bulgaria-Turkey Border

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The Muslim Invasion of Europe of 2015 turned deadly on October 15 as a mob of over forty men, all or mostly from Afghanistan, engaged in a gun battle with Bulgarian police as the men tried to enter Bulgaria from the border with Turkey, leaving one invader killed and forty-eight arrested.
An excerpt from a report from Bulgaria’s translated by Google (h/t John Schindler):

The Collapse Of A Nation

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The Framers saw that for the nation they were creating to survive at all, there would need to be, at minimum, sufficient commonality among its people for there to be the possibility of consensus. They knew that factional struggles would ensue from time to time, but rather than letting one side, then another, seize the helm, and so drag the nation wildly from course to course, they designed the system so that its default state, when consensus became impossible, was to halt: to maintain the status quo ante until a minimum of comity and agreement could be restored.

German Bundestag Approves Laws to Limit Migrant Numbers

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Germany flags fly at the Bundestag.

The German parliament Bundestag voted on Thursday to approve a package of immigration measures that include further restrictions on asylum seeker acceptance.

The new legislation officially acknowledges Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro as safe countries of origin, free of political repression and armed conflicts, and stipulating that, under German law, migrants from these states will no longer be entitled to apply for asylum in Germany.

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The U.S. Government Supplied ISIS’ Iconic Pickup Trucks

 ISIS Hilux

U.S. counter-terror officials have launched an investigation into how ISIS got so many of those identical Toyota pickup trucks which they use in their convoys.

They don’t have to look very far …

The Spectator reported last year:
The [Toyota] Hilux [pics] is light, fast, manoeuvrable and all but indestructible (‘bomb-proof’ might not, in this instance, be a happy usage).  The weapons experts Jane’s claimed for the Hilux a similar significance to the longbows of Agincourt or the Huey choppers of Nam. A US Army Ranger said the Toyota sure ‘kicks the hell out of a Humvee’ (referring to the clumsy and over-sized High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle made by AM General).
The fact is the Toyotas were supplied by the US government to the Al Nusra Front as ‘non-lethal aid’ then ‘acquired’ by ISIS.

Video: State Troopers Caught Using Helicopter to Flip Raft of Drug Smugglers

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Newly surfaced video shows a Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter being used to flip a raft of smugglers attempting to cross the Rio Grande River.
The state agency is now investigating the September 5 incident after a grainy video shot by an unknown person on the Mexican side of the border was obtained by a local news agency.

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